Pink Pokémon

21 Best Pink Pokémon of All Time

In Japan, Pokémon is known as Pocket Monsters. Pokémon come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, but the cutest and well-known are in various shades of pink.

And If you are looking for some Pink Pokémon to add in your team then here are some of the best and cutest pink Pokémon that we can over the internet.

I adore pink Pokémon, and many others do as well, which is why I’ve ranked the best 21 pink Pokémon below.

Now let’s get started…

21. Musharna


Musharna is a tapir-like Pokémon with a rounded, bipedal body. It has a light purple body and a pale pink head. It has deep pink ovals on its head and lips, as well as round, red eyes with three eyelashes.

Its four stubby limbs have dark pink tips. The label on its forehead seeps Dream Mist. The color of this mist varies depending on the type of dreams Musharna has consumed; it is usually a dark pink.

If this is the case, it is best not to approach it. It’s because the dark mist brings a person’s worst nightmares to existence.

The shapes and textures of Musharna’s visions can also be seen in the mist. Musharna is constantly drowsy and dreaming. If it is awoken from a deep slumber, it may become a horrible grump.

20. Aromatisse


Aromatisse is an avian Pokémon that walks on two legs. It has soft purple feathers all over its body, and an even fluffier mass of pink wings on it’s lower limbs.

Its lower back is adorned with a black bow. It has a white face with a small, rounded beak, similar to a plague doctor’s mask or a masquerade mask. It has black eyes with red sclerae and pupils, as well as thick, black lashes.

It has yellow centres in its feathery ears. It has three yellow claws on each side and three toes on its paw-like paws.

It can emit a wide range of odours, from a friendly scent to one that is so repulsive that it can turn a war in its favor.

It can, for example, chase down an enemy and cause them to lose their will to fight or their sense of smell. Aromatic Mist was its signature step in the past.

19. Deerling

Deerling 1

Deerling is a Pokémon that looks like a fawn of a fallow deer. In the spring, the upper side of its body is pink; in the summer, it is green; in the autumn, it is orange; and in the winter, it is brown.

Deerling has both a peach underside and a yellow patterned rim. It has a yellow floral tuft on its head, and the insides of its tapering ears have a similar yellow coloration.

It has a short pink tail and the tips of its limbs are black. With the changing of the seasons, it may take on a different look. It hides in tall grass if it detects hostility.

It travels in packs because it is afraid of humans. It prefers to live in sparsely populated areas away from people. It eats only plants.

18. Clefable


Clefable is a tall, pink Pokémon with a body that resembles a star. It has black, oval eyes with wrinkles on either side and long, pointed ears with dark brown tips.

A twisted lock of fur, like its long, tightly curled tail, hangs from its brow. A set of deep pink wings, each with three lines, are attached to its back.

It has three fingers on each hand, and two clawed toes and deep pink feet.

Clefable is a shy character that flees when it detects people surrounding, and it is one of the world’s most unusual Pokémon. Its sensitive ears can detect a pin drop from a distance of half a mile (one kilometer).

It likes to live in remote, mountainous areas where it can defend itself due to its acute hearing. It walks on water with a bouncy gait and often appears to be floating with its tiny wings.

17. Munna

munna 1

Munna is a quadrupedal Pokémon with an indefinable foundation that is pink and nearly spherical. It has four small tapered limbs and a tapered snout that hides its big mouth.

It has two discernible upper eyelashes and bright, oval, red eyes. Munna will eject Dream Mist from an oval spot between its eyes that is a darker shade of pink. It has the ability to float in the air at all times.

Munna has the ability to eat people’s and Pokémon’s dreams, as well as project these dreams using Dream Mist.

The contents of a dream eaten by a Munna will be forgotten by the person who had the dream. If the dream was fun, the Dream Mist would be pink.

Munna, on the other hand, will search out and heal people and Pokémon who are having dreams.

16. Hoppip


Hoppip is, the round pink Pokémon with such a crown of long green leaves. Like a dandelion, the leaves on its head include ragged edges.

It has big, triangular ears with dark interiors and beady yellow eyes that are devoid of pupils. It has stubby arms and legs, as well as a short tail with a rounded tip.

