15 Adorable Fairy Anime Characters

Fairy Anime Characters the mystical creatures of old mythologies. They can be harbingers of misfortune, or can be a symbol of harmony and good luck.

So Today, we are going to create a list of these magical fairy anime characters from the anime universe for all fairy anime fans.

Mostly we identify fairies with their tiny size and pair of beautiful butterfly wings but the definition has been stretched greatly for example you may find some of them kind of “UN-Fairly-like”, even if they are literally describe as fair in the anime.

Now let’s have some fairy fun and start the list of 15 best fairy anime characters.

15. Puck From Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Puck From Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Fairy Anime Characters

Puck is generally a nice fairy anime spirit. He is very happy and stays at Emilia’s side to protect her, affectionately calling her “Lia”. He goofs occasionally and gets along especially well with Beatrice.

Puck can be described cute or adorable, thus his skin being pink around his cheeks. His fur is mostly grey with silver in certain spots (i.e. tip of the tail). His eyebrows are pretty small and rhombus-shaped. He also has a gold earring on his left ear. Sometimes, he has a purple bag round him.

However, Puck’s demeanor greatly changes in loops where Emilia dies, showing a complete disregard for anyone except her, and was even willing to destroy the world because of the condition in their contract.

14. Hakone From Onsen Yōsei Hakone-chan

Hakone From Onsen Yōsei Hakone-chan

Hakone is a hot spring fairy anime spirit who is in the form of a young girl dressed like a shrine maiden. She is one of 7 of Hakone’s spirits.

Since she has been sleeping for a long time, she looks like a small girl. Specifically, she refers to herself as the “Master of the Onsen” (of Hakone Onsen).

13. Tiana Silvario XVI From Isekai Shokudō

Tiana Silvario XVI From Isekai Shokudo 1 1 15 Adorable Fairy Anime Characters

Tiana Silvario XVI She is a fairy anime and the Queen of the Land of Flowers. After the Nekoya door appeared in her kingdom.

she regularly takes a selected group of her subjects to the restaurant to partake in its fruit crêpes.

12. The Fairies From Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity Has Declined)

The Fairies From Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita adapts content from the first 6 novels of Romeo Tanaka’s light novel series of the same title. The fairy anime order of the story is altered from that of the light novels.

Because of the constantly declining birth rates over many decades, human civilization is all but extinct. With only a few humans remaining, they survive in this post-apocalyptic world with what was left behind by the previous generations. Earth is now dominated by fairies, tiny creatures with extremely advanced technology, an obsession with candy, and a complete disregard for human safety.

A young girl who has just finished her studies returns to her hometown and is designated as an official United Nations arbitrator. Her duty is to serve as a link between mankind and fairies, reassuring each side that both races can live together peacefully.

She imagines this task will be easy enough, but controlling the disasters created by the oblivious fairies in their pursuit of candy will require a lot more effort than she initially believes.

11. Yui, Fairy form From Sword Art Online

Yui, Fairy form From Sword Art Online

Yui had long, dark hair and bright black eyes. Her default equipment consisted of a one-piece white dress with a ribbon tied around her waist.

She temporarily wore a long-sleeved pink sweater and a purple skirt, as well as red shoes (brown boots in the fairy anime), during her time with Kirito and Asuna.

Yui had become melancholic when the death game began, as she was not allowed to comfort players and was forced to continue monitoring their psychological parameters. 

10. Mipple and Mepple From Futari wa Precure

Mipple and Mepple From Futari wa Precure

Mepple appears to be a small fairy anime with a lemon-yellow color scheme on his fur. He have navy-blue eyes and has light blue highlights between his eyes.

On his head is an incorrectly male gender symbol with a heart thematic. Mepple has bearlike ears on his head and a star shape at the end of his tail.

Mepple is very arrogant because of his status as a chosen warrior. Because of this, he always expects the best of everything and to be respected by others.

9. Lip From Rilu Rilu Fairilu

Lip From Rilu Rilu Fairilu

Lip is a Fairilu fairy anime. She has wings colored in three gradient colors of pink, yellow, and light blue. She has white skin, pink eyes, rosy cheeks, long pointy ears, and pink hair with curled pigtails that are shoulder-length.

She wears a light pink fairy cap on her head with a pink bow attached; matching her hair. She has pink heart-shaped earrings on her ears.

She wears a bell dress with a white blouse, green collar, and a pink flower skirt with green stockings and pink fairy shoes.

8. Lilith From Rosario + Vampire

Lilith From Rosario + Vampire

Lilith is a small artifact fairy anime spirit with two pairs of wings. Speaking of her wings, they are also thin, and clear-colored, like glass, making them very “glass-like”.

