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Who Will Asta Marry? Who does Asta End Up With?

Asta’s cheerful, boisterous, and hard-working character has resulted in him being loved by many women in the series today.

While he’s not engaged to anyone, he may be as the story progresses. 

We will examine his potential romantic partners.

About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga created and drawn by Yuki Tabata. 

The manga has been published by Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since February 16, 2015.

The story is about Asta an innocent boy who is believed to be born without magical powers, which is not known in the world that he lives. 

Along with his fellow mages from the Black Bulls, Asta plans to be the next Wizard King.

Who Does Asta End Up With?

Black Clover Romance SM 1

Asta hasn’t been involved in any romantic relationships within the show so far. One time that he has mentioned the word “married” is in reference to Sister Lily.

But Asta is always denied, and it is not surprising since Sister Lily was among the parents who raised him.

The issue of Asta the possibility of marrying someone is probably in a way that is too early. However, there are potential partners, such as Noelle, Mimosa, Rebecca, and others.

The most likely, however, to get married Asta will be Noelle. As they both grew up in different locations, environments, and attitudes, Noelle is more guarded and appears arrogant initially.

However, as time passes, she gets used to the warmth of Asta.

As members of the same Magic Knights squad, Asta and Noelle have been through difficult circumstances. They have learned to rely on one another. 

It’s easy to imagine them forming a relationship in the future. It’s not hard to imagine Asta getting married to Noelle later in the series.

Are Asta and Noelle Are Dating?

Asta and Noelle are not been dating. At this time, they are co-members of Black Bulls. 

Their first meeting was difficult because of their different backgrounds, but they have been able to get along.

Her affluence has influenced her initial impression of Asta however, as they get together and collaborate her impression of him alters. 

His enthusiasm and steady manner make her feel a way she didn’t anticipate. But, despite all that, they’re not together at the moment.

Do They Plan to Meet in the Future?

At first, the noble status of Noelle hindered her initial feelings towards Asta.

As they joined together and collaborated the way they did, her opinion of Asta changed. 

His strength and calm demeanor touched her heart in ways she didn’t expect.

Asta isn’t the type to play with issues of the heart unless it is involving Sister Lily. 

It’s only after he has defeated The Eye of the Midnight Sun that Asta is able to comprehend the feelings of Noelle to him but he isn’t able to comprehend the nature of Noelle’s feelings.

But, as part of the Magic Knights Brigade, Asta and Noelle have been through difficult circumstances. They have come to rely on one another. It’s not hard to imagine them collaborating at some point in the future.

Do You Think Asta Get Married to Another Person?

Asta’s cheerful, boisterous, and encouraging personality has led to his being loved by a lot of women in the series. 

Let’s examine his potential partners.


mimosa 1

Mimosa Vermillion has been an honorary member of Vermillion, a noblewoman of the Clover Kingdom’s House Vermillion which is one of the families of royals, also a fifth class intermediate Magic Knight from the Golden Dawn and Royal Knights squads.

Mimosa became the first character in the series to love Asta in a romantic way. This was clearly evident through her actions and expressions, and in some cases, even out through her words. 

Mimosa’s love for Asta increased following the dungeon episode in which they both went through hardships and fought for one another. Asta’s frank praises of her talents made her satisfied.

Although Asta has not yet displayed any romantic interest in her and is only viewing her as an acquaintance, there is no guarantee that this will remain the case.


Who Will Asta Marry

In the battle for the temple in the arc of the temple battle, Black Bulls managed to save Kahono as well as the stone along with the temple against the Midnight Sun. Kahono later assured Asta she would not abandon her dreams.

In the next chapter, Asta invites Kahono and Kiato to attend the Star Awards Festival. After arriving, he uses a bottle of Witch Queen’s magic to treat Kahono’s throat as well as Kiato’s legs. 

Kahono then suggests that they go on an evening date, then takes Asta’s arm and guides him to the festivities.

It’s not clear the extent to which Kahono is romantically in love with Asta.

However, considering that the two of them saved each other lots of time, and with their agreement to work together on realizing their dreams, there could be some kind of relationship between the two.

Rebecca Scarlet


Rebecca Scarlet is one of the girls who are part of the blind date of Black Bull and also Asta’s date.

The two develop romantic feelings for Asta after a drunken man begins to insult her, which leads to Asta being able to defend against the drunken man and safeguard her. She then will kiss Asta on the cheek to protect her children.

They have both experienced similar lives, being raised without parents, and with sisters and brothers. However, Asta is not romantically inclined toward her at the moment.

Sister Lily

sister lily

Sister Lily Aquaria is a nun and caretaker of an orphanage located in Hage.

As one of the family members who raised and cared for Asta, she is deeply concerned for his well-being. 

She’s usually helpful and yet firm with the boy.

Asta has offered repeatedly to marry her multiple times in a row and which Sister Lily has flat denied.

What Kind of Person Will Asta Meet?

Asta Noelle

After looking over the other possible pairings, Asta will end up in a relationship with Noelle Silva. Both the anime and manga will be moving forward along the same path in a traditional Shonen style.

As Noelle and Asta were raised in different contexts, Noelle eventually looked past her doubts and prejudices. She began romantically caring for Asta even though she has denied doing so. 

Being members of the same group and team, they’ve also come to trust and depend on one another during difficult times.

Another argument that is convincing in support of this claim is his latest tweet, Tatsuya Yoshihara (director of the Black Clover anime) uploaded artwork that depicts the children’s version that resembles Asta as well as Noelle.

The adorable artwork depicts the young Asta and Noelle walking hand-in-hand. It provides a glimpse into the world in which Asta and Noelle may have met in childhood and became friends.

In the midst of all the different ships, which do you guys prefer to ship? 

Asta x Noelle and Asta x Mimosa or another? 

Tell us in the comments section.