55 Fascinating Bird Pokemon

58 Fascinating Bird Pokemon For Bird-Lovers

Somethings are common in the average Pokemon adventure like catching a Bird Pokemon somewhere in the tall grass in your Journey.

There are a lots of aviary companions in Pokemon universe. Even if you don’t like bird Pokemon chances are you have to keep one to fly around the region.

There are small ones, big ones, cute ones and really weird ones too and there are some that fly and some that don’t.

So today we are creating a list varied kinds of Bird Pokemon in the entire franchise.

So lets begin the cont down of the Top Bird Pokemon For bird lovers.

58. Blaziken

Best Bird Pokemon Blaziken

Blaziken is a Pokémon that is both fiery and good at fighting. It was introduced in Generation III. It is the last form of Torchic because it is the evolved form of Combusken.

This Pokémon can also Mega Evolve into Mega Blaziken with the help of the Blazikenite.

This Pokémon looks like a chicken. Its legs are very strong, which lets it jump and kick with surprising force.

Blaziken’s attack stat is 120, which is great. When it evolves into Mega Blaziken, that number goes up to 160. Its speed goes from 80 to 100, and its special attack goes from 110 to 130.

This Pokémon has great stats and great moves, such as Close Combat, Fire Punch, Flame Charge, and Flare Blitz.

57. Pidgeotto

Best Bird Pokemon Pidgeotto

This Normal/Flying-type Pokémon has been around since Generation One. It started out as Pidgey and then turned into Pidgeot.

It is probably one of the most well-known Pokémon, especially for people who have seen the anime.

Pidgeotto can fly very well and sees very well, which helps it hunt other Pokémon like Magikarp and Exeggcute.

This Bird Pokémon is very fast, and it does a lot of damage to Grass and Bug Pokémon. It can also use moves like “Gust” and “Wing Attack,” as well as “Air Slash” and “Hurricane,” which are special attacks.

56. Fletchinder

Best Bird Pokemon Fletchinder

Fletchinder was introduced in Generation VI. It is a Pokémon that is both Fire and Flying.

This Bird Pokémon started out as a Fletchling and then turned into a Talonflame. It has beautiful orange and black feathers and a tail that looks like the feathers on the end of an arrow.

It has a pouch in its stomach that makes flames. It hunts bugs by setting grass on fire and catching the insects that run away.

The best numbers for Fletchinder are speed (84) and attack (73). Even though this bird isn’t always amazing, many trainers like to have it so they can evolve it.

Even though it doesn’t have great stats and is weak to Water, Electric, and Rock types, it has some good moves like Flame Charge, Gale Wings, and Swords Dance.

55. Eiscue

Eiscue bird pokemon

Eiscue is a small Bird Pokémon that looks like a penguin. It has a big ice cube on its head. This ice cube is light blue, and you can see little white dots on its surface.

On the front, there are two oval eyes and a beak, and a long hair that looks like antennae sticks out of the cube.

Eiscue’s body has two flippers and three toes on each of its yellow feet. Inside the ice, its real face is light blue and has two white eyes. It has a white beak and two black eyebrows.

Icecue comes from places that are very cold. It can blow cold air out of its head to make ice to keep its head from getting too hot.

The ice, on the other hand, is not very strong. A strong blow can break it, and then the water will freeze again and make new ice.

54. Vullaby


Like Bird Pokemon, Vullaby looks like a baby vulture. It has a fat, stocky body covered in dark grey feathers, small wings with grey tips, and pink feet with three clawed toes.

It has a short neck and a round, pink head with only a crest on top. It has no feathers on its head. Around its neck is a collar of soft, light grey feathers. It has red eyes and a small grey beak.

Vullaby keep their behinds safe by wearing a broken skull as a diaper-like undergarment. This is how it got its name. Vullaby either finds this bone on its own or uses one that has already been found.

53. Mandibuzz


Mandibuzz is a Bird Pokémon that looks like a vulture, especially a turkey vulture. Its head and neck are pink and bare, and it has a black beak with a notch and red eyes. Above its eyes, there are black marks that look like eyelashes or eyeliner.

