35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

Roughly speaking, every Pokémon adventure begins the same way: with a young boy or girl coming of age, a kind professor, and a dream… Plus a Pokémon to get you started, of course.

The blazing nature, strong abilities, and general coolness of fire types have made them fan favorites among the three primary kinds that players may select from in virtually every game.

This is due to the fact that fire types are the default type for most Pokémon.

Even Ash from the anime was aware of what was going on. Charizard has always had a major role in his squad, despite the fact that Pikachu is the star of the show.

Other well-known instances of flaming magnificence are the incredibly fashionable Malva, a member of the Elite Four in Pokémon X/Y, and Flannery, who was first in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and has lately undergone some editing.

You’ll adore the list of our favorite fire-type Pokémon that you have to check out if you want to hang out with the cool people, burn grass types and insect types to ashes for fun, and like Team Valor Leader Candela’s Instagram page like a crazy person.

35. Heatmor

35 heatmor anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

There are differences among the many Pokémon.

In spite of the fact that it is capable of holding its own in combat, Heatmor is the type of Pokémon that no one wants on their team.

You won’t have much luck tracking down pertinent Heatmor fan art, and you won’t stumble upon a single Heatmor tattoo among the many Trainers who have adorned their bodies with ink all over the world.

This goes to illustrate that not even a species of Pokémon as intriguing as an Anteater Pokémon can attract any interest if its look is not only unpleasant but also forgettable.

Despite this, he is an interesting creature to investigate more if you are a fan of his design.

34. Turtonator

34 turtonator anime pokemon 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

And just what is this Turtonator thing? An explosive Kappa? Who provided permission for the use of the name?

Turtonator is simply too ridiculous to be taken seriously, even when its intriguing Fire/Dragon-type and strong defensive stat are taken into consideration.

Due to the fact that its shell is formed of a volatile and explosive substance, this Pokémon is also known as the Blast Turtle. How exactly is this going to keep people safe?

I’ll think about giving him a go later on in the game, but I couldn’t carry him into the E4 with me. Mr. T., you need to get back to eating sulfur while hiding in a cave.

33. Emboar

33 emboar fire pokemon 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

A beginning item that is so far down on the list ought to trigger warning bells for all of you.

A peculiar flare pig Pokémon, this bacon-in-the-making is solely notable for the fact that it is not exactly the most useful starter in the entire universe.

Emboar has not been able to gain the affection of fans as much as Charizard has because… well, it just has the worst design on a Fire-type starter.

Despite having an offensive Fire/Fighting typing and respectable Attack and Sp. Attack numbers, Emboar has failed to earn the love of fans as much as Charizard. To my way of thinking, at least.

Because it faces stiff competition from Pokémon like Samurott and Serperior, it should come as no surprise that Emboar is not the first option for trainers looking for a companion to travel with them across the Unova area.

32. Volcanion

32 volcanion anime pokemon 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

This legendary monster is known as the steam Pokémon, and it too has a severely problematic design that was intended to make it appear like a relic of some kind.

It has the Special Attack to back up the claims that it has the power to blow up a mountain, and the allegations that it has enough power to blow up a mountain are true.

Now, thanks to its Defense, it ought to be able to withstand the aftermath of such an achievement as well. It, therefore, has the appropriate numbers in the appropriate locations.

Volcanion may have a hideous appearance, but I’m willing to give it a pass because it’s so difficult to track down. This gives it some redeeming qualities in my eyes. If I were as hideous, I would stay away from people too.

31. Magcargo

31 magcargo fire pokemon 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

I only have hazy recollections of my first time playing through Pokémon Crystal, but I do recall capturing a Slugma and diligently training it throughout the course of my adventure until it evolved into a Magcargo.

This flaming snail eventually became one of the executioners in my group, despite the fact that it appeared to have a kind and naive face while being literally a glob of hyper-heated magma.

And when we defeated the Elite IV, he was a member of the very first squad that I led to victory and induction into the Hall of Fame.

It didn’t occur to me at the time, but Magcargo was able to prevail because of its outstanding defense and good special attack, which allowed it to power up attacks like Flamethrower and Earth Power.

The Flame Body was another helpful tool in dealing with chip damage. If you enjoy using slugs in games, this is a really entertaining addition to your squad that you may use.

