35 Best Electric Type Pokemon of All Time (Updated In 2024)

There are more than a thousand Pokemon in the Pokemon universe, so it’s hard to pick a favorite.

Pikachu is the most popular Electric Type Pokemon of all time, though.

But today we’re going to look at more electric Pokemon that you need on your team.

These electric Pokemon have some of the best moves, but they are weak to other types.

Now, let’s start the list of the best electric-type Pokemon of all time without wasting any more time.

Best 10 Electric Type Pokemon, Ranked - Prima Games

Updated in June, 2024, by Swati: In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, players were treated to some amazing new electric kinds,

a brand-new Pikachu clone, futuristic-looking paradox forms, and even legendary Pokemon.

Popular in the series are the electric ones.

It so happens that the franchise mascot, Pikachu, is an electric kind.

This updated list has further information on each of the best electric-type Pokemon,

together with recommended moves that players should use while using them in a game.

40. Miraidon

Miraidon - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Guide - IGN

Among the best electric-type Pokemon to ever grace the game is one of the two unique rideable legendary Pokemon that were revealed to players in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Players using its signature assault, Miraidon, have scorched through higher-level Tera Raids.

Accessible to dual-type Electric/Dragon Pokemon, Electro Drift is a powerful move that,

when used well against an opponent, produces 30% extra strength with 100% accuracy and 100 basic strikes.

When you add this to its great Special Attack (135) and high speed (135), it becomes evident why Miraidon is so useful.

39. Raging Bolt

Raging Bolt blasts every other Paradox Pokémon out of top Scarlet and  Violet VCG spot - Dot Esports

Exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet players exploring the Hidden Treasures of Area Zero DLC,

Raging Bolt is a previous Paradox form of Raikou.

Trainers may need to put this aside even if its design is questionable if they want to use a powerful Electric/Dragon’mon in Paldea.

The strongest statistic about it is its 137th special assault.

Any opponents in their way will be helped to demolish by moves like thunder, dragon pulse, and zap cannon.

Getting hold of Raging Bolt is a bit difficult.

Players need the Indigo Disc DLC and 200 Pokemon entered into the Blueberry Academy Pokedex in order to add the Paradox Pokemon to their roster.

38. Pawmot

How To Get Yoasobi's Pawmot Via Mystery Gift In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The new 490 basic stat electric/fighting-type pawmot was debuted in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Its 115 assault enables it to strike quickly and with some physical force.

Anyone looking for a distinctive partner with interesting typography may find great use for its peculiar typing and abundance of motions.

It may be the “Pikachu Clone” of the 9th Generation, but most gamers believe it to be far more useful than the well-known mouse.

37. Toxtricity

13 Facts About Toxtricity - Facts.net

Toxtricity is unique among Pokemon of the Electric/Poison type, along with its pre-evolved form, Toxel.

The Punk Pokemon comes in low-key and amped versions, depending on its nature.

The statistics are the same for both versions.

Beyond appearances, at level 52, the Low Key variant learns Magnetic Flux, while at the same level, the Amped learns Shift Gear.

It can use Boomburst and Overdrive to attack opponents from a distance with its 114 Sp. Atk., which its Punk Rock ability increases by 30%.

Just for this reason, it is among the best Pokemon of the Electric type in the games.

Players need to be careful while up against ground types, though, as they are 4x more vulnerable than pure electric monsters.

36. Hisuian Electrode

Can you evolve Hisuian Voltorb into Hisuian Electrode in Pokémon Go? - Dot  Esports

By itself, an electrode is a little bit of a gimmick; it is quick and employs explosions.

Its Hisuian counterpart, however, is a little more three-dimensional and can acquire several STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) grass skills like energy balls, chloroblasts, and seed bombs.

But it also features the standard electric moves along with good type coverage in rollout and gym ball.

At 150 mph, both electrode kinds are incredibly fast. Not many Pokemon will outperform this one in battle.

35. Blitzle


Blitzle is a black Pokémon that looks like a zebra. It has thick white stripes with two points on its neck, chest, back, and back legs.

