15 Best Death Parade Characters of All Time

There are a lot of interesting anime characters in this psychological thriller Death Parade that plays with what people think about the future.

Death Parade still shocks people even though it came out five years ago.

Arbiters have to follow a strict set of rules when they judge people who have died and left the land of the living in Death Parade.

One of these rules says that they can’t feel feelings as humans do.

Fans of good anime shows know that it’s hard to like a character who can’t feel what other people feel.

The best main character in an anime is the one who shows the most feelings.

Like any good anime, Death Parade has characters you can relate to, like, and hate.

Here are some of the best Death Parade characters listed for you……so enjoy!!!

15. Chisato Miyazaki

miyazaki chisato 14733 Death Parade 15 Best Death Parade Characters of All Time

She was a cute little girl with brown hair that went down to her shoulders and bangs that were cut evenly above her eyes.

She wore shorts and a pink shirt.

Mai and Shigeru used to play with Chisato when they were kids.

She and her family moved away one day.

Shigeru missed her, but Mai told him that even if Chisato left, she would always be by his side because she loved him.

14. Shigeru Miura

Shigeru Miura Death parade 15 Best Death Parade Characters of All Time

Chisato Miyazaki and Mai Takada have known Shigeru Miura since they were kids.

He goes to college. He seems like a nice guy who is willing to help.

He agrees to play the game with Mai to help her remember things.

He ended up in Quindecim, where he ran into Mai again, but he had no idea who she was.

They tried to leave but couldn’t, so they chose to play bowling, which was Decim’s game of Death Parade.

13. Takashi

Takashi death parade 15 Best Death Parade Characters of All Time

He cared about his wife, Machiko.

First, he seems very sure of himself.

He looks out for Machiko and helps her.

Later, it’s clear that he doesn’t trust that his wife wants to win the game, Death Parade.

When he got his memories back, he also remembered that he thought his wife was cheating on him.

12. Mai Takada

Mai Takada death parade 15 Best Death Parade Characters of All Time

Shigeru Miura and Chisato Miyazaki have known Mai Takada since they were kids.

Years later, Mai got plastic surgery to make herself look more like Chisato so that Shigeru would notice her.

She finally got to Quindecim, where she forgot everything.

She met Shigeru there, and he chose to help her remember things.

They tried to leave but couldn’t, so they chose to play bowling, which was Decim’s game of Death Parade.

11. Yousuke Tateishi

340535 death parade 15 Best Death Parade Characters of All Time

Yousuke is quiet and stays to himself, and his hobby is just written as “Otaku.” His room is shown to have stacks of video games and books.

Yousuke fell into a state of depression after his mother hurt him and he saw his parents get split. He lived with his father and his new stepmother, who he didn’t want to be friends with.

He became a hikikomori because he didn’t have much to do with other people and was depressed.

His stepmother said she hopes he would call her “mom,” which is something Yousuke deeply regrets not doing after he killed himself.

10. Machiko

Machiko death parade 15 Best Death Parade Characters of All Time

Since the first time she met him, Machiko has loved Takashi very much. Machiko always thinks of the best way to help and please Takashi.

She does things like listen to his advice and check on his wounds.

Her love for him is so strong that people say she would lie to him and try to make herself look like a bad person that Takashi shouldn’t feel sorry for.

9. Misaki Tachibana

Misaki Tachibana death parade 15 Best Death Parade Characters of All Time

Misaki Tachibana is the hostess of a reality TV show. She had an open relationship when she was young, which led to an unplanned pregnancy with a cruel man.

Despite her many failed relationships, she tried to raise her five children. As part of the judging, she and Yosuke were picked to play a game in an arcade.

She thought that she and Yosuke were on a show with secret cameras. She lost the first round and started to think about when she was pregnant for the first time.

At the end of the show, she says she wants to be with her kids again. Even though Decim of Dearth Parade told her she did well, she was sent to the void in the end.

8. Ginti

Ginti death parade 15 Best Death Parade Characters of All Time

Even though the Arbiters are meant to be emotionless, Ginti is always angry at the people around him. If Ginti really doesn’t feel anything, the only thing that could explain his behavior is that he is a mean person.