30. Camerupt

30 camerupt anime pokemon 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

Another generation 3 Pokémon that is frequently disregarded is Camerupt.

This Fire/Ground-type Pokémon has an extremely clever and entertaining design that swaps the water tanks that would normally be found in a camel’s body for lava-filled volcanoes that are just ready to erupt.

In addition to this, it was fortunate enough to receive the Mega Evolution treatment, which consisted of doubling down on everything that made it popular in the first place.

Camerupt is an exceptional offensive performer for a fighter because of its strong attack and special attack.

Because its Solid Rock ability reduces the amount of damage that it takes from really powerful techniques to a minimum, using it is a good choice in many different kinds of team configurations if you want to deviate from the norm.

29. Victini

29 victini pokemon anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

People may be joking that Ball Man from Pokémon Sword and Shield is actually a hidden Legendary Pokémon, but he does exist in the game. I do, however, recall the first animal designed with a superhero concept.

Victini was introduced to the land of Unova to serve as a beacon of light with its aerodynamic design, huge blue eyes, and a V for Victory on its forehead.

If you’re simply playing single-player games, this Psychic/Fire-type Pokémon will almost always win for its trainer.

It will be immune to the majority of enemies in the Unova area thanks to its balanced set of legendary-level stats. And when its defenses are lowered by its special V-Create move, it deals greater damage.

28. Coalossal

28 coalossal pokemon in game 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

Rolycoly, the adorable coal Pokémon shown in the Sword and Shield trailers, shocked me by turning out to be Steel type.

Once the game was out and I saw the Rock/Fire-type evolution line, the rationale was obvious.

This massive creature runs on the dirty energy of burning coal. Once it reaches Gigantamax, it emits even more greenhouse gases.

Fortunately, the only way it will grow irritated and start burning up is if people loiter and vandalize in abandoned mines. It is therefore in our power to maintain Earth’s health and protect its ecology.

27. Centiskorch

27 centiscorch pokemon 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

Centiskorch is the best option if you want a strong Galarian fire monster that won’t cause long-term sea-level rise.

It grows larger and more primitive in appearance as it matures from Sizzlipede.

Because of its Fire/Bug typing, similar to that of the fan-favorite Volcarona, Centiskorch is an excellent option for bug-type teams.

That bug is no longer a playable character is another benefit.

26. Houndoom

26 houndoom pokemon in anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

Houndoom is the coolest dog you’ve ever seen, and its popularity spans everything from motorcycle gangs to team rocket grunts.

This man is your best choice if you want others to assume you belong to a cult due to his aggressive Fire/Dark-type and terrifying-looking Mega Evolution.

When gen 2 was originally introduced, I recall thinking it was quite neat. However, I now just care about its excellent attacking statistics and respectable speed.

However, the truth is that these individuals actually hurl flaming poison at their adversaries. It seems like an angry adolescent was given creative control over this one. Furthermore, I find it to be really appealing.

25. Salazzle

25 salazzle pokemon anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

Occasionally, players may control avatars from the incorrect game.

This is certainly the case with the enchanting and fashionable Salazzle. It would be awesome to have her as a World of Warcraft cosmetic pet.

And I refer to her since this Pokémon is only female.

When breeding with other saladit, it has the ability to produce and release very effective pheromones to attract male salandit. Perfumes can be created by distilling and detoxicating these pheromones.

This Poison/Fire Pokémon isn’t just a pretty face; it’s also a powerful sweeper, thanks to its strong Special Attack and sturdy Defense.

Power corrosion also has its own distinct characteristics. Salazzle may now poison Pokémon of the steel and poison kinds, which normally have no resistance to poison.

24. Oricorio – Baile Style

24 oricorio baile style anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

Oricorio, found in Alola, has great style, especially when it uses Baile Style after ingesting Red Nectar.

The design of this Fire/Flying creature was inspired by the red robes used by Flamenco dancers in Spain.

It’s a viable choice to take on your travels across the region in search of badges and the destruction of criminal enterprises.

Regardless of the evolutions it undergoes, Oricorio will always have access to the same-type move because of its special Revelation Dance.

How about that for adaptability!

23. Chandelure

23 chandelure pokemon anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

Chandelure is the Pokémon for you if you’re a connoisseur of the macabre and in the mood for some eerie fun.

