18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

Pokémon, when broken down to its core elements, is actually simply a more intricate version of rock-paper-scissors.

Just replace those three options with 18 more, and feel free to mix and match!

It is in part due to the existence of this dual type that Pokémon fights are so exciting.

The question is, though, what optimal combination of types exists.

Here, we’ll rank the top Pokémon of each kind depending on how well they perform in both offense and defense.

Fighting and Ice is a strong type combination, but you may not have the Pokémon to use it (Celebi).

What are the finest Pokémon that can use both types?

18. Morpeko (Electric/Dark)

morpeko hangry 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

Morpeko, a Pokémon introduced in generation 8, falls under the Two-Sided Pokémon category since it may have a sweet and amiable demeanor, or it can switch to its ferocious Hangry Mode.

Morpeko is a dual-type creature, both Electric and Dark.

It is immune to Psychic attacks and possesses resistance to five other categories.

It has STAB thanks to moves like Aura Wheel, Crunch, and Spark.

17. Torterra (Grass/Ground)

favourite grass type pokemon torterra by kumata d6avpzl fullview 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

Torterra is the only Grass- and Ground-type Pokémon.

This may not sound like a particularly rare dual-type combination, but it is.

As a result, the Continent Pokémon is vulnerable to Flying, Bug, Fire, and Ice attacks, immune to Electric attacks and resistant to Ground and Rock.

The majority of its moveset consists of grass-type attacks, which it learns with STAB.

Both Turtwig and Grotle, their ancestors in the evolutionary chain, are true Grass kinds.

16. Bibarel (Normal/Water)

400 Bibarel 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

The fourth-generation Pokémon Bidoof develops into the Water-type Bibarel.

Beaver Pokémon, as opposed to Plump Mouse Pokémon like Bidoof, indicate that its natural environment is near water even though it doesn’t appear to be one.

Though Bibarel’s new type makes it weak to Grass and Electric in addition to Fighting, it gives it resistance to Steel, Fire, Water, and Ice.

15. Sableye (Ghost/Dark)

15 sableye ghost dark pokemon anime 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

Relationships between Ghost and Dark types are extremely productive.

There is just one kind that is very effective against them, and that is the combination of all the others.

There are three more varieties that they are resistant to.

With its natural immunity to poison, it has one of the greatest defense stats of any Pokémon kind.

So why is it at the bottom of the list if it’s so important?

There are two primary justifications.

The first is a lack of offensive synergy.

Only 17% of Pokémon are vulnerable to the devastating effects of the Ghost or Dark type.

Two, the Ghost/Dark types of Pokémon aren’t very good.

Although there are two Pokémon with the same type, Sableye is superior to them both.

Using its Prankster ability, it may taunt and annoy its opponents with techniques like Encore, which it can then pass on to other allies.

Also, the mega form is a formidable defensive force, boasting 125 defense and 115 special defense.

A counter-taunt or other powerful neutral attack is generally sufficient to deal with either of these situations, though.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the arrival of additional Pokémon with this eerie combination!

14. Magnezone (Electric/Steel)

462Magnezone DP anime 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

I nearly didn’t notice the electric/steel combination when I was conducting my investigation.

What a pleasant surprise it was to find out that it has the highest resistances of any type combination in the game.

In addition to being resistant to Poison-type attacks, the combination of Electric and Steel offers resistance to ten other categories of damage.

The other plus is that it does extra special damage of 34% to all Pokémon.

Magnezone is a great example of this because it excels at both defense and special attacks.

It may take use of its high Attack and Speed, as well as its ability to use Magnet Pull to catch other steel types, by using techniques like Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, and Body Press.

I don’t see why the typing rate isn’t higher.

Seismic activity, in a word.

As an offensive strategy, the ground is among the most common.

As for earthquakes, that’s its ultimate technique.

Magnezone takes 4x super-effective damage from this move, making a knockout highly likely.

Which makes zero sense in this context.

Do Magnezone and its ancestors not float around in the air?

Should an earthquake even strike there?

13. Gyarados (Water/Flying)

13 gyarados water flying pokemon anime screenshot 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

The combination of water and flight may appear improbable.

Just use an electric attack on a Pokémon and you’ll trigger this combination.

Issue resolved, right?

Let’s just say it’s not as easy as that.

Electric-type assaults have the potential to completely neutralize Water/Flying types.

The only other kind that is very effective against it, is Rock, which is vulnerable to Water.

All of this isn’t even mentioning the five defenses against strikes from the ground.

When you add in the fact that 39% of it is really effective coverage, you have a kind that is far more dangerous than you may have imagined.

There are quite a few Pokémon with this dual-typing, but none are as dangerous as Gyarados.

Dragon Dance is a fantastic boosting move and moves like Waterfall, Bounce, Power Whip, and Earthquake gives it excellent coverage.

When you consider that Gyarados also possesses the formidable abilities of Moxie and Intimidate, it becomes clear why this Pokémon is likely to remain a menace for as long as Pokémon do.

12. Zapdos (Electric/Flying)

12 zapdos electric flying pokemon anime 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

Flying and Electric work wonderfully together, making Electric immune to its one and only vulnerability — Ground.

