Shiny Pokémon

30 Fascinating Shiny Pokémon of All Time

Shiny Pokemon like these became popular in the second generation and stuck in every fan’s mind. If you’re lucky, you might be able to catch one of these Shiny Pokemon in the game.

Even though the game was recently updated to make it easier to catch Shiny Pokemon, they are still hard to catch without cheats.

But maybe you’re still wondering which of these Shiny Pokemon is the best to catch. That’s a good question, so today we’ll look at the best Shiny Pokemon.

Let’s start the list of the 30 most interesting shiny Pokémon ever.

30. Crobat

shiny Pokemon crobat

Crobat has a small, round body and is purple. It looks like a bat. It has long ears with sharp points, yellow eyes with red pupils, and a small mouth where its teeth are usually showing.

It has two sets of wings on its body. The upper pair is a little bigger than the lower pair, which grew from its legs. The membranes of both pairs are green-blue, but the membranes of the lower pair can only be seen from the back.

Near the middle of the upper wings, there are two points that look like claws. It looks like it has two short feet or tufts of fur on the bottom of its body.

29. Ekans

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Ekans is a Shiny Pokemon that looks like a purple snake. It has yellow eyes, a yellow belly, a yellow stripe around its neck, and a yellow rattle.

Ekans has three sets of black lines around its body, and each of its slit-pupiled eyes is connected to another line that curves toward its nose.

It has a big mouth with a round, pink tongue and no teeth that can be seen. The bite of a young Ekan is painful, but it is not poisonous. As this Pokémon gets older, it gets longer.

28. Bayleef

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Bayleef is a Shiny four-legged Pokemon that looks like a sauropod dinosaur. It is pale yellow and has four legs. It has a long neck, red eyes, a short, round nose, and a short tail.

There is one light gray nail on each foot. It has a green leaf coming out of its forehead that curves back over its head. It also has a bunch of tightly curled leaves around its neck. There are small tree shoots inside the leaves.

The spicy scent coming from the leaves around its neck has many health benefits for those who breathe it in. The scent wakes you up, wakes you up and heals you at the same time. In grasslands, bayleef is hard to find.

27. Pidgey

Pidgey 1 1

Pidgey is a Shiny bird Pokemon with a small, round body. It is mostly brown, but its face, underside, and flight feathers are all cream-colored. It has a short crest of three tufts on top of its head.

The feathers in the middle of the crest are brown, and the two tufts on the sides are white. Its narrow, brown eyes are right under its crest. Sharp black lines go down its cheeks from behind its eyes.

It has a short, stumpy beak and feet with two toes in front and one in back. It has a grayish-pink beak and feet. It has three brown feathers that make up a short tail.

26. Bulbasaur

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Bulbasaur is a small Shiny Pokemon with four legs. Its skin is blue-green with darker spots. It has red eyes with white pupils, structures on top of its head that look like ears, and a short, blunt nose with a wide mouth.

When its mouth is open, you can see two small, pointy teeth in the upper jaw. It has three sharp claws at the end of each of its thick legs. On its back is a green bulb that grew from a seed that was planted there when it was born.

The bulb gives it energy through photosynthesis and the seeds inside, which are full of nutrients.

25. Lopunny

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Lopunny is a Shiny Pokemon that looks like a rabbit. It walks on two legs and has dark brown fur and a short, round tail.

It has pink eyes with black spots on the inside edge, long tufts of cream-colored fur above its eyes, and a small pink nose. It has long ears that curve up above its head and end in fluffy cream-colored fur.

Lopunny is proud of these ears and always takes care of them. If the ears are messed with roughly, Lopunny will kick back.

Its head, body, and hips are covered in dark brown fur, while its wrists and lower legs have fluffy cream-colored fur like its ears.

24. Heatmor

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Shiny Heatmor looks like an anteater and can walk on two legs. It has a beige face and red fur with yellow stripes that make it look like molten lava.

It has raised, beige bands that look like pipes on its lower abdomen, back, and underside. These bands lead to its tail. It has dull yellow claws on both its hands and feet.

Its wrists have raised, dished bands, and both its feet and wrists are beige. It looks like a muffler because its tail is bent up and has a hole in it.

It also seems to do the same thing that a muffler does, which is to let gases out.

23. Breloom

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Breloom is a Shiny Pokemon that looks like a mushroom and has some kangaroo-like traits. It’s green for most of its body, but its head, neck, and tail are beige.