It is tied to an extremely strong Ghost/Fire sweeper that can be used in a wide variety of teams, and it boasts one of the most original and well-executed designs among Generation V’s collection of oddballs Pokémon.

It can also have the extremely beneficial Flash Fire and Flame Body as skills in battle.

Remember, though, that folklore holds that hanging it as a real chandelier would only bring bad luck. The Pokémon franchise is not a manufacturer of the merchandise.

Perhaps some are, but that’s not really the point.

22. Pyroar

22 pyroar pokemon anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

There’s always a sense of anticipation whenever Game Freak introduces a Pokémon that has a sex-or region-specific appearance.

Inspired by lions, the sex differences between male and female Pyroar are striking. While the males sport a magnificent mane, the ladies are noticeably thinner.

The fact that I keep having visions of Simba from The Lion King while writing this is probably due to the fact that it is called the Royal Pokémon.

Pyroar’s strong Sp. Attack and incredible Speed make it a versatile sweeper in many Fire/Normal-type teams, whether you’re playing against the computer or against other players in a tournament.

21. Incineroar

21 incineroar anime pokemon 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

When I look at Incineroar, I can’t help but think that someone at Game Freak HQ received a John Cena meme at a particularly inopportune moment.

Although Litten’s ultimate form is a formidable fighter because of its strong attack and excellent techniques as a Fire/Dark dual type, I had higher hopes for it.

When one of the loveliest kitties in Pokémon disappears, what happens next?

Now, it’s been a trend in Pokémon design to make the creatures more human as they progress, and I personally don’t like this trend. But even now, he’s a formidable warrior.

20. Entei

20 entei legendary fire dog anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

My first impression of Entei is one of solemnity, strength, and knowledge.

The Johto region’s gigantic legendary dog is the seasoned veteran of the pack.

Those who are familiar with Entei believe that its roar causes volcano explosions all around the planet since it is the fiercest dog in the game.

This guy’s pressure ability doubles the cost of an opponent’s PPs when they’re under it during the fight. It also has highly balanced statistics.

Legendary in every sense of the word, but I find its Attack and Speed to be particularly impressive.

19. Delphox

19 delphox anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

Delphox, it is thought, can foresee the future by looking into the smoke from their stick.

Where have we heard this before?

This fox-shaped priest of R’hllor is the Psychic/Fire ultimate form of Fennekin, the Firestarter from the sixth generation.

A Shinto priest, ready to cast out demons at a moment’s notice. As a result, it typically relies on Future Sight and Fire Blast to make the most of its strong Special Attack and Speed.

Delphox has an intriguing look that has remained constant throughout its development and is based in Japanese folklore, despite being a member of the anthropomorphic Pokémon club. So, I’m going to give it a pass.

18. Ho-Oh

18 ho oh legendary fire bird anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

It’s possible that Ho-Oh isn’t the first Legendary Pokémon ever, but he certainly was the first one that many of us encountered.

To be honest, I didn’t start playing the Pokémon games until the anime was already airing.

Even though the games were only in generation 1, Ash still encounters Ho-Oh in the very first episode of the anime as he is getting ready to leave Pallet Town on his Pokémon journey.

Those who witness this majestic creature in the sunshine, legend has claimed, will be granted perpetual pleasure. To judge by the fact that Ash hasn’t aged a bit, it seems to have given him the gift of endless youth.

Both its Special Defense and Special Attack are fantastic, but this Fire/Flying bird also has excellent overall statistics.

Much like the other Legendary Birds, it applies pressure on its foes. And who wouldn’t feel pressed facing such a magnificent beast in battle?

17. Reshiram

17 reshiram legendary pokemon anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

Each new generation of Pokémon must make it more challenging to create new legendary Pokémon.

This was most obvious in the Black/White versions of Pokémon.

This Dragon/Fire-type legendary from the Unova area is nevertheless quite cool despite its odd white statue style.

Its tail is effectively a jet engine with the capacity to control the weather on Earth, and it goes by the name “Vast White Pokémon.”

Quite frankly, I don’t see any downsides.

16. Rapidash

16 rapidash anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

I can imagine the Dothraki’s mode of transportation in the Pokémon universe.

The fire horse’s graceful gait and flaming mane make it a sight to behold on the open plains.

Even while the Galarian Poke-Unicorn could be more in line with My Little Pony, I will always have a soft spot for the original.

