GATE Season 3: Release Date & Rumors

GATE season 3, is one of those seasons that has not been confirmed, but we know it will happen!

GATE is a fantasy series that was inspired by a light novel by Takumi Yanai.

It’s illustrated by Daisuke Ichikaka. 

A-1 Pictures produced the anime and it can be streamed online at Crunchyroll.

Fans loved the series’ reverse-isekai plot and relatable protagonist.

GATE’s production ended in 2016, with Season 2 without any information regarding its renewal.

About Gate

gate anime season2 GATE Season 3: Release Date & Rumors

AlphaPolis has released 17 volumes as of 2022.

In 2010, the manga series was serialized.

Later, the anime series was released in 2015. It completed its second season in 2016.

It’s one season, but it’s been divided into two parts. Therefore, Season 1 Part 1 will be called Season 2 Part 2.

The anime’s main story centers on Lieutenant and Otaku Yoji Itami from JSDF, who are sent through the portal to discover more about the strange creatures that inhabit this region.

Itami navigates the Empire by using his knowledge of fantasy stories that he has read.

After completing his research and bringing his team back to life, the JSDF can initiate peace negotiations and even create a forward base for operations to protect the Earth.

Episode no. 24 Pina is saved by Itami and her friends as they reach the Imperial Capital thanks to the help of the third re-con team.

Itami exiles Zorzal and The Emperor proclaims Pina is the heir to The Empire.

Zorzal and his followers flee the country, but they want revenge on Japan.

Official Announcements and Release Date For Gate Season 3

gate anime season 2 GATE Season 3: Release Date & Rumors

GATE Season 2 – Part 2 was completed in 2016.

A1 Pictures has not confirmed a release date for Season 3 despite it being 5 years old.

The VFX team that worked on the first two seasons of the series has been retained for the third season.

Sentai Filmworks stated in 2017 that they were overwhelmed with the response to their show.

They had hoped to complete the script by the Fall of that year, but they were unsuccessful.

Many sites claimed that anime would be returning with the new season in 2019 or 2020. But, we know this for certain.

It is a trend in anime to have long gaps between seasons. However, the manga still has enough stories to go on.

We need to examine the resources we have and determine if there are any reasons for the delay.

First, we will examine the source material to determine if there is enough.

Information for Gate Season 3

gate anime 1 GATE Season 3: Release Date & Rumors

Gate: Jieitai Kano nite, Kaku Tatakaeri was originally a self-published web book by Takumi Yanai using Arcadia, which is a self-publishing platform.

Takumi Yanai, a former member of JSDF, published his content on this website from 2006 to 2009 under the penname of Todoku Takusan.

Later in 2010, AlphaPolis took the web novel and offered Yanai printing it.

Between April 2010 and December 2011, five volumes were published.

Daisuke Ichika created the covers for these novels.

The content of Arcadia was removed after the publication of the printing work. Five volumes of side stories were published as of July 2015.

In 2012, AlphaPolis began to reprint the novels in light novels. Each volume was divided into tankobon formats with new covers illustrations by Kurojishi.

You can see that the story has a strong sense of nationalist and political core.

However, the JMSDF and the JSDF are protected from fantastical creatures.


The plots of both the manga and novels are the same, as we have already established.

To save their world, Yoji is accompanied to the rescue by Lelei La Lena, Taku Luna Marceau, and Yao Haa Dushi.

He also meets Princess PinaCo Lada from the Special Region, who will be the successor to The Empire’s throne.

There are 5 manga series that are based on Gate.

Satoru Sao is a manga artist. The series began publishing in 2011 and continues until 2020. There are 17 volumes.

VolumesRelease Date
Volume 1June 15, 2012
Volume 2January 25, 2013,
Volume 3July 18, 2013
Volume 4April 20, 2014
Volume 5September 22, 2014.
Volume 6March 30, 2015
Volume 7June 23, 2015
Volume 8December 1, 2015
Volume 9June 1, 2016
Volume 10December 1, 2016
Volume 11April 1, 2017
Volume 12December 1, 2017
Volume 13June 1, 2018
Volume 14December 30, 2018
Volume 15June 30, 2019
Volume 16December 30, 2019,
Volume 17June 30, 2020

2018 Sekai Publishing only has two volumes. The Volume 2 copy was later cited as having quality issues.

2021 saw the complete project be dropped by Sekai Project.

Sekai didn’t anticipate the drama and dropped the series from their roster.

For the second manga, a comic strip of four panels was created. In 2015, a third manga, titled Pina Co Lada (14 years old) and The Rose Knights of the Gate Empire (13 years old), began.

In 2015, a fourth manga was published titled Gate: Featuring the Starry Heavens. It depicts three female characters who want to be music idols.

A spin-off manga series was created in the same year based on the Gate anime manga series.

Source material contains a lot more information than was shown in the series.

The written works can be accessed by those who have read them.

This includes information on Itami’s mother and side stories that appear to diverge from the main story.

Fans should be aware that five volumes are Gaidens. These stories are just-sided stories.

The manga series ends with Japan winning the war against the Empire, and Pina becoming the Ruler of the now-fallen Empire.

Tyuule also passes away at the end, before Zorzal is mortally wounded. Diabo and China attempt to kidnap Lelei.

The Gate structure was also destroyed.

However, in the spin-off series Gate: Weigh Anchor the gate is reopened.

A-1 Pictures has a ton of content that they handpick for the new season, but we will have to wait and watch for concrete news.

Plot of Gate Season 3

Before we can get to the plot, you should understand that Gate is not for everyone.

