Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Let’s Do Shiny Hunting!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus invites Pokemon trainers to embark on a captivating journey through time, transporting them to the ancient region of Hisui.

Embark on countless adventures, unraveling mysteries and experiencing endless excitement as you explore, capture, and engage in thrilling battles throughout these expansive lands.

In this game, you have the chance to encounter not only common, legendary, and mythical Pokemon, but also the highly elusive shiny Pokemon.

These special versions of your favorite pocket monsters boast unique colors and can be found in the wild if you’re fortunate.

Have You Heard Of Shiny Pokemon?

shiny pokemon 1 Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Let's Do Shiny Hunting!

Shiny Pokemon are rare variants with unique colors that can be found in the wild. First introduced in the Gold and Silver games, their appearance rate was incredibly low.

Obtaining one was a great achievement that you could proudly show off to your friends. It indicated that you were either extremely fortunate or remarkably determined.

Throughout the years and over multiple generations of Pokemon games, numerous improvements have been made to make obtaining a shiny Pokemon more convenient.

With the latest updates, now is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on these elusive Pokemon.

Whether you’re into breeding Pokemon from different regions or aiming to unlock the coveted Shiny Charm, there’s no time like the present to catch ’em all.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus expands upon the captivating world of Hisui with its numerous outbreaks.

Let’s Find Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The shiny rate in Pokemon Legends: Arceus remains unchanged at one in 4096, just like it has been since Gen 6. On average, the likelihood of encountering a shiny Pokemon during a spawn is approximately 0.02 percent.

Shiny Pokemon are still quite rare, but not as uncommon as you might expect. In this game, overworld shinies from the Let’s Go games make a comeback.

This means that a shiny Pokemon will already appear shiny before you even enter an encounter with it, making it much easier to spot when one spawns.

In addition, PLA includes an audio cue for when a shiny Pokémon appears. It reminds me of the sound that plays when research is finished.

shiny pokemon 00 Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Let's Do Shiny Hunting!

If you happen to come across it, the most advisable course of action would be to save your game and embark on a quest to find that elusive shiny.

Being able to save your game is a fantastic convenience in PLA. If you happen to lose the shiny or it manages to escape, you can easily reload your save and find it once more.

There are a few things that can diminish the shine – you have the option to freely travel around the area or even get knocked out. Just avoid sleeping or going back to Jubilife.

One major advantage of PLA is the abundance of shiny encounters you’ll come across. In the Let’s Go games, you’ll find that the overworld shinies have the same odds as in PLA.

However, the newer game surpasses it by loading several times the number of Pokemon. As a result, you’ll come across a much larger number of Pokemon within a given timeframe.

This means that even though the despawn time is longer, the average time it takes to find a shiny Pokemon is significantly reduced.

Here’s a tip: Spending an hour exploring an area on a ride Pokemon is likely to reward you with a couple of shiny Pokemon.

Working Of Pokemon Spawning In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

shiny pokemon 3 Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Let's Do Shiny Hunting!

In PLA, the approach to overworld spawns is a bit more intricate compared to previous games like Sword & Shield and Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

Instead of randomly appearing and disappearing, Pokemon in PLA follow a more intricate system. Every time you step into a new area, the game creates a unique “seed” for that particular location.

This information allows you to identify the specific Pokemon that will appear at each spawn location, including their species, gender, size, and most importantly, whether they are shiny or not.

Additionally, the seed produces more than just the Pokemon that appears immediately.

Furthermore, alongside this initial batch, the seed generates a lineup of Pokemon that will occupy the vacant spawning spaces.

Creating available spaces is possible by capturing or defeating Pokemon, the transition from day to night causing daytime spawns to disappear and make way for ghost-types, or by patiently waiting for Pokemon to naturally disappear.

The despawn timer in PLA is quite relaxed, so there’s no need to worry about a shiny despawning. If you want to efficiently clear out spawning spaces, knocking out wild Pokemon is a friendly way to go about it.

There are still two parts left to solve in the spawning puzzle. One thing to note is that sleeping does have an impact on the wild Pokemon, although it may not be what you expect. When you put your Pokemon to sleep, it causes some of the wild Pokemon to disappear and be replaced by others further down the line.

This allows you to utilize sleeping to alter the Pokemon you encounter, although it’s not flawless since it doesn’t completely reset everything.

Returning to Jubilife Village is a great idea. By returning to Jubilife and then traveling back to the area you were in, you generate a new seed and a completely new set of Pokemon spawns.

This is the most effective method for obtaining new Pokemon once you’ve finished scanning the area. If you’re more interested in finding any shiny Pokemon rather than a specific one, a friendly approach would be to choose a specific area, explore that area, examine every Pokemon you encounter, and then return to Jubilife to reset the seed before starting the process again.

Given the abundance of Pokemon you encounter in PLA, shinies should come your way quite swiftly.

Increase Shiny Odds In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

shiny pokemon inc Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Let's Do Shiny Hunting!

Aside from PLA being a game where shinies are more readily available, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of encountering a shiny Pokémon while you’re on the hunt.

