15 Coolest Tokyo Ghoul Masks

Seinen action anime series Tokyo Ghoul, made by Sui Ishida, was one of the most popular in the 2010s. It was an action and horror show.

This series takes place in a world where humans and ghouls coexist. A ghoul is a creature that looks like a normal person but feeds on human flesh to survive.

They live in secrecy to keep their actual nature hidden from the general public.

Why do ghouls wear masks?

The Commission of Counter Ghouls (CCG) is an organization that hunts and exterminates any ghouls they come across.

As a result, almost all ghouls wear masks when they hunt for human flesh or use their ghoul powers in any way, mostly to hide their “human” identities.

However, the fact that Tokyo Ghoul wears specific masks shows that the show is more concerned with how people look.

That means each mask is an expression of a character’s “real” identity, not just a way to hide.

Uta is one of the most powerful ghouls in the series. He owns and operates the HySy ArtMask Studio, where he sells handmade masks to ghouls to hide their identities.

After interviewing and asking personal questions, Uta makes these masks that show off the wearer’s personality and style, like how they like to dress.

Many ghouls have been classified as criminals by CCG based on the masks they wear, such as Eyepatch, Rabbit, and Devil Ape so that they can give the ghoul a name that they can remember.

Many ghouls wear specific masks when acting as part of a gang or group, like the Clowns or Aogiri Tree.

Tokyo Ghoul has a lot of fashionable characters wearing the coolest masks. They all have a distinct design aesthetic that makes the anime stand out from the crowd.

There are many cool masks in Tokyo Ghoul, but here you can read about the top 15 coolest masks in Tokyo Ghoul.

15. Rosewald’s Big Mouth Mask

rosewald big mouth mask 15 Coolest Tokyo Ghoul Masks

Karren Rosewald was the last survivor of the Rosewald family and a German ghoul. 

Throughout the series, she wore a variety of masks, including a party mask, a servant mask, and a big-mouthed mask.

Her big mouth mask is the coolest of all. Her mask has multiple eyes and big smiles, which makes her terrifying.

14. Touka’s Rabbit Mask

touka mask 15 Coolest Tokyo Ghoul Masks

Touka Kirishima is one of Tokyo Ghoul’s main characters. She is a ghoul that works as a waitress in Anteiku.

She wears a cartoon bunny-shaped mask that covers her entire face except for her hair. The rabbit’s head is white, and it has two long ears with pink highlights.

13. Bin Brother’s Pattern Mask

bin brother mask 15 Coolest Tokyo Ghoul Masks

The Bin brothers are the ghouls who serve as the Aogiri tree’s executives. They are also referred to as the “tail brothers.”

Both brothers hide their faces with their unique masks. Their masks feature different geometrical patterns and have a distinct aesthetic.

His older brother had short, spiky hair and black nails. His mask has sharp cheekbones without the lower half of his mask. while

the younger brother had long, messy dark hair. His mask is round in shape and has an amazing black pattern on it.

12. Yasuhisa’s Sister’s Stripes Mask

yasuhisa sisters 15 Coolest Tokyo Ghoul Masks

Nashiro and Kurona are artificial one-eyed ghoul twin sisters. They are known as Floppy and work as ghoul investigators who act as ghoul executives.

Nashiro has a kagune in her right eye with a small dark mark. Her hair was medium-white, with blunt bangs.

Her ghoul mask was a simple, horizontally striped black and white mask with a hole in the right eye.

Kurona has a kagune in her left eye with a small dark mark. Her hair was medium-black with straight bangs.

Her ghoul mask was a simple vertical-striped black and white mark with a hole in the left eye.

11. Irimi’s Black Dog Mask

irimi black dog mask 15 Coolest Tokyo Ghoul Masks

Kaya Irimi is a ghoul who works as a waitress at Anteiku. She has dark hair with long parted locks. She was casually dressed like a fairy. She was dressed as if she were a fairy.

She was the leader of the Black Dobers, a ghoul gang that wore black masks resembling Dobermans. She wears a black Doberman face mask.

10. Donato’s Crown Mask

donato 15 Coolest Tokyo Ghoul Masks

Donato Porpora is a Russian ghoul and a former prisoner of the ghoul detention center.

He came to the 23rd ward of the detection center for special treatment. He was also known as a priest because, in his past, he ran a Catholic orphanage for the care of children.

He wears a white round mask with a tiny golden crown on the center of his forehead.

In his mask, the eyes are round red circles with a cross-like slit in the middle, and the lips are painted red. He can talk and eat through his mask’s lips.

9. Noro’s Noroi Mask

noro mask 15 Coolest Tokyo Ghoul Masks

Noro was a mysterious ghoul with a black nail and long black hair tied back in a ponytail.