Each foot has a circular yellow pad on the underside.

Hoppip’s body is very light, so winds can quickly lift it off the ground and cause it to float away. Hoppip can detect the presence of powerful winds.

It clusters and connects leaves with other Hoppip or grips the ground tightly with its feet to avoid being swept away.

It does, however, enjoy gentle breezes. Hoppip is found in temperate grasslands, but it can also be found in fields, mountains, and even cities.

15. Blissey


Blissey is a Pokémon with a broad, ovoid body that is pink on top and white on the bottom. From either part of its head, it has hair-like curls.

Its hips and shoulders are covered in white, wing-like tufts, giving it the appearance of a dress. Its pink, stubby arms and feet are devoid of digits.

If swallowed, a single egg in a tiny pink pouch on its belly brings feelings of pleasure and makes an individual sweet and loving.

Even the most ferocious Pokémon can be calmed by the shell, which causes them to behave favorably toward others.

At markets, Blissey’s egg will fetch the highest price. Blissey can detect sorrow in its fuzzy fur and will run to someone who is sad or sick, attempting to nurse them back to health.

Blissey is said to be bursting at the seams with passion. It is the only evolutionary line capable of studying Soft-Boiled.

Blissey is a female-only species; there are no males. It is a city-dwelling Pokémon that is rarely seen in the wild.

14. Miltank

Miltank 1

Miltank is a bipedal, bovine Pokémon that can only be found in female form. It has a pink body with a yellow belly and black, angular markings running down its back.

The face is surrounded by a black hood-like marking with a pink triangular mark on its forehead. On top of its head, it has two small horns.

It has broad blue eyes, a black nose, a wide mouth, and long, black floppy ears with yellow insides. A Miltank with no horns or teats was shown.

Miltank has been the only Pokémon that could know Milk Drink before Generation VI. Its milk is sweet and nutritious, and it can be used to treat Pokémon as well as sick or tired humans.

The consistency of the pastures it grazes on enhances the taste and nutrition of its milk, and the taste varies with the seasons.

It can contain more than five gallons of milk every day, which can be made into yoghurt or simply eaten by children and adults.

Miltank can become ill if not milked on a daily basis. Miltank is a grassland creature who was also raised on farms.

Miltank’s ability to generate milk has aided the lives of humans and other Pokémon since ancient times.

13. Diancie


Diancie is a tiny Pokémon that resembles a humanoid. The lower body is a grey conical rock with a huge pink diamond carved into the side.

It has two arms and is wrapped in a white material that resembles a dress on its upper body. Its mitten-like hands protrude from the sleeves.

A golden half-circle with a pink stone in the middle is worn around the neck. It has a grey head with violet eyes and pointed ears with red sclerae. A headdress made of pink crystals sits atop the creature’s head.

Mega Diancie’s white dress grows longer and loses its sleeves as she grows older. The lower body transforms into a pink crystal and is encircled by a row of long crystals that match those on its headdress.

Due to its respectable beauty, Mega Diancie is known as the “Royal Pink Princess.” Diancie is the product of a mutation in a Carbink.

By compressing the carbon in the air, it can make diamonds in a moment. Only Diancie is known to be able to learn Crystal Storm.

12. Audino


Audino is a bipedal Pokémon featuring oval blue eyes and a pink and creamy colour scheme. The top of all its head, back, and arms are pink, while the bottom half of its face, body, ears, and front and fingers are cream-colored.

The pink and cream patterning on its chest resembles a sweater. Its hands have three digits and its feet have two. For a tail, it has a puffy white tuft. Audino has floppy ears on the underside with small, curled extensions.

It has exceptional hearing abilities and can use these ears as radars. Its ears have feelers that function like stethoscopes, allowing it to detect the rhythm of another Pokémon’s heart.

It has a remarkable listening ability, being able to hear a moving pebble from a mile away. Audino is said to be a good person. When an Audino Mega transforms into a Mega Audino, it gains weight and height.

Mega Audino can emit pulses that minimise aggression, and the secondary feelers can induce restful sleep in those that come into contact with them.

