21 Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

Pocket Monsters is what people in Japan call Pokémon. There are many different shapes, sizes, and colors of Pokémon, but the cutest and most well-known ones are the Pink Pokémon.

And if you want to add some pink Pokémon to your team, here are some of the best and cutest ones we could find on the internet.

I adore pink Pokémon, and many others do as well, which is why I’ve ranked the best 21 pink Pokémon below.

Now let’s get started…

21. Musharna


Musharna looks like a tapir and has a round, two-legged body. Its body is light purple, and its head is pale pink. It has round, red eyes with three eyelashes and deep pink ovals on its head and lips.

It has four short legs that end in dark pink. The label on its forehead seeps Dream Mist. This mist’s color depends on what kind of dreams Musharna has eaten, but it is usually a dark pink.

If this is the case, you should stay away from it. This is because the dark mist makes people’s worst fears come true.

In the mist, you can also see the shapes and textures of Musharna’s visions. Musharna is constantly drowsy and dreaming. If you wake it up from a deep sleep, it might turn into a terrible grump.

20. Aromatisse

Aromatisse 21 Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

Aromatisse is an avian Pokémon that walks on two legs. It has soft purple feathers all over its body, and an even fluffier mass of pink wings on it’s lower limbs.

It has a black bow at the bottom of its back. It has a white face with a small, rounded beak, similar to a plague doctor’s mask or a masquerade mask. It has thick black eyelashes and black eyes with red sclerae and pupils.

It has yellow centres in its feathery ears. It has three yellow claws on each side, and its paw-like feet have three toes.

It can give off many different smells, from one that is pleasant to one that is so bad that it can win a war.

It can, for example, hunt down an enemy and make them lose their will to fight or their sense of smell. Aromatic Mist used to be the step that made it stand out.

19. Deerling

585 1 21 Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

The Deerling Pokémon looks like a fallow deer fawn. The top of its body is pink in the spring, green in the summer, orange in the fall, and brown in the winter.

Deerling has a peach bottom and a yellow rim with a pattern. It has a yellow flower-shaped tuft on the top of its head, and the insides of its long ears are also yellow.

It has a short pink tail and the tips of its limbs are black. As the seasons change, it might take on a different look. If it senses danger, it hides in tall grass.

It moves in groups because it’s scared of people. It likes to live in places where there aren’t many people. It only eats plants.

18. Clefable

Clefable 21 Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

Clefable is a pink Pokémon that is tall and has a body that looks like a star. It has black, oval eyes with wrinkles on either side. Its ears are long and pointy, and the tips are dark brown.

On its brow is a twist of fur that looks like its long, tightly curled tail. On its back are a pair of dark pink wings with three lines on each.

It has three fingers on each hand, two clawed toes on each foot, and feet that are deep pink.

Clefable is a shy Pokémon that runs away when it senses people nearby. It is one of the most unusual Pokémon in the world. Its ears are so sensitive that they can hear a pin drop from half a mile away (one kilometer).

It likes to live in mountainous, remote areas where it can protect itself with its sharp hearing. It walks on water with a bouncy gait, and its tiny wings make it look like it is floating a lot of the time.

17. Munna

munna 1 21 Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

Munna is a quadrupedal Pokémon with an indefinable foundation that is pink and nearly spherical. It has four small, tapered legs and a tapered snout that hides its big mouth.

It has bright, oval, red eyes that you can see two eyelashes on. Munna will shoot out Dream Mist from a dark pink oval spot between its eyes. It always has the ability to stay in the air.

Munna can eat the dreams of people and Pokémon, and it can also use Dream Mist to project these dreams.

If a Munna eats a dream, the person who had the dream will forget what it was about. Dream Mist would be pink if the dream was fun.

On the other hand, Munna will look for people and Pokémon who are dreaming and heal them.

16. Hoppip

hoppip 1 21 Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

Hoppip is, the round pink Pokémon with such a crown of long green leaves. Like a dandelion, the leaves on its head include ragged edges.

It has big, triangular ears that are dark on the inside, and its eyes are a bright yellow without any pupils. It has short, stumpy arms and legs and a short, round-tipped tail.

