Small Pokemon

19 Smallest Pokemon From The Series

Pokemon are available in all sizes and shapes. 

They have eight generations of Pokemon, there’s a lot available to keep the track of. Trainers don’t choose Pokemon to be part of their team merely because of their size.

The majority of people are more concerned about the types of Pokemon and their abilities. But, it’s fascinating and sometimes shocking to learn the size of these creatures.

The anime isn’t afraid to take freedoms, and it could be difficult to know the size of the Pokemon is simply watching them fight. 

We determined the size based on the height of each Pokemon and then listed the ones we found! These are the ten most tiny we came across starting from the small ones to the smallest.

When you look at the dimensions of the tiniest Pokemon, you’ll notice that they are much smaller than one foot tall. These include some legendary Pokemon and a variety of Bug-types. 

Here are a few of the tiniest Pokemon that you may not be aware of the size of!

19. Applin

Applin 1

Applin is one of the brand new Pokemon that was introduced with Pokemon Sword and Shield and thanks to its cute faux-apple look and the coveted Grass/Dragon-type that it quickly became a popular fan. 

The players also love the fact that the Pokemon has a branching evolutionary that allows it to transform in Flapple or Appletun according to the evolving item provided to it.

Logically, Pokemon is close to being precise when it comes to the dimensions that real apple sizes. It’s also adorable that when Applin shines it’s green, meaning that players can get both red and green apples.

18. Lake Guardians

Lake Guardians

The three legendaries play an integral part in the storyline in Pokemon Diamond as well as Pearl in Team Galactic’s plan draws powers of Dialga as well as Palkia. 

As they get lost in the incredible tales of Sinnoh players encounter all three of these legendary characters -of which they are often called”the Lake Guardians or Emotion Trio.

Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf are all quite small, given their enormous stature within the Sinnoh region and the legends surrounding it. 

They’re all just 1 foot tall (about 0.3 meters). They don’t look to be that big in the game or animation, however, the Pokedex isn’t lying.

17. Mimikyu


The character was first introduced to the public as a character in The Pokemon Sun as well as Moon, Mimikyu fast became a hit due to its cute Pikachu costume and its mysterious background. 

Mimikyu only measuring 8 inches tall will be a shock to many Pokemon fans since Mimikyu has been previously seen within the games as being similar height to Pikachu and whose entry in the Pokedex database lists it as being 1’04” tall.

Mimikyu is a Ghost/Fairy-Type, and some of the Pokedex entries are creepy as they tell you that anyone who can see its true appearance underneath its costume is bound to die a brutal death.

16. Generation II Babies

Generation II Babies

Three more are in the same group -These tiny Fairy-types were introduced during Generation II as the first of a long-running series that includes, Baby Pokemon: pre-evolutions to base stage Pokemon. 

Cleffa as well as Igglybuff represent the precursors for Clefairy and Jigglypuff as well, and Togepi is a brand new line (despite being featured in the anime during Generation I ).

As if they were not cute enough, they’re also small. They’re only 12 inches tall (about 30 centimeters). It’s fun to imagine these tiny baby animals having the ability to defeat Dragon-type creatures However, it’s Pokemon after all.

15. Milcery


Milcery is yet another Pokemon that was first introduced Sword and Shield with its size of only 8 inches may be a surprise to those who see it as bigger than it is in. 

But, if you take it as milk-based the size is a lot more sensible.

This type of Fairy Pokemon changes into Alcremie in an extremely unusual and fascinating manner -when it is holding a particular sweet when the user spins the Pokemon. 

Based on the sweetness duration, the length of spin, the rotation, and the time of the day, they all decide what kind of Alcremie Milcery can evolve into.

14. Klefki


The tiny Generation-VI Pokemon is inspired by a keyring or perhaps the old fairy tale of fairies stealing keys even when you’re not. 

It’s not a huge size at just 1 foot, much as its cousins, the Lake Guardians as well as Generation II babies. 

What’s fascinating about Klefki is the fact that the keys it’s displayed with aren’t included in the Pokemon.

The ring, in fact, is an integral part of its body and it can collect keys it enjoys. 

It is also said that Klefki will never give up keys it loves which is why people choose to trust it with important key items. 

Due to the size of this Pokemon, you could utilize this Pokemon as an accessory for your keychain!

13. Meltan


Meltan is a unique Pokemon since it was teased on the Pokemon Go Community Day and was released on Pokemon Let’s Play! 

It’s a mythical steel-type Pokemon that transforms to Melmetal However, it only evolves to Melmetal in Pokemon Go and not in any other games.

Because its head is comprised of a tiny hex nut it’s quite plausible that Meltan is only 8 inches tall. What’s amazing is that as it grows, Melmetal is a staggering 8’02” tall!

12. Shaymin


Shaymin is a mythical Pokemon which could suggest that it is a physical ability. Yes, it does but not because of its size. 

The Land Forme Shaymin is just 8 inches high (0.2 m) It’s one of the tiniest Pokemon ever. 

The Sky Forme of it is quite a good one-quarter of an” (0.4 millimeters) that is tiny, but significantly larger.

If you consider Shaymin’s hedgehog origins it’s not surprising that it’s a small creature. 

Oddly, Shaymin in the cartoon believed that Giratina was going to devour Shaymin. 

Giratina is a ghost god with multiple dimensions, Shaymin is like the size of a crumb.

11. Rimbombee


This Pokemon was first introduced during the Alolan generation. 

It should not be surprising that the majority of Pokemon which made it on this list belong to Bug Type and Rimbombee is a Fairy and Bug-Type.

