Indra’s Mangekyo Sharingan Explained

Indra’s Mangekyō Sharingan. Indra tsutsuki (大筒木インドラ, tsutsuki Indora) was Hagoromo tsutsuki’s firstborn son.

Thought to be the best choice to carry on his father’s teachings, his younger brother Asura ended up with the responsibility instead, sparking conflict between the two brothers.

Indra is the ancestor of the Uchiha family and is widely regarded as the inventor of ninjutsu.

Over time, Indra woke up the Mangeky Sharingan, which looked like swirling lines coming out of his eyes. In the anime, he woke up the djutsu by killing his two best friends and closest followers.

He was able to use Susanoo after he got it.


Indra inventing Ninjutsu Mangekyo Sharingan Indra's Mangekyo Sharingan Explained

In the anime, Indra spent his childhood happily with his father and younger brother Asura, or reading his father’s books and notebooks.

The brothers studied Ninshū under their father’s guidance to become the great sage’s successor.

With Indra’s example, the other Ninshū disciples used this new innovation to enhance their and the village’s lives. Indra was proud of his discovery, but he worried when he saw that everyone focused on physical progress rather than spiritual growth as Ninshū intended.

Black Zetsu would privately approach Indra and laud him, even saying he could rival or surpass the Sage of Six Ways. After awakening his Sharingan, Indra took the mystery figure’s praises to heart, focusing completely on his training and became colder and more aloof to others, including his brother.

Hagoromo chose his successor by assigning each son to revive a foreign kingdom.

Indra discovered that a God Tree sapling made the area fertile, but it also made the locals sick. Indra utilized his Sharingan to order the locals to destroy the sapling and get water to resolve matters swiftly.

When coming home, Indra was shocked that Hagoromo waited for Asura’s return before choosing a successor.

Indra’s image of the future diverged from Hagoromo’s. After a year, Indra trained others and began to like people again.

Indra was furious and jealous that his father chose Asura to carry on his aim of world peace, especially because his father cited Indra’s failure to accept others while focusing on power as a factor in his decision.

Hagoromo sought to convince Indra that the hamlet he “helped” had destroyed itself after he left because the residents carelessly fought over water, but he was ignored.

In the anime, growing bitter toward his family while reveling in his rising strength, he saw his father’s ninshū as incomplete and cowardly and intended to alter it into ninjutsu to represent his beliefs of utilizing power to establish peace and order.

He covertly killed his two closest friends to awaken the Mangekyō Sharingan to fight his father and sibling, seeing that personal sorrow strengthens his eyes.

On the night of Asura’s coronation, Indra invaded the village, disdaining his family and ninshū and claiming that ninjutsu was the only way to peace.

Asura startled the bigger brother by fending off his vicious attack. Indra unleashed Susanoo to defeat his brother and become a genuine peacemaker.

Asura was able to stave off his brother using Hagoromo’s power, but Indra’s gigantic creation overwhelmed him. Hagoromo then had the community combine their chakra with Asura to completely display his powers and unleash the Wood Release.

Asura defeated Indra with the Six Paths Senjutsu, forcing him to retreat. Indra later hid and founded a ninjutsu cult.

While Hagoromo lay ill nearing his death, Indra bluntly told his estranged father that his timid attitude to peace would only lead to more battles, which Indra would use to destroy ninshū in as many reincarnations as required.


wp6226781 Mangekyo Sharingan Indra's Mangekyo Sharingan Explained

In the anime, Indra was a carefree, caring child who looked after and played with his younger brother. He knew patience and thought.

After discovering chakra transformation, he worried about the future of Ninshū and his younger brother. He humbled himself after being discovered as a prodigy since he merely wanted to serve people. He was dedicated to studying and practicing.

Indra’s determination to walk alone showed his independence. He and his grandmother felt might and force could achieve anything, including peace because he did everything himself.

He became strict in law enforcement, believing there are no exceptions. Despite this, he controlled his jealousy of Asura becoming Ninshū’s successor and had no ill will toward his brother and father, whom he loved and respected.

Indra’s hate and ideology would harm his progeny. In the anime, Indra saw Ninshū as incomplete and cowardly, so he wanted to change it to a way to use power to enforce peace. Despite tears and apologies, he killed his two dearest friends to achieve power and freedom.


Indra Using Susanoo Mangekyo Sharingan Indra's Mangekyo Sharingan Explained

Even his famous father knew that Indra was a genius from a young age. He had a lot of his father’s power, talent, and strong genes.

He was very good at everything he tried and worked hard at. He also got his father’s “eyes,” which were his strong chakra and spiritual energy.

In the anime, almost all of Hagoromo’s followers were sure that Indra would one day take over for his father.

Dōjutsu Sharingan

Indra3F Sharingan 29 Mangekyo Sharingan Indra's Mangekyo Sharingan Explained

Indra had the Sharingan, which was a form of his grandmother’s djutsu that he used to save his brother’s life.

So, he could watch the flow of chakra, pay close attention to details, predict a person’s movements with great accuracy, and stop an enemy with a single look.

Mangekyō Sharingan

Indra3F Sharingan Mangekyo Sharingan Indra's Mangekyo Sharingan Explained

Over time, Indra woke up the Mangeky Sharingan, which looked like swirling lines coming out of his eyes.

In the anime, he woke up the djutsu by killing his two best friends and closest followers. He was able to use Susanoo after he got it.

Because of his skill, he was so good at the technique that he could use Complete Body — Susanoo, which made everything around him look tiny.

He would use it to fight the battle avatar of Asura. In the anime, he could also use Hinokagutsuchi with his left eye.


Indra27s Successor Mangekyo Sharingan Indra's Mangekyo Sharingan Explained

Indra’s conception of ninjutsu started the shinobi period, while Hagoromo was credited with its creation.

Indra’s chakra survived his body’s destruction.

His will was inherited by his chakra reincarnations.

The Senju clan and Indra’s Uchiha clan would fight. Neither clan knew why or how they hated each other.

Madara Uchiha was his Warring States rebirth. Hashirama Senju, the reincarnation of Asura, founded Konohagakure and the modern ninja system with his assistance.

Madara defected and fought Hashirama again owing to his ambition, insecurity, and Black Zetsu’s schemes.

After their final confrontation at the Valley of the End, Madara stole Hashirama’s DNA and implanted it into his wounds. Madara awakened the Rinnegan by merging Asura’s chakra with Indra’s, despite Hagoromo’s warning.

Transmigration resumed after Madara and Hashirama died. Naruto Uzumaki took Asura’s chakra and will, while Sasuke Uchiha took Indra’s.

As Hagoromo’s soul appeared before Naruto and Sasuke, he granted them his strength due to the centuries-old fight between Indra’s wrath and Hagoromo’s anointing Asura.

He hoped Sasuke’s hate would become love and his sons’ reincarnations would work together.

Naruto ended the divide between the two lines of reincarnated brothers, something no other reincarnation had done.

After defeating Sasuke, Naruto’s values were finally embraced by him. The centuries-long feud ended. Black Zetsu claimed that the reincarnations of Indra and Asura rarely cooperated and often fought.

If such exceptions have existed throughout history, Naruto and Sasuke are one.

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