Pokemon: 15 Great Greninja Movesets

Greninja is a fantastic addition to any team, provided you equip it with the perfect moveset. These are the top choices for this Pokemon.

There are numerous Greninja movesets available for the starter, but it’s important to be cautious as some of them can be quite underwhelming.

While this Pokemon boasts impressive stats, it’s important to be mindful of its less effective moves when facing off against other trainers.

Understanding Greninja movesets is crucial for optimizing a Pokemon’s performance, and in this guide, we’ll explore the top movesets for Greninja.

Now, let’s dive right in and check out these amazing movesets for the Water-type starter Pokemon!

Here Are Some Of The Best Greninja Movesets

15. Attack And Retreat (U-Turn, Toxic, Giga Impact, Hydro Pump)

6 Greninja moveset Pokemon: 15 Great Greninja Movesets

Taking down a Pokemon quickly and efficiently can often be the most effective strategy.

In order to implement this strategy, it is important to have a variety of powerful attacks at your disposal.

Giga Impact and Hydro Pump are incredibly powerful moves in the Pokemon franchise, capable of taking down opponents in a single hit.

After utilizing one of these two formidable moves, Greninja has the option to employ U-Turn in order to swiftly retreat from the battle.

When you manage to land a hit, consider using Toxic followed by U-Turn. This strategy will help Greninja minimize the damage it takes from its opponent.

14. Attract From Above (Attract, Aerial Ace, Rock Tomb, Ice Beam)

4 Greninja moveset Pokemon: 15 Great Greninja Movesets

When facing a Pokemon of the opposite gender, you can use the Attract attack to influence their actions.

This Greninja moveset attack is incredibly effective in captivating your opponent with the sheer power of your Greninja. It serves as a brilliant strategy to gain a significant advantage in any battle.

Greninja moveset also has the option of using Aerial Ace, a move that can deliver a devastating blow and is extremely difficult for many Pokemon to evade.

If your opponent has a preference for Flying types, you can consider using Rock Tomb or Ice Beam as they are strong attacks that can be effective against a variety of Pokemon types.

13. Airborne Twins (Double Team, Scald, Acrobatics, Aerial Ace)

5 Greninja moveset Pokemon: 15 Great Greninja Movesets

Double Team can be quite effective when used correctly. Using it can make it challenging for your opponent to land an attack on your Greninja, making it a valuable strategy regardless of who you’re up against.

Nevertheless, once you’ve employed Double Team to enhance your evasion, it’s time to take the initiative and launch an attack against your opponent.

Feel free to utilize Acrobatics and Aerial Ace for some impressive strikes, or opt for a more conventional approach by utilizing Scald, a potent Water-type attack, to deal damage to your opponent.

This Greninja moveset is a fantastic combination for competitive battles and also brings a lot of enjoyment for casual play. Water and Flying-type attacks work together seamlessly, creating a powerful and exciting gameplay experience.

12. Protect The Team (Protect, Double Team, Toxic, Surf)

7 Greninja moveset Pokemon: 15 Great Greninja Movesets

Ensuring the safety of your team from attacks is frequently the most effective strategy to emerge victorious in a Pokemon battle. It has the potential to significantly shift the outcome of the battle, surpassing the impact of offensive moves.

Using Double Team in combination with Protect can significantly decrease the likelihood of your Greninja being struck by an opponent’s attack. This strategy is highly effective in ensuring your Greninja remains unscathed.

To deal damage, you can use Toxic to gradually reduce the opponent’s HP to zero. Surf is an incredibly powerful finishing move that can easily defeat most Pokemon without any difficulty.

11. Surprise Attack (Dig, Rock Tomb, Smoke Screen, Smack Down)

3 Greninja moveset Pokemon: 15 Great Greninja Movesets

Catching your opponent off guard can be a game-changer when it comes to winning battles, whether it’s in the Pokemon franchise or any other competitive video game.

Throwing Smoke Screen onto the battlefield can create a challenging situation for the opposing Pokemon, making it harder for them to land hits on your Greninja. Utilizing Dig will allow you to strike them from below.

If you find yourself in a tough spot, Smack Down and Rock Tomb are excellent moves to consider.

They can be quite effective in swiftly taking down an opponent’s Pokemon.

If you’re looking to maximize Greninja’s sneakiness, this Greninja moveset is perfect. It complements its ninja theme and offers a versatile attack strategy.

10. Waterbender (Hydro Pump, Water Shuriken, Ice Punch, Blizzard)

This Greninja moveset brings together Ice and Water-type moves to create a potent yet classic array of attacks.

Fans will be pleased to know that teaching their Pokemon this particular set of moves is highly recommended.

This Greninja moveset is considered one of the most powerful combinations, benefiting both starters and random Surf Pokemon by exploiting numerous weaknesses.

It’s highly recommended for every player to give this set a try at least once. The combination of these two types creates a formidable group with strong and distinctive characteristics. While Greninja’s offensive stats and speed are impressive, its high-damage moves are what truly make it stand out.

9. The Mighty Frog (Hydro Cannon, Low Kick, Ice Punch, Power-Up Punch)

Even though Greninja isn’t typically associated with Fighting-type moves, its ninja-inspired design gives it a wide range of attacks to choose from, including some powerful Fighting-type moves.

Fighting-type attacks pack quite a punch, thanks to their ability to inflict significant physical damage with remarkable accuracy.

This Greninja moveset incorporates hydro cannon alongside martial-arts-inspired moves, allowing you to effortlessly overcome any Normal-type Pokemon.

Fortunately, this moveset offers a nice variety of attack types with an Ice-type and a Water-type move.