On top of its head is a green cap that looks like a mushroom. Below it are beige gills, and on either side is a round, red growth that looks like a berry but has a hole in the middle.

It has black, oval eyes, a mouth that looks like a beak, and frilled parts at the base of its neck. Each of its hands and feet has two red claws.

At the end of its tail are clumps of poisonous spores that have hardened and are terrible to eat.

22. Celesteela

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Breloom is a Shiny Pokemon that looks like a mushroom and has some kangaroo-like traits. It’s green for most of its body, but its head, neck, and tail are beige.

On top of its head is a green cap that looks like a mushroom. Below it are beige gills, and on either side is a round, red growth that looks like a berry but has a hole in the middle.

It has black, oval eyes, a mouth that looks like a beak, and frilled parts at the base of its neck. Each of its hands and feet has two red claws.

At the end of its tail are clumps of poisonous spores that have hardened and are terrible to eat.

21. Dratini

shiny dratini by blackburn789 ddhwmdo fullview 1 1

Dratini is a Shiny Pokemon that looks like a snake. It has a blue body and a white bottom. It has a white bump on its forehead and white fins with three points on each side of its head. It has oval purple eyes above its round white nose.

Dratini’s life energy is always getting stronger, so it is always growing and can get to be more than six feet long. As it grows, it constantly sheds its skin and hides behind a fast-moving waterfall while it does so.

At first, people thought this Pokémon was just a myth. However, a small group of them have been found living underwater.

20. Electrode

shiny voltorb 1 1

Electrode is a round Shiny Pokemon that looks like a Poké Ball with the colors turned around. It has a mouth and eyes. It is white at the top and red at the bottom.

Many Trainers try to pick it up because they think it is an item. Electrode is shown as hollow on the Pocket Monsters Carddass Trading Cards. Many people call it “Bomb Ball” because it is unpredictable and can explode at any time.

Electrode likes to live in power plants because that’s where it can get fresh electricity, which it needs to live. Because of this, there are often blackouts.

The faster Electrode moves, the more electricity it uses. Electrode blows up in response to even the smallest stimulus, either to amuse itself or because it has taken in too much electricity.

But unlike Voltorb, Electrode can decide when and how to use its explosive power. It has been known to move with the wind when it was full of electricity.

19. Bisharp


Bisharp is a Shiny Pokemon with two legs and a human shape. It looks like a war helmet and has a round, red and black head with a golden double-headed axe blade on top. Its face is mostly yellow, but there is a black outline around it.

Most of its yellow and black face is hidden by the helmet, but its triangular eyes can be seen. Its red shoulders are a little bigger than its arms and have a thin yellow line where they meet its black torso. It looks like it has shoulder pads.

It has white metal hands that look like gloves and are attached to retractable blades. Two blades wrap around its middle, making it look like it has ribs.

Its thighs are red, and as they get closer to the knee, they get thinner. Both of its metal feet are split in the middle, making them look like cloven hooves. These hooves look like steel combat boots or maybe even leggings.

18. Legendary Beasts

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The beasts’ master is Ho-Oh, who brought them back to life when Ecruteak City’s Brass Tower burned down. They are a direct match for the Generation I trio.

People say that they represent the lightning that hit the tower, the fire that burned in the tower, and the winds and rain that put out the fire.

No one knows if Suicune, Raikou, and Entei were already Suicune, Raikou, and Entei before Ho-Oh brought them back to life or if Ho-Oh reincarnated them from three non-Legendary Pokémon.

17. Roselia (and Roserade)

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Roselia is a small Shiny Pokemon that is light green and has two legs. Its head is topped with three thorns, and its black eyes have long eyelashes.

From the back, you can see a small strip of yellow around its neck, which looks like a collar.

It has leaves on its shoulders that look like epaulets. It looks like a leaf and has a yellow stripe down the front. A male’s leaf will be shorter than a female’s.

It is holding a red rose in its right hand and a blue rose in its left hand. It is said, though, that sometimes the flowers will be strange colors.

16. Volcarona

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Volcarona is a Shiny Pokemon that looks like a big moth. It has four small feet. It looks like it has two different shades of blue in each eye, and on each side of its face is what looks like a red horn.

It has tangled, smoky-white fur on its upper body. It has a black spot in the middle of its abdomen, which is light blue with black dots on the outside.

It has six orange wings that look like leaves and have tiny black spots on them.

15. Trevenant

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Trevenant is a Shiny ghost-type Pokemon that looks like a thin brown tree. Its black, shadowy body can be seen through holes in the tree, and one red eye can be seen through a hole near the top.