On the back of its head is a long brown tuft with a bone in the middle. It has a tan ruff at the base of its neck and dark brown wings that are shaggy and end in grey. Mandibuzz also has tail feathers that are rough and brown. It has black claws on its pink feet.

It has made a skirt out of bones, including a jaw with sharp teeth. Different kinds of bones come and go from use, as if Mandibuzz followed fashion trends.

52. Delibird


Delibird is a red Bird Pokémon that looks like a penguin. It has a white hollow tail. It has white feathers on its face and chest, and two crests with three points each sit above its eyes.

It has black marks around its round eyes, and its beak and feet are a light yellow colour. On its stomach, there is a single white spot. It has two toes on each foot.

Delibird is omnivorous. It has a bundle of food in its tail. It usually feeds its chicks the food it has stored, but it has been known to give food to people who were stuck on icy mountains.

51. Cramorant


Cramorant is a Pokémon that looks like a blue cormorant. It has bright green, round eyes with small pupils and a long, thin beak that is yellow.

It has a bib-like ruff of light grey feathers that go around its chest and stick out at the back.

It has a small dot-shaped mark in the same shade of grey on each tail feather. It has a ruff of feathers around its head, with the biggest group of feathers pointing backwards and smaller feathers surrounding it.

It has three black, webbed toes on each foot. It looks like its wings are always spread out.

50. Chatot


Chatot is a Bird Pokemon that looks a lot like a parakeet. It has a black head that looks like an eighth note, and a black tail that looks like a metronome.

It has blue wings, a yellow chest and feet, a green stomach, and pink eyelids and a hooked pink beak.

Also, it has a white feather collar around its neck. This Bird Pokémon has a tongue that is like a human’s, so it can talk like a human.

Chatot can also imitate the sounds that other Pokémon make, which it does to protect itself.

49. Spearow


Spearow is a Pokemon that is a bird and is very small. It has three brown tail feathers and rough brown feathers on its head. It has dark brown, narrow eyes with white pupils and a light pink, short, hooked beak.

It has pinkish-red feathers on its wings with lighter tips. Its underside is beige with two thin, horizontal stripes. It has two pink toes in front and one pink toe in back. Its back is made up of black feathers.

Spearow isn’t very good at flying in other ways, like height or distance, but it can still fly quickly to protect its territory. But to stay in the air, it has to flap its wings very quickly.

Spearows make loud shrieks that can be heard from more than half a mile (one kilometre) away. These shrieks are used to warn other animals of the danger they pose.

48. Fearow

Fearow 1 1

Fearow is a big, mostly brown Bird Pokemon with the neck of a vulture and strong, wide wings. It has a long, pink beak with a point and a red coxcomb on top of its head for decoration. It has small pupils and what look like eyes without any colour in them.

It has feathers with a shaggy look at the base of its neck and on the top part of its wings. The tips of its flight feathers are the same colour as these feathers. It has pink talons with sharp claws. Three of its toes point forward and one points backward.

Fearow has been around for a long time and hasn’t changed much. Murals from long ago show a Pokémon that looks like Fearow.

47. Wingull


Wingull is a small, white Bird Pokemon similar to a seagull. It looks like it doesn’t have a neck, so most of its body is its head.

It has two triangular tufts on top of its head and an orange beak with a black tip that is hooked.

Three blue-tipped feathers give it a fan-like tail. Its small, orange feet have two webbed toes. Wingull has long, flat wings with light blue stripes near the tips.

By extending its wings, it is able to catch updrafts and glide across the sky. Wingull folds its wings only when its resting.

46. Pelipper


Pelipper is a Bird Pokemon that looks like a pelican. Its head and bill make up most of its body. On top of its head, it has a short blue crest made of white feathers.

It has three blue toes on each of its wide wings, and each of its blue feet has three toes that are webbed.

Each eye is made up of two black half-circles that are separated by a white line. It looks like its big yellow bill goes all the way across its underside.

Pelipper has a throat pouch in its bill that it uses to carry eggs and small Pokémon. The pouch is big enough to fit a small child.

45. Ducklett


Ducklett is light-blue, duckling-like Bird Pokemon. It has two tufts of feathers on the top of its head that meet at the bottom to make a V-shape.

It looks like it is in the middle of moulting because the underside is a darker blue and feathery. It has yellow feet that are webbed and a short tail.