It is a continuation of Cutiefly, which was created at level 25. The design is in the style of bees as well as fairies. 

Based on its Pokedex entry, the game performs well-using pollen. It’s definitely a tiny and charming part of any team, but we’re just beginning.

10. Wishiwashi


The Alolan fish was created to symbolize sadness or weakness, as well as being poor. 

It’s often shown with tears and despairs Its stats are among the most pathetic in any Pokemon game. 

The gimmick of Wishiwashi is in its ability to be combined with other Wishiwashi to form a huge monster with impressive statistics.

It’s only natural it’s not surprising that Wishiwashi in its typical unschooled, uninvolved form is small as it’s intended to be so insignificant. Its size is the same as Shaymin and Meltan at just eight inches (20 cm).

9. Spritzee


In the same size, there is a different fairy type, Spritzee. 

It was introduced later in the generation and was introduced in The Pokemon the X as well as the Pokemon Y games. 

Although it’s adorable its appearance is reminiscent of the mask of a plague doctor.

It has a slight resemblance to the flamenco. It isn’t big, but it also smells wonderful. 

According to Pokedex entries, ladies of the royal family might carry this Pokemon around rather than wearing perfume.

8. Azurill


If you thought that the dimension of Cleffa, Igglybuff, and Togepi was cute, you’re likely to be thrilled to learn about Azurill. 

The baby Pokemon that is the precursor to Marrill is 4 inches (ten centimeters) smaller than the other Pokemon.

This tiny, tiny creature flies around on its tail and is one of the most adorable objects to be found in the Pokemon universe. 

Also, it has the least base stats total of all infant Pokemon. What a sad, yet sweet, experience. 

The process of developing friendships isn’t an issue for this cute little boy is certain to be kind to. 

What can you do?

7. Tynamo


Although the Pokemon is an eel-fish, it’s actually the most compact Electric-type Pokemon.

They were first introduced in Pokemon Black and White. 

As for the inspiration behind its tiny appearance, it appears to be based on lampreys, leeches, and electric eels.

However, it doesn’t become small once it reaches the level of 39, and increases its size to become larger thanks to the use of a Thunderstone.

6. Cosmoem


Cosmoem is an intriguing Pokemon. It’s part of the first legendary family of Pokemon that evolves and has intriguing characteristics. 

As it evolves from Cosmog to Cosmoem it will grow from 8 inches in height and 0.2 kg (0.1 kilograms) to half its size but 2204.4 pounds (999.9 kilograms). It’s an increase in weight by 999,800.

If it doesn’t bring back memories to weigh yourself before and after the holiday season it’s quite amusing. 

Due to this disparity in height and weight, Cosmoem clocks in as one of the heaviest Pokemon but is also the smallest.

It could be to mimic the size of the black hole of real reality. 

The method by which Pikachu can lift it in the cartoon is not yet resolved.

5. Sinistea


Sinistea, who is four inches smaller than other Pokemon which was recently introduced with Pokemon Sword and Shield. 

Indeed, Sinistea has joined the ranks of the tiniest Pokemon. It is also the smallest Ghost-type! Thank you Sinistea.

As of now, the eighth generation has just come out, so Sinistea being included on this list is quite cool. 

We’re still able to find very only a few details about it, other than that it is a product of the addition of a specific item and it’s pure Ghost-Type.

4. Flabebe


A lot of people believe that Flabebe could be a kind of flower that has an adorable face.

However, the flower isn’t really an element of Pokemon. 

Flabebe is a tiny Fairy-sprite who selects a flower of its choice and then holds it. 

This is why it’s Fairy but not a Grass-type.

But, Flabebe must be pretty small enough to be the petals of a tiny flower. 

That’s right Flabebebe isn’t big at all. Flabebe is only 4 inches tall (10 centimeters). 

It’s tied with Joltik Cosmoem and others as the tiniest Pokemon as well as the lightweight Pokemon too.

3. Joltik


It makes sense that a Pokemon that was affected by ticks would be among the most compact that exists. 

Joltik is also the smallest of Electric-types. 

They’re cute but they can’t stay tiny and tick-like for very long and grow into larger tarantulas by the level of 36. 

It was first introduced by Pokemon Black and White, just ahead of Tynamo for the smallest Electric-Type.

One of these tiny Pokemon that is cute to put upon your head. 

As per the Pokedex entries, Joltik likes to join with bigger Pokemon and absorb the static electricity they generate. 

This shouldn’t be a problem because there are hundreds of Pokemon bigger than Joltik.

2. Comfey


This type of Pokemon was first introduced in Alola and definitely should be to your head as it’s basically a flower crown that is sentient. 

It’s so tiny that it could not fit in your head! 

While it’s not the biggest of our selection, it has earned the title of being the smallest completely evolved Pokemon. 

It means that other Pokemon who are farther down will not get smaller, but Comfey is.

For its style. Flowers are not elements of its design but rather an element of the collection that will remain with it. 

Do you think that they could be technically bigger based on the flower? 

Yes, that’s the case in anime. However, in the games, they remain in a static state.

1. Cutiefly

Cutiefly 1

The adorable bug and Fairy-Type were introduced within the Pokemon Sun and Moon as well as other Pokemon on this list. 

It also transforms into Rimbombee and Rimbombee, so even though it evolves at the level of 25 it does not become that big.

Apart from being tiny, It is also the lightest Bug-type Pokemon in terms of weight, with a total of 0.4 pounds. 

The design of Cutiefly is based on an actual bug known as the bee fly.

However, Cutiefly is much cuter!

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