12 Naruto Characters Who Can Become The 8th Hokage

The sad farewell to Kurama reminded Olivers that Naruto’s age as Hokage may come to an end soon.

It’s high time we started thinking about who would succeed this Legend who left everyone before him into the dust.

Boruto features a bunch of characters who could potentially take over the responsibility of the village hidden in the leaves.

Let’s take a look at everyone who could be a favourable choice for the next Hokage.

12. Sai

Sai 12 Naruto Characters Who Can Become The 8th Hokage

Introduced halfway through Naruto Shippuden, Sai has been nothing but an invaluable asset to Konoha. He was intended to be a replacement character for Sasuke, who had deserted the village.

He was always intended to be similar with a tragic past and an aloof attitude but while staying completely different and standing out on his own as a member of Team 7.

Sai himself has taken over the responsibility of grooming the next generation of ANBU shinobi often having them take training of a much higher level as compared to regular academy students.

Sai has been instrumental in assisting the village in times of crisis and has proved his potential as the next leader.

11. Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru Part I 12 Naruto Characters Who Can Become The 8th Hokage

Shikamaru has served as the aid of the 6th as well as the 7th Hokage’s. He has an excellent intellect and has proven time and time again that he is fit for the mantle of Hokage himself.

His extraordinary intellect and the ability to stay calm and composed even in times of chaos, his ability to use and allocate appropriate resources.

His understanding and experience of working with the previous village leaders, his ability to adapt to virtually any situation and make decisions accordingly and charisma needed to have people support him.

His cause will help him succeed as an able village leader who will not only protect the village but also show it to new heights.

10. Haruno Sakura

Sakura Naruto 12 Naruto Characters Who Can Become The 8th Hokage

Sakura has surpassed Tsunade by using her impeccable chakra control and skill in medical ninjutsu.

Her abilities to be in a team and progress throughout Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and Boruto are enough for her to be a valid contender for Hokage.

She could surpass Tsunade in terms of her strength and medical Ninja abilities. Sakura has proved herself worthy of the title showing her progress as a mother and a Ninja in the Boruto series over and over again.

9. Might Guy

Might Guy Eight Gates 12 Naruto Characters Who Can Become The 8th Hokage

The only man that Uchiha Madara never acknowledged as the strongest, Kakashi’s greatest rival, a great teacher and leader makes Might Guy one of the best available shinobi to be the Hokage.

Even his broken leg does not hinder his enthusiasm to teach Metal about various techniques. Guy has some incredible abilities, the right attitude and can be looked up to send respected as a leader.

8. Shikadai

Shikadai Nara Team 10 12 Naruto Characters Who Can Become The 8th Hokage

The heir to the Nara Clan not only has his superior intellect but also has the leadership skills from his mother.

Becoming the first Chunin, Shikadai followed his father’s footsteps and it wouldn’t be strange if he surpassed his father in an emergency to become the Hokage.

Shikadai is calm, collected, takes initiative, is Boruto’s best friend who often has to be responsible among the group. Shikadai,

However, also inherits his father’s laziness and might choose to give up on responsibility so bad because let’s be honest, it’s such a drag!

7. Taketori Houki

Houki Taketori 12 Naruto Characters Who Can Become The 8th Hokage

Training under Sai has gotten Taketori Houki to the ANBU shinobi level.

He is proficient in gathering intel, has superior judgement, problem-solving and combat abilities.

Houki has proven high combat abilities being able to memorize everything that he sees once and blocked against any jutsu that peeps into the mind, a good attitude and a goal to become like Kakashi which is to go from an ANBU to a Kage.

Out of the younger generation, Houki might just be one of the most suited ones to be the village leader.

6. Kawaki

boruto naruto kawaki karma anime 1259593 12 Naruto Characters Who Can Become The 8th Hokage

Kawaki has some unparalleled powers due to the Karma seal.