He is one of the Aogiri tree’s leaders and the One-Eyed King’s direct subordinate. With his deadly mask, he has the perfect look for a villain.

Noro wore a Noroi mask, which was white with huge black lips, a massive mouth with equally massive teeth, and tiny nostril slits. His mask is so horrifying that it will haunt anyone.

8. Renji’s Raven Mask

renji yomo maskl 15 Coolest Tokyo Ghoul Masks

Renji Yomo is a ghoul with silver hair who is tall and well built. He is Yoshimura’s right-hand man and an old friend of Uta and Itori.

After the Owl suppression operation, he returns as the manager of Anteiku coffee shop. His nickname is Raven due to his feeding habits and avian-shaped mask.

His sleek mask matches his codename, the dark bird of prey. His mask is modeled after the beak of a raven.

7. Enji’s Devil Ape Mask

Enji Demon Ape Mask

Enji Koma is a ghoul with glowing eyes and bared fangs. He works as a waiter at Anteiku and is an expert coffee brewer.

He’s dressed in a long white coat and matching white pants. He is the Gang En’s young ghoul leader. Because of his mask, he is also known as the Devil Ape.

His mask features a snarling monkey face with markings on each eye that give him the appearance of a devil.

6. Yamori’s Jason Mask

yamori jason mask 15 Coolest Tokyo Ghoul Masks

Yakumo Oomori is a tall, masculine ghoul with sharp eyes. He usually dresses in a white suit with a red undercoat and a grey tie with red markings.

He is the White Suit Gang’s leader. He is well-known for torturing people. With his white mask, his appearance is frightening enough.

His mask is designed in the style of a hockey goal, with cruel facial expressions.

5. Uta’s No Face Mask

uta noface mask 15 Coolest Tokyo Ghoul Masks

Uta is a ghoul with black hair who is tall and skinny. He had several tattoos on his arms, as well as a sun tattoo on his left pectoral region.

Throughout the series, he wears four distinct masks. In the beginning, he wore a flat mask with horizontal stripes.

During the auction raid, he wears a beaked mask with several small holes on its side. He also wears a clown mask because he is a member of the Clowns.

His No-Face Mask is the coolest of all his masks. It has multiple eyes and a streamlined shape with a simple color scheme that gives the viewer a clean feeling.

4. Tatara’s Crimson Mask

tatara crimson mask 15 Coolest Tokyo Ghoul Masks

Tatara is one of Aogiri’s leaders who is a proper ghoulish villain. He is very cruel and cold-hearted.

He is a tall man with short white hair and red eyes. He’s dressed in a long blue cloak with a white trench coat that covers him from head to toe, including his hands.

He wears a red iron mask that covers the lower half of his face. His mask is simple and contrasted sharply with glowing red, like his bloodthirsty eyes.

3. Tsukiyama’s Gourmet Mask

tsukiyama gourmet mask 15 Coolest Tokyo Ghoul Masks

Shu Tsukiyama is an infamous ghoul who goes by the name “Gourmet” and was a member of the Ghoul Restaurant.

He is a well-bred, well-educated, and well-read gentleman. His personality is quite confident and loud.

An excellent mask for an excellent character. Its crescent-shaped mask rearranges facial elements into disorienting patterns.

This mask exposes a large portion of his face, which allows his expressiveness.

2. Ayato’s Black Rabbit Mask

ayato kirishima 15 Coolest Tokyo Ghoul Masks

Ayato Kirishima is a major character in the Tokyo Ghoul series. He is a tall and lean young ghoul with blue eyes and long blue hair.

He mostly dresses in a hooded black leather jacket, black pants, and knee-high boots. He wore a variety of black masks in various styles.

His first mask has red eyes with sharp teeth, which he used during the Aogiri Arc.

Later, he wears a simple black conical mask that covers the lower half of his face.

But his most popular and coolest mask is the Black Rabbit, which has a rabbit-like design.

1. Kaneki’s Eyepatch Mask

kaneki ken mask 15 Coolest Tokyo Ghoul Masks

Kaneki Ken is the main protagonist of the Tokyo Ghoul series. He is an extremely gentle and shy boy. After an encounter with a ghoul, he transforms into a half-ghoul, half-human.

Kaneki Ken has the most memorable and coolest mask in Tokyo Ghoul. He is known as the Eyepatch Ghoul because he wears his eyepatch mask.

His mask’s design conceals his human eye while revealing his ghoul’s eye. His mask almost completely covers his face, with a full set of false teeth and gums visible in his mouth.

This mask also has a zipper to improve its efficiency, allowing him to prey on meals and consume them while protecting his identity without having to remove them. This mask reflects his ghoul side, which he tries to conceal.

I hope you enjoyed this article and now have a better understanding of the coolest mask from the Tokyo Ghoul series. Stay tuned for more incredible content.

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