It has an oval face with blue eyes that have yellow centers. Its nose is big and dark.

It has short, triangular ears on top of its head that are blue on the inside. Its legs are white below the knees, but its hooves are black.

It has a short, white tail with two points. It has a spiky, white mane that goes up its neck and ends in a long, lightning-bolt-like extension in front.

This Pokémon’s mane gathers and stores electricity, which flashes when it gives off energy.

It talks to other people of its kind by controlling how often and how fast these flashes happen.

34. Pincurchin


Pincurchin is a sea Pokémon that looks like a sea urchin and has a black body.

It has two yellow eyes, each with a black triangle-shaped pupil, and two yellow mouth parts that are round.

It has a row of sharp spines down the middle of its back and two rows of two spines on each side of its body.

Each spine has a grayish tip that glows yellow when an electric current goes through it.

33. Dracozolt


Dracozolt is a hybrid fossil Pokémon. Its upper body is small and yellow, and its arms have two long wings that look like lightning bolts.

It has a long neck that leads to a head that looks like a raptor’s. The eyes are closed, and there is a red spot on each cheek.

With an orange and yellow circle around the neck, the upper half is connected to the middle of the lower body. Pink and green make up the lower body.

It has green legs with pink stripes and pink toes, and a green tail with pink stripes and spikes.

32. Arctozolt


Arctozolt is a hybrid fossil Pokémon. Its body is light blue, and the top has a white patch that looks like snow.

Its body is blue and has spots and fins with white patches at the ends.

It has a tail that looks like a mosasaur’s and a fin on top.

The hands are yellow. Arctozolt’s head looks like that of a raptor. Its eyes are closed, and there is a blue spot on each cheek.

Mucus comes out of its nose.

31. Regieleki


Regieleki is a Pokémon that looks like an electric golem. It is mostly made of electric energy made by a single organ.

Its body is round and yellow, and its head has three spikes. Its face has a pink pattern that looks like the letter “X.”

It has five blue insulated rings that look like metal. Two of the rings serve as shoulders and connect to arms that look like electric wires.

The other three rings make up the bottom of its triangle-shaped body, which has legs that look like lightning.

During an attack, the electric arms can open. It can attack by making its body light up bright yellow.

30. Pichu


Pichu is a small Pokémon with pale yellow fur that lives on the ground. It has black, pointy tips on its ears, collar, and tail.

The pink pouches on Pichu’s cheeks can hold small amounts of electricity, and its nose is so small that it looks like a dot. Pichu is a four-legged animal, but it walks well on its back legs.

Pichu is a social Pokémon that is known for being playful and naughty. It usually hangs out in groups, and to show how brave it is, it touches tails with other Pichu.

This causes a shower of sparks that can make them cry.

It can’t store electricity well and will let go if it is amused, startled, or shocked.

29. Morpeko


Morpeko is a Pokémon that looks like a short, fat rodent. It can change its form by using its Hunger Switch Ability, which changes how it looks.

Both forms have short, stumpy arms and legs, a pair of round pink pouches on their cheeks, a very small nose, and two almond-shaped ears with a single fur tuft under each.

And a main body color that divides the two areas of fur that cover the arms, ears, cheeks, eyes, and stop at the waist line. These fur areas cover the arms, ears, cheeks, eyes, and zigzag in toward the face.

28. Pachirisu


Pachirisu is a small Pokémon that looks like a white squirrel. It has a light blue tint and a light blue stripe that goes from its head to the end of its tail.

The blue stripe on a female Pachirisu is shorter than on a male. Out of its mouth grows a big white tooth. It has dark gray eyes, and each cheek has a yellow circle.

Its tail is almost twice as long as its body, and at the top of the curl are three spikes that it can use to fire charges.

Even though its arms and legs are very short, it can run very quickly, making it hard for Pokémon to keep up with it.

Its body has a lot of electricity running through it. If it gets charged up enough, it could shock other Pokémon.

