What is the Curse Mark on Sasuke?

If we’re discussing the protagonists of Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto franchise and it’s now evident that we are, Sasuke Uchiha is surely one of the top characters we could talk about. 

Sasuke is a fan favourite and in terms of character development, he’s one of the most interesting characters in the entire franchise.

This means there’s plenty to discuss as long as it is about him. In this post, we’re going to discuss the Curse Mark that Sasuke has and explain what it is.

The Cursed Seal of Heaven is one of the most powerful cursed seals. The equivalent of which is known as the “Cursed Seal of the Earth.”

The seal is comprised of three tomoes that are similar to the Sharingan that spreads across your body and takes on the form of flames once activated. 

As with all Cursed Seal, the users are rewarded with an increase in their chakra levels and physical capabilities. The seal was found at the rear of the Sasuke’s as well as Anko’s necks.

In this article, we’re going to provide additional information on Sasuke’s Curse Mark, as we also answer a few questions about the mark. 

This article will examine this curse symbol, its history behind it and many other issues about Sasuke’s character. 

This article will be the ultimate guide for those who want to learn all there is to know about Sasuke’s Curse Mark.

How do we know The Curse Mark on Sasuke?

sasuke cursed mark naruto What is the Curse Mark on Sasuke?

The Cursed Seal of Heaven is one of Orochimaru’s most powerful cursed seals, the other of which is known as the Cursed Seal of the Earth. 

The seal is comprised of three tomoes, like the Sharingan that spreads throughout your body and appears in form of flames once activated. 

As with all Cursed Seals, the users experience an increase in their chakra levels and physical abilities when the seal is in active use until it can enter the second stage similar to that of Naruto’s single-tailed form.

It is believed that the Cursed Seal of Heaven originates from Jugo, who was a Shinobi who searched for Orochimaru with the belief that he would cure himself of his constant fury. 

However, Orochimaru was awestruck by the fact that Jugo could absorb natural energy to build strength. 

Incredulous at the effect, this affected Jugo’s mental health and Orochimaru began to search for an avenue for him to tap into this energy by taking enzymes from Jugo’s blood and combining the two with his Senjutsu Chakra. Hence, the curse was made.

In the end, since Orochimaru couldn’t attain Sage level due to his discoveries, he came up with another method to use this Senjutsu Chakra: branding other people as his vessels. 

Through the branding of a follower using the curse symbol, Orochimaru was able to boost his powers while making use of their body as a vessel via which he could gain knowledge and insight.

The form of the curse mark is referred to as mitsudomoe. When translated they’d mean “Mitsu,” “three,” and “domoe,” like a comma.

The emblem is composed of three similar marks that form the shape of a circle. They believe that the Japanese consider that the tomoe represents an immortal seed that keeps the spirits of those who have passed away and grants the owner power. 

It is a typical motif that is seen in Japanese family crests as well as on the roof tiles of traditional houses.

The tomoe has a long history as a symbol that originated in Magatama. The meaning of these symbols is not known, but some theories range from the form of the soul to animal teeth or the moon. 

Mitsudomoes are often used to depict the relationship between the forces of cosmic nature that comprise our universes such as earth, heaven and the underworld or heaven earth, heaven and man.

The design was later deemed to represent Hachiman which is one of the Shinto godsMany people see the symbol as a symbol of strength and courage, leading many people to see the symbol as a symbol of strength and courage. 

The symbolism of three tomoes is important as it is a sacred number in various religions and cultures around the world.

In the background of Naruto, Sasuke being marked with the Cursed Seal of Heaven represents the interdependence of various beings who have merged their powers. 

There are three entities: Jugo, Orochimaru and Sasuke all working together in the same vessel. 

The three domoe might symbolize the connection between Sasuke and the world of spirituality as well as his environment or the earth, heaven and the human. 

Mitsudomoe represents strength and how, if it is not used properly, it could be an evil force that can lead to conflict.

The meaning behind the “Cursed Seal of Heaven” is an intricate and powerful one, and its power is significantly greater. 

The seal could be thought of as either a blessing or curse but a person is not considered free while still being branded. 

What is the best way to help Sasuke get rid of this curse? Find out more in the article below.

How did Sasuke acquire his Curse Mark?

Orochimaru bite What is the Curse Mark on Sasuke?

You probably already know that Sasuke obtained his curse mark from Orochimaru. In the second stage of the Chunin Exams, which took place in the Forest of Death, Orochimaru slapped a cursed seal upon Sasuke. 

Orochimaru’s intention was for the seal to imprison Sasuke’s brain so that he would become his own body. 

Kakashi Hatake utilized the Evil Sealing Method to try to stop this from happening but its efficacy was only dependent on Sasuke’s decision, as he refused to comply with to use of the Cursed Seal. 

He did eventually use it but he didn’t give in to the influence of Orochimaru completely.

For Anko, the only known owner of the mark. Her story is quite similar to his, but distinct. Anko was the first to receive the Cursed Seal when she was Orochimaru’s apprentice. 

Along with nine other apprentices, Anko was the first person to be granted this cursed seal. She was also the only person to survive the “Mark” which meant that the odds of being able to survive a seal was one out of ten.

As she did not have the desire to utilize the seal, it dwindled from her, and (in the animated series) Orochimaru wiped her memory. 

Orochimaru was able briefly to activate the seal as they battled during the Forest of Death before the Third Hokage closed it off once more. The seal was completely removed if Sasuke utilized it as a means to revive Orochimaru’s mind and body using the method of Evil Releasing.

What is Sasuke’s Curse Mark’s work?

Sasuke in Cursed Seal of Heaven Stage 2 What is the Curse Mark on Sasuke?

