21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

It’s a great accomplishment to capture a rare Pokémon.

There are two possible interpretations:

A) You should be recognized because you put forth a lot of effort to find this particular shiny;

B) It’s just your luck.

In any case, though, a shine is a great asset to have. It makes logical to choose a Water-type Pokémon, as they account for 16 percent of all Pokémon in the whole Pokedex.

Which kinds of water, nevertheless, actually produce the finest glistening objects?

Our best choices will be listed below.

Shockingly, Swampert is not included here.

Since it is my most beloved Pokémon, I have promised that I will include it in, as many lists as possible.

However, I will refrain from doing so here.

Simply put, there are better Water shinies out there.

21. Barraskewda

2847 Shiny Barraskewda 1 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

If you want to make a big difference with Pokémon design, a small change may go a long way.

The designers at Game Freak opted for a decent color scheme of navy blue and grey for Barraskewda rather than aiming for anything loud or obnoxious.

Not only does it fit the dangerous fish Pokémon’s aesthetic well, but it actually improves upon the design of the original shiny Pokémon.

The appearance of Barraskewda, a Pokémon based on the real-life Barracuda fish, is appropriately threatening.

20. Tentacruel

shiny tentacruel 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

Squids have always struck me as odd and unsettling.

Obviously, there’s a point to the anime episode with Tentacruel destroying a whole city.

Thankfully, the red and blue palette allows for that.

To be honest, though, when I think of squids, I usually picture aliens.

Isn’t it true that a more advanced extraterrestrial species generally takes control during an invasion?

Shiny Tentacruel is here to help you out with that.

The crimson eyes on its blue skin have been replaced with green ones.

This gives the impression that strategy rather than brute force is key to success in Shiny Tentacruel.

Shiny Tentacruel is in charge of the operation as the other Tentacruels demolish cities.

19. Bruxish

779Bruxish 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

Bruxish has been called “one of the ugliest Pokémon ever.”

Indeed, that only adds to my appreciation for it!

It reminds me of that aunt who always has to kiss you when she comes to visit because of how huge her lips are.

Moreover, if you think Bruxish looks bad in its natural state, you should see it when it’s polished!

Bright red, bright green, and white now sit atop a yellow belly for Bruxish, which once had pinks, purples, and blues.

This is a terrible item.

Though it causes me some discomfort, I find myself drawn to it.

I hope it returns sometime.

18. Mareanie

James Mareanie 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

If I had to choose, I’d say that Mareanie is one of my least favorite Pokémon.

This is not because of how it looks or performs in combat, but rather because of how it is listed in the Pokedex.

In other words, Corsola is on the menu for these creatures.

It’s true, it’s that adorable coral Pokémon.

Surely that’s at least in part the reason why Galar has a Ghost-type variant.

Mareanie’s gleaming hue, likewise, conveys her confident demeanor.

Cute Corsolas tend to be pink in color, whereas Mareanies are more commonly a combination of blue and purple.

Rather, their polished form is a brighter pink and red, and its barbs resemble Corsola’s branches in appearance.

This is analogous to how flamingos get their pink coloring from the shrimp they eat.

Oh my, this is making me down, let’s go on to something cheerier.

17. Dracovish

17 shiny dracovish pokemon 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

Ah, yeah! This Pokémon is the product of a genetic cross between two extinct species.

This is what would happen if Jurassic Park and The Fly were combined.

It doesn’t matter if Dracovish has a murky past; the fact remains that he’s one of the game’s most powerful Pokémon.

Dracovish normally seems to be two separate Pokémon joined together.

This Pokémon is dead on the inside, and its opponent is ready to meet the same fate, hence its shining form is mostly black and gray.

This isn’t the most glitzy option here, but it certainly conveys the intended meaning.

16. Barboach

pogo shiny carvanha sharpedo barboach whiscash 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

Barboach is one of the most underappreciated Pokémon characters.

There’s a solid explanation for it, too.

The catfish has a slimy appearance and is rather unpleasant to look at.

However, I think its sleek exterior makes up for that.