Audino is also the only Pokémon that can naturally learn Secret Power as it levels up.

11. Igglybuff


Igglybuff is a tiny, pink-colored bipedal balloon-like Pokémon. When the temperature rises, the body turns a deep pink color.

On top of its head, it has a rounded tuft of hair, a slight swirl-like pattern on its forehead, and red eyes. Its limbs are short and stubby.

This tiny Pokémon has incredible elasticity and can bounce like a disc, but it may not be able to stop. It has a sweet odour to soothe the feelings of its enemies.

While it can sing, due to its underdeveloped vocal cords, it cannot sing for long periods of time. When you sing too much, you can get a sore throat.

Igglybuff prefer to live near freshwater streams in grasslands.

10. Corsola

Corsola 1

Corsola is a tiny, pink, roundish Pokémon with coral-like branch-like growths on its tail. It has dark, oval eyes and a smaller, blunt horn on its forehead.

It has a white underside that speckles as it travels away from the middle. It has four stubby legs and two stubby bodies.

Corsola lives in the warm shallow waters of the southern seas and requires clean water to survive.

It has the ability to regrow them in a single night. It brings together huge social groups. People have been known to live atop these communities on rare occasions.

As seen in the anime, Corsola’s horn is a valuable commodity that is widely used for jewellery and carving. Sudden changes in sea level wiped out Galarian Corsola, transforming them into Ghost-types.

It has a bleached white body with half-closed pink eyes and a permanent frown, as well as its hands and limbs appear semitransparent; the branches could be used to sap the life force of others.

9. Fomantis

fomantis 1

Fomantis is a tiny Pokémon that looks like a plant. Its eyes are wide, dark pink, and its pupils are slightly smaller. Its head is surrounded by a ring of light green leaves.

From the middle of its head, a tiny dark green bulb sprouts, emitting a sweet fragrance. A collar of short, dark green leaves surrounds its neck.

It has a light pink main body with a thick dark pink line running down the front and back.

It has two short legs and a stubby tail. Fomantis is a plant that stores energy generated by photosynthesis.

Due to the risk, it will not remain in the same location for more than a day. While it excels at long-range attacks, it rarely employs those that enable it to use photosynthetic energy stored in its body.

The fragrance of Fromantis is nice and fresh. A bug due to its odour, Pokémon like Cutiefly have been known to congregate near it.

8. Lurantis


Lurantis is a plant-like Pokémon with an insect-like appearance. It has a light pink upper half and a white lower half to its head. It has two green antennae with a tiny green lump between them and light red eyes.

Its small, white arms end in wide, red scythes with a single green claw on the tip and white along the bottom rim.

Its legs are striped vertically in pink and red and have short, pointed green feet. Lurantis has a flower-like appearance and scent.

It has been dubbed the most beautiful Grass-type Pokémon due to its dazzling coloration and stylish moves. Lurantis can fire laser beams with its sickle-like arms by collecting light.

If you look after Fomantis properly, it will eventually evolve into a Lurantis, the most beautiful grass Pokémon you’ll ever see.

And as long as you continue to treat it with respect, it will shower you with love and set an example for you to emulate in order to become more refined.

7. Happiny


Happiny, also known as Playhouse Pokémon, enjoys befriending and caring for others. It’s a little Pokémon with a fluffy, smooth, light pink body that’s shaped like an egg.

A curly outgrowth on top of its head resembles a ponytail, with a dark pink band around the middle. Happiny is often irritated by the presence of this curly hair growth.

It has 3 pink dots on its cheeks and three circular bumps on its head. The bottom half of its body is encased in a pouch.

This pouch is rubbery and flexible, allowing the Happiny to quickly stuff objects into it. Since it is unable to produce eggs at this time, it carries an Egg-shaped stone in its pouch that is round and white.

It has the ability to send this stone to people it wants. It has a habit of stumbling people by walking around their feet.

In the anime, Happiny is shown to be extremely strong, as one has been seen raising heavy objects over its head. Happiny is only female species there are no males.