27. Oricorio Pom-Pom Style

Oricorio Pom-Pom Style

Style: Three Pom-Pom Oricorio showed up in Pulling Out the Pokémon Base Pepper!, where they cheered for Ash and his classmates during the Pokémon Base game.

Officer Jenny of Ula’ula Island owned a Baile Style Oricorio, which was seen in Tough Guy Trials!

In A Fiery Training Camp Trick!, a Pa’u Style Oricorio was seen. It was first seen in a flashback being scared away by a Crawdaunt.

It then showed up again in the present day after Sophocles’s Vikavolt fought the same Crawdaunt.

26. Emolga


Emolga is a white Pokémon that looks like a flying squirrel but is actually a rodent. It has black eyes, a small nose, and patches of yellow skin on its cheeks.

It can make electricity with the electric sacs on its cheeks and store electricity in the membranes of its body.

Its black ears are round and sit on top of its head. The insides of its ears are yellow and white.

It has a black pattern around its head that looks a bit like a hood, and the pattern goes up into spikes above its face. Its three-fingered arms are connected to yellow flaps that look like wings.

It has white feet that aren’t very big, and its black tail is jagged.

25. Yamper


Yamper is a quadrupedal, canine Pokémon. Its body is brown, and it has yellow fluff around its neck that looks like a collar and around its eyes.

It has a heart-shaped pattern on its back and a yellow tail that looks like a lightning bolt. It has four white feet.

The insides of Yamper’s ears are a light green and yellow color. It also has a small nose that is yellow.

24. Zebstrika


Zebstrika is a zebra-like Pokémon. It has a black coat with white stripes that are sharp and go all over its body.

It has one pointed stripe on its nose, two fancy stripes on its neck and chest, one zigzag stripe on its jaws, back, and hindquarters, one triangular stripe on each of its thighs, and two stripes on each of its legs.

It has triangular ears with blue insides, and its blue eyes have yellow sclera and white eyelashes. It has a black nose and gray hooves.

23. Alolan Golem

Alolan Golem

Golem is a Pokémon that looks like a two-legged tortoise. It has a round body covered by a green rock shell. It has a body so tough that even dynamite can’t break it.

Its head sticks out of the middle of its shell. The head has a flat nose and two sharp teeth in the lower jaw. The eyes are red.

It has two short arms with three claws on each and two legs with four claws on the front and one on the back of each foot.

The head and parts of the body are a light brown color. Golem gets bigger every year when it sheds its skin. When the discarded shell is exposed to air, it hardens right away, then crumbles into the ground.

But as it gets older, it stops shedding and moss grows on its shell. Golem’s shell is hollow, as shown on the Pocket Monsters Carddass Trading Cards.

22. Zeraora


Zeraora is a cat-like Pokémon that walks on two legs and has mostly yellow and black fur.

Its lower legs, lower body, upper arms, and face have thin, black fur, while the rest of its body has thick, yellow fur. Each thigh has a black stripe that goes in a zigzag pattern, and each arm has two more stripes.

On its chest, there are small tufts of light blue fur, and on its forehead, there is a longer tuft. It also has a single blue whisker in the shape of a lightning bolt on each cheek.

Between its shoulders is a long clump of fur that looks like a ponytail or a tail. Zeraora has blue eyes and big ears with black spots on the inside.

It has four clawed fingers and light blue pads on its front paws, but only three clawed toes on its back paws.

21. Vikavolt


Vikavolt looks like a beetle and has a big pair of mandibles. It has a small orange face with yellow, mechanical eyes and a blue shell.

The teeth stick out from this helmet. On the inside, they are blue, and on the outside, they are yellow.

At the bottom of each jaw is a big spike, and the inside is covered with smaller spikes. Its body is black, and yellow rings divide it into three parts.

Each side of the last two pieces has a yellow spot. It has a pair of wide, flat wings on its back. The wings are clear and have blue covers.

It has four legs. The two in front have two claws each, while the two in back only have one.