On the bottom of each foot is a round yellow pad.

Hoppip’s body is very light, so winds can quickly lift it off the ground and cause it to float away. Hoppip can detect the presence of powerful winds.

It groups together with other Hoppip and links their leaves together, or it grips the ground tightly with its feet to keep from being blown away.

It does, however, enjoy gentle breezes. Hoppip lives in temperate grasslands, but it can also be found in fields, mountains, and even cities.

15. Blissey


Blissey is a Pokémon with a pink body on top and a white body on the bottom. On either side of its head, it has curls that look like hair.

It has white tufts on its hips and shoulders that look like wings. This makes it look like a dress. It has pink arms and feet that are short and have no fingers or toes.

If a single egg in a tiny pink pouch on its belly is eaten, it makes a person feel good and makes them sweet and loving.

Even the meanest Pokémon can be calmed by the shell, which makes them nice to other Pokémon.

The most money can be made by selling Blissey’s egg at a market. Blissey can tell when someone is sad or sick by the way their fur feels. When it does, it will run to them and try to make them feel better.

People say that Blissey is so full of passion that she can’t hold it in. It is the only way to study the evolution of Soft-Boiled.

Blissey is a species that only has females. It is a city-dwelling Pokémon that is rarely seen in the wild.

14. Miltank

241 1 21 Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

Miltank is a two-legged cow Pokémon that only exists in female form. It has a pink back and a yellow belly. On its back, there are black lines that look like triangles.

A black mark that looks like a hood is around the face, and a pink triangle is on the forehead. It has two small horns on top of its head.

It has big blue eyes, a black nose, a wide mouth, and long, floppy ears that are black on the outside and yellow on the inside. Miltank was shown with no horns or teats.

Before Generation VI, Milk Drink was the only move that Miltank could learn. Its milk is sweet and healthy, and sick or tired people and Pokémon can both be helped by it.

The texture of the pastures it grazes on makes its milk taste and be more nutritious, and the taste changes with the seasons.

It can hold more than five gallons of milk every day, which can be turned into yoghurt or just eaten by kids and adults.

Miltank can get sick if she isn’t milked every day. Miltank is an animal that lives in grasslands and was also raised on farms.

Miltank’s ability to make milk has helped people and other Pokémon for thousands of years.

13. Diancie


Diancie is a small Pokémon that looks like a person. The lower body is a grey cone-shaped rock with a huge pink diamond carved into one side.

It has two arms and a white cloth that looks like a dress wrapped around its upper body. Its hands, which look like gloves, stick out of the sleeves.

Around the neck is a half-circle of gold with a pink stone in the middle. Its head is gray, and its eyes and ears are pointed and have red sclerae. On top of the creature’s head is a crown made of pink crystals.

As Mega Diancie gets older, her white dress gets longer and the sleeves fall off. Its lower body changes into a pink crystal with a row of long crystals around it that match the ones on its headdress.

Mega Diancie is called the “Royal Pink Princess” because of how beautiful it is. Diancie was made when a Carbink changed in some way.

By squeezing the carbon in the air, diamonds can be made in an instant. Crystal Storm is a move that only Diancie can learn.

12. Audino

531 Audino 1 21 Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

Audino is a Pokémon that can walk on two legs. It has blue oval eyes and a pink and white color scheme. It has pink on the top of its head, back, and arms, and cream on the bottom half of its face, body, ears, front, and fingers.

It looks like a sweater because of the pink and cream pattern on its chest. It has three fingers on each hand and two on each foot. It has a white tuft for a tail. Audino’s ears are flat on the bottom and have small, curled tips.

It can hear better than most animals and can use its ears as radars. It can hear the beat of another Pokémon’s heart because its ears have feelers that work like stethoscopes.

It can hear a moving pebble from a mile away, which shows how well it can listen. People say that Audino is a good person. When an Audino Mega changes into a Mega Audino, it gets both bigger and heavier.

Mega Audino can send out pulses that make people less angry, and the secondary feelers can make people fall asleep peacefully when they touch them.