6. Jigglypuff


Jigglypuff is a circular pink Pokémon with a pink body. It has big blue eyes and pointed ears with black insides. Its arms are short and stubby, and its feet are slightly longer.

A curled tuft of fur sits atop its head. As seen in Super Smash Bros., it can float by pulling extra air into its body. Jigglypuff can hypnotize opponents with its pupils.

It does have a huge lung capacity, which is greater than that of most other Pokémon. Jigglypuff will inflate its lungs and begin singing a calming and enigmatic lullaby until it has an opposition’s focus. Anyone who listens to this melody will fall asleep.

It’ll keep singing until the competitor falls asleep. Its song varies by country, and it can sound like shouting in some places. Jigglypuff is mainly found in grassy meadows and lush green plains.

5. Clefairy

Clefairy 1

Sure, it’s not as adorable as the baby version. This immodest version of Cleffa, on the other hand, does have its own charm.

Clefairy’s mouth has a thin, pointed tooth that protrudes from the upper left corner. It has wrinkles around the edges of its black, oval eyes, a single deep pink oval labeling on each cheek, and broad, pointed ears with brown tips.

Like its big, upward-curling tail, a tuft of fur curls over its forehead. Both feet have a single toenail and each stocky arm has two tiny claws and a thumb.

On its back are a pair of tiny butterfly-shaped wings. Its wings can store moonlight and allow it to float, despite its inability to fly.

Clefairy is a timid creature that only reveals itself to humans on special occasions. It can be seen dancing under the moon light as it comes down of its mountain home on rare times.

4. Cleffa


Cleffa lives in mountainous areas, where she and her companions dance the night away, bringing good fortune to those who see it.

They drink dew the next morning to quench their thirst. Something that resembles stars and meteors, such as Minior, fascinates it.

Cleffa is thought to have arrived on a shooting star because of this, as well as its own star-shaped silhouette. It was revealed in the anime that its evolved forms are extraterrestrial Pokémon.

Unfortunately, friendship is how this little ball of cuteness develops. You won’t be able to resist its allure, so unless you get an item to prevent it from evolving or keep mashing B after each level-up, you’ll have a Clefairy in no time.

3. Mew


Mew is a mammalian-looking pink bipedal Pokémon. It has a big, blue eye, a rounded, broad snout, and triangular ears.

It has three-fingered paws on its forearms and big hind paws with oval markings on the soles. It has a long, slender tail with an ovoid tip. Its fur is so fine and thin that only a microscope can see it.

Mew is said to produce the DNA of any Pokémon on the planet, enabling it to learn and use any battle. Mew is amazingly adaptable, allowing him to fly easily in both the air and the sea.

It can shield itself by forming a green, yellow, or pink orb of energy around itself, but only the pink orb is visible in the latter. Mew is the only Pokémon proven to be able of using the Genesis Supernova Z-Move.

2. Chansey


Chansey is a stubby pink ovoid Pokémon with deep pink paws and stubby sides. On either side of its head, it has 3 hair-like growths.

A dark pink pouch sits in the middle of its belly, containing a single white egg. The egg is said to be extremely nutritious, and it produces many new eggs per day.

It also has a short tail. The Chansey has only female species no males exist.

Chansey is a kind Pokémon that will share its eggs with disabled people and Pokémon. If Chansey is raised with love and care, the eggs would be even more delicious.

Chansey is exceptionally rare in the wild due to over-harvesting of its egg, and is said to bring good luck and prosperity to those who catch it. Only one Pokémon who can use the Lucky Punch object is Chansey.

1. Sylveon


Hands down, Sylveon is the most awesome pink Pokémon to play with! Everything: in war, for fun, in competition, as plushies, etc. Eevee was already adorable.

However, after showering it with friendship, it transforms into a wonderful fairy-type creature that brings pink cuteness to new heights.

Sylveon is a quadrupedal mammalian Pokémon with pink paws, head, and tail and light cream-colored hair. On its body, it has two bows: one at the base of its left ear and the other on its spine.

Each bow has a pale cream centre with a pink centre and a pair of ribbon-like feelers trailing behind it.

With its ribbon-like feelers, it can read your emotions and will do everything in its power to make you happy.