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15 Wimpy & Cowardly Anime Characters

The ability to be a hero is not something that can be bestowed upon everyone.

However, despite anime’s preference for portraying heroes who are willing to put their lives on the line for their dreams, not everyone is like that.

Ironically, some people are the exact opposite of brave.

So let’s take a look at the less attractive roles in anime: people that might seem so feeble that I could envision some wetting themselves in terror.

15. Shinji Ikari From Neon Genesis Evangelion

Shinji Ikari Neon Genesis Evangelion Crop

As the proverb goes, “You can bring Shinji to a robot, but you can’t force him to be inside it.”

In all honesty, I’d want to begin with Shinji since he is the one with whom I have the greatest empathy.

Even if he is only a teenager, there is nothing to worry about. In addition, he never requested any of it.

Cowardly protagonists like this one don’t have the support of a positive environment to assist them in overcoming their fear since all the other characters are either mad, miserable, or suicidal.

14. Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki From Fairy Tail

Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki From Fairy Tail

It’s only natural that he wouldn’t have the same amount of steadfast heroism as the rest of the ensemble as the character designated as comedy relief.

He has an extremely laid-back and cocky demeanour when he’s with others. However, if things get hairy, he’s more inclined to flee than stand his ground and face his foe.

There are, of course, exceptions. In addition, he has displayed a more courageous side of himself. However, such instances are extremely rare.

A harassment lawsuit is a true threat to him that he ought to be concerned about.

13. Yukiteru Amano From Future Diaries

Mirai nikki yuki fashion sense

Like Shinji, Yuki’s timidity is completely comprehensible, but it also stands out when contrasted to the other psychos on the roster like a sore thumb.

Yuno’s enemies have a habit of crying on her skirt when she deals with them.

After a while, he begins to change. This is a list of those who cried a great deal in the first half of the movie.

12. Orochimaru From Naruto


You might be surprised by this one, but it makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Whenever things become too problematic, Orochimaru is the first to flee and give up.

Most of the time, he’s just praying over children on the television. As a result of his advanced age, Hiruzen is the sole significant exception to this norm.

He escapes as soon as people like Itachi or Pain smack him around. And he never even tries to recoup the money from them.

My guy is shivering in his snake-skin boots because he’s so concerned with immortality.

11. Hol Horse From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders


Hol Horse’s portrayal of a coward is startlingly accurate. And I’m both grateful and enraged by this.

In the presence of his pals, he’ll slam you, but if you ever find him alone, he’ll flee like a fox.

He’s well aware of the fact that his stand is on the shaky side.

As a result, he is always on the lookout for powerful pals who can do most of the heavy lifting so that he may tease a few idiots.

10. Yoki From Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Yoki From Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

When it comes to cowardice, Yoki is a lot like Hol in that he can only play big and tough if he has a friend around to defend him.

As far as I can tell, he’s considerably worse than they want him to be a cowboy. After bankrupting millions of people with an absurdly high tax, Yoki immediately joins the enemy’s ranks after being demoted.

There is some solace in the fact that he is perpetually injured.

9. Yajirobe From Dragon Ball Z

Yajirobe From Dragon Ball Z

Yajirobe, despite his status as a samurai, is the antithesis of a warrior.

In the Vegeta Saga, he had one heroic moment. However, that’s all.

The only thing he did was hide out in Korin Tower with his talking cat friend and serve as healing support by handing out Senzu Beans when needed.

It’s understandable, given how strong he and everyone around him have become throughout Dragon Ball Z.

8. Kuniharu Saiki From The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Kuniharu Saiki From The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. 1

To help their children grow into decent human beings, parents are expected to serve as positive role models for their children.

that Kuniharu didn’t hear about it. The character is one of the most feckless I’ve ever seen.

As he licks his boss’ shoes every day, he doesn’t give a second thought to sticking up for his rights.

So when he needs their support, his children won’t provide it to him because they don’t take him seriously.

7. Hannes From Attack on Titan

Hannes holds Hugo back

It was only once that Hannes displayed his genuine cowardice. But it had a profound effect on the rest of the series.

Even though he was a soldier, he never had to put himself in harm’s way because he spent most of his time within the walls drinking.

It wasn’t until things became dangerous that he decided to depart rather than risk his life to save someone else’s.

Moreover, this isn’t just me labelling him a coward, since that one decision would weigh heavily on his mind for a long time.

6. Minoru Mineta From My Hero Academia

Minoru stuck to Momo

The fact that Mineta never steps up to the plate when things look dire suggests that he just became a hero in the hopes of one day snagging some hotties.

Truly, he is the one who complains about how dismal things are and scolds those around him who are trying to make progress.

Even though being a hero is all about saving the world,

He has indeed displayed heroic qualities at times. However, he had to be backed into a corner by something for it to happen.

5. Ginrou From Dr Stone

Ginrou From Dr Stone

Mineta’s best friend would be Ginrou because he’d rather criticise and judge than do anything.

Gin, like Minetarou, is one of just two guards in the entire community, and the irony is striking.

Since there were no actual outsiders before Senku and his crew, Ginrou may have merely taken the role because it sounded simple and cool.

However, I must admit that he has a dark side. He and Senku tend to play mind games.

When it comes to this particular plan, this only applies to those who are not involved in it.

4. Sekke Bronzazza From  Black Clover

Sekke Bronzazza

Mister Fuhha is a slimy little demon who is constantly searching for methods to climb the ladder while putting in minimal effort.

First, he tries to bully Asta, whom he considers to be the weakest of the group. His whole character development is marked by his inability to do anything more than brag about his abilities, which he does throughout the rest of the series.

I believe it was a natural progression for him to become the King’s, right-hand man.

Both of them like exaggerating their abilities and relying on others to do the work for them.

3. Welfin From Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Welfin From Hunter x Hunter 2011

Welfin’s narrative mirrors Sekke’s in many ways, although there are some notable differences.

We watch him planning something in the shadows from the outset, but also reacting violently to every startling sound.

He’s always bragging about how great his influence is. It’s not so much that he’s looking for an enemy as it is for an ally who can take on the bulk of the work.

To be perfectly honest, my favourite part was when Meruem saw him for the first time and he started bragging about how powerful he was in comparison. It’s hard not to adore karma, isn’t it?

2. King From One Punch Man

One Punch Man King S Class Hero

My favourite coward is King, since his weakness is his greatest strength.

Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, his name is now synonymous with Saitama’s triumphs.

His reputation has grown to such an extent that villains now flee in terror when they see him coming, not realizing that he’s about to poop all over them.

1. Zenitsu Agatsuma From Demon Slayer

Zenitsu refusing to let Inosuke harm Nezuko

Zenitsu is the greatest coward in the world.

Nearly half of the episodes are devoted to him pleading with someone to help him.

Even a youngster was on his side at one point.

In contrast to most of the people on this list, he genuinely has no cause to be afraid, which is the greatest part.

But wouldn’t that be a little boring?

You lightning coward, don’t ever change. Stay the same.