Ducklett lives near rivers and ponds. It is a good diver, and if it needs to defend itself, it can spray water from its feathers. The spray distracts the enemy, giving Ducklett a chance to get away.

44. Swanna


Swant to is a Bird Pokemon that looks a lot like a swan. Its feathers are mostly white. It has a long, yellow beak with a black tip. Its head is covered with white feathers and has a black crown.

The rounder parts of its face are on the sides of its head, while the pointier parts are on top. Swant to has a long neck that curves. Swant to can jab and thrust with great accuracy because of its flexible neck and strong bill.

Two light-blue feathery features, similar to those on the sides of Swanna’s head, are present on Swanna’s underside, and Swanna’s large wings are positioned so that they curve away from its body.

43. Hoothoot


Hoothoot is a Bird Pokemon with a round body that looks like an owl. It has brown feathers on most of its body, but its belly is a creamy colour.

It has big red eyes, a small pinkish beak, short wings, and a tail with three feathers that look like a fan.

It has black rings around its eyes. The lower edges of the rings have three protrusions that look like the teeth on a gear, while the upper edges have protrusions that look like the hands of a clock. It has two feet that are pinkish and have five clawed toes on each.

But it usually only stands on one foot at a time and moves from one foot to the other too quickly for the naked eye to follow.

42. Noctowl


Noctowl is a Pokemon that is a Bird and looks like an owl. Its feathers are light brown, and there is a pattern of darker brown triangles on its chest.

It has the same dark brown colour on its fan-shaped tail. Its wings are a slightly lighter shade of brown, and the undersides are light brown.

It has red eyes that are surrounded by black rings and a cream-colored ring around the first black ring. Above its eyes are feather “horns” that look like big eyebrows. They are bushy and cream-colored.

It has a small pinkish beak and pinkish claws. Its cream-colored feet have three toes that face forward and one that faces backward. In its old age, Noctowl can grow a small beard, as shown in the anime.

41. Murkrow


Murkrow is a Pokemon that looks like a bird and has black feathers. It looks like a witch because of its crooked, yellow beak and the three feathery tufts on its head. The female’s feathery crest is smaller than the male’s.

It has red eyes with white sclerae and pupils and a spiky collar of feathers around its neck. Its tail feathers look like the end of a broom, and there is a thin red band at the tail’s base. It has four yellow toes, three of which face forward and one backward.

Murkrow likes anything shiny, and it will fight other Pokémon like Meowth or Gabite to get their stashes.

40. Honchkrow


Honchkrow is a dark-blue Bird Pokemon with feathers that look like a person in formal clothes, especially a mob boss. It has a big feather crest that looks like a fedora and spikes coming out of the back.

It has round red eyes with white sclerae and dark blue eyelids. It has a slightly curved yellow beak, and its head is held up by a broad, short neck.

Honchkrow has a large white feather crest on its chest that looks like a beard or cravat. Inside its wings are red feathers.

Honchkrow has four black toes on each foot. The base of the tail is a white, cylinder-shaped stalk with a cluster of red feathers at the end. Honchkrow has a reputation for being cruel.

39. Natu


Natu is a small, mostly green bird Pokémon with bits of red, yellow, and black on its body. Its body is almost round.

It has wings that are yellow, red, and black with thick black stripes. It can’t fly because its wings are small and not fully grown.

It can hop and climb tree trunks, though. Natu has a red crest on top of its head, as well as red feet with three toes and three red tail feathers. Natu has eyes like almonds and a yellow beak.

Natu is thought to live in South America, but it can also be found in temperate and tropical forests, as well as near ruins, in other parts of the world.

38. Xatu


Xatu looks like a green condor. It has long, white wings with red and black tips that cover most of its front. Under its wings, there are shapes that look like red eyes.

Xatu is mostly green, but there are also black, yellow, and red parts to its design. A male Xatu has an extra set of yellow stripes. It has almond-shaped eyes, a long beak with a slight hook, and two long red feather crests.

Only two toes, one in front and one in back, are on each of Xatu’s feet. The shape of Xatu looks like a totem pole or a kachina doll.

37. Sigilyph


Sigilyph is a round Bird Pokemon that has many different colours. It has two cyan eyes and a third eye on a black limb on top of its head.