Audino is also the only Pokémon that can learn Secret Power on its own as it gains levels.

11. Igglybuff


Igglybuff looks like a small, pink balloon with two legs. The body turns a deep pink color when the temperature goes up.

It has red eyes and a round tuft of hair on top of its head. Its forehead has a small swirl-like pattern. It has short, stumpy limbs.

This tiny Pokémon has a lot of flexibility and can bounce like a disc, but it might not be able to stop. It smells sweet so that people who don’t like it will feel better.

It can sing, but because its vocal cords are not fully developed, it can’t sing for long periods of time. If you sing too much, your throat can get sore.

Igglybuff like to live in grasslands near streams of fresh water.

10. Corsola

222 1 21 Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

Corsola is a small, round, pink Pokémon with growths on its tail that look like coral branches. It has dark, oval eyes and a small, blunt horn on its forehead.

It has a white bottom with spots that get bigger as you move away from the middle. It has two short bodies and four short legs.

Corsola lives in the warm, shallow waters of the southern seas. To stay alive, it needs clean water.

It can make them grow back in just one night. It brings together a lot of different people. On rare occasions, people have lived on top of these communities.

From what I’ve seen in the anime, Corsola’s horn is a valuable item that is often made into jewelry or carved into other things. Galarian Corsola were killed by sudden changes in the sea level, which turned them into Ghost-types.

It has bleached-white skin, half-closed pink eyes, and a permanent frown. Its hands and limbs look almost clear, and it can use its branches to drain the life force of others.

9. Fomantis

fomantis 1 21 Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

Fomantis is a plant-like Pokémon that is very small. It has big, dark pink eyes with pupils that are a little bit smaller. Light green leaves form a ring around its head.

From the middle of its head grows a small dark green bulb that smells sweet. Around its neck is a collar of short, dark green leaves.

Its main body is light pink, and a thick line of dark pink runs down the front and back.

It has a short tail and two short legs. Fomantis is a plant that uses photosynthesis to store energy.

Because of the danger, it won’t stay in one place for more than a day. It is very good at attacks from far away, but it rarely uses attacks that let it use the photosynthesis energy stored in its body.

The smell of Fromantis is pleasant and clean. Bugs like Cutiefly have been known to gather around it because of its smell.

8. Lurantis

754 Lurantis 1 21 Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

Lurantis is a Pokémon that looks like a plant but looks like an insect. Its head is light pink at the top and white at the bottom. It has light red eyes and two green antennae with a small green bump in the middle.

It has small, white arms that end in wide, red scythes with a single green claw at the tip and white along the bottom edge.

It has pink and red stripes going up and down its legs, and its green feet are short and pointy. Lurantis looks like and smells like a flower.

People have called it the most beautiful Grass-type Pokémon because of the way it shines and moves. By collecting light with its arms, which look like sickles, Lurantis can fire laser beams from them.

If you take good care of Fomantis, it will eventually become a Lurantis, which is the most beautiful grass Pokémon you’ll ever see.

And as long as you continue to treat it with respect, it will shower you with love and show you how to be more refined.

7. Happiny

440 1 21 Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

Happiny, also called “Playhouse Pokémon,” likes to make friends and take care of them. It is a small Pokémon with a light pink egg-shaped body that is soft and fluffy.

A dark pink band goes around the middle of a curly growth on top of its head that looks like a ponytail. Happiny often gets annoyed by this growth of curly hair.

It has three pink dots on each cheek and three round bumps on the top of its head. It has a pouch around the bottom half of its body.

This pouch is made of rubber and bends easily, so the Happiny can quickly put things in it. Since it can’t make eggs right now, it keeps a round, white stone that looks like an egg in its pouch.

It can send this stone to the people it wants to. People often trip over it because it walks around their feet.

In the anime, Happiny are shown to be very strong because they can lift heavy things above their heads. There are no males of the Happiny species.

6. Jigglypuff


Jigglypuff is a pink Pokémon that is round and has a pink body. It has large blue eyes and pointed ears with black insides. It has short, stumpy arms, and its feet are a little bit longer.

