20 Adorable Baby Pokémon of All Time

Every Pokemon fan knows that these creatures come from eggs, and that these eggs give us some of the cutest baby Pokemon before they grow up to be full-grown pocket monsters.

I’ve noticed that Game Freak has been slowly adding more and more baby Pokemon to the Pokemon Gold & Silver series.

So, today we’re going to talk about these cute baby Pokemon that will add cuteness to your life.

Let’s start the list of the cutest Pokemon babies ever.

20. Togetic


Togetic is a cute baby Pokemon that walks on two legs and is small in size. Its body is white with red and blue triangle-shaped rings on it.

It also has a long neck, long legs, and a pair of wings on its back, which makes it look a little bit like an angel.

Togetic can feel how kind people and other Pokémon are. When it sees a good-hearted person, it tends to go to that person and cover them in “joy dust,” which is happy and glowing dust.

It is said that it flies around the world looking for happy people to share its joy with.

19. Smoochum


Smoochum is a small, baby-like Pokemon that looks like a person. It has a big head, blonde hair that goes down to its shoulders, and big bangs.

On top of its head, there are a few tufts of hair that stick up. Its skin is light purple, and its chest, arms, and feet are cream-colored. It has big eyes that are blue-green and big lips that are pink.

These lips are so sensitive that Smoochum uses them to identify and look at new things it sees. It keeps them moist by putting tree sap on them every day.

18. Mantyke


Mantyke looks a lot like a manta ray. Its body is round, and its fins are wide and flat. It has a dark blue back, and a light blue bottom.

On its back, there are two red spots with white edges and a light blue line that curves. Overall, these markings look like a smiling face, and they are a little different in each region.

It has two long, curved antennae on top of its head, and underneath its black eyes are markings that look like eyelashes.

17. Chingling

Chingling 1 20 Adorable Baby Pokémon of All Time

Chingling is a baby Pokemon that looks like a bell and is yellow and round. It has short arms and legs and black, slit-like eyes. It has a big black spot on either side of its mouth.

It has a red orb in its mouth that makes a ringing sound when it moves. Also, the orb can be shaken to make loud, long-lasting cries that will make its enemies deaf.

People may not be able to hear the sounds because they are too high. It has a ring-shaped growth on top of its body with a striped rope going through the middle. The rope is red and white, and each end has a short tassel.

16. Happiny


Happiny is a little Pokemon baby that looks like an egg. It has a light pink body that is soft and smooth. It has a curly growth on top of its head that looks like a ponytail and has a dark pink band around the base.

Happiny is often annoyed by the way this curl of hair looks. It has two round pink spots on each cheek and three round bumps on its forehead.

It has a pouch that looks like a diaper around the bottom half of its body. The top of the red pouch has a white stripe.

15. Elekid


Elekid is a yellow baby Pokemon with black stripes on its round body. Elekid’s arms are big compared to its body, and instead of fingers, it has three claws. It has two stripes that go all the way around its arms.

It has two horns on top of its head that look like the prongs of a plug. There are holes in the sides of each horn.

When Elekid is fully charged, these horns light up in a blue-white color. On its chest, Elekid has a black lightning bolt mark.

Near the mark, there are two rows of stripes, and the pattern goes all the way around the lower back. It has black legs, and its feet are round and don’t have any toes.

14. Azurill


Azurill is the baby form of a round, blue mouse. It has round ears that are pink on the inside. It has two white dots on each cheek, and its eyes are black. It has a thin, black tail that zigzags and ends in a big blue ball.

The ball is full of the food the plant needs to grow, and it bounces. The ball can also be used to help you stay afloat. On this rubbery tail, it can be seen bouncing and playing.

The tail can also be used as a lasso by spinning it around. The body can go as far as 33 feet when the tail is thrown (10 meters).

13. Wynaut


Wynaut is a small baby Pokemon that walks on two legs and has blue fur. It has a round head with arms that look like ears and no fingers on either side. Its forehead has a round bump.

It has a wide mouth, a pink tongue, and a sharp upper jaw. Its eyes look like they are closed because each curves up to a point in the middle.

Its body fur ends in a zigzag pattern and goes down over its short legs. Wynaut’s long, black tail ends in a round, flat tip with a white spot that looks like an eye.

12. Toxel


Toxel is a Baby Pokémon that looks like a small purple lizard and has four legs. It has a lightning bolt-shaped bump on its forehead and four cone-shaped spikes all around its head.

It has violet eyes with white scleras and black pupils. Toxel’s light purple tongue usually sticks out of its mouth.

On each of its cheeks, there is a very light lavender spot that is almost white.

11. Igglybuff


Igglybuff is a baby Pokemon that looks like a small pink balloon and has two legs. When the temperature goes up, its body can turn a deep pink color.

It has a round tuft of hair on top of its head, a small pattern on its forehead that looks like a swirl, and red eyes. Igglybuff’s legs are short and small.

This small Pokémon is very flexible and can bounce like a ball, but if it does that, it might not be able to stop.

10. Magby


Magby is a baby Pokemon that can walk on two legs. It has a red body with a flame-shaped yellow mark on its stomach. Its head is full of large bumps, and its yellow beak is round.