Its bottom is mostly black, with a green zigzag pattern in the middle and a black pattern surrounded by green.

Sigilyph has two yellow wings and a long tail-like appendage with blue and red stripes on each “feather.” It also has two black “feet” with three toes and two small spikes at the bottom.

Sigilyph will attack anyone who comes into its territory with its psychic powers. It seems to always fly along the same route because it remembers when it guarded an ancient city or brought messages from the guardians.

36. Dodrio


Dodrio is a large Bird Pokemon with three heads and no wings. Each head has a long, sharp beak and a black feather crest that looks like an upside-down V.

Its head and upper body are covered with bristly brown feathers, while the bottom half of its body is covered with smooth black feathers.

It has three pale red feathers with lighter tips on its tail. It has no wings and stands on two long, skinny, but strong legs.

Its feet have three clawed toes in front and one clawed toe in the back. A man’s neck is black, while a woman’s neck is brown. Both men and women have brown legs.

Each head has a brain that works and a unique personality. Each head stands for and shows either sadness, anger, or happiness.

35. Pidove

Pidove 1

Pidove is a Bird Pokemon that looks like a grey pigeon. It has golden, oval eyes and a tuft of feathers on top of its round head. It has a black patch on the nape of its neck and a short, black beak with a pink, bulbous tip.

On its chest, there is a large heart-shaped patch of lighter colour. The side of a Pidove’s black wings has a thick grey stripe. It has black claws on its pink feet.

Pidove is not a very smart person. It always hears what its Trainer says, but it doesn’t always understand what it says. Pidove are so forgetful in Detective Pikachu that they can’t even remember their own names.

34. Unfezant


Unfezant is a Pokemon that is a Bird and looks like a game-bird. It is mostly dark grey, with spots of lighter grey.

It has a heart-shaped patch on its face and throat, two patches on its wings that are separated by a lacy line, and intricate stripes with dark edges on its tail feather.

It has a yellow beak and eyes, and its legs are light grey with three clawed toes and a spike on the ankle.

The male Unfezant has a wattle around its eyes that is reddish pink. The wattle has long, ribbon-like growths that go over its head and past its shoulders.

The male threatens its rivals by moving its head back and forth. The bottom of the male is mint green, and there are spots on its chest.

33. Pikipek


Pikipek is a Pokemon Bird with black feathers. It has big blue eyes and a long, grey beak with a sharp, black tip. On its face is a white mark that looks like a mask.

This mark goes down its neck and ends in a feathery tuft on its chest. The back of its head has a big crest that sweeps up into a red stripe that ends at its beak. The backs of its wings are white, and its legs and feet are thin and grey. Its tail is flat.

Even though Pikipek looks thin, it has strong neck muscles and can use its beak to strike 16 times per second. So, it can not only drill through wood, but also break up stone.

32. Toucannon


Toucannon is a Bird Pokemon that looks like a toucan. It has black feathers and a big beak. The top of the beak is black, and there are three red bands that get lighter as they move down towards the yellow base. The lower jaw is smaller, and it is all red.

A thin black band goes around the base of the beak and goes up into the upper jaw in two places that look like nostrils. Toucannon’s red bands can change colour and move from the tip to the base of its beak.

It has a white mark on its chin and chest, and each cheek has a yellow half-circle mark. Toucannon has dark blue eyes with light blue eyelids and grey eyebrows that are jagged and pointy.

31. Rufflet


Rufflet is a small Pokemon Bird with a blue body. It is a bird. It has a big white plume of feathers on the top of its head, and three tail feathers come out of the back of its body. The feathery ruff covers the top third of its body and goes past its neck.

Its face is blue and has five points, making it look like a mask or a crown. In contrast, the feathers around it are white.

It has a big red feather on the bottom half of its head and a white feather on the top half. The line where the two colours meet on the feather looks like a zigzag.

Rufflet has big eyes on either side of its short, wide beak. The iris of each eye is thick and black, and the pupil is small and white.

Its legs and feet, which are yellow, are bigger than its body. Each foot has four toes: one pointing back and three pointing forward.

30. Braviary


Braviary is a big Bird Pokemon with dark blue feathers on its underside and dark red feathers on its back. Its tail feathers start out red, turn yellow, and end up blue.

