27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Rock-type Pokémon are the backbone of the Pokémon world.

They have strong builds that focus on dealing and avoiding physical damage.

Since most fossil Pokémon are also Rock-types, they are also very important for learning about its history.

Even though they aren’t as pretty as Fairy-type Pokémon and most of them aren’t as flashy as Electric-type Pokémon, Rock-type Pokémon are the only ones who are both honest and strong.

If you think a tiny cat with frills and ribbons has no place on the battlefield and would rather bring in the big guns, then Rock-type is for you.

In this list, I’ll try to show you the strongest, most interesting, and overall coolest rocky Pokemon that you’ll definitely want on your team.

27. Larvitar

01 tyranitar pokemon 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Tyranitar evolved from a Pokémon called Larvitar.

It was first seen in Generation II.

It has two types: rock and ground.

Even though the anime tries to act like an adult, the little green reptile baby makes it look like a cute baby.

Larvitar is green and has a short, round nose.

Its eyes have black triangles at the bottom and top corners.

Its arms and feet are short.

Its body is green, and on top of its head is a long, thin spike.

Even though it looks cute, this pokemon can be scary to its enemies, and it can easily beat foes that are three times its size.

26. Rhydon

111 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Most Pokémon are most popular in their most evolved forms, but Rhydon wasn’t one of them.

Rhydon was the last step in its chain of evolution until Generation 4, when the less popular Rhyperior joined the line.

Rhydon is one of the stronger Pokémon from Generation 1, and you can get it in the middle of the game in the Safari zone.

Before a caught Rhyhorn can evolve, its trainer must level it up to level 42.

This is a big time commitment for a player.

Rhydon is usually on Giovanni’s team as well, which makes it a very popular rock-type Pokémon.

25. Probopass

476Probopass DP anime 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

After more than a decade of games, there have been a lot of bad Pokémon designs, but Generation IV’s Probopass is one of the worst.

This Rock/Steel type Pokémon is called the “Compass Pokémon” in the Pokédex.

But I’ll never understand why it had to have a hairy nose to help it find its way.

Even though its shape is strange on its own, it also controls three “mini-nose” drones that do different jobs.

It isn’t very aggressive, and its stats are more focused on defense than offense, which is a good thing.

I mean, can you imagine being attacked by a bunch of stone noses?

24. Onix

27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

When the show started in 1996, things were different and it was thought that keeping things simple was best.

This is shown by Onix.

It is a rock snake, nothing more and nothing less.

This Rock/Ground-type Pokémon is all about being strong enough to handle life’s challenges.

It does this by using its great Defense stat and the Sturdy ability.

This became clear in the anime when Ash’s Pikachu fought Brock’s Onix, which seemed like it couldn’t be hurt.

23. Diancie

719MDiancie 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Diancie was introduced in Generation VI as a rare mutation of Carbink caused by very high pressure underground.

It became a favorite of both players and artists very quickly.

It’s also an Event Pokémon, which always gets people interested.

But it’s also a powerful fighter with a Mega Evolution.

This Rock/Fairy type is very good at defense, but its Attack and Sp. Attack are also very strong.

It also has the ability Clear Body, which keeps its stats from going down.

22. Kabutops

662 6622749 kabutops pokemon character vector art rock type pokmon 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Kabutops is one of the coolest Pokémon from the first generation.

It is called the Shellfish Pokémon because it is the ancestor of many modern shellfish-like creatures.

I mean, what kind of fossil has blades for arms?

What kind of cruel world did it have to be in for it to make such a dangerous weapon?

To make it even creepier, Game Freak made sure that its Pokédex entry explained how it rips its prey apart to drink their bodily fluids.

It’s hard to believe that this monster comes from something as cute as Kabuto.

21. Armaldo

Nando Armaldo 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Armaldo, the Plate Pokémon, is a Rock/Bug type Pokémon that is also an interesting fossil Pokémon.

Armaldo has the Battle Armor ability, just like Kabutops, which keeps it from getting hurt by critical hits.

It also has pretty similar stats. It has good physical Attack and Defense, which will make it useful in Pokémon Ruby or Sapphire.

Plus, it evolves from Anorith, the fossil shrimp Pokémon from Generation III that is the cuter of the two fossil Pokémon.

Would you rather walk around with a crustacean that looks like an alien or a flower that doesn’t look cool?

20. Drednaw

Drednaw anime 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Galar’s Drednaw is not a fossil Pokémon, but it is clear that it has a lot of traits from the past, like a Galapagos turtle or the Alligator Snapper Turtle, which it is based on.

These Water/Rock-type Pokémon are called “Bite Pokémon” because their jaws are so strong, just like their real-world counterparts.

Its name is also a reference to the British battleships of the same name from World War II, which it looks a lot like.

If war came to the Galar region, I’m sure Gigantamax Drednaw would be their first line of defense, cutting warships in half left and right.

19. Regirock

377Regirock AG anime 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Somewhere in the wilds of Hoenn, there is a golem with a lot of power sleeping.

Regirock, also known as the Rock Peak Pokémon, is one of Hoenn’s Legendary titans.

