26 Romantic Anime Kiss Scenes

The characters in anime may be fictional and the plot may be controversial however the emotion that it evokes isn’t identical. 

There are many scenes in anime that make you feel like having the same feelings as a girl.

The most significant of these would be anime kisses. 

Because there are so many romance-themed anime to watch and we’ve compiled an assortment of the top anime kisses that you won’t be able to forget after you’ve seen these.

26. Hajime-Chizuru From Hakuouki Hekketsuroku

Hajime-Chizuru From Hakuouki Hekketsuroku

You might have imagined it was likely that the follow-up to Hakuouki could have more romantic scenes however, it isn’t the case. 

The focus of this anime is more on historical themes rather than romance

But, there are unique glimpses of romance in the show, with this kiss being among the most intense.

25. The Aoba’s Lucky Kiss From Durarara

The Aoba's Lucky Kiss From Durarara

Aoba is a very lucky boy to receive an ooh from two gorgeous ladies at the beginning of school at his new school. 

Even though he’s thinking, “What the hell did occur?”

we totally enjoyed the scene and is among the top anime kisses that I’ve seen.

24. Guts & Casca From Berserk

Guts & Casca From Berserk

In truth, I have not watched Berserk anime. Instead, I went through the manga a few times. 

However, this episode was definitely worth the time. 

Guts and Casca have a connection to one another and their relationship is awe-spiring.

23. Willem & Chtolly From Suka Suka

Willem & Chtolly From Suka Suka

Like a prince and princess in a fairytale. 

Although it was the kind of ending that nobody anticipated, this moment was worthwhile. 

While she is lying on her bed, she does not think about it.

He kisses her gently and it was a painful moment.

22. Rock and Revy Cigarette Kiss From Black Lagoon

Rock and Revy Cigarette Kiss From Black Lagoon

Although it’s not actually the scene of a kiss.

However, it does give the feeling of romance that you get from the actual kiss. 

The scene was flawlessly executed and is about as romantic as you can be between the two.

21. Hana & Kiyoshi From Prison School

Hana & Kiyoshi From Prison School

I sort of adored Hana along with Kiyoshi much more so than Kiyoshi as well as Chiyo. 

If Hana kisses Kiyoshi to get revenge it was cute and also hot. 

However, the following scene is more violent, LOL.

20. Haru & Shizuku From My Little Monster

Haru & Shizuku From My Little Monster

“Well, I was surprised!” My Little Monster anime never fails to surprise us with these sudden events. 

As she’s consumed by food, he provides her with the perfect meal with a kiss. 

It’s just too sweet to not notice.

19. Dandy & Scarlett From Space Dandy

Dandy & Scarlett From Space Dandy

The single moment was enough to make you love the series in full. 

Even though it excels in all areas, however, this kiss is exceptional. 

The kiss was visually pleasant to look at.

18. Mei & Yamato From Say “I Love You”

Mei & Yamato From Say "I Love You"

I love this couple to pieces. 

Although she is always uncertain and is unsure about her feelings towards Yamato In reality Yamato is the only one who makes her feel at ease. 

This showed how much Yamato is truly concerned for Mei and it’s adorable.

17. Azumi & Akane From Tsuki ga Kirei

Azumi & Akane From Tsuki ga Kirei

My heart just can’t stand it every time they kiss. 

It’s adorable as well as the manner in which they depicted their characters gorgeously. 

In fact, I was screaming when they kissed during the episode.

16. Touma & Kitahara From White Album 2

16. Touma & Kitahara From White Album 2

This scene is absolutely amazing. 

The manner in which Touma refuses to allow Kitahara to call her since she knows that it will never be changed. 

After the incident, the girl kisses her. 

If you’re likely to feel guilt and aren’t able to set things up, wait until the very end.

15. Victor & Yuuri From Yuri!!! on Ice

Victor & Yuuri From Yuri!!! on Ice

The kiss was not the most romantic thing about this scene, however, the manner in which Victor secured Yuri by holding his hand was very loving. 

In this scene, my heart skipped an entire beat, although I’m not one for the genre of BL.

14. Misaki & Usui From Maid-sama!

Misaki & Usui From Maid-sama!

At the moment everyone wants a Usui in their lives. 

The most memorable portion of this sequence is how she holds the guy, even though we didn’t think we’ll see it from Misaki. 