20. Manectric


Manectric is a canine, quadrupedal Pokémon. It has a yellow mane on its head and yellow fur tufts on its haunches and around its front feet.

Most of its body is blue.

Its mane has three points and stands straight up. It has a sharp upper jaw, red eyes, and what look like ears on either side of its head.

It has three claws on each paw. It has a sharp bend in its blue, spike-like tail.

19. Thundurus


Thundurus’s Incarnate Forme is a blue, muscular person-like Pokémon that looks like a genie. It is a species that only has males; there are no females. It has one long, sharp, purple horn on its head.

Thundurus has white hair that is styled in zigzags and spikes. It also has a white mustache with spikes and two blue ears with points on either side of its head. It has yellow eyes with white irises and no pupils that can be seen.

Thundurus has a lot of irregularly shaped purple spots on the front of its body. Its large chest is made up of two purple, round-diamond-shaped pectorals that are joined together. Its shoulders, elbows, and navel have designs that look like raindrops.

It has two strong arms with spots, and each hand has five fingers. Its lower body is a trailing cloud, and its tail looks like a thick, long, purple cable that curls.

18. Galvantula


Galvantula has a head and a stomach for a body. The top of its head is yellow, and the bottom is a light purple color.

It has two big, blue eyes that look forward and have black pupils. It also has four small, simple eyes in a 2×2 pattern on its forehead.

It has two long pedipalps that come together at the back of its head. The bottom half of each pedipalp is blue and hairless, while the top half is covered in thick yellow fur.

The top of Galvantula’s body is covered with yellow and light purple fur, and the area under its abdomen is covered with blue fur. Four tufts of hair grow upward from under its stomach.

The back has two big tufts on the left and right, and each side has two smaller ones. It has light purple fur on its back, and three thick yellow stripes go up from its back.

17. Electivire


Electivire is a big creature that looks like a human and has yellow fur with black stripes on it. It looks like it doesn’t have a neck. It has red eyes, a black spot on its forehead, and two antennae with rounded tips.

Electivire’s back has a pattern that looks like an electric outlet. It has rough, spikey fur on its cheeks and shoulders.

It has two black tails that look like open electrical wires because they end in red balls. Electivire has three clawed toes on each of its black feet, and each of its black hands has five fingers.

16. Heliolisk


Heliolisk is a Pokémon that walks on two legs and looks like a yellow lizard. Its head is mostly black, but the bottom jaw is yellow. It has blue eyes that are topped with a sharp spike.

It has a black frill around its neck that has orange spikes around the edge. If needed, this frill can be lifted to frame its head.

It has three black fingers on each hand and foot, and an orange band with triangle shapes goes around each leg. It has a long tail that tapers and is orange in the middle and black at the end.

15. Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko’s head and torso are black, and it has white markings on its chest, just above its eyes, and on top of its head.

It has a big orange plume with bristles that grows out of the top of its head. The top bristle and half of the bristle below it are marked with yellow.

The bottom of this crest goes all the way to its neck, where it splits its face in half and makes a beak-like nose. It has small blue eyes that are marked with yellow spots.

Its bottom half is orange and has four sharp points: one short spine in front, two short spines in back, and one longer spine in the middle.

14. Zekrom


Zekrom is a black, two-legged Pokémon that has dark patches on different parts of its body. It looks like a dragon or a dinosaur.

It has red eyes with white irises and black pupils. The tip of its nose has a small bump that looks like a horn. Its head has a crest that looks like a thundercloud and has light-blue tips.

When its mouth is open, you can see two sets of pointy teeth on the top and four sets on the bottom.

At the base of its neck is a black thing that looks like a stud, and on top of its shoulders are other things that look like armor padding but are bigger.

The tips of its wings are also padded and have a shape that looks like webs. One edge has a small “spike” that looks like a wing.

13. Alolan Raichu

Alolan Raichu

Raichu is a Pokémon that looks like a two-legged rat. Raichu has dark orange fur on its body and a white belly. It has two-part ears that are brown on the outside and yellow on the inside, with a curl at the end.