She has light green shoulder-length hair with a pink flower in it, as well as green eyes. Lilith wears a see-through or translucent or transparent purple dress that goes down to her waist.

Because of her dress, her naked body is obviously and clear-through exposed. She also has pale-white skin.

7. Mirmo From Mirmo de Pon!

Mirmo From Mirmo de Pon!

Mirmo is a chubby, blonde, and cute fairy anime. He always wears a blue hat and clothing. his instrument is the maracas.

The fairy protagonist of the series. A cute muglox (whose height is 10 cm) who is playful but at times selfish and lazy. He is Katie’s partner and Yatch’s rival, as well as the prince of the Muglox World and Mulu’s older brother.

Although he is Rima’s fiancé, he refuses to marry her because he only likes her as a friend.

6. Mary Bell From Floral Magician Mary Bell

Mary Bell From Floral Magician Mary Bell

A “floral magician” from the Flower Magic World who looks like a little girl, but actually is about 500,000 years old fairy anime. She uses both (ordinary) magic and flower magic.

She is a fairies’ friend, but is not a fairy herself. Her catchphrase is “Just leave it to Mary Bell!”

Technically, her name is Mary Bell (two words), not Marybell.

5. Titania From Mahoutsukai no Yome

Titania From Mahoutsukai no Yome

Titania is as tall as a human with floor-length black hair that is parted at the center, violet eyes and very large breasts. Her dress is black and adorned with gold and she has a circlet that resembles green branches.

However, this is but her first appearance. Titania’s appearance has actually been slightly different each time she appeared in the story.

As a queen, she is followed by an entourage including a foot soldier named Spriggan, a pack of wolves and a mule with a flower on it’s head.

4. Sugar From Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar

Sugar From Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar

The second main character, is a female little snow fairy anime, who tries to use her piccolo to summon snow from the sky. She has wanted to be a snow fairy since a child in an attempt to follow in her mother’s footsteps; a famous snow fairy who could summon snow that is both soft and warm.

Sugar acts like a small child; she is clumsy, stubborn and has a short attention span, and has the habit to kiss whoever she is fond of when she is happy. She tries her best to be friends with Saga, but often gets things wrong.

Sugar, like every fairy in the series, has an unequaled love of waffles. In the anime, it is led to believe that she mispronounces waffles as ‘waffos’. Whenever Sugar gets excited, she squeals ‘waffo!’ (in the manga, she said ‘waffos’ before ever eating a waffle.)

3. Nico From Hakushaku to Yousei

Nico From Hakushaku to Yousei

He likes liquor, and fine tea. He is also very particular about being treated like a gentleman rather than a cat, and as such obsesses over his attire (most frequently a single neck ribbon, but he has been known to wear suits and tailcoats), and the state of his fur and whiskers.

On a few occasions, Edgar has provoked him deliberately by scratching Nico and petting him like a mere cat. He is rather cowardly, often disappearing when things turn nasty.

Despite his inability/unwillingness to engage in physical combat, his assistance is valuable to Lydia. He often gathers information for Lydia from the fairies in the area, as well as acts as a guide when Lydia needs to travel to or from the fairy world. He is also something of an adviser to Lydia.

2. Moffle From Amagi Brilliant Park

Moffle From Amagi Brilliant Park

Moffle has the form of a mouse with a green hat and a red ribbon. He has big light brown eyes.

Moffle is hot-headed, pugnacious, and hates being called a rip-off more than anything. He usually adds “fumo” to the end of his sentences.

While he usually criticizes the other mascots (mostly Tiramy and Macaron) for their perverted behavior, Moffle himself is shown to have a slight perverted side which was seen when interviewing Eiko Adachi who stated she did A.V. films, which quickly got his attention as he got excited at asking her more questions.

1. King From The Seven Deadly Sins

King From The Seven Deadly Sins

King’s fairy form resembles a young boy with short brown hair, a high forehead, thin eyebrows, and brownish-orange eyes. He wears a long orange and an aqua sweatshirt with a hood and navy blue sleeves, quarter-length navy blue pants, and short boots with large buttons matching his hoodie.

He also carries a green leopard pattern pillow which is actually a transformation of his spear Chastiefol. Despite being a fairy, he has yet to grow visible wings.

In his human form, he looks almost exactly like his wanted poster; large, fat and more ragged, perhaps hinting at how humans look to fairies. He wears an enlarged version of the clothes he wears as a fairy, though he can freely change the clothes he wears in this form.

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