Braviary has long, thick legs and yellow feet with one toe facing backward and three toes facing forward on each foot. Each finger has a short, thick, black claw at the end.

The blue cere on Braviary’s beak is long and thick. Braviary has black eyes with small white pupils on either side of the cere. Three big, white feathers come out from above the eyes.

At the base of each feather, there is a red design with three points that covers all three feathers.

29. Taillow


Taillow is a small Pokémon that looks like a dark blue bird. It has a white underside and a red mark that goes from its chest to its forehead and ends in points. It has narrow brown eyes and a short yellow beak.

It has black feet with yellow talons on the tips of its black wings. On each foot, three toes point forward and one toe points back. Its tail is made up of two feathers with sharp points.

Taillow is very brave and won’t back down from fights with strong opponents. During the cold season, this Pokémon will fly more than 300 kilometres (180 miles) per day to look for places with warm weather.

28. Swellow


Swellow is a large Pokémon that looks like a dark blue bird with a red chest and face. The top of its head has a crest of feathers that sweeps back.

It has red spots on its head and chest, which are separated by a blue stripe. Its bottom is white.

It has small, thin eyes, a yellow beak with a point, and red feet with black claws. On each foot, three toes point forward and one points backward.

Its tail is made up of two long, pointed feathers with red tips. When it stands up straight, this is a sign that it is healthy.

The tips of Swellow’s wings are sharp. It is a great dive-bomber that will always hit its target.

27. Archen


Archen is a small, two-legged Pokemon that looks like a mix of reptiles and birds. It has a big, red head with clear scales, and its neck is covered with blue and red feathers.

It has messy, yellow feathers all over its body and blue wings with sharp claws. It has short, skinny legs and a diamond-shaped blue feather on the end of its twig-like tail. It has big white eyes with black pupils and no irises.

Archen is extinct, but fossils can be used to bring it back to life. People think that it is the ancestor of all bird Pokémon, but new research shows that this is not true.

It can’t fly because its wings are too small, so Archen sleep in trees, hop from branch to branch, and glide over long distances to catch prey.

26. Archeops


Archeops is a big Bird Pokemon that has both bird and reptile traits. It has no feathers and a snake-like head with red scales and a green stripe along the top.

It has sharp teeth in its mouth. It has white eyes with black pupils but no iris. It has yellow and blue feathers on its arms and legs that look frayed and are meant to help it fly. This means that all four of its limbs can act as wings.

These “wings” all have sharp claws on them. On the ankles, there is a ring of smaller green feathers.

25. Yveltal


Yveltal is a big Bird Pokemon that has traits of both birds and dragons. Its back is black, and its wings and back have white spots. Its front, head, and neck are bright red, and there are black lines that branch out all over.

It has bright blue eyes, a pointed beak-like nose, a black horn that curves forward over each eye, and a thin antenna-like growth behind each eye. A grey ruff with feathers wraps around its neck and falls over its back.

It has three spikes on the bottom edge of each wing near the body, and each wingtip has five large, black claws. It has grey claws on its small, bird-like legs.

24. Corviknight


Corviknight is a big, bird-type Pokemon that looks like a raven. Most of its body is shiny black, but the bottom of its beak and legs are dull. Steel is used to shape its feathers.

It has smooth feathers that look like plate armour on its mantle, breast, belly, flanks, and scapulars. Corviknight’s head, talons, and upper beak are all armoured in the same way.

It has a crown-like crest right above its eyes and a beard-like ruff of feathers around its neck. Corviknight has red irises and black sclerae in his eyes. His pupils are white.

23. Farfetch’d


Farfetch’d is a Bird Pokemon that looks like a light brown duck with a white belly. It has a flat, yellow beak, brown eyes, a V-shaped black mark on its forehead that looks like a unibrow, and a three-feather crest on top of its head.

Its wings are the same size as its body and look like they could be used as hands. It has yellow, webbed feet and a short, stumpy tail.

Farfetch’d is always seen carrying a leek stalk or a spring onion. It usually holds this twig in its wings, but sometimes it uses its beak or feet instead.