8. Ninja Of The Deep (Dive, Bounce, Feint, Snatch)

Greninja moveset 2 Pokemon: 15 Great Greninja Movesets

Greninja’s unique Dark-type trait allows it to learn a variety of moves that perfectly complement its ninja-like persona.

This aligns well with other clever maneuvers like Bounce and Dive, providing an even greater advantage to individuals who enjoy frustrating their opponents by skillfully evading attacks.

Greninja Moveset become quite the cunning ninja, effortlessly pilfering items using Snatch and bypassing Protect with moves like Feint.

While Greninja’s strategy may not be the most formidable, its moves possess a surprising strength that often goes unnoticed, making it a set of options that is often underestimated.

7. The Master Ninja (Aerial Ace, Smack Down, Water Shuriken, Spikes)

Greninja, like other ninjas, is renowned for its diverse range of attacks.

The Greninja moveset of the Master Ninja enables you to effortlessly direct Greninja to execute four distinct attacks, each one intricately designed to embody the essence of speed and the art of ninjutsu.

Attacks like aerial ace and spikes are incredibly valuable in competitive Pokemon battles.

This Greninja moveset offers a diverse range of types, allowing you to effectively counter a wide variety of Pokemon opponents.

6. Ocean Master (Hydro Cannon, Surf, Water Shuriken, Rain Dance)

1 Greninja moveset Pokemon: 15 Great Greninja Movesets

Here’s a recommended Water-type moveset for this impressive frog, which fans might find useful if they enjoy using Water-type special attacks.

This Greninja moveset is incredibly potent, featuring the most formidable Water attacks that players can acquire. By strategically utilizing Rain Dance beforehand, you can further amplify their already impressive power.

Water Shuriken is a special move that is worth knowing for any moveset. It is a fast and powerful Water-type move that can deal rapid damage.

This Greninja moveset offers a distinct advantage by providing additional utility alongside its impressive damage output. Despite its relatively low power, Greninja’s exceptional offensive stats compensate for this.

5. The Water And Land Keeper (Rain Dance, Hydro Cannon, Rock Slide, Smack Down)

The Greninja moveset of the Water Keeper is centered around utilizing Water-type and Rock-type moves.

The Rain Dance move holds great significance, especially for Water-type Pokemon engaged in double battles alongside fellow Water-type allies. While it may not be the most powerful attack in the franchise, its utility cannot be overlooked.

Rock Slide is an incredibly potent Rock-type move, while hydro cannon can be a formidable weapon against Fire, Rock, and Ground-type opponents.

4. Handsome Kecleon (Gunk Shot, Rock Slide, Low Kick, U-Turn)

00 Greninja moveset 1 Pokemon: 15 Great Greninja Movesets

This Greninja moveset highlights Greninja’s secret hidden ability, Protean. Greninja has the unique ability to adopt the typing of the move it uses.

This allows it to alter its resistances and enhance the power of its upcoming attacks. With Greninja, you’ll find that it doesn’t require any Dark or Water-type moves to become an unstoppable force.

This Greninja moveset includes moves of various types such as Poison, Rock, Fighting, and Bug, allowing it to effectively target a wide range of Pokemon.

Additionally, U-Turn serves as a valuable move in unexpected situations, allowing for a quick switch to a more advantageous Pokemon.

Any move can be effective in this set, as this ability is widely known for being incredibly strong, according to many fans. However, it’s important to have a diverse range of moves if you’re using a Protean Greninja.

3. The Versatile Ninja (Extrasensory, Hydro Cannon, Blizzard, Giga Impact)

Adding a wide range of attacks to a Pokemon’s moveset can greatly enhance their effectiveness in battles.

The Versatile Ninja exemplifies its flexibility by equipping your Greninja with a diverse moveset that includes Psychic, Normal, Water, and Ice-type moves.

This Greninja moveset guarantees that no matter what type of Pokemon you encounter, you’ll almost always have an attack that deals super effective damage to them.

2. Battle Bond Beater (Water Shuriken, Extrasensory, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse)

9 Greninja moveset Pokemon: 15 Great Greninja Movesets

Greninja possesses an additional hidden ability, which was exclusively obtainable through a handful of exceptional events.

These events were designed to replicate the unique bond that Ash Ketchum shares with his own Greninja.

Greninja gains a significant offensive and speed stat boost when it defeats an opponent thanks to its Battle Bond ability.

Getting the hang of this can be a bit challenging, but by using a diverse range of attacks, you can usually get the job done with some super-effective moves.

These moves are incredibly versatile and powerful, making Greninja a formidable opponent. With attacks like Ice Beam, Extrasensory, and Dark Pulse, Greninja can easily take down a wide range of opponents.

Additionally, the Water Shuriken move allows Greninja to swiftly defeat weaker foes, making it an absolute force to be reckoned with.

1. The Dark Psychic (Thief, Extrasensory, Dark Pulse, Hydro Cannon)

8 Greninja moveset Pokemon: 15 Great Greninja Movesets

Dark and Psychic-type Pokemon are incredibly intriguing creatures in the franchise.

These Pokemon have a wide range of attacks at their disposal to take down their opponents. Interestingly, Dark and Psychic-type attacks often come with additional effects that can be quite handy.

In this Greninja moveset, the attack “thief” is a valuable tool that lets you take your opponent’s item. This can be highly advantageous, depending on the item the enemy Pokemon is holding.

This is particularly helpful during NPC battles. The other attacks in this moveset pack quite a punch, with moves like extrasensory and dark pulse.

In addition to that, this set also includes Hydro Cannon, which can come in handy if you require a Water-type attack.

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