What does Re: Mean in Anime Titles?

There are well over a dozen of popular anime titles which have the word ‘re’ word attached to them. Some of these anime titles are so popular that the meme and references are all over the internet.

With some really interesting plots, subplots, and characters, anime such as Re: zero, Re: main, Re: creators, Tokyo Ghoul: Re, Re: Life, Re: Boot and numerous other titles not only have ‘re’ as their name but also have some common element attached to them.

The word ‘re’ is frequently used as a Prefix, which means over and over, from the start, again or it generally means once more.

Origin of “Re”

The use of the word ’re’ stretches as early as 1200 CE when it was used very often by Frech. Even today the prefix is widely put to use by adding various verbs to it.

Similarly, in the world of light novels and manga, Word re not only makes it catchy but also adds a wider sense to it. “Re” is used as a prefix and is also used after a word.

And all these mangas, light novels, and animes have one thing in common. Most of them, in a way, tend to start from the origin or the very start.

Every manga starts from the origin, what makes ‘re’ ones special? Here starting from origin doesn’t mean telling how it all started rather starting from a point where it already happened.

They just visit the origins once more. To properly explain it, taking examples would prove to be helpful.

1. Tokyo Ghoul: Re

tokyo ghoul re season 2 poster What does Re: Mean in Anime Titles?

The story takes off with some new characters. In a way, this start may be considered as a new route for the characters to take.

Five new ‘Ghouls’ start working for CCG, one of them is Ken Kanaki, disguised as a CCG Recruit Sasaki Haise, not remembering his past. Following this analogy, the anime revisits its starting point.

2. Re: Zero

Re Zero What does Re: Mean in Anime Titles?

Natsuki Subaru, a typical young guy in contemporary Japan, is the protagonist of the show.

He is, however, transported to another dimension one day.

Emilia, a silver-haired half-elf girl, is the first person he meets when he arrives in the new world without understanding who called him or why he was sent.

Is Re:Zero related to Re:Life in any way?

No, not in the least. ReLife is a slice-of-life while Re: Zero is a fantasy.

However, all have one thing in common: the MC is given a new lease of life after undergoing a drastic makeover.

3. Re: Hamatora

ending What does Re: Mean in Anime Titles?

Nice and Murasaki, also known as “Hamatora,” the detective team, wait for employment with their buddies at a table in Cafe Nowhere, which serves as their agency.

Suddenly, a task they get seems to have a strange link to the serial murderer that their police buddy, Art, is looking for.

4. Re-Kan!

rekan cover What does Re: Mean in Anime Titles?

Hibiki Amami would be a normal high school student if she didn’t have a sixth sense that enabled her to see ghosts. Instead of being afraid, Amami is more interested in befriending and assisting the apparitions.

This often results in her human companions experiencing paranormal activity as the spirits attempt to assist Amami with daily duties.

The majority of Amami’s friends believe she has a sixth sense, but Narumi Inoue, a girl who is scared of the supernatural, refuses to believe ghosts exist.

Despite her fear and stubbornness, Inoue joins the rest of her companions in carrying out Amami’s purpose of aiding spirits in whatever way they can.


So, all these titles which have ‘Re’ in their titles not only have a mind-boggling story but also have a wider sense of symbolism.

Next time when one watches Re: Main, one should not forget how Minato started to play Water Polo again is related to its title.

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