It gives him the ability to absorb any jutsu, fire, water, earth, air or lightning style, and spit it back out at the opponent. His regenerative and moulding powers also make him a powerhouse!

With some guidance and correction from Naruto and making and living life with friends, Kawaki has the potential to become a worthy Hokage who will be able to take the responsibility of the village, protect it and guide the next generation to a much brighter future.

5. Uchiha Sarada

sarada uchiha 12 Naruto Characters Who Can Become The 8th Hokage

Sarada has made her intentions to aim for Hokage clear.

As an Uchiha clan member, Sarada had the Sharingan doujutsu and also has an incredible chakra control that she inherited from her mother to boost her strength many times.

She has also been an active part of all the different missions and has never let the team down. She is a learner and doesn’t make rash decisions, unlike Boruto. She is kind and helpful but can be full of herself sometimes.

Her willpower to overcome all adversities to achieve her goals, combat prowess, teamwork and ability to lead her team are pre-requisites for even trying for Hokage and Sarada checks all the boxes and more.

With some more knowledge in the political scenario and experience, Sarada has the potential to be a very successful Hokage.

4. Mitsuki

boruto naruto mitsuki anime manga 1224032 12 Naruto Characters Who Can Become The 8th Hokage

With sage mode, Mitsuki is said to be the perfect Being created by Orochimaru.

Staying alongside Boruto, Mitsuki has learnt a lot about being human and following a just and moral path under the leadership of his leader, Konohamaru.

Mitsuki could perhaps understand something that Orochimaru couldn’t and not only use his abilities to the fullest and in the way that he thinks is correct.

A direct Naruto influence from Boruto and Konohamaru along with the power bestowed upon him by Orochimaru, with some diplomatic understanding, political knowledge and experience in actual battle, Mitsuki will make a glorious Hokage.

3. Orochimaru

Orochimaru 12 Naruto Characters Who Can Become The 8th Hokage

One of the legendary Sannin, Orochimaru has been part of the series since the very beginning in various ways right from antagonist to providing tempting easy shortcuts to the protagonists.

He has the power, the skills, the vast arsenal of jutsu, the experience and knowledge required for him to become one of the most beneficial leaders in the history of Konoha.

However, his actions have always been questionable in the ethical and moral aspects. The village progresses in terms of science and technology but it will be difficult to see Orochimaru taking a just and fair path in the shinobi world.

2. Uchiha Sasuke

62 625711 sasuke uchiha uchiha sasuke naruto shippuden 12 Naruto Characters Who Can Become The 8th Hokage

The Shadow Hokage and Naruto’s only rival who can stand head to head with him on the battlefield might just be the perfect choice for the next leader of the village.

In terms of power, combat and leadership abilities and attitude, Sasuke has everyone left far behind him.

The only problems that stand in his way are support from the village as he is kept mostly a secret and stays away from the village, the citizens might not accept such a stranger to lead them further.

He also might not be willing to take the mantle considering his past actions and the effects that they had on the village.

1. Konohamaru Sarutobi

Konohamaru Sarutobi 12 Naruto Characters Who Can Become The 8th Hokage

Currently, the strongest candidate that we have for Hokage is none other than the grandson of the third Hokage.

He became an extremely skilled Ninja who acquire the journey in rank. He has always learnt from and followed naruto’s footsteps from an early stage in life.

Naruto has had a big impact on his attitude and the way he lives his life and the ideology of not taking any shortcuts. Working hard tomorrow has acquired and proven his skills as a Ninja comma as a leader and as naruto’s student. It was his dream to become the Hokage from a very young age.

He was the first person to acknowledge and respect Naruto’s skill, potential and believed in him to be the next Hokage, he also took lessons learning the Rasengan and transformation jutsu from him.

He has always been referred to as Naruto Jr. and it would make sense for konohamaru to achieve and even surpass the current Hokage.

Who do you think is the strongest contender in this race to the top?

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