A blessing from Rumpelstiltskin appears to have been bestowed to Barboach, as the stupid animal’s blue whiskers have been transformed into gorgeous, gleaming gold.

The same treatment was given to Barboach’s fins, transforming the ship into a metallic beauty.

The new and improved Barboach is well worth your time and effort.

It would be awesome if Whiscash kept this stylish color design, but alas, it does not.

The body of a flashy Whiscash remains blue, but its normally yellow stomach takes on a murky red hue.

At least for now we have this incredible fish.

15. Pyukumuku

15 shiny pyukumuku pokemon 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

To put it mildly, Pyukumuku is an unusual Pokémon.

It’s a defensive wall with the ability Innards Out and the move Counter that’s designed to take a beating and keep on giving.

However, it has a quite dull appearance.

The base color is black, but the spikes and eyes are pink.

As endearing as Pyukumuku may be, it doesn’t exactly stand out.

The glossy new shape makes all the difference.

Pyukumuku’s new look includes green skin and orange spikes and eyes.

Some people may not like the contrast that these colors provide, but I find them to be rather attractive.

Normally, you may overlook this Pokémon, but now you have to pay attention to it.

Perhaps the sea cucumber inspiration for Pyukumuku led to its color shift.

Alternatively, perhaps the designers have a soft spot for the Emerald Isle.

In any case, I’m on board with it.

14. Azumarill

256 2569641 184 azumarill shiny pokemon water types names 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

I wish the blue-egg-bunny got more attention because I really adore Azumarill.

It’s adorable, potent, and fun to use.

The shine, thankfully, is just as fantastic.

Azumarill follows the standard approach of “simply make it gold,” and it pays off handsomely.

They took the ancient tale “The Goose and the Golden Egg” and converted it into a reality by turning it into a golden egg.

However, a comparison to another Egg Pokémon is required to demonstrate how well it functions here.

While glossy effects are applied to Exeggcute, they are not nearly as noticeable.

Bright, lively, and happy; that’s how Azumarill looks. Meanwhile, Exeggcute has coloration similar to that of urine.

When those eggs mature, they morph into a palm tree that is on its last legs.

As far as I can tell, Azumarill is just a water shine.

However, it ranks high on the list of efficient methods.

13. Slowbro

13 shiny slowbro pokemon battle 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

Another example of one of these little but significant improvements is the shiny Slowbro.

I think it looks much better now when pink body is completely covered in purple.

The purple is perfectly offset by the shell’s new, more yellowish-orange color.

Why isn’t it higher if I enjoy it so much?

The short explanation is that Galarian Slowbro excels at it.

Its skin color changes to a pale orange that complements the yellow-orange shell and purple accents, and it has a powerful Mega Man arm cannon.

All that’s changed in Shiny Slowbro is the color scheme.

Luminous Galarian Slowbro resembles a twilight sky.

The only thing I can think about now when I see a Slowbro is the potential of a Galaraian Slowbro.

The Galarian Slowbro isn’t included because it isn’t a Water-type Pokémon.

12. Corsola

2222 Shiny Corsola 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

Despite its current reputation as a large Ghost type, Corsola was once discovered as a cute pink Water/Rock type.

There were more useful Pokémon out there.

But it was adorable, and everyone liked taking a look at it, especially the chubby little limbs on the front that appear like they’re going to give you a big bear hug.

Thankfully, Corsola’s adorableness does not diminish when polished.

All the pink has been replaced with a light blue color, but other than that, there haven’t been many artistic changes.

It’s almost like a gender reveal celebration!

Best of all, this glimmering offers me reason to have faith.

They devour the Corsola branches, as I described to Mareanie.

For this reason, I find it really upsetting.

Cute and endangered, corsolas need our protection.

The bright blue tint may help you blend in with the background and avoid being eaten by poisonous starfish.

11. Krabby

pokemon go screenshot of wild shiny krabby 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

Before I looked at this list, I didn’t aware how many gold and purple Water-types there was.

You know what though?

That’s OK with me.

The more attractive they are, as Krabby, the better it is!

Shiny Pokémon tend to be either gold or yellow, which are both very vivid colors.