Completion Of Pokedex

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the primary objective is to fill up your Pokedex.

To reach the game’s ending, all you need to do is catch at least one of every Pokemon species.

However, for each species, there are additional research tasks that you can complete to unlock different levels on their Pokedex page.

A page reaches the “complete” status once it reaches level ten. If you’re looking to excel and finish all tasks, the page is deemed “perfect.”

Every level of completion offers a bonus to increase your chances of finding a shiny Pokémon. A level ten dex page grants you an additional shiny roll for that species, while a perfect one gives you three extra rolls.

No need to worry about figuring out how everything combines and compares! We’ll take care of crunching all the numbers at the end of this guide.

A Shiny Charm

When you manage to reach a research level of ten for every single Pokemon in the game, Captain Cyllene will generously reward you with the coveted Shiny Charm.

This valuable item has been a beloved tool for shiny hunters ever since its introduction in Black 2 and White 2. This special item enhances the chances of encountering shiny Pokémon as soon as you obtain it.

You’ll receive an additional three rolls in addition to the one you already get from having level-ten research in everything.

Methods Of Shiny Hunting In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

There are two primary approaches to hunting shinies in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, although one of them is no longer effective due to changes made by the Daybreak update.

Mass Outbreaks

shiny pokemon mass Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Let's Do Shiny Hunting!

As you venture out of Jubilife Village, you’ll come across these fascinating mass outbreaks on the map. These outbreaks consist of clusters of four Pokemon of the same species that you can spot on the map.

As you catch or KO Pokemon, more will appear until you’ve encountered a total of approximately 12-16. Mass outbreak Pokemon offer a generous 25 additional opportunities to encounter a shiny variant.

This greatly increases your chances of finding a shiny version of a Pokemon you’re interested in. Taking advantage of these mass outbreaks is undoubtedly the most effective way to catch a shiny in PLA.

In the past, players had the option to visit an outbreak multiple times in search of a shiny by saving their progress. However, this feature was unfortunately removed in the Daybreak update.

Now, if you attempt to return to Jubilife while the outbreak is still ongoing, it will unfortunately alter or vanish when you try to leave Jubilife.

While you’re there, you can focus on clearing out the mass outbreak and keeping an eye out for any shiny Pokémon among your 12-16 team.

Mass outbreaks also operate on a seed system, but it has a slightly different mechanism compared to regular Pokemon spawns.

The seed is generated as soon as the game determines when the outbreak will happen.

This means that if you were to save before going to the area with the outbreak, defeat the horde, and then load the save and repeat the process, you would encounter the exact same Pokemon each time.

Therefore, it is not possible to shiny hunt by resetting on the same horde.

Massive Mass Outbreaks

shiny pokemon massive Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Let's Do Shiny Hunting!

Introduced in the Daybreak update, massive mass outbreaks are the larger version of regular mass outbreaks. There are quite a few hordes that appear throughout the map – approximately 15 separate hordes in total.

After successfully dealing with one horde by capturing or defeating all of its Pokemon, there is a possibility for another horde to appear.

This second horde may include fully evolved forms of the original species or even more powerful alphas.

Certain groups within a large-scale outbreak have the potential to generate an additional group, which is denoted by a special symbol next to their icon on the map.

Massive mass outbreaks are initiated in the same manner as regular mass outbreaks. This implies that you cannot reset before visiting the area to encounter different Pokemon in the hordes. However, the secondary hordes mentioned earlier operate in a slightly different manner.

The composition of your secondary horde is influenced by the outcome of the first horde. This means that the Pokemon you encounter in your secondary horde can vary based on the number of Pokemon you caught or defeated in the first horde.

It’s a helpful strategy to consider saving before encountering the main group of Pokemon. By experimenting with various methods of catching and weakening the Pokemon, you can increase your chances of success.

Each permutation of how you handle the initial horde will give you a different secondary horde, giving you plenty of chances to see an exciting shiny Pokemon.

Large-scale mass outbreaks provide an additional 12 shiny rolls, which, although not as generous as regular mass outbreaks, still offer a fantastic boost to the odds. You’ll be finding some amazing shinies in no time!

Shiny Odds In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

shiny pokemon find Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Let's Do Shiny Hunting!

Throughout this guide, you’ll discover the various methods available in Pokemon Legends: Arceus to enhance your chances of encountering shiny Pokemon.

These techniques can be combined to maximize their effectiveness.

For your convenience, you can rely on this useful table to calculate the precise odds for any given scenario.

Just choose a hunting method that appeals to you and go out there to catch some shinies!

Passive Odds BoostRegular SpawnsMass OutbreaksMassive Mass Outbreaks
None1 in 40961 in 1581 in 316
Level 10 Dex research for that species1 in 20481 in 1531 in 293
Perfect Dex research for that species1 in 10241 in 1411 in 256
Level 10 Dex research AND Shiny Charm1 in 8201 in 1371 in 241
Perfect Dex Research AND Shiny Charm1 in 5861 in 1281 in 216

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