Each side of its head has a branch that looks like a horn and is covered with small green leaves. It also has a branch on its forehead. It has a bunch of green leaves on top of its head.

It has two arms that end in twisted branches that look like its horns. It has green leaf cuffs on its wrists, and each hand has three fingers that look like claws. Instead of legs, it has six roots that look like the legs of a spider.

14. Milotic


Milotic is an aquatic Shiny Pokemon that looks like a snake and is mostly cream-colored. It has long, pink antennae that stick out from its red eyes. Also, above its eyes, there are long fins that look like hair and get thicker towards the end.

The female’s eyebrows will be longer than the male’s because they cover almost half of Milotic’s body length. It has a straight spike on top of its small head. On each side of its neck, there are three black dots that look like gills.

It has blue and pink diamond-shaped scales with black edges on its lower body. The tail has four big blue fins with pink ovals in the middle of each one.

Each tail fin overlaps the next one just a little, making it look like a fan. Milotic’s scales are said to change color depending on how you look at them. This has only been shown in Pokémon Battle Revolution so far.

13. Gourgeist


Gourgeist is a Shiny Pokemon that looks like a ghost. It comes in four different sizes: Small, Average, Large, and Super Size. Its body is a dark brown pumpkin with a glowing yellow-orange face and two pointed legs carved into the front.

The face has two triangle-shaped eyes, a grin, and a small triangle-shaped cutout for a nose on top of the mouth. Its thin, brown-orange head sticks out of the top of the pumpkin. It has bright yellow eyes, a small mouth, but no nose that you can see.

Gourgeist’s long, light pink hair has tendrils that look like arms and cover one of its eyes. It has a brown crescent-shaped tuft on top of its head. This tuft looks like the stem of a pumpkin.

12. Magnezone

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When Magneton is in a special magnetic field and raises its level, it makes Magnezone. Even though evolution happens at the level of molecules, scientists have not been able to make it happen on their own.

Magnezone’s body is wide and round, like a disc or saucer, and has a thin edge that goes around its diameter. Its main eye is in the middle, and the red pupil is big. It has a ball-shaped piece on each side of its body. Each side has an eye, a horseshoe magnet, and a Phillips head screw.

As shown in Confronting the Darkness!, these extra eyes can move without the main eye. It has a thin, tall, yellow rod on top of its head that looks a lot like an antenna and is used for certain attacks.

A third horseshoe magnet is set up like a tail behind its body.

11. Ho-Oh

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Ho-Oh is a Shiny Pokemon that looks like a cross between a phoenix and a peacock. Its feathers are mostly gold and red, but its tail feathers are yellow, its underside is white, and the tips of its wings are green.

Ho-Oh has a green stripe on its neck, a yellow beak, black rings around its red eyes, and a yellow feathered crest on its head. Because Ho-Oh has prismatic wings, it leaves a rainbow in its wake.

Its feet and legs are dark and have four toes and long claws.

10. Staryu

Pokemon Go How to get shiny Staryu and evolve it into Starmie 1024x619 1

Staryu is a shiny golden-brown Pokemon that looks like a starfish. It has five arms. The core is an organ on the outside that is surrounded by these appendages.

The core looks like a golden metal shell with a red gem in the middle. A golden ring looped around Staryu’s lower left point holds the red gem in place.

If Staryu loses a limb or has it eaten by a predator like Lumineon, it won’t be hurt and can easily grow it back as long as the core is still there.

9. Zygarde

maxresdefault 1 1 1

Zygarde is a Shiny Pokemon that changes its shape based on how many of its Cores and Cells are together. Zygarde’s brain is called Zygarde Core.

It is a small, green Pokémon with a body made of gelatin. It has a big, round head with a beak-like protrusion on the front, a thin tail that looks like a hook, and a red hexagon hanging in the middle of its body.

It has one eye in its head, which has a black pupil. Right next to this eye is a white oval that could be a second eye.

From what I’ve seen in the anime, Zygarde Cores can get their strength back by soaking up sunlight and can talk to each other through telepathy.

The rest of Zygarde is made up of Zygarde Cells, which look almost exactly like the Zygarde Core. Unlike the Core, its body and head are both flat.

It has a green pupil, a simple, straight tail, and a darker, longer green hexagon in the middle of its body.

8. Yveltal

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Yveltal is a big Shiny Pokemon that has qualities of both birds and dragons. Its back is black, and its wings and back have white spots. Its front, head, and neck are bright red, and there are black lines that branch out all over.