Furthermore, the gold that makes up the majority of Shiny Krabby lacks the same lustre as the rest of the city.

The effect is understated and, candidly, nearly sophisticated.

This item has the look and feel of having been gilded with gold rather than dipped or encased in the precious metal.

It’s because of Krabby that I’ve learned that being loud and brash isn’t always the greatest strategy.

Softness and subtlety are required at times.

A Shiny Krabby is one sophisticated crab, and I recommend bringing one along on every Pokémon adventure.

10. Gyarados

i5uamo9mn5fozqtt 1612946175 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

As a group, I’m sure we can agree that Gyarados is a terrifying beast.

This Pokémon has a frightening appearance and is among the greatest in the series.

On the other hand, it is also one of the most recognizable shiny elements throughout the series.

What’s more, it looks great in red.

Gyarados is the most dangerous Pokémon there is, and much like with shiny Mareanie, the color red connotes danger.

According to every single one of its Pokédex entries, this monster is a normal destroyer.

It’s also the most prevalent shiny Pokémon in the games.

Visiting the Lake of Rage in Gold, Silver, or Crystal (or HG/SS) is all it takes to claim your prize.

Excellent news, as it makes sense to have a stylish Pokémon if you’re going to make advantage of its remarkable abilities.

9. Vaporeon

2134 Shiny Vaporeon 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

To me, it’s important to be able to give a good reason for why it’s worthwhile to go out of my way to discover a particularly dazzling shape.

That is not the situation here.

Truth be said, purple is my preferred color above blue.

Moreover, I like the aquamarine hue to be more complementary to Vaporeon’s design.

In water, it might just vanish.

Can’t we just make it the color of water?

Still, it doesn’t matter to me.

The design of Vaporeon is so versatile that it may be used with any color scheme.

The purple hue is quite pleasing to the eye.

8. Carvanha

pokemon go shiny carvanha event incense day 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

Some creatures may attempt camouflage as a means of protecting themselves from predators.

However, there are certain creatures whose vivid colors serve as a warning to others of the danger they present.

Yes, this describes gleaming Carvanha.

Defending their turf at whatever cost is a top priority for the Carvanha, as evidenced by the fact that they have many entries in the Pokedex.

And if that were the case, wouldn’t you want to let other species know?

This is well reflected in Carvanha’s metallic shape.

Lime green on top, brilliant blue on bottom now replaces dark blue on top and rich crimson on bottom.

It’s considerably more probable that this combination will be noticed in the water.

This is due to the fact that Carvanha is a very vicious Pokémon.

This updated shade lends credence to that claim.

7. Greninja

154 1544858 pokemon shinypokemon greninja water freetoedit water 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

The Pokémon Greninja is presently quite popular.

It’s not simply a great choice for a first-time player to take control of in Super Smash Bros.

It combines two widely popular elements—ninjas and frogs—into a single creature.

And despite its awesomeness, Greninja’s appearance is quite comical.

It is blue and has a scarf-like tongue around its neck.

This is easily distinguishable from similar items.

Greninja, I feel that you should have more of a ninja aesthetic.

Here it is, in all its gleaming glory!

In Greninja’s glossy look, the blue skin turns black, highlighting the brilliant blue of the ninja stars that cover its body.

Additionally, the pink tongue that Greninja normally has is now crimson.

The result is a scarf that looks much more stylish and less like a disgusting tongue wrapped around the creature’s neck.

Greninja, with the addition of this shine, goes from “neat but sort of stupid” to “just cool.”

This Pokémon has the potential to surpass Swampert in my estimation.


6. Clawitzer

2693 Shiny Clawitzer 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

I appreciate it even when the design is bleak if it reflects the scientific reality.

And Clawitzer is a perfect illustration of this point.

Clawitzer is a darker lobster, like others.

In this scenario, blue is the correct color.

However, the color red immediately comes to mind when most people think of lobsters.

This is due to the fact that when a lobster is boiled, the intense heat turns the entire creature red.

True enough.

All that boils down is a Clawitzer with a shiny finish.

You are now occupying yourself with a Pokémon that will soon be consumed.

But that’s ok by me because it has a kickass appearance!

