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Cute curly hair anime girls are hard to find in anime maybe because curly hair are uncommon in Japan or maybe they difficult to draw or animate who knows.

But today we have a list of cute curly hair anime girls characters for you and its weird that most of the anime girls seem to have straight hairs because I found curly hair anime girls very cute and beautiful.

22 Stunning Curly Hair Anime Girl Characters

So lets begin the list of cute curly hair anime girls from the anime universe.

22. Kagari Izuriha from Black Rock Shooter

Kagari have long, messy blond curly hair anime girl and hazel brown eyes. She wears a white sleeping gown. She was thought to be permanently bound to a wheelchair, despite having no actual physiological disabilities.

After the death of Chariot, she has starts walking again. She is associated with a particular doll with brown hair curls.

curly hair anime girl

When she starts going to school, she wears the school uniform, with her hair tied with a pink ribbon in a side ponytail and clips in the back of her hair. She is about 157-160 cm tall.

21. Moeka Kiryu from Steins, Gate

Moeka is an attractive, elegant and stoic pale-skinned curly hair anime girl with light nut-brown hair, pink-amber eyes and a tall, slender profile. Usually seen with a purple phone and rectangular glasses.

Moeka has a stylish sense of fashion, with her outfit consisting of a white button up top with black arm cutouts, a black belt with a checkered buckle, a short black skirt, and black heels.

Moeka Kiryu

Her Rounder uniform consists of a black jumpsuit, black boots and a black belt. She also ties her hair to make it easier to move.

20. Aria from Omega Quintet

Aria is a pale skinned curly hair anime girl with light red-pink eyes. She has very long, slightly curled, flowing white hair that ends inches above her ankles. Her bangs come to her eyes, just barely framing them with parts of longer, thick hair that go past her shoulders and reach her chest.

As an idol, Aria’s hair is worn in very long pigtails. She gains a big, curved cowlick while her bangs and hair framing her face remains the same. She wears a white dress with strips going down each side of the chest, held together by black ribbons.

Aria from Omega Quintet

Along the bottom are lines of purple, white, and pale pink to match the bow at the center of her chest. The breasts portion is black in color. The skirt consists of a purple, frilly pleat with dark purple crescent moon print and white lining.

19. Biscuit Krueger from Hunter x Hunter

Bisky likes to act and look like a young curly hair anime girl. Her overall aspect is reminiscent of a porcelain doll. She is often shown wearing a sleeveless dress and a bloomer with a mantelet and skirt donned over it, along with gloves and plain leather shoes.

She always has her hair tied up neatly and has changed its style 3 times throughout the storyline. In her true form, she is a massive and extremely muscular woman several times the size of her preferred form.

Biscuit Krueger

Although she claims to stay in her younger form to have the enemy underestimate her, the main reason is that she hates her original appearance.She always has her hair tied up neatly and has changed its style 3 times throughout the storyline.

18. Ichigo Hoshimiya from Aikatsu

Ichigo has long, wavy blonde hair that reaches her waist. She’s almost always seen wearing her trademark red headband with a large, red bow. Her eyes are strawberry red.

As a student of Starlight School, she wears a standardized uniform for each season. While exercising, her hair is tied up in pigtails, and she wears a white tracksuit with pink sleeves and accents.

Ichigo Hoshimiya from Aikatsu

When wearing casual clothing, her clothes are usually pink and cute.

17. Chariot from Black Rock Shooter

Chariot is a pale skinned curly hair anime girl wearing a dress with black and white tones. She wears a large spiked crown on her head, as well as claw-like gloves.

Most notable is her choice of footwear: she wears black, metallic thighhighs with black and yellow wheels that can be used as slicing weapons.

Her legs are often bent and she slouches slightly in her posture, making her appear shorter than her actual height which is 160-162.6cm. She weighs 105 lbs.

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