On top of its head is a curl of fur. In Super Smash Bros., it was shown that it can float by taking in more air. Jigglypuff’s pupils can make people fall asleep.

It can breathe in a lot of air, which is more than most other Pokémon. Jigglypuff will blow up its lungs and start singing a soothing and mysterious lullaby until it gets the attention of its opponent. Anyone who hears this tune will go to sleep.

It will sing until the other person falls asleep. Its song changes from country to country, and in some places it can sound like shouting. Most Jigglypuffs live in grassy meadows and plains with lots of green grass.

5. Clefairy

035 1 21 Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

It’s not as cute as the baby version, that’s true. On the other hand, this rude version of Cleffa does have its own charm.

The upper left corner of Clefairy’s mouth has a thin, pointy tooth that sticks out. It has deep pink oval markings on each cheek and broad, pointed ears with brown tips. It has wrinkles around the edges of its black, oval eyes.

A tuft of fur curls over its forehead, just like its big tail curls up. Both feet have one toenail, and each thick arm has a thumb and two small claws.

On its back are two tiny wings that look like butterfly wings. Even though it can’t fly, it can float because the moonlight gets stored in its wings.

Clefairy is a shy creature that doesn’t show itself to people except on rare occasions. When it comes down from its mountain home, it can sometimes be seen dancing in the moonlight.

4. Cleffa

173 1 21 Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

Cleffa lives in the mountains, where she and her friends dance all night, bringing luck to anyone who sees them.

The next morning, when they are thirsty, they drink dew. It is interested in things like Minior that look like stars and meteors.

Because of this and the fact that Cleffa looks like a star, people think it got there on a shooting star. In the anime, it was shown that its evolved forms are not from Earth.

This cute little ball grows up through friendship, which is a shame. You won’t be able to resist its charm, so you’ll soon have a Clefairy unless you get an item that stops it from evolving or keep pressing B after each level-up.

3. Mew

151 1 21 Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

Mew is a mammalian-looking pink bipedal Pokémon. It has a big blue eye, a round, wide nose, and ears in the shape of triangles.

It has three-fingered paws on its arms and big, oval-shaped paws on the bottoms of its back feet. It has a long, thin tail that ends in a round shape. Its fur is so fine and thin that you can only see it with a microscope.

People say that Mew can make the DNA of any Pokémon on the planet, which means it can learn and use any battle. Mew is so flexible that he can fly easily both in the air and on the water.

It can protect itself by making a green, yellow, or pink orb of energy around itself. However, in the last case, only the pink orb can be seen.

Mew is the only Pokémon that has been shown to be able to use the Z-Move called Genesis Supernova.

2. Chansey

113 1 21 Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

Chansey is a pink Pokémon with short, pink legs and deep pink paws. Its sides are also short. It has 3 hair-like growths on each side of its head.

In the middle of its belly is a dark pink pouch that holds a single white egg. The egg is said to be very healthy, and the bird lays many eggs every day.

It has a short tail, too. The Chansey is a species that only has females. There are no males.

Chansey is a kind Pokémon that will give its eggs to people and Pokémon who can’t get to them on their own. If Chansey is cared for and raised with love, her eggs will taste even better.

Chansey are very rare in the wild because their eggs have been taken so much. It is said that catching one will bring good luck and wealth to the person who does.

Chansey is the only Pokémon that can use the Lucky Punch item.

1. Sylveon


Sylveon is, without a doubt, the coolest pink Pokémon to play with. Everything: in war, for fun, as prizes, as stuffed animals, and so on.

Already, Eevee was cute.

But when you befriend it, it changes into a beautiful fairy-like creature that takes pink cuteness to a whole new level.

Sylveon is a four-legged mammal Pokémon with light cream-colored hair and pink paws, head, and tail. It has two bows on its body. One is at the base of its left ear, and the other is on its back.

Each bow has a pale cream center with a pink center and two ribbon-like “feelers” trailing behind it.

It can read your feelings with its ribbon-like feelers and will do everything it can to make you happy.

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