Surprisingly, Rapidash is not one of the swiftest Pokémon in battle. Instead, it has highly developed Attack and Defense numbers and is immune to damage from other fire types thanks to its Flash Fire ability.

A fantastic horse on which to place a wager.

15. Magmortar

15 magmorter evolution fire anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

It’s possible that Magmortar is one of the most potent Pokémon. However, its structure places it beside Electivire.

Amusing and original, but seriously, what were they thinking?

This new fire-type development of Gen 4 has a crucial social role, despite its menacing and odd appearance.

As a fun fact, many manufacturing facilities use Magmortar to refine their metals.

Given its explosive prowess, it is a devastating weapon in combat. Its attacking powers are top-notch, and it has enough Sp.

Defense to deal with the common sweeper. It not only resembles the monster from Stephen King’s “It,” but it is also nearly as impossible to remove.

14. Heatran

14 heatran anime pokemon 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

Heatran reminds me of an old enemy from World of Warcraft that hasn’t been updated in a decade or so in terms of its visual appearance.

Ignore the fact that it is identical to the Pokemon described in the Pokédex.

Blood boiling in its veins, feet fashioned like a cross for navigating narrow caverns… It’s obvious that this piece of equipment is best suited for a raid.

Despite this, many players like this fire/steel dual-type creature because of its great tanky stats and strong attack.

It’s an excellent bulky sweeper since it can endure a hit and use attacks like Magma Storm.

13. Primal Groudon

13 primal groudon anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

When I was younger, I incorrectly assumed that Groudon was meant to be a fire-type Pokémon.

Groudon… Ground… Perhaps I wasn’t the most astute person at the time.

Nonetheless, I was overjoyed when Primal Groudon debuted in Omega Ruby.

Not only did they change Groudon so that it is a fire/ground hybrid, but they also gave it a stunning new look and a fantastic description in the Pokédex to match.

Per the flavor text, it has the power to arbitrarily expand the Earth’s landmass.

In Desolate Land, the sun shines brightly and harshly, making life difficult for any Pokémon that isn’t a fire type.

Its total numbers are ridiculously high, and its Special Attack is really amazing.

12. Moltres

12 moltres fire bird anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

When I was younger, I spent a lot of time playing Pokémon Stadium. And in the N64’s impressive 3D technology, few animals were as impressive as Moltres.

Wow, those flame-colored wings were stunning!

This sly bird is revered as a deity of fire since it is one of the first mythical birds.

There is no better sweeper than this one, period. As with other legendary birds, Moltres may use the Pressure ability, but it can also use Flame Body, which does damage to anybody who touches it.

The material is flammable, to put it mildly.

11. Blacephalon

11 blacephalon anime pokemon 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

One of the newest and most original Pokémon, Blacephalon, represents the other end of the simple spectrum.

Ultra beasts are beings from another realm, so even calling this thing a Pokémon is a stretch.

Although “Alien Clown Pokémon” may have been a tad too literal, it is still commonly referred to as the “fireworks Pokémon” in the Alola area.

This peculiar creature has both the fire and ghost elemental types. And it’s a glass cannon in every sense, with ridiculously high offensive numbers and Speed but no defenses to speak of.

It makes sense, given that one of its defining techniques consists of detaching its head and throwing it like a bomb.

10. Volcarona

10 volcarona anime pokemon 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

It was known from the start of the Pokémon series that insect kinds were weak.

They develop rapidly, can be caught with ease, yet ultimately amount to little.

Then Game Freak realized they needed to shake things up. Thus, they distributed extraordinary Pokémon like Volcarona.

This bug/fire-type surprised us all by becoming a staple of top-tier teams.

This alien-looking insect has incredible sweeper capabilities because of its access to skills like Quiver Dance and its high special attack and speed.

In addition, it can use psychic-style attacks, greatly expanding its range of effect. And enemies will catch fire when they come into touch with you thanks to the Flame Body ability, doing some useful chip damage.

9. Ninetales

09 ninetails anime pokemon 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

Powerful Fox is based on the Japanese myth of the 9-tailed Kitsune spirit, which became an instant fan favorite once the first Pokémon games were released in 1996.

Since then, it has inspired stunning works of fan art because of its regal demeanor and fluid motions. And as a token of their gratitude, Game Freak made available an Alolan variant of the regular fox, which morphed into an ice fox due to its altitude (weird but this worked out awesome).