Regigigas made it to protect the land and gave it the name “Rock Peak.”

Scientists haven’t been able to figure out what it is for a long time because it doesn’t have a heart or brain and can fix any damage with any strong rock it can find.

Back in the day, catching Regirock was such a complicated process that my young mind thought I was “hacking” my copy of Pokémon Ruby.

It was a badge of honor to catch it, and luckily, all your hard work paid off with a powerful companion whose stats were all Legendary-level.

18. Golem

76 Golem 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Golem is a living creature that has a skin made of rocks.

It is similar to Regirock in many ways, but it is not a rock.

In their natural environment, it’s easy to mistake Golem for boulders.

When they move, people often trip over them, which makes them angry and leads to a Pokémon battle.

This Rock-type Pokémon has great Attack and good Defense in battle, which is what you’d expect from a Pokémon that can handle the force of dynamite like it’s nothing.

Now that you know this, be careful when hiking in areas where Golem might be, and don’t get hit by one of them rolling downhill at high speed.

17. Sudowoodo

Brock Sudowoodo 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Sudowoodo, the “tree” that blocked the way to Goldenrod City in Generation II, is another Pokémon that looks a lot like an inanimate object.

If you try to use Cut on it like you would on any other tree, you’ll find that its texture is different, almost as if you were trying to cut into stone.

The mystery won’t be solved until you spray water on the Imitation Pokémon and wake it up from its deep meditation.

Even though it looks like an oak, this Rock-type is more like a Greek stone pillar than an oak.

16. Coalossal

Coalossal PJ043 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

When I first saw Rolycoly in the first Pokémon Sword & Shield ads, I thought it was adorable and couldn’t wait to see what it would become when it evolved.

Even though Coalossal, Rolycoly’s last evolution, wasn’t nearly as unique as I had hoped, I was pretty happy with it.

This Rock/Fire-type Pokémon not only looks strong, but also has the Defense, Sp. Defense, and HP numbers you’d expect from a tank.

They watch over the abandoned mines they call home, which probably keeps people from going where they shouldn’t and getting lost.

Still, I can’t help but worry about how many greenhouse gases these guys must make every day.

15. Archeops

Archeops anime 2 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

If I was ever going to be able to train a Rock/Flying type bird, it had to be a fossil Pokémon.

Archeops is one of the coolest fossil creatures we’ve seen so far.

It was the first Bird Pokémon in Generation V.

It is based on the Archeopteryx, a dinosaur that is thought to be the missing link between a raptor and a modern bird.

In the Pokémon world, Archeops is in the same place.

These smart animals are better at running than flying, which is why they have to run for a long time before they can take off.

Thanks to their insane offensive stats, that wasn’t much of a problem for them when it came to catching and beating their prey.

14. Stonjourner

stonjourner 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Once a year, on a very specific date, Stonjourner from all over the Galar region gather in circles for a kind of communion that used to have a lot of religious meaning for the region’s earliest cultures.

Stonjourner is the sentient pocket monster version of Stonehenge, a megalithic structure in Wiltshire, England, that dates back to between 2000 BC and 3000 BC.

It is also known as the “Big Rock Pokémon.”

This culturally important pile of rocks has a great Attack stat that lets it kick really hard and do a lot of damage.

It also has a good Defense stat that lets it take whatever is thrown at it without getting angry.

13. Minior

6774 Shiny Minior Meteor 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Minior spend most of their lives floating in the outer layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, where they collect floating particles and slowly build up a sort of rocky shell.

When it gets too heavy, it falls to the ground in a way that looks like a shooting star.

Most of the time, the Pokémon under the shell is hard and rocky, but the real one is cute and colorful, like something from a Kirby game.

If the shell falls off, it becomes very fast and aggressive, but it won’t be able to stay alive for long unless it is quickly put into a Pokéball.

12. Aurorus

699 Aurorus 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Generation VI is known for having some of the best fossil Pokémon ever, like the scary Tyrantrum and, of course, the beautiful Aurorus.

It’s the next step after Amaura.

It’s called the Tundra Pokémon because it was first found in a cold place, perfectly frozen in ice, and because it can make beautiful auroras in the sky.

Other than that, Aurorus is a good addition to a team because it is a strong Rock/Ice type fighter and because its Snow Warning ability makes it snow when it enters the battlefield.

11. Gigalith

2e36a5 f974118a94c34930be63ab39310dfcbc mv2 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Gigalith is a Rock-type Pokémon that was first seen in Generation V as the final form of the very cute Roggenrola.

It has many tricks up its sleeve.

The Compressed Pokémon’s Attack and Defense are both very good, so it can both do and take a lot of damage.

Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of its Speed, which is one of the worst in the game.

If this Pokémon is in trouble, it may choose to use the Explosion move to blow itself up instead of running away slowly.

This won’t help it escape, but it will take the aggressor with it.

10. Rampardos

409 Rampardos 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Even though Rampardos is a modern Pokémon, it looks a lot like a dinosaur, which doesn’t make it any less ugly.

This Rock-type Pokémon from Generation IV is called the Head Butt Pokémon for reasons that are easy to see.

