How Did Hinata Die? Is Hinata Really Dead ?

The demise of a cherished character who was adored by fans of Naruto was a shock to many. 

But, Naruto was never the most predictable of stories. 

There is a myriad of theories about her death, however, her fate is verified in Boruto.

Hinata passes away in Boruto. Hinata dies as she protects her husband and son during the moment of the devastation of Konoha. 

Naruto along with Hinata both vanish while fighting Boruto. The girl isn’t destroyed due to Pain in Naruto because she healed herself and revived.

It could be difficult since Naruto often gets lost because of the sheer amount of episodes. 

However, don’t worry since you’ll discover everything you require to know in all one place!

Is Hinata Dead?

How Did Hinata Die

In the absence of pain and suffering, the main character will not endure, which is the reason why characters like Hinata, Sasuke, and Kakashi are killed in Boruto. 

So why does Hinata die in Boruto?

In addition, she has an emotional connection to her child Boruto and always stood by Boruto when Naruto was absent, and she is adorable and that is the reason why if Kawaki or any other person takes her life is certain to trigger the son’s intense emotions.

In episode 168 Pain didn’t kill her. Sakura could not have been able to heal her had she died.

Hinata was only healed after she was wounded by Pain. A lot of people died and then resurrected at the same moment.

Kakashi Shizune, Kakashi, as well as Fukasaku were revived and didn’t require medical care. This is why Hinata never died.

In Season 8 (Episode 168) In Season 8, she tells Naruto the fact that she’s always been in love with him and that she will be killed to ensure his protection. 

When Pain takes out” the girl, Naruto turns into his Nine-Tails version. Naruto beats Pain as well, and Pain revives everyone who was killed during his assault. 

Sakura has taken Hinata back and healed her and if she had not, Hinata would probably die.

How did Hinata Die?

How Did Hinata Die

Many fans believed that Jougan was Byakugan and was transferred from Hinata following her death. Apart from the “theory”, various theories are being floated including Hinata passing away while she was fighting Boruto in the absence of Naruto.

While Hinata’s demise could serve as a catalyst to Boruto’s progress, there is no proof by the fans who have made the theories of their own. Boruto anime is just getting underway.

Kawaki is a resident of Konoha in Boruto and Naruto will be the one in charge of his training. The creators of Boruto seem to be setting the stage for the possibility of a Boruto against. Kawaki showdown, with Kawaki becoming Sasuke.

Naruto is instructing Kawaki as well as helping him in his everyday chores. What does this mean for Hinata Hyuga? To fully comprehend the relationship between Hinata and Kawaki it is essential that you first know the connection that exists between Kushina Uzumaki as well as Obito Uchiha.

Obito was an old classmate of Minato Namikaze. Guess what? Obito was the person responsible for Kushina’s murder that occurred following Naruto was brought to the country. 

Naturally, somewhere along the road, Naruto was responsible for Kushina’s demise because Obito had been waiting on Kushina to become pregnant.

Moving forward, the exact scenario could occur in the case of Naruto and Hinata, according to the forecast. Hinata is likely to be in the village once Konoha is destroyed completely. Hinata will do all she can to protect the family of her son and husband.

This means that she’ll be involved in the battle the same way as she did in the case of Pain. However, this time Naruto and Hinata will be fighting each other.

Naruto and Hinata could die while defending Boruto. Boruto was discovered with a wound on his right eye. He also had the Byakugan? In the end, we are able to be certain that the Byakugan was a part of Hinata.

This was confirmed by the official. As the show progresses the story must include conflict and consequences. That’s the essence of what makes a story good. This means that certain characters will end up dying, and some will not even have a story at all.

What Was the Reason Pain Didn’t Kill Hinata?

How Did Hinata Die

Hinata was not ever killed in Pain. in Naruto Shippuden episode 166, Pain only injured Hinata by using the Universal Push. 

Hinata was unconscious due to the incident however she was able to recover after Sakura utilized her healing Jutsu.

Hinata will not die during her time in the Naruto Manga or the anime and is in good health at present. However, she is likely to pass away later to safeguard her children when Naruto is gone.

Hinata was lucky because Nagato became so absorbed by Naruto that he did not even look her in the eye when she was attacked in the back, which meant he missed an important place. This is the manga version.

In the show, his attention was obscured by the mud, his focus was on Naruto and he did not even consider something that was significant. He just missed. 

This happens to the most strong ones, don’t you think? Hinata, on the other hand, could have died if it wasn’t because of the medical interference.

Is Hinata Really Dead?

How Did Hinata Die 2 How Did Hinata Die? Is Hinata Really Dead ?

Hinata was a Kunoichi and the ex-heiress of the Hyuga’s main family. Her father disinherited her as they were unsure of her capability to manage the responsibilities that came with running the clan and even life as a ninja

But, Hinata persisted, and in Naruto Uzumaki specifically, Hinata saw both as an example to follow as well as an individual to admire.

Hinata is a Hyuga, the holder of the Byakugan, the Jutsu which gives her an enveloping vision of a 360-degree circle around her. 

She intends to use it to assist others in Team 8 in their monitoring tasks, such as scouting out the area in search of their target(s) and focusing her eyes in one direction,

Hinata can see over huge distances, up to 20 km in The Last: Naruto the Movie. The Byakugan she wears allows Hinata’s attacks to be precise exact, which she can give to others to aid them in developing their own. 

Hinata’s Byakugan is shown in the anime as having an infrared vision.

Boruto is afflicted with a scar over his left eye in the first episode. It’s not clear why Boruto got it, but we do know that he probably was subjected to some risky and secretive training, similar to the way Naruto was a part of 2 1/2 years training with Pervy Sage. 

Another possibility is that the reason he might have gone out of Konoha to meet Mitsuki, similar to what Naruto was with Sasuke.

It is unlikely that he could have had the Byakugan since he’s on Naruto’s side, whereas Himawari tends to be on Hinata’s side, or another Byakugan Princess’s. Therefore, Boruto isn’t able to acquire the Byakugan.

Therefore, if He didn’t receive it from Hinata the only person who could have handed the eye to him is likely been Himawari, Hiashi, or Hanabi. I’m not sure Hanabi, Hiashi, or Himawari could have been present at the time the eye was lost.

Unfortunately, it is reported that Hinata will be present in the village at the time Konoha is killed. Hinata will do all she can to protect her son and husband in Boruto. This means that she’ll be involved with the war the same way as she did in the case of Pain.

However, this time, Naruto and Hinata are at risk of dying while defending Boruto. Boruto was found with an injury to his right eye as well as the Byakugan, remember? In the end, we can conclude that the Byakugan was owned by Hinata.

The spin-off has a frenzied beginning, featuring several memorable stories as well as some fantastic animation.

Fans are left to wonder whether Boruto is possibly superior to the original. This is something you’ll be able to decide on your own!

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