Where its electric sacs are, there is a yellow circle on each cheek, and its dark brown nose is triangular.

It has patches of brown fur on the ends of its arms and feet, and the soles of its long feet are tan with an orange pad in the middle.

It has two brown stripes going across its back. It has a long, thin tail that ends in a lightning bolt.

This lightning bolt is worn down on women. Raichu gives off a weak electrical charge from its whole body, and in the dark, it glows a little.

12. Raichu


Raichu is a rodent-like Pokémon that walks on two legs. Raichu has dark orange fur, and its belly is white.

Its split ears are brown on the outside and yellow on the inside, and they end in a curl that makes them easy to spot.

It has a triangular dark brown nose and a yellow circle on each cheek where its electric sacs are. It has brown fur on the ends of its arms and feet, and the soles of its long feet are tan with a round orange pad in the middle.

It has two horizontal brown stripes on its back. It has a long, thin tail that ends in the shape of a lightning bolt.

The lightning bolt is chipped on females. Raichu gives off a weak electrical charge from its whole body and glows slightly in the dark.

11. Xurkitree


Xurkitree is a very tall Ultra Beast that looks like a bunch of human-like wires strung together.

Its “head” was a white electric spark that glowed brightly and had many points but no face. Below its head is a mass of black wires that make up its torso and limbs. It also has white bands that look like zip ties all over its body.

Its shoulders, elbows, and wrists are tied together where its arms would be. The upper arms have two cables, while the lower arms have three. Its arms end in copper structures that look like hands and have six flat “fingers” each.

The legs are connected at the hips, knees, and ankles, and they are made of four cables that are fused together along their entire length.

The four toes on each foot have copper “claws” that stick out. Two of the toes on each foot are fused together and point forward, while the other two are separate and point backward.

10. Eelektross


Eelektross is an eel-like Pokémon that looks like a lamprey. It has a long, finned arm that sticks out from its head like a tentacle.

It has red eyes, a dark blue body, paddle-like clawed arms with yellow spots, and palms that are yellow and red.

It has a beige fin on the top of its body and legs that look like beige fins on the bottom. It lives in the water, but it comes to land to hunt.

It can crawl out of the water with its arms and catch prey with its sucker mouth.

After grabbing its food with its sucker mouth, it pulls it into the water. It shocks its food before eating it.

9. Luxray


Luxray is a Pokémon that walks on all fours and looks like a full-grown lion.

Its face, back legs, torso, and the backs of its front legs are all blue, but most of its body is covered in shaggy black fur.

The fur is longer around the shoulders and at the base of the tail, and it forms a mane on its head. The mane on the male is bigger than the one on the female.

It has yellow eyes with red sclerae, a blunt muzzle, and round ears with yellow insides.

On the back of each front leg, there are three yellow half-rings. It has a long, thin tail with a yellow star with four points at the end.

8. Rotom


Rotom is shaped like a lightning rod and is made of plasma. It has a whitish-blue aura of electricity that comes out in the shape of lightning bolts.

It has teeth, and the blue eyes that make it unique are split down the middle. As seen in the anime, Rotom likes to play jokes on people who don’t expect them.

Rotom can go back in time, which can also be seen in the anime.

7. Pikachu


Pikachu is a Pokémon that looks like a short, fat rat. It has yellow fur with two brown stripes going across its back.

It has brown eyes and a small mouth. The tips of its long, pointed ears are black. Each cheek is a red circle with a pouch on it that stores electricity.

It has short forearms and three toes on each foot. Each paw has five fingers.

A patch of brown fur is at the base of its lightning-bolt-shaped tail. At the end of a female’s tail, there is a V-shaped cut that looks like the top of a heart.

It is considered a four-legged animal, but it has been seen standing and walking on its back legs.

6. Cosplay Pikachu

Cosplay Pikachu

After the first time the player takes part in a Pokémon Contest Spectacular in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire,.

An NPC will give the player a Cosplay Pikachu because she thinks it goes with the player’s costume.