Even though its headbutts are very powerful, Rampardos loses some of its intelligence after taking so many blows to the head.

Since its brain was already small to begin with, the fact that it can walk on two legs is a miracle.

9. Lycanroc

1200px 745Lycanroc 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

On the other end of the intelligence scale is Lycanroc, a hunter from Alolan who is smart and quick.

Lycanroc is called the “Wolf Pokémon” because of how much it looks like a werewolf.

It can change into one of three forms, depending on whether it evolved from Rockruff in Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon.

Also, any Rockruff with the Own Tempo ability, like the one you get from Mystery Gift, can change into a third form.

Even though there are some differences between its Midday, Midnight, and Dusk forms, its main strengths in battle are a high Attack stat and a very fast Speed, which let it kill its prey quickly.

8. Omastar

2139 Shiny Omastar 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time


Omastar came into the world during Twitch Plays Pokémon, a stream of Pokémon Red on the popular website Twitch where viewers could all give commands, talk about strategies, and worship fossil idols.

Omastar was already pretty cool as the OG fossil Pokémon along with Kabutops, but the whole thing made it a Meme God.

This Rock/Water-type Pokémon has good Defense and Sp. Attack stats that let it act as a mid-range tanky sweeper, which was apparently enough to help TPP onlookers win.

7. Stakataka

Ce9Ovqj1KeVQTy6VGOUqFzahn9ZqIoY8q5k8jKklqco 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Even though Stakataka is not made by a god, it is a creature that we don’t know much about.

It is called the Rampart Pokémon in the Pokédex, but it’s not clear if this Rock/Steel-type creature can be called a pocket monster.

In reality, it’s an Ultra Beast, a creature from another world that somehow ended up in the Alolan region by accident.

In any case, Stakataka seems to come from a harsh world, which has given it very strong Defense and Attack qualities.

Not only that, but its type makes it immune to poison, and it can use many useful moves that cover a lot of ground, including some very useful Psychic moves.

6. Tyrantrum

f921a71b373dfa0bf5ec37d944fdf176e7f9356dv2 hq 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

What could be even more awesome than a T-Rex?

So, a red T-Rex with a beard and a kingly appearance.

It is being put back together from the Jaw Fossil in Generation VI, and it is thought that in its time, it used to rule over its territory.

This Rock/Dragon-type Pokémon has huge jaws that could easily tear a car apart like a cheap dog toy.

Even though it has funny-looking small arms, both people and Pokémon fear the big guy.

5. Aerodactyl

pmpgnna7d6u4ol5c 1620736112 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Tyrantrum used to rule the prehistoric land, and Aerodactyl used to terrorize the Pokémon of the world from the sky.

When the first games came out, this Rock/Flying-type beast had a level of mystery similar to that of a Legendary.

Its overall strength in battle showed that it wasn’t a normal pocket monster.

That made it a fan favorite for a long time, which is why Game Freak eventually gave it Mega Evolution.

Mega Aerodactyl is back to terrorize the competitive scene with a sharp, spikey rock armor and a lot of style.

4. Alolan Golem

Revengers Golem 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

What did I always think Golem was lacking?

It has a mustache and a rail gun on its back.

I honestly don’t understand how they came up with this new look and idea for the classic Golem in Alolan.

But I’m not making a fuss.

It is rough and tough, and it can shoot rocks that are charged with electricity from its back.

This is easily one of the coolest new Alolan forms, and it looks pretty scary too.

Why wouldn’t you like it?

3. Aggron

bzqcx8a2vs7ssh0z 1616151507 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Since it came out in Generation III, this Steel/Rock type has been a total powerhouse in both single-player and competitive play.

Aggron has plate armor, an insane Defense, and a Mega Evolution that makes Pokémon and Trainers alike shiver in fear.

There are a lot of Pokémon that are as strong as Aggron, but not many of them have the same morals as the Iron Armor Pokémon.

It has a strong sense of territory, but it also acts as a kind of guardian of the environment, keeping the land safe from different threats and working hard to restore it after a disaster.

Even trees are planted!

2. Rhyperior

464Rhyperior DP anime 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

Rhyperior is called the Drill Pokémon, probably because it has a drill on its head.

It looks like a demolition expert who goes home every day and drinks a few too many beers.

Even though it has a “dad bod,” it still looks badass as it beats up enemies with its high Attack and Defense stats.

And those stone plaques that look like safety gear for an explosion?

They aren’t there just for show.

Because of its Solid Rock ability, this Ground/Rock type takes much less damage from moves that do a lot of damage.

Did I mention that it can shoot Geodudes?

1. Tyranitar

wk4deajdphm1f77r 1621598520 27 Best Rock-type Pokémon of All Time

No matter how cool or popular the monsters that came before Tyranitar were, they could never beat him.

Since its debut in Pokémon Gold & Silver, fans have loved the Armor Pokémon as a mainstay of competitive play.

It is a Rock/Dark-type beast that rules the scene, even in Pokémon GO!

Mega Evolution turned it into a full-fledged Kaiju monster, as if it wasn’t already cool enough.

Japan is crazy about these big animals, so it’s clear that the developers picked their favorites a long time ago.

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