This is the most perfect possible ending and is the most adorable scene she’s ever had.

13. Miyamura & Hori From Horimiya

Miyamura & Hori From Horimiya

This is among the most adorable scenes from the series, in which Miyamura takes the candy out of Hori’s lips. 

What could be sweeter than this?

12. Yuji & Shana From Shakugan no Shana

Yuji & Shana From Shakugan no Shana

Not only a well-choreographed sequence and a great romantic line, but it also contains one of the most romantic lines you’ve ever heard.

Their kisses and the way that they fly through the air are amazing. 

It’s a truly wonderful scene from the anime. I enjoy the way they kiss and float in the air.

11. Yuu & Haruka From Sakura Trick

Yuu & Haruka From Sakura Trick

It’s difficult to pick an appropriate kissing scene in this show because we have an amazing kiss scene that has zero fan service each 5-10 minutes. 

Both are so adorable together and I would like to see more episodes.

10. Zen & Shirayuki From Snow White with red Hair

Zen & Shirayuki From Snow White with red Hair

This is the scene we’re discussing. 

The scene that I was watching brought tears to my eyes because, when Shirayuki was injured and Zen said to her “Baka!”

I wanted them to get kisses. 

It was a surprise when it did happen and it couldn’t be any more romantic.

9. Kurisu & Rintaro From Steins; Gate

Kurisu & Rintaro From Steins; Gate

Really, even if waiting for the ten episodes required to be addicted to this show was worth it, the romance scene more enjoyable. 

Their love was romantic and the scene was pure.

8. Nagisa & Mizuki From Classroom Crisis

Nagisa & Mizuki From Classroom Crisis

A hug with love is more effective and is so lovely as in the scene.

The manner in which Mizuki soothes Nagisa and the scene at the end in which they hug and a kiss is emotional and heartwarming.

7. Mamori & Mirei From Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Mamori and Mirei kiss

Valkyrie Drive kisses are especially hot. 

The first is the moment that Mirei discovers Momoi at the end of the island and the one during the battle is great. 

However, the ones from the following episodes felt more powerful and beautiful.

6. Kirito & Asuna From Sword Art Online

Kirito & Asuna From Sword Art Online

“My Life Is Yours, Asuna.” This one line that follows that stunning kiss is all. 

After that, Asuna apologizes for her actions that put Kirito at risk, he’s not interested in doing that. 

Kirito is such a masculine person, isn’t he?

5. Mafuyu & Uenoyama From Given

Mafuyu & Uenoyama From Given

It was among the most beautiful scenes of the series as was that moment’s kiss, all. 

The manner in which Mafuyu is trying to thank Uenoyama and then does it by kissing him is well worth shipping the kisses.

4. Yuno & Yuki From Future Diary

Yuno & Yuki From Future Diary

Yuno may be a yandere but she just wanted to stay with Yuki for the rest of her life. 

Maybe I’m losing my head however, I would certainly take Yuno as an alleged lover. 

Additionally, the manner in which she exits the elevator and then kisses Yuki is incredibly romantic.

3. Yuzu & Mei From Citrus

Yuzu & Mei From Citrus

This must be the most memorable kiss from the anime and it was incredibly random. 

The manner in which she kisses Yuzu to calm her was so tempting.

As a lover of yuri, I watched this scene many times, and I still do. 

Their love story is unbeatable and they’re the perfect couple.

2. Naruto and Hinata From Naruto The Last Film

Naruto and Hinata From Naruto The Last Film

We’ve been waiting at this time for a long time but it was finally here. 

The kiss was more intimate and romantic than we imagine it to be!

Snow falling slowly, the moon in the background, and them softly floating in the sky!

This kiss is everything that this romance deserved as its culmination!

Because Hinata has always been in love with and cared for Naruto since her childhood it was the most rewarding moment.

1. Taiga & Ryuuji From Toradora

Taiga and Ryuuji From Toradora

Sure, the majority of people who saw this finale must have squealed perhaps. 

It was so lovely to watch them in a relationship as they did, and because she was never a victim of romantic desires, it’s like a cute moment.

Final Words

Romance anime isn’t more enjoyable without these passionate kissing scenes. 

In the midst of countless romance shows, we’ve picked some of the most romantic kissing scenes.

What do you consider our suggestions? 

Do you have other thoughts? 

Tell us how you feel in the comments section below.

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