15 Best Draw Cards in Pokémon TCG

The draw cards power in the Pokémon Trading Card Game is crucial.

Having no Energy cards or starter Pokémon is a quick way to lose the game. As a result, many players advise using a significant number of search and draw cards.

It can be challenging to decide which ones to add to your deck because there are so many available in the game.

I’ll go over the top 15 draw cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

These options are all fantastic for practically any deck; some are trainer cards and others are complete Pokémon.

However, such Pokémon can be included to any deck because they don’t need a certain kind of energy to activate their draw ability.

15. Bruno

SWSH5 EN 121 15 Best Draw Cards in Pokémon TCG

After one of your Pokémon is eliminated, Bruno both offers a shuffle and draw alternative that doesn’t potentially help your opponent and gives you a slight advantage.

Bruno might be a useful addition to your deck if you discover that your Pokémon are getting knocked out every turn, especially if you’re using a deck built around single prize attackers.

14. Gardenia’s Vigor

Best Draw Cards in Pokémon TCG

Gardenia’s Vigor only draws two cards, but thanks to its additional ability to attach up to two Grass Energy cards from your hand to one of your benched Pokémon, your Pokémon can attack more quickly than they otherwise would.

Gardenia’s Vigor’s effect also makes it possible to attach any Grass Energy you draw into by allowing you to attach those Energy cards after drawing the first two cards.

13. Resolve of Zinnia

SWSH7 EN 164 15 Best Draw Cards in Pokémon TCG

In metagames where players are expected to play down several Pokémon early in the game, Zinnia’s Resolve can be a strong draw supporter.

Zinnia’s Resolve can draw almost as many cards for you as Professor’s Research, but with a less expensive discard condition, depending on the size of your opponent’s board.

12. A judge draws

FST 235 R EN SM 15 Best Draw Cards in Pokémon TCG

Judge only pulls four cards, but in the process, he messes with your opponent’s hand.

Unlike Marnie, Judge incorporates the hands of both players into their deck, allowing the player to draw from the cards that have been shuffled away.

Because Judge draws one fewer card than Marnie does as well, it is both a poorer disruption card and a weaker draw supporter than Marnie.

11. Serena

SWSH12 EN 164 15 Best Draw Cards in Pokémon TCG

Serena’s enormous adaptability makes it effective.

Despite not being particularly effective as a draw card, it nevertheless provides a way to draw cards when other, more powerful options aren’t available to you.

Serena may draw cards for you with a dead hand, unlike Boss’s Orders which cannot.

Serena also gives you the choice to gust one of your opponent’s benched Pokémon, just like Boss’s Orders does.

However, only benched Pokémon V can use Serena’s gusty power (including VSTAR, VMAX, and V-UNION.) Serena can’t possibly aim for single-prize Pokémon or Pokémon ex.

10. Zoroark GX

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Another evolution Pokémon, this one offering a +1 advantage and being comparable to the previous entry.

However, you can use it each round, adding cards to the discard pile to draw two more.

Some Pokémon, like Darkrai GX, are incredible with this effect.

You may make sure the discarding part is a non-issue as well by include a lot of recovery cards!

9. Lillie

157767 15 Best Draw Cards in Pokémon TCG

It’s pretty much a given that you will win if you get Lillie in your opening hand. Higher draw power can only be offered by 1 additional card.

Drawing up to 6 cards can still be fantastic even then. Lillie is an essential card for any Pokémon TCG deck that may be used by players of all skill levels.

8. Professor Sycamore

1089448 15 Best Draw Cards in Pokémon TCG

Since you never truly want to discard a hand full of cards you need, I understand if this card seems too situational, but such draw power is amazing.

Drawing 7 provides a significant boost to your chances of winning, for instance, if you have fewer than three cards in your hand.

Additionally, many strategies include cards that are okay with going into the discard pile because of their own traits or the strategy’s ability to recycle cards.

7. Hau

1115269 15 Best Draw Cards in Pokémon TCG

No other card offers a consistent flow of draw power. Nevertheless, Looker, Cheren, and Tierno are the other “Draw 3 cards” cards in addition to Hau.

That means that you can draw three cards from a deck of cards a maximum of 16 times!

However, you should mix things up because, depending on the circumstance, different inputs can let you draw more cards.

But these are the greatest for pure, unspoiled draw strength!

6. Cynthia

Cynthia Ultra Prism 15 Best Draw Cards in Pokémon TCG

Cynthia has a lot to offer for a nice reset.

You occasionally play terrible cards due to bad luck. If you have the ability to draw or search for all of your cards, returning them to your deck is acceptable.

When your hand is empty of cards, Cynthia can be used to draw up to 6 cards.

5. Copycat

copycat ces pokemon 15 Best Draw Cards in Pokémon TCG

Copycat is quite situational, but in the appropriate circumstances, it has the highest drawing power of any card in the game!

If you’re up against someone who has a 15-card hand, you can draw that many cards because many players have a tonne of draw/search power.

Copycat is probably worth considering against draw-heavy decks because of its ability to transform a lost game into a fair one.

4. Oranguru

Oranguru 15 Best Draw Cards in Pokémon TCG

With Oranguru sitting on your bench, your hand will never be empty.

This card is ineffective if you have a hand that is heavily stacked after using a lot of draw cards.

Oranguru is fantastic for decks that use items and extra energy production swiftly through their hand.

3. Alolan Sandslash

pkm smgr 20rev 15 Best Draw Cards in Pokémon TCG

Alolan Sandslash offers a consistent stream of draw power throughout the game, even if it may take two turns to set up (to put Sandshrew down then evolve it).

The idea of keeping many copies on the bench is crazy because your hand will always be full.

However, it can be intimidating to sacrifice so many deck slots to accommodate this and its pre-evolution; only play it if your core is quite low.

2. Octillery

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Octillery offers the same draw ability as an Oranguru, but only provides 2 more cards.

It will take a few turns to set up because it isn’t a basic Pokémon, but Octillery is one of the few cards that restocks your hand.

Every player in the Pokémon TCG should have a few copies of this card, which is regarded as a standard.

1. Bill’s maintenance

Bills Maintenance.CES .162.22762 15 Best Draw Cards in Pokémon TCG

You’ll always end up with at least 1 card that you can’t utilize right now, regardless of your deck strategies or draw/search power.

It is quite advantageous to shuffle it back into your deck in exchange for 3 new cards, giving you a +2 advantage.

Though Bill’s Maintenance does have a recycling tie-in, other cards do offer higher base draw power, thus it makes an excellent choice for deck spaces.

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