This long-lived monster is a great weather-setter that can hold its own in combat thanks to its Drought ability and respectable statistics.

8. Cinderace

08 cinderance pokemon 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

Cinderace, the greatest soccer player in all of Pokémon, is the newest member of the fire-type starting community.

This runner is like Mario Strikers. However, his fiery soccer balls will inflict real harm.

It’s the last stage in Scorbunny’s growth, and much like its predecessors Charmeleon and Torchic, it’s sure to become a fan favorite.

To succeed in the professional soccer industry, you need both talent and charisma.

7. Typhlosion

07 typhlosion pokemon anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

My introduction to the world of Pocket Monsters came in the form of Crystal, and I knew instantly that Cyndaquil was the Pokémon for me the moment I lay eyes on it.

About a week later, I was using the Pokémon equivalent of MHA’s Bakugo to utterly smash the Elite Four.

I’ll never forget the flaming porcupine since it was a pure fire type that just blew through everything in its path.

Of course, I didn’t understand it at the time, but now I know that its superior Special Attack and Speed always gave it the upper hand.

6. Flareon

06 flareon eeveelution pokemon anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

You may find an Eeveelution in practically every Pokémon group, and it will bring with it the renown and honor of a long line of extraordinary creatures.

No one can agree on whether this beast resembles a cat, a dog, or a fox.

But there is no denying that Flareon is a formidable opponent. It has a phenomenal attack, and the Flash Fire ability is quite useful.

This adorable original Eeveelution has been a fan favorite from the start, and it doesn’t appear that sentiment will ever change.

5. Talonflame

05 talonflame in the anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

A “default” Pokémon that appears in every game in the series. And the gamers of Pokémon X/Y were given a really legendary Pokémon.

Talonflame begins life as a little and adorable Fletchling. However, its effectiveness increases with time and maturity.

Whether because of its higher speed or the Gale Wings ability, which gives flying-type moves precedence, this fire/flying creature will often land the opening blow.

This little creature has powerful claws and can take you to victory if you teach it the right maneuvers.

4. Arcanine

04 arcanine fire dog anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

Since the beginning of time itself, Arcanine has been indispensable to the Pokémon world’s police and military.

These days they’re merely called police dogs, but their bite is just as deadly as ever.

One of my favorite canine monsters, if not my favorite.

This extremely common fire type will weaken its opponent’s Attack with its Intimidate ability before pounding it with its high-quality offensive skills and fast speed.

It’s no wonder that they’ve become fan favorites throughout the years given that they’re among the most powerful “good lads” in the Pokémon universe.

3. Infernape

03 infernape pokemon anime 1 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

It’s no secret that I have a strong aversion to monkeys. However, Infernape has to be the most eminent ape in all of Pokémon.

It’s not only a swift fire/fighting-type; it’s also a formidable attacker who, at a high enough level, can single-handedly wreck an E4.

As a powerful and widely-liked Pokémon, it seems sensible that its design was inspired by the Chinese tale of Sun Wukong.

2. Charizard

02 pokemon ash charizard anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

You can’t always get away from your history.

As an example, Charizard has received a lot of love from the game’s creators over the years, including two Mega Evolutions, a fearsome Gigantamax form, and a lot of general attention due to its rising popularity.

Charizard is a versatile fighter that can boost its attacking capabilities with Blaze or Solar Power.

Though not the strongest Pokémon, it will always be the best in the eyes of many trainers. To that end, I acknowledge that his placement at #2 on this list will likely divide opinion, but let’s be honest: we all knew he’d be in the top three anyway.

1. Blaziken

01 blaziken pokemon anime 35 Strongest Fire-type Pokémon

However, Blaziken, the fire starter of the third generation, is without a doubt the Pokémon that unites the fire kinds in terms of popularity and competitive power (well, its final form anyway).

The original beginning Pokémon, Torchich, evolves into Blaziken at level 36. And it had the first humanoid design for an Evo, which was novel and awesome at the time.

Its popularity was boosted by the fact that it descended from the most endearing Pokémon starter. And the fact that it is so effective in combat was the clincher.

Blaziken’s amazing all-around coverage stems from its wide array of techniques. With moves like Flare Blitz, a Pokémon with a high attack stat may be an unstoppable force during an entire Hoenn region adventure.

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