When Ginti is first shown to the audience, the Arbiter is attacking Decim. This is one of the only times the show gets exciting.

Ginti is liked by many anime fans because he is in a fight scene, but when you find out why he struck Decim, it seems like he did too much.

Attacking the show’s two main characters is a good way to make sure that you’re the least-liked person in it.

7. Oculus

deathparade oculus 15 Best Death Parade Characters of All Time

In the game Death Parade, Oculus is the real god of death. The old man with the flower beard is in charge of making sure the Arbiters follow the rules.

At first, he seems to be a nice old man who likes to play pool. In the last few scenes of Death Parade, it is hard to understand why Oculus did what he did.

It is creepy and unfair to force your workers to give up their privacy. He does his best to understand what his workers want to do, but he stays out of the way enough to let ideas grow.

His skills as a boss aren’t perfect, but they work.

6. Quin

death parade 15 Best Death Parade Characters of All Time

When she is first introduced, the former Arbiter of the Quindecim bar has a smile on her face. This is because she is getting a raise.

Quin makes it clear that her time as an Arbiter was not fun for her.

The fact that the former arbiter knows her job is hard and stressful, but still brags about it in front of the person who took her place makes her seem a little out of touch.

When Quin is brought back to the present, she has learned to talk about how uncomfortable she is with her new job. This shows the audience that she will complain about her jobs no matter what they are.

Even though she is helpful when people ask for her help, it is hard to understand her bad mood.

5. Mayu Arita

death parade g 15 Best Death Parade Characters of All Time

When fans meet Mayu for the first time, she seems like a bit of a braggart, but as the show goes on, she turns out to be a good person.

Mayu has spent her whole life worshiping someone who hasn’t done much to receive her praise. However, she doesn’t feel bad about giving up her own identity to celebrate someone else’s.

Once the watcher realizes that the young woman did what she did because she cared about other people, it’s much easier to like her as a character.

4. Nona

nona death parade 15 Best Death Parade Characters of All Time

Nona is the acting boss. If Oculus is the strange billionaire who pays for everything but stays out of the day-to-day business, then Nona is the person in charge in Death Parade.

She is a great character because of how she runs her business and how ready she is to try out new ways of judging people.

Because of what Nona does, this story is more than just a thriller. Her efforts to understand how people feel and to use empathy when judging their souls make people think about how they judge other people.

3. Chiyuki

Chiyuki death parade 15 Best Death Parade Characters of All Time

The arbiters know that the person who works with Decim of Death Parade to decide things is a bug in the system.

Even though she is a judge, she is one of the most likable figures because she can understand the people she is judging.

Even if the humans did bad things before they died, Chiyuki still feels sorry for them, and she doesn’t like how the Arbiters judge the humans who come to them.

Whether or not Chiyuki is prepared to be a judge, her compassion is a welcome change in a show where most of the characters do nothing while the dead go through hell.

2. Decim

Decim death parade 15 Best Death Parade Characters of All Time

The host and waiter at the Quindecim are one of the characters in Death Parade with the fewest facial expressions, and he or she is also one of the most interestingly scary ones.

Even though Decim’s lack of expression in Death Parade is disturbing in the first few episodes, it becomes clear that he just doesn’t know how to react to everyone else’s strong feelings.

In the last show, Decim’s ability to understand how Chiyuki feels is also unique among Arbiters. It’s a powerful scene that makes watchers feel the weight of how the two characters feel

1. Clavis

Death Parade Clavis Green Yellow Hair Piercings 1200x757 15 Best Death Parade Characters of All Time

The person who works as an elevator worker in “limbo” is by far the most likable character in the show. The elevator is run by the smiling attendant, who is in charge of the strange world of Death Parade.

Clavis is the only major character who can easily see this mysterious world. Many things come and go in the elevator.

When it gives Clavis to the viewer, it gives them a smile that makes them feel like they can explore the secrets of death in Death Parade.

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