According to Kabuto, the seal is a source of chakra. Kabuto used it to boost the power of the binding incantation, Impure World Reincarnation

After the defeat of Orochimaru, his mind was divided among the cursed seals and Sasuke utilized this in conjunction with Kabuto’s modified flesh to bring him to his previous condition and state of mind.

What exactly does the Curse Mark do? In addition to being a factor that gives Orochimaru the ability to degrade one’s mind from within, it also gives users a substantial power boost. 

The person, as we’ve stated, can boost their chakra levels as well as physical abilities when the seal is in effect until the point when it enters the next stage, where it has the same strength as Naruto’s single-tailed form.

Is Sasuke more powerful with his Curse Mark?

curse mark What is the Curse Mark on Sasuke?

In truth, it was not the best first experience for Sasuke, as Sasuke was already extremely strong. It gave an increase in power.

However, it wasn’t important, let’s face it. Sasuke was capable of fending off the mark’s influence with little effort and you’ll see why the first level did nothing for Sasuke. 

The second level, however, was different.

Even though he initially refused, Sasuke eventually chose to create his seal’s second level and then fled the village with the aid of The Sound Four. 

The second stage was able to make Sasuke substantially stronger and more dangerous than before. This can be seen best through Sasuke’s struggle against Deidara in the second part of the comic.

After deciding to kill Orochimaru’s enemies, Deidara and Obito look for the killer of Orochimaru: Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha’s younger brother, or to catch Naruto, for whom they came to first. When they finally find Sasuke, Obito and Deidara fight him.

In the beginning, Obito assists Deidara by placing mines on the floor but then he quits the fight.

Then, Deidara uses his C1 chakra but he realizes that it is not working and is forced to use C2 level chakra but does not hurt Sasuke, stating that he’d continue to play with Sasuke. 

Following Deidara’s unsuccessful attempts, his explosive component is neutralized by Sasuke’s element and does not explode, Sasuke recalls the defeat he endured in the Sharingan in the past when he was facing Itachi before, chooses to employ his final strategy (according to Sasuke, the one he kept in reserve to defeat Itachi shortly) that is the C4 Karura, which ends with a failure in the same manner as the previous one.

Looking at Deidara with his sharp eye who fell into the Genjutsu, Sasuke attacks him from above and both tumble to the ground, which means that both of them run out of chakra. 

Deidara in his final act decides to blow himself up, declaring that upon his death, he will be art, and then opens his mouth on his chest and then he throws explosive clay. 

The result is a massive explosion over a 10-kilometre area but Sasuke does not suffer any injury from the attack, when he summons Manda to defend himself, making Deidara’s final attack useless like the other ones.

Did The Curse Mark change Sasuke?

Sauske curse What is the Curse Mark on Sasuke?

The only thing it did was alter his physical appearance. The mind of Sasuke wasn’t too altered by the Mark, as Sasuke’s personality evolution revealed that he faced internal conflicts long before he was imprinted by the Curse. 

The family tradition has always been at the heart of his struggles. The seal did not have much influence on that.

In terms of physical changes, after Sasuke activated the second stage of the seal, his skin color changed from grey to black and his hair turned dark blue. 

The eyes too turned grey. He also grew claw-pinniped wings over his back, which could be used for gliding as well as a dark star-shaped mark was seen on the bridge of his nose.

During the fight with Deidara In Part II, Sasuke lost his left-wing due to an explosion. He substituted it with a snake.

How did Sasuke remove his Curse Mark?

Evil Releasing Method What is the Curse Mark on Sasuke?

The sealing is removed in the final minutes of Sasuke’s struggle against Itachi. In one instance, Sasuke thinks he has finally won. However, Itachi suddenly gets up. 

He survived the impact of Kirin because of Susanoo which is a huge chakra guardian who is only available to those with the Mangekyo Sharingan within both eyes.

As Itachi is beginning to move towards Sasuke, who has no energy left to channel, the uncontrolled portion that is Orochimaru that Sasuke has absorbed starts to take over the body of Sasuke. 

By using techniques such as the Eight Branches technique, Orochimaru’s eight white snakes spout out from the cursed seal of Sasuke and Orochimaru himself is released out of one snake’s mouth. 

He is grateful to Itachi for lowering his chakra Sasuke enough to let him free himself. He is thankful for another chance to take over Sasuke’s body.

Itachi decapitates seven of the eight snakes. With the Susanoo Sword of Totsuka, which can seal any soul and lock it into the genjutsu for eternity, he is able to seal any soul.

He can seal the Orochimaru, taking away Sasuke’s cursed seal during the process. However, there was more chakra, so Itachi’s Susanoo is diminished to its most basic shape.

Itachi is bleeding and slowly moves towards Sasuke, who can’t get away from Sasuke. As Itachi is approaching Sasuke, he says his final remarks to Sasuke and then hits him on the forehead before he sinks to the ground dead. 

Sasuke is thinking about Itachi’s final words and gazes at his dead brother before collapsing beside him due to exhaustion.

What was the reason Itachi got rid of Sasuke’s curse mark?

What was the reason Itachi get rid of Sasukes Curse Mark What is the Curse Mark on Sasuke?

What was the reason behind what Itachi did? To give his brother freedom. 

The Uchiha were proud of their family and even though Sasuke was his adversary at the time, Itachi detested the fact that Sasuke lost his freedom to Orochimaru.

Therefore, he did all could return for his freedom.

In what episode did Sasuke take off his curse mark?

sasuke curse mark 2 What is the Curse Mark on Sasuke?

The events that occurred in Episode Episode 138 (“The End”) in the first Naruto: Shippuden anime series. 

The episode debuted on the 3rd of December 2009 as part of the Fated Battle Between Brothers arc.

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