It is even being considered as a JSDF propaganda show, which could explain why the anime series itself isn’t getting remade.

So what is the plot of the next season/part?

Light novels can cover many different storylines and have many arcs.

Zorzal may be exiled, but his plans to end Japan remain alive.

He wants revenge on Yoji, especially since he is so angry.

On a lighter note: Yoji has yet to admit his love for Tuka, and the whole Rory & Hardy angle was just beginning to get interesting.

We could also see Zorzal fighting the Japanese army.

We don’t know if A-1 Pictures will confirm that the series will feature action, but it is expected to be intense.

Another theory that is making quite a lot of noise on the internet is that the third season could be based upon the Gate: Weigh Anchor novels.

The series of events in this novel take place 4 years after the events at the Gate were closed.

This novel has a unique aspect: it explores Xenomorph homes that infest the Special Region.

Xenomorph might be a familiar name to Sci-Fi enthusiasts, but it is not clear if A-1 Pictures can get rights to the movie franchise unless Disney is open to trying new things.

Although all this speculation sounds great, give us some concrete news!

Popular Gate Characters

We could see all of the characters returning, unlike most anime series.

Let’s take a look at the most loved ones.

Yoji Itami

yoji itami GATE Season 3: Release Date & Rumors

The show’s protagonist is, of course, a beloved character from the Gate universe.

Itami excels at one-on-1 fighting and is extremely skilled in detecting danger before it happens. He also has superior intelligence and excellent leadership skills.

His personality was the reason that peace negotiations with the Special Region were possible.

His motto in life is, “Eat, sleep, play, repeat.”

The life between.

And did we mention that he is an otaku too?

Rory Mercury

rory mercury GATE Season 3: Release Date & Rumors

A demigoddess and an apostle of Emroy. Rory Mercury is the goddess of death, war, darkness, and war.

This is a very heavy description of her character.

Rory, a key character of the series, is useful in the war against Special Region.

Rory is a superhuman being with immortality and can use Hex-based spells. He is also extremely intelligent.

Itami is her main love interest.

Pina Co Lada

pina co lada gate anime GATE Season 3: Release Date & Rumors

The Emperor’s 19-year-old daughter is on the right track to the throne.

Despite her title being associated with the drink, she is far from it.

Pina, in the anime series, is shown to be a more mellow and calm personality than her manga character.

She is a skilled swordsman and understands politics.

Pina is also charismatic, which makes her the Queen of the Fallen Empire at the end of the anime series.

Pina becomes an otaku after meeting Itami.

Zorzal El Caesar

zorzal el caesar gate anime GATE Season 3: Release Date & Rumors

Zorzal, the crown prince of the Empire, is also Pina’s brother.

Itami and Pina see Zorzal as a villain.

He is determined to wage war against Japan, even though he doesn’t have the technology or manpower Japan has.

He is a typical delusional, tyrannical leader who seeks power even if it means traying his family.

Tuka Luna Marceau

tuka luna gate anime GATE Season 3: Release Date & Rumors

Tuka, an elf who is also one of the main characters in the series, is Tuka.

Tuka is a happy young girl, but she can also be reserved due to past traumas.

She is proficient in Archer and Spirit Magic.

She is also a talented singer and plays the lute.

Like Rory and the other girls, Tuka is also attracted to Itami. She even declared that she would like to marry him.

Other Decisive Factors for Gate Season 3

As you can see, money is not what’s important. It’s the source material.

The many volumes (novels and light novels, as well as spin-offs), but only half of the content is used for side stories. This is likely why the animation series cannot be created with a complete story.

However, they could use Gate: Anchor Weigh to tell a storyline in the new season.

The story is the same and should not take too much time.

Some stories were set between the events shown in the anime unless A-1 Pictures has flashback episodes.

Although we can’t pinpoint exactly what’s wrong, there is a lot of confusion about Yanai’s story and the purpose of Gate’s side stories.

Madhouse and Sentai Filmworks expressed keen interest in the new part.

Gate Anime Finale: Explained

We saw Pina become the queen of the imperial at the end. She vows to use her heart and soul for the protection of the kingdom and to bring prosperity and peace to the people.

Many secrets and confessions were revealed in the ending.

Bozes and Tomita were married, Beefeater is in a good relationship with Shunya as are Sherry and Sugawara.

What about Itami?

He skips the Pina crown ceremony and instead attends a doujin convention that he had missed earlier.

Although the Ending seems to be a happy one, many serious questions remain unanswered.

One is Itami’s future, and what will happen to him?


Although the Gate series has been criticized for its provocation of military and political propaganda, it has not diminished the show’s appeal.

Many consider it to be right-wing nationalist propaganda supporting the JSDF.

Negative images have been cast on countries like China, Russia, and the US.

Don’t read this title if you don’t want to take it.

The JSDF used anime to recruit and even used them as mascots.

As we mentioned above, there is still confusion over whether the series has two seasons.

According to a MAL report, it was announced that the series would be broadcast in split-course format, covering the Fire Dragon Arc.

It’s one season, but it was released after some time. Anime News Network however considers the two seasons to be separate.

This only adds to the confusion that the source material already caused.

Many people confuse the Gate series and Steins series. This is very strange as both are entirely different stories that share one word.

The show’s manga and hardcore fans are eagerly awaiting the new season.

Final Words

Gate is a portal that allows the protagonist to seamlessly travel between fantasy and real worlds.

Although the story is compelling, viewers are kept interested.

However, the creators seem not to be as intrigued by the source material.

We will just have to wait and see, and we’ll keep our eyes open for any new information regarding the Gate series.

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