It has one spike on its back, and its tail tapers. It has three clawed fingers on its short arms, but only two clawed toes on each foot. Magby can breathe flames that are 1100 °F (600 °C) hot, and hot embers fall out of its mouth.

These flames show how healthy it is. If a Magby’s flames are yellow, it means it is healthy. If the flames are mixed with a lot of smoke, it means it is tired, and if flames drip from its nose, it means it has a cold.

9. Bonsly


Bonsly is a round, brown baby Pokemon with a club-like shape on top of its head. The middle of its body has a rim. It has three yellow spots on its face.

Two of them are near its small black dots for eyes. Its legs are short, and its feet have no toes. Bonsly also has a hole on the back of its body that looks like the hole in the bottom of a flowerpot.

Bonsly is a good imitator, so people often think it is a real bonsai tree. However, it is easy to spot in a dry area with little greenery.

As the green balls dry out, their dull shine gets brighter. It can stay in one place for a very long time. It also tends to cry, but not because it is sad or wants attention. Instead, it does this because it has too much water in its body.

8. Tyrogue


Tyrogue is a baby Pokemon that looks like a human. Its body is mostly pale purple, and its hips and feet are brown, like short pants and shoes.

It has three sharp points on top of its head, yellow eyes, and what look like protective padding on each side of its head.

It has white bands on its chest and wrists that look like bandages. It has skinny legs and three fingers on each hand. Tyrogue is a species that only has males. There are no females.

7. Mime Jr.

Mime Jr.

Mime Jr. is a small baby Pokemon that is pink and has dark blue legs and a dark blue “hat” with a white ball on it. It gets a red bump on its stomach and a red nose like a clown would have.

Its arms are thin and its hands are small. Mime Jr. has a knack for imitating others, but it’s not very good at it. It can easily pick up on the emotions of those around it and imitate them.

It has been known to look like its enemies to throw them off. When an enemy is confused, it will run away quickly. It likes places with lots of people.

6. Budew

Budew 1 1 20 Adorable Baby Pokémon of All Time

Budew is a two-legged baby Pokemon that looks like a rosebud. It has small, slit-like eyes on a yellow face. It looks like it has a green bib on and yellow feet that are triangular and short.

When the two vines on its head open up, you can see a big spot on each one. The spot on one vine is blue, and the spot on the other is red.

During the cold winter, the buds stay closed. In the spring, the buds open again, and the pollen comes out.

The pollen it spreads makes people sneeze hard and have runny noses. It lives near pools and ponds that are clean.

5. Munchlax


Munchlax is a baby Pokemon that is teal in color and has a white spot on its chest. The top half of its round head is teal, and the bottom half is cream. It has big eyes that are round and big ears that point out.

It has cream hands with five fingers and feet with three clawed toes. Near the bottom of a Munchlax’s fur, it looks like a dress. Even when its mouth is closed, Munchlax’s two pointy teeth stick out.

It is a Pokémon that is very active. It doesn’t care if it has to walk or run from place to place to find food, but it usually moves very slowly.

Munchlax often hides food in its long fur, but sometimes it forgets where it put it.

4. Cleffa


Cleffa is a small, pink creature that looks a little bit like a star. All of its ears are brown. It has two small black eyes, a small mouth, and it looks like its cheeks are always a little pink.

It has short, stumpy arms and legs that don’t have fingers and end in a point. It has a curl on the top of its head, and its tail is curled up.

Cleffa lives in mountainous areas, usually at places where a meteor hit the ground. When shooting stars shine at night, Cleffa are more likely to be seen dancing the night away.

This dance is said to bring good luck to anyone who sees it.

3. Riolu


Riolu is a baby Pokemon that looks like a small, blue dog. Its body and legs are black, and its tail is blue. Its collar is yellow. On the backs of its front paws, there are round bumps. It has red eyes and a black “mask.”

It doesn’t stand on its whole foot, but on its toes. It is sensitive to a special kind of energy called Aura, but it can’t fully use these powers.

However, it can still send out ripples of these waves to communicate and sense them.

It has two black limbs that hang down from its head. These limbs rise when Riolu uses aura, a special energy it can feel, to read or control it.

2. Togepi


Togepi is a small, light-yellow baby Pokemon that is still in its eggshell. It has a round body and is still in its shell. Togepi doesn’t change its skin. The Egg is covered with red and blue shapes.

Togepi’s hands are short and round, and each of his feet has two toes. Togepi has black eyes and five spikes that look like a crown on its head. It also has brown pads on the bottom of its feet that look like half-ovals.

Togepi has spikes on its head that can shoot poison.

It can go back into its shell, which is what it usually does to sleep, as shown in the anime. It can take the good energy from other people and then give it to those who need it. It is a very happy animal.

1. Pichu


Pichu is a baby rodent Pokemon with pale yellow fur. It lives on the ground. It has black, pointy tips on its ears, collar, and tail.

The pink pouches on Pichu’s cheeks can hold small amounts of electricity, and its nose is so small that it looks like a dot.

Pichu is a four-legged animal, but it walks well on its back legs. Pichu is a social Pokémon that is known for being playful and naughty.

It usually hangs out in groups, and to show how brave it is, it touches tails with other Pichu. This causes a shower of sparks that can make them cry. It can’t store electricity well and will let go if it is amused, startled, or shocked.

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