Farfetch’d can’t live without its stick, so it will fight to the death to protect it. If Farfetch’d loses it, it could leave him defenceless. The stick has been used as a weapon, to build a nest, and as an emergency food source.

22. Sirfetch’d


Sirfetch’d is a Bird Pokemon that looks like a white duck. It is the same height as its pre-evolved form, Farfetch’d, and has the same yellow beak, brown eyes, and marking that looks like an eyebrow.

It has yellow legs and webbed feet. Its head has a three-feather crest, and its short tail is white. It has wings that look like hands, with feathers at the end that look like fingers.

It carries a huge leek that is split in two. The long, sharpened stalk is used as a spear, and the tough leaves are used as a shield.

21. Skarmory


Skarmory is a bird-type Pokemon that is silvery grey and has a long neck, legs, and tail that are metallic blue. It has yellow eyes, a pointed beak with several pointed teeth, and a triangular crest on top of its head.

Under the sheaths that cover its sharp wings are red feathers, and each feather can move on its own.

Its wings are hollow, which lets it fly at speeds of up to 180 mph (300 km/h). It has three toes on each foot, two in front and one behind, and the ends of its tail are hooked.

Its steel wings get torn and broken from fighting over and over, but once a year, they grow back completely. This process makes the edges sharp again.

20. Oricorio


Oricorio is a Pokemon Bird that can change into four very different forms. It changes shape based on what kind of nectar it eats. All of them have dark eyes with white pupils, thin legs, and a light pink beak.

The front feet have three toes and the back foot has one. The beak curves down. Oricorio’s Baile Style, which lives on Ula’ula Island, is covered in red feathers, and its wings and tail have two lines of black feathers across them.

Its feathers look like a flamenco dress with a lot of frills. On the back of its head, there is a white ball with two thin, spiralling parts that look like earrings.

19. Pidgey


Pidgey is a Bird Pokemon with a small, round body. It is mostly brown, but its face, underside, and flight feathers are all cream-colored. It has a short crest of three tufts on top of its head.

The feathers in the middle of the crest are brown, and the two tufts on the sides are white. Its narrow, brown eyes are right under its crest. Sharp black lines go down its cheeks from behind its eyes.

It has a short, stumpy beak and feet with two toes in front and one in back. It has a grayish-pink beak and feet. It has three brown feathers that make up a short tail.

18. Pidgeot


Pidgeot is a Bird Pokemon. It has big wings, sharp claws, and a short beak with a hook at the end. Its shiny feathers are mostly brown on the top and cream-colored on the bottom and flight feathers.

It has a long, decorated crest on top of its head that is almost as long as its body. Its crest has yellow feathers in the middle and red feathers on the outside. Its tail has red or brown feathers that look like fans.

It has a pink beak and legs, and each foot has three toes that face forward and one that face backward. Behind each eye is a black mark in an angle.

17. Piplup

Piplup 1 1

Piplup is a light-blue Bird Pokemon that looks like a penguin. It is covered in thick down to keep it warm in cold weather. Its head is dark blue, and most of its face is white. It has a short, yellow beak.

It looks like it has a cape on because the dark blue feathers on its head go down its back and around its neck.

It has two white ovals on its chest, and a small mark above its beak that looks like a crown. Its arms look like flippers, and each of its yellow feet has three toes.

16. Prinplup


Prinplup is a Bird Pokemon that looks like a blue penguin. It is mostly dark blue, but its face, wing tips, and lower body are light blue. It has blue eyes and a short yellow beak that ends in a small point.

Two big yellow ridges go from its beak over the back of its head and meet just above the nape of its neck. It has four big white spots that look like buttons on its body.

It doesn’t have arms. Instead, it has long wings that look like flippers and can be used to knock down and break trees.

It has short legs and yellow feet with three toes. Prinplup is very proud of itself, which keeps it from getting together with other Prinplup. This Pokémon lives in icy water and hunts for food there.

15. Empoleon


Empoleon is a big Bird Pokemon that looks like a penguin and is navy blue. It has a wide, yellow beak that goes up into three pointed horns that form a trident-shaped crest between its blue eyes.

Empoleon thinks that big horns show that he is strong and a leader. Over its eyes is a blue mark that looks like a crown, and its chest has a white mark that looks like lace. It has a blue fin-like protrusion that wraps around its neck and runs down its chest and belly.

