Pokemon TCG: Valuable Cards In Crown Zenith

With the continuous release of new expansions for the Pokemon TCG, an increasing number of collectors are joining the excitement, eagerly opening packs and searching for their beloved Pokemon cards.

Crown Zenith is a set that brings people together, creating a sense of joy and celebration. With fresh artwork, unique editions, and impactful reprints, there’s plenty of excitement awaiting you.

One of the standout features of Crown Zenith is its generous odds for obtaining rare cards.

Let’s explore the collection of stunning full art cards, secret rares, and other treasures found in Crown Zenith.

Join me as we discover some of the most sought-after cards in this set.

Please note that the prices provided are sourced from Pokemon TCG player’s Market Value and may be subject to fluctuations.

Here Are Some of The Most Valuable Cards In Crown Zenith

10. Entei V – Galarian Gallery – $17.18

10 Crown Zenith Pokemon TCG: Valuable Cards In Crown Zenith

Entei V is truly remarkable, showcasing immense value and an incredible capacity for inflicting damage.

Entei has a generous amount of HP, allowing it to remain in your Active Spot and assist you in drawing cards with its Fleet-Footed ability, which grants you the opportunity to draw a card once per turn.

Similarly to its fellow elemental creatures, Entei V possesses the ability to utilize its Burning Rondo attack. This attack inflicts a base damage of twenty, with an additional twenty damage for each Benched Pokemon currently in play.

9. Raikou V – Galarian Gallery – $17.44

9 3 Pokemon TCG: Valuable Cards In Crown Zenith

Wow, this Pokemon is incredibly speedy! Speed is the defining characteristic of Raikou V. The ability of Fleet-Footed allows you to draw a card once per turn when it is in the active spot.

This encourages you to either frequently swap it in and out of the active spot or to strengthen it to become your primary attacker.

It’s also worth noting that this Pokémon is quite the formidable attacker. Its Lighting Rondo attack is particularly impressive, as it only needs two Energies to use.

What’s more, the attack deals even more damage based on the total number of Benchend Pokémon. Quite a powerful move, wouldn’t you agree? By filling up your bench efficiently, you can deal a whopping 120 damage with every attack.

8. Glaceon VSTAR – Galarian Gallery – $19.07

8 2 Pokemon TCG: Valuable Cards In Crown Zenith

The Ice evolutionary line of Eevee has consistently garnered a strong following, and in Crown Zenith, the Galarian Gallery version of the card is highly sought after by collectors and fans alike.

Glaceon VSTAR may not be a popular choice in competitive play, but it is undeniably a stunning card that captures the beauty of Glaceon in its icy habitat.

7. Leafeon VSTAR – Galarian Gallery – $20.99

7 4 Pokemon TCG: Valuable Cards In Crown Zenith

The second Eevee evolution on this list, Leafeon VSTAR, is a card that is highly sought after due to its beautiful artwork.

Relaxing in a greenhouse or similar setting, the stunning artwork by Jiro Sasumo perfectly depicts the everyday experiences of this Leafeon.

The card itself isn’t very popular, but if you’re looking to showcase your favorite Eeveelution, there’s no card that’s more fitting.

6. Elesa’s Sparkle (Full Art) – $21.31

6 ceown zenith Pokemon TCG: Valuable Cards In Crown Zenith

Elesa’s Sparkle is a valuable addition to any deck that utilizes the Fusion Strike mechanic. This card enhances the power of two of your Fusion Strike Pokemon, providing them with a well-deserved boost.

When you use this Supporter card, you have the opportunity to select two of your Fusion Strike Pokémon and retrieve a Fusion Strike Energy card from your deck to attach to them.

The artwork for the full art is absolutely stunning! Elesa’s Sparkle captures her in a vibrant setting, surrounded by a lively atmosphere reminiscent of an arcade or theme park.

The backdrop features beloved characters such as Pikachu, Charizard, and Jigglypull, adding to the playful ambiance.

5. Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR (Secret) – Galarian Gallery – $80.76

5 crown zenith Pokemon TCG: Valuable Cards In Crown Zenith

The Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR secret rare from Crown Zenith showcases breathtaking artwork and an incredible display of power, making it a true marvel in the world of Pokémon.

The VSTAR Power, Star Chronos, allows you to take an additional turn once your current one is over, while also inflicting a substantial amount of damage.

4. Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR (Secret) – Galarian Gallery – $67.41

4 crown zenith Pokemon TCG: Valuable Cards In Crown Zenith

It’s no surprise that the secret rare version of Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR is highly sought after and valuable, considering its rarity in the Crown Zenith set.

The attack, Subspace Swell, has the potential to cause significant damage, especially when both players have a full Bench.

By filling out your own Bench, you can easily achieve a damage output of at least 160, even though it may be lower than other strategies.

Placing this secret rare card alongside the Origin Forme Dialga, Arceus, and Giratina VSTAR cards from Crown Zenith results in a truly breathtaking combination of art.

3. Mewtwo VSTAR – $45.51

3 ceown zenith Pokemon TCG: Valuable Cards In Crown Zenith

Mewtwo VSTAR is highly sought after by players due to its status as an original legendary Pokemon.

It holds a significant value in Crown Zenith compared to other cards. This stunning full art card captures the epic clash between Mewtwo and Charizard, as they unleash their incredible powers and shake the very ground beneath them in a fierce aerial battle.

It’s worth noting that Mewtwo VSTAR’s price might be influenced by the trend of cards featuring Charizard being more valuable.

However, Mewtwo VSTAR will likely continue to hold its high price.

2. Arceus VSTAR (Secret) – Galarian Gallery – $52.73

2 Crown zenith Pokemon TCG: Valuable Cards In Crown Zenith

In the world of Pokemon, there is a fascinating tale about Arceus, the legendary creator of the Sinnoh region and quite possibly the entire world.

The artwork on this secret rare from the Galarian Gallery truly showcases the immense power associated with this mythical Pokemon.

Arceus VSTAR is an absolute beast in the trading card game.

With its incredible VSTAR Power that allows you to fetch any two cards from your deck, and a game-changing ability that boosts your other V Pokemon, this card is highly sought after by collectors and players alike.

1. Giratina VSTAR (Secret) – Galarian Gallery – $69.82

1 Crown Zenith Pokemon TCG: Valuable Cards In Crown Zenith

Giratina VSTAR from Crown Zenith is the standout card in terms of value. Giratina, in its Origin Forme, gracefully navigates through the ever-changing landscape of the Distortion World, bringing a sense of order to the surrounding chaos.

Giratina’s price is justified by its unique and captivating artwork, its rarity, and its effectiveness in leading a powerful deck that utilizes the Lost Zone.

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