It has bright blue eyes, a pointed beak-like nose, a black horn that curves forward over each eye, and a thin antenna-like growth behind each eye.

A gray ruff with feathers wraps around its neck and falls over its back.

It has three spikes on the bottom edge of each wing near the body, and each wingtip has five large, black claws. It has gray claws on its small, bird-like legs.

Two toes on each foot point forward, and one toe points backward. Its tail is made the same way as its wings, with five claws at the end.

7. Ponyta

galarian ponyta 1

Ponyta is a Shiny Pokemon that looks like a horse. Its fur is a cream color. It has brown eyes and triangular ears on the inside that are reddish. Its mane and tail are made of yellow and orange-red flames.

The mane makes a short crest on top of its head and a short strip down its back to its tail. Behind its elbows and knees, there are more flames.

About an hour after hatching, the fire starts to burn. It has four long legs with one gray hoof at the end of each. People say that these hooves are ten times harder than diamond and can absorb shock.

6. Charizard

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Shiny Charizard looks like a dragon and can walk on two legs. It is mostly orange, but the bottom of its body, from its chest to the end of its tail, is cream.

It has a long neck, small blue eyes, nostrils that are slightly raised, and two horn-like things sticking out of the back of its rectangular head.

When its mouth is closed, you can see two fangs on its upper jaw. It has two big wings with blue-green undersides.

At the third joint of each wing, there is a horn-like part that sticks out. In the middle of each wing membrane, you can see a single wing-finger.

Compared to its big belly, Charizard’s arms are short and skinny, and each one has three white claws.

It has thick legs and plantigrade feet with cream-colored soles. A big flame burns at the end of its long, narrow tail.

5. Honedge

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The Shiny Pokemon Honedge looks like a sword from the Middle Ages. It looks like a silver sword with a gray handle. A blue gem with a dark center that looks like an eye is set into the hilt.

People say that Honedge’s true form is his blue eye. A long, dark blue sash with a lighter blue swirl pattern at the end is attached to the pommel. The end of the sash is split into four tassels.

The sash is known to suck the life energy out of anyone who dares to grab it by the hilt. Honedge’s sheath is dark brown and has curved lines on it that look like a triquetra.

Markings that look like white teeth and rings with white centers that look like eyes are near the top of the sheath.

4. Metagross


Metagross is a big, shiny robot Pokemon. Its body is shaped like a turquoise disc, and it has four legs. The main body seems to be both the head and the body, and the way this Pokémon is put together makes it look like a mechanical spider.

It uses its big, heavy body to pin down its prey, which it then eats with its big mouth. It has a large metal cross in the middle of its face. On each side of the cross, a red eye peeks out from a hole in Metagross’s metal armor.

Ball-and-socket joints connect its four legs to its main body. The upper part of the legs is not very thick, but the part below the knee is a lot thicker.

Each leg has three short claws on the end and a flat, blunt protrusion extending over the knee. Metagross can float in the air when its legs are tucked in.

3. Gigalith


Gigalith is a Shiny Pokemon that looks like a crystal and has four legs. It is blue and has spikey, crystal-like red parts on its body.

Its joints are gray, and the tops of its limbs are made of red crystals. The two claws on each limb look the same. Each ear has a red eye on the inside.

Several of the crystalline features are present on its face; three below its eyes, one in the middle resembling a crest, and other crystals to the sides of its head.

2. Magikarp


Magikarp is a Shiny Pokemon that looks like a fish. It has big, heavy scales that are orange-red. It has pink lips and big, empty eyes. It has white fins on its chest and tail.

It has a stiff, yellow fin with three points on its back, and the same fin on its bottom. Also, its hair is long. The barbels on a female are white, while on a male they are pale yellow.

A Magikarp that lives for a long time can use its huge splashing power to jump so high that it can climb mountains.

It also has a strong immune system that lets it live in water that is very dirty. Trainers usually don’t pay much attention to it, though, because they think it’s weak because it doesn’t do much in battle.

Scientists think that Magikarp’s ancestors were much stronger than modern Magikarp. This made them want to learn more about this species.

1. Umbreon


Umbreon’s body is smooth and black, and it has four thin legs and red eyes. It has two sets of sharp teeth, one set in the upper jaw and one set in the lower jaw.

When its mouth is open, you can see both sets of teeth.

It has long ears with points and a bushy tail. Each of its ears and tail has a yellow band around it. It has yellow rings on its head and legs.