The blue accents look excellent with the red, especially the lines above Clawitzer’s eyes.

And in its current glistening state, it feels like an old-fashioned thief who hopes to be caught.

5. Ducklett

01g1414cw5pb0hz00x0f 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

When I’m doing research for these flashy pieces, I get to learn new things about Pokémon that I normally wouldn’t give much thought to.

Lastly, we have Ducklett for this set of recommendations.

The black-and-white Ducklett is a water-and-flying-type character.

I’ll admit, even though it’s a cute duck that waves at you, it’s not that interesting.

The color combination of blue on blue has never been the most intriguing.

This pond duck, though, gains a lot of vigor from its metallic sheen.

The cuteness of sparkly Ducklett is amplified by the fact that it is not just one color; instead, it is a pink and purple ombre.

Unfortunately, Ducklett is not a part of Sword and Shield. New Pokémon Snap, however, still has appearances of the aquatic Pokémon.

As for its return to the spotlight, we can only hope that it will saunter back into the fold in the next generation of games.

4. Araquanid

2752 Shiny Araquanid 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

Scary as hell, that Araquanid.

It hunts by repeatedly headbutting its victim, eventually sucking them into its bubble helmet where they drown.


It’s really unfortunate that it happened.

It’s effective, though, since the design of this creature is thoroughly sinister.

The odd part is that the polished version is more scarier looking.

With Shiny Araquanid, the colors purple and red are used instead of the standard blue and green.

The impact is most noticeable in the eyes.

All of the blue bubbles change color to crimson, making Araquanid’s eyes appear enormous and menacing.

I used to give my villains eyes like these when I was a child.

But the sparkly bubble helmet is the weirdest thing.

The red helmet is a departure from the standard bubble design.

As red as blood, as the saying goes.

Does the Shiny Araquanid trap its prey in a blood bubble and then drown it?

I can’t say for sure or rule out the possibility.

I would add, though, that in its shiny form, this Pokémon is one of the most menacing-looking of all the Pokémon.

3. Magikarp

How to get a shiny Magikarp in Pokemon Sword and 1200x900 1 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

One of my favorite shiny creatures is the Magikarp.

Its reputation is as a worthless Pokémon on its own merits little elaboration.

You can’t even eat it, it’s that bad!

As a result, why not just make everything gold?

Magikarp goes from being merely a red-orange fish to being a golden god.

Just think about it: this is one of the few Pokémon that has its own video game.

Therefore, it must be fantastic, right?

Although there are many various Magikarp designs available in Magikarp Jump, the golden kind is universally considered to be the most aesthetically pleasing.

This thrashing fish is as integral to the series as Pikachu and Eevee.

In addition, it boasts one of the most distinctive sheens.

2. Golisopod

232 2320466 image result for type pokemon golisopod 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon

It’s no secret that goliath squids have a menacing appearance.

And its nasty reputation is sealed by its purple face on a green exoskeleton.

There must be some good reason for Guzma to go that route.

It may look one way, but a closer look reveals an entirely different narrative.

It has white skin with tiny blue triangles all throughout.

Plus, its once-purple face has become a bloody shade of crimson.

This portrays Golisopod as a hero with a dark past who has found his way to the light.

It makes me think of Tommy from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

He’s one of the finest characters in the series, although he begins off the green and wicked then turns white and kind.

To the same extent that Golisopod is among the most sought-after water shinies in all of Pokémon.

1. Mudkip

00 featured shiny purple mudkip battle pokemon swsh 21 Best Shiny Water-Type Pokémon


No, I promised you I wouldn’t include Swampert!

Sure, this is a legal loophole.

Although, I felt obligated to include at least one Mudkip in this list.

I love them because purple is my favorite color and they are my favorite Pokémon.

But why should Mudkip be number one?

Those eyes tell the whole story.

Mudkip’s big, innocent black eyes make him an endearing pet.

Meanwhile, Swampert appears quite agitated, and Marshtomp has the appearance of a cold-blooded murderer.

When your preferred beginning obtains a shining form in your preferred color scheme, it automatically becomes the top pick.

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