It has two raised, gold bumps on its back and a second, blue fin for a tail. It has three toes on each of its yellow, webbed feet, and its feathers form ruffs above its feet.

14. Moltres


Moltres is a big Pokemon Bird with golden feathers. It has a long, flowing reddish-orange and yellow flame crest on its head and a long, flowing reddish-orange and yellow flame tail.

It also has feathers that look like fire on its wings. It has a long, thin neck, a brown beak with a point, and small eyes that are shaped like triangles.

It has thin, brown legs with three toes that face forward and one toe that faces backward. Its claws are short.

Every time Moltres flaps its wings, it sends out a brilliant flash of flames. This Pokémon can get better if it dips itself in the magma of an active volcano. It moves south when spring comes and is thought to bring spring to cold places early.

13. Swablu


Swablu is an avian Bird Pokemon with a round, blue body. Since it doesn’t have a neck, it looks like it’s all head.

It has two long feathers on the top of its head and a short, round, white beak. Its black eyes are very sharp.

It has white wings that look like cotton or clouds. It has two pointy tail feathers and tiny, white feet.

Swablu doesn’t like dirty places, so it uses its soft wings to clean them. It washes its wings in streams and freshwater springs when the polishing makes them dirty.

12. Altaria


Altaria is a Bird Pokemon that is blue and a bird. It has white feathers all over its body and wings, which look like clouds.

It often hides its back by folding its wings behind it. The back of its head has two long, blue plumes that look like streamers.

It has a white beak that is short and hooked, and its cheeks have white patches that stick out. It also has black eyes that are very sharp. It has a fluffy body with a long neck and short legs that stick out.

The feet are blue and have three claws that point forward and one that points backward. The tail has five feathers. The two feathers on the outside are longer than the ones on the inside.

11. Zapdos


Zapdos is a big Bird Pokemon with mostly yellow feathers. It is a bird. It has black around its small, triangular eyes, and a long, thin, light orange beak.

It has a lot of spiky feathers on its wings and tail, and black feathers cover the back of its wings and the inside of its tail feathers.

It has a big crest of sharp feathers on top of its head. It has tan thighs and skinny, light orange legs. It has three toes that face forward and one toe that faces backward. Each toe has a short talon.

When Zapdos flaps its sparkly wings, it sends out electricity that could make it rain. When it flies, it makes loud crackling and snapping noises, which are thought to be caused by the lightning bolts it sheds.

10. Starly


Starly is a Bird Pokemon whose feathers are mostly a greyish brown colour. It has a white spot on its chest and a white mark on its face that looks like a mask. On the female, the top part of the mask mark is smaller.

The rest of its head is black, as is the bottom half of its wings. Starly has a long, orange beak with a black tip. His eyes are oval and black, but his pupils are white.

A small tuft of feathers curls over its back and head, and a small, pointed ruff goes around its neck.

It has a white feather between its two black tail feathers. It has orange feet that have three toes in front and one in back.

9. Staraptor


Staraptor is a bird Pokemon that is greyish brown and looks like a big bird of prey. It has small red eyes and a thin yellow beak that ends in a black tip.

It has a white patch in the shape of a circle on its forehead. The female’s patch is smaller.

It has bigger white spots on the front of its throat and chest, which are separated by a black ruff that goes around its shoulders. It has a black crest with a red tip that goes all the way to the tip of its beak.

Staraptor is picky about how this comb looks. It uses it to make itself look bigger and scare away enemies. It has big wings, five tail feathers with black tips, and yellow feet with sharp black claws.

8. Articuno


Articuno is a big Bird Pokemon with mostly blue feathers and wings that people say are made of ice. It has three dark blue feathers in the shape of a rhombus on its forehead. It has round red eyes, a short grey beak, and long, thin grey legs.

Each foot has three toes that point forward and one toe that points back. It has a bunch of soft, pale blue feathers on its chest. It has a long tail that looks like a streamer and is the same shade of blue as its crest.

When Articuno flaps its wings, it can make snow fall by cooling the moisture in the air around it. It flies from one snowy mountain to the next. Legend says that it shows up in front of lost travelers who are going to die in icy regions.