The Cosplay Pikachu she gives the player will be in the Pikachu Rock Star costume for male players or the Pikachu Pop Star costume for female players.

When you get Cosplay Pikachu, it will have its Hidden Ability, and its Contest condition will be raised in each category. Shiny can’t be a part of a Cosplay Pikachu.

5. Ampharos


Ampharos has a white belly and is yellow and two-legged. It has black stripes on its cone-shaped ears and a red ball on its forehead.

It has a long neck with a few black rings near the bottom. It has short, flipper-like arms, and each foot has one white nail.

It has a long tail with black stripes and a red ball at the end. Its tail has a ball that can shine so brightly that you can see it from space.

People have used the light as a beacon or to send messages across the ocean.

Ampharos lives in grasslands, but it can also be found on farms with Mareep and Flaaffy, which are its pre-evolved forms.

4. Magnezone


When Magneton is in a special magnetic field and raises its level, it makes Magnezone. Even though evolution happens at the level of molecules, scientists have not been able to make it happen on their own.

Magnezone’s body is wide and round, like a disc or saucer, and has a thin edge that goes around its diameter. Its main eye is in the middle, and the red pupil is big.

It has a ball-shaped piece on each side of its body. Each side has an eye, a horseshoe magnet, and a Phillips head screw.

As shown in Confronting the Darkness!, these extra eyes can move without the main eye.

It has a thin, tall, yellow rod on top of its head that looks a lot like an antenna and is used for certain attacks. A third horseshoe magnet is set up like a tail behind its body.

3. Raikou


Raikou is a yellow Pokémon that looks like a tiger. It has black stripes and a white underside.

It has a thin, light blue tail with sharp angles and a spark-shaped shape at the end. It has thick white fur on most of its face, and yellow fur around its red eyes.

Raikou has a light blue “X” for a nose, and its forehead, nose, and ears are covered by two bumps on its black faceplate. Raikou looks a lot like the saber-toothed cat because it has two long teeth.

It has big claws that always come together to make a single point. Its body has extra fur that hangs down in front of its thighs.

Raikou has a mane that looks like dark purple rain clouds and lets it shoot lightning bolts.

2. Zapdos


Zapdos is a big Pokémon that is mostly yellow and has wings. It has black around its small, triangular eyes, and a long, thin, light orange beak.

It has a lot of spiky feathers on its wings and tail, and black feathers cover the back of its wings and the inside of its tail feathers. It has a big crest of sharp feathers on top of its head.

It has tan thighs and skinny, light orange legs. It has three toes that face forward and one toe that faces backward. Each toe has a short talon.

1. Jolteon


Jolteon is a quadrupedal, mammalian Pokémon.

It has yellow fur and a white ruff around its neck. Its tail has a spiky fringe and its neck has a white ruff.

It has big, pointed ears that are black on the inside. Its eyes and small nose are also black.

It has long, skinny legs and small, three-toed paws with pink pads.


What are Electric Type Pokemon and what are their strengths?

Electric Type Pokemon are a type of Pokemon that use electricity as their primary method of attack. Their strengths include being able to paralyze their opponents, having immunity to paralysis themselves, and being resistant to Electric, Flying, and Steel Type moves.

What are some famous Electric Type Pokemon?

Some famous Electric Type Pokemon include Pikachu, Raichu, Jolteon, Zapdos, and Electabuzz.

What are some common moves that Electric Type Pokemon use?

Some common moves that Electric Type Pokemon use include Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Volt Switch, and Thunder Punch.

What are the weaknesses of Electric Type Pokemon?

Electric Type Pokemon are weak against Ground Type moves, and they are also vulnerable to being paralyzed themselves.

How do Electric Type Pokemon evolve?

Electric Type Pokemon evolve in a variety of ways, depending on the species. For example, Pikachu evolves into Raichu by using a Thunder Stone, while Eevee can evolve into Jolteon by using a Thunder Stone or by leveling up with high friendship while near an Electric-type move.

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