7. Rowlet


Rowlet is a small Bird Pokemon. It has a round body and short legs, like a young owl. Its feathers are mostly beige, but the underside and disc on its face are white.

The face disc itself is made up of two circles that overlap. It has black eyes that are big and a short beak. Its beak is white at the top and orange-brown at the bottom.

It has two toes that face forward and one that faces back. Its feet are the same colour as the bottom half of its beak.

It has two leaves coming out of its chest that look like a bowtie. Its tail and the undersides of its wings are covered with more leaves.

6. Dartrix


Dartrix is a Pokemon that is a Bird and looks like an owl. Most of its feathers are white, but its head, shoulders, and back are covered in dark brown feathers.

It has large eyes with dark irises that are usually closed, a short beak with a white upper jaw and an orange-brown lower jaw, and two short tufts of feathers on the back of its head.

Its face is in the shape of a heart, and it has a white heart-shaped disc on its face. Two green leaves curve around its face like an asymmetrical cut. The leaf on its right is longer than the one on its left.

Under its chin are two smaller leaves that look like a bowtie. Its tail is made up of two pointed leaves on its back.

On the top of its wings, there are two tan spots, and the underside is covered with feathers that look like leaves.

5. Decidueye


Decidueye is a Bird Pokemon. It is tall and looks like an owl. The top of its dark green face has a thin, orange mark that looks like a mask around its eyes. It has orange-red eyes and a dark green beak with a hook.

It has brown feathers on its wings and back, but most of the rest of its body is white. The tips of the three feathers at the end of each wing are lighter and are shaped like fingers.

It has many white spots on the backs of its wings and on its body.

Each wing has six white spots.

On the inside of each wing, there is a row of upside-down, orange-red triangles along the top.

It has long legs, feet with two toes facing forward and two facing back, and short, dark green claws. It has three long, green leaves for a tail.

4. Fletchling


Fletchling is a small, bird-type Pokemon that looks like a robin. Its head is reddish orange, and on the back of each eye is a yellow triangle. Its body and wings are both grey, but the tips of the wings are white.

It has a long, black tail that ends in a white V-shaped mark. The tail ends in two points, and at the base, there are two feathers that stick out like the fletching on an arrow.

It has black legs, a small black beak, and black eyes. The legs are thin and spindly, and each foot has two toes that face forward and one that face backward.

3. Talonflame

Talonflame 1

Talonflame is a Bird-type Pokemon that looks a lot like a falcon. Its head, wings, and most of its chest and back are covered in red-orange feathers that fade into a flame pattern.

It has a grey underside and back, and the tips of its long, pointed wings are black.

Orange spots speckle its underside. It has shaggy feathers on its legs, and those feathers end in big, yellow talons.

Talonflame has a pointy crest on top of its head and black and yellow markings around its eyes that look like masks. It has a yellow hook on the end of its black beak.

It also has a long black tail with three yellow V-shaped marks on it. The tail ends in two points, and on each side, there is another feather sticking out of the base, like the fletching on the end of an arrow.

2. Ho-Oh


Ho-Oh is a Bird Pokemon. It looks like a cross between a phoenix and a peacock. Its feathers are mostly gold and red, but its tail feathers are yellow, its underside is white, and the tips of its wings are green.

Ho-Oh has a green stripe on its neck, a yellow beak, black rings around its red eyes, and a yellow feathered crest on its head.

Because Ho-Oh has prismatic wings, it leaves a rainbow in its wake. Its feet and legs are dark and have four toes and long claws.

1. Hawlucha


Hawlucha is a bird Pokémon that walks on two legs and has bright feathers. The front of its head is shaped like a beak, but its mouth is on a white patch under the curve of the beak.

It has a blue-green mask-like mark across its face, an orange blaze from its forehead to the back of its neck, an orange ring around each eye, and a small red patch at the tip of its beak.

It has a black space around its yellow eyes, which have a lighter yellow centre. On the back of its head, there are two square feathers that look like tassels.

It has red wings that look like capes and blue-green undersides. Its feathery tail is connected to its wings. Each wing has a three-fingered hand near the end.

Its front is white, and there is a red line along its neck and chest. It has three toes on each of its small, yellow feet.