In addition, it offers five protections against only two vulnerabilities.

Such a defensive type is fantastic.

It’s also a great offensive typing tool.

When used together, electric and flying attacks are extremely powerful against 42% of Pokémon.

The risk of paralysis is high while using Thunder-based attacks like Thunderbolt and Thunder.

Zapdos is a formidable opponent whether playing an aggressive or defensive set, therefore he may benefit from any tactic.

Hurricane, Thunderbolt, and Heat Wave all provide extensive coverage on Zapdos.

In addition, you can Roost to replenish some of your health bars.

As an alternative, you might employ Toxic to slowly chip away at your opponent’s health.

It’s easy to see why the original Zapdos is considered the finest of the legendary birds, given its wealth of tactics.

11. Lucario (Steel/Fighting)

11 lucario steel fighting pokemon anime 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

When it comes to defense, Steel is the finest single kind.

In addition, Fighting is a powerful attacking type.

Together, they form one of the game’s most powerful dual kinds.

Three vulnerabilities are present on defense, while eight resistances and one immunity are also available.

When attacking, you meet no resistance.

Additionally, 33% of any Pokémon you strike will take significant damage from your attacks.

When combined with the finest offensive moves available, this Pokémon is always dangerous to face.

It’s not the legendary Steel/Fighting Pokémon, even if there are two of them.

Lucario is an offensive threat that may be either physical or special, depending on the situation.

Incredibly awesome examples are Aura Sphere, Coles Combat, Meteor Mash, and Aura Sphere.

You can see why Lucario was included in Smash Bros. when you consider his high-priority moves (Extreme Speed and Bullet Punch).

10. Mamoswine (Ice/Ground)

Morana Mamoswine 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

An Ice/Ground typing doesn’t do that well in defense.

Only one sort of resistance or immunity exists, but there are five varieties that are highly efficient against it.

That being said, no offensive duo can compare to this one.

In combination, Ice and Ground do extremely efficient damage to 52% of Pokémon and have complete neutral coverage.

There is nothing in the world that can stop this combination.

Earthquake, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Earth Power, Ice Shard, and Icicle Crash are only some of the strong attacks available.

This is a really well-executed plan by Mamoswine.

Because it is the only completely developed Ice/Ground type, this is fantastic news.

With a massive 130 Attack and extra coverage techniques like Superpower, Stone Edge, and Knock Off, Mamo is able to do massive damage to 75% of all Pokémon.

In addition, techniques that utilize fire are only half as effective because of their ability to “Thick Fat.” That eliminates one potential flaw.

9. Tapu Fini (Water/Fairy)

Tapu Fini anime 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

When it comes to restoring equilibrium to the metagame, the newest type, Fairy, has been a lifesaver.

At long last, Dragon-types will have to pause for strategic consideration before launching an assault.

And it turns out that the most prevalent kind in the game, water, is a perfect match!

Fairy may benefit greatly from the Water element because it can be used to counter Steel-type attacks.

Despite having three vulnerabilities remaining, this combination resists six kinds and does highly effective damage to a third of Pokémon.

What a fantastic twosome!

And those Pokémon of that type are just as good.

Even if Primarina and Azumarill are excellent choices, Tapu Fini is unquestionably superior.

It can play several roles and is a dangerous offensive threat in any situation.

It’s fantastic since its ability, Misty Surge protects against status conditions and makes techniques of the Dragon-type less effective.

Additionally, it resembles the Venus de Milo. Nice.

8. Alolan Muk (Poison/Dark)

08 alolan muk poison dark pokemon anime 1 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

Sometimes it’s less about how well one kind performs on its own and more about how well it complements another type.

Steel and Ice, for instance, are both wonderful elements on their own but dreadful when combined.

And the antithesis to it is poison/dark.

They complement each other quite well in this case.

Dark offers a Psychic-type immunity, and Poison counteracts its vulnerabilities to Fairy and Fighting.

The only resistance type you need to be concerned with is Ground, and there are four of them.

When considering all of these, Alolan Muk is the finest example.

When compared to the original Muk, Alolan Muk is far superior.

Even while it retains its previous numbers, this Pokémon is far more dangerous than ever because of its new type and skills.

Poison Touch, an ability that raises the odds of poisoning an opponent, complements Knock Off and Poison Jab well.

Because of its low defense and powerful attack, it can benefit greatly from Curse.

Also, Alolan Muk is a rainbow, which is really cool.

Alolan Muk is an improvement above the original in every manner imaginable.

7. Corviknight (Steel/Flying)

07 corviknight steel flying pokemon anime 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

An excellent defensive typing, Steel/Flying:

There are 2 resistances, 8 strengths, and 2 weaknesses.

Each Pokémon with these typings is phenomenal and forms the backbone of any formidable defensive unit.

However, I would want to discuss Corviknight in the context of this group.

I bring up Corviknight not just because it is incredibly effective at defense, but also because it is able to translate that strength into offensive success.

Bulk Up amplifies Corviknight’s already formidable defensive capabilities, making techniques like Brave Bird and Body Press even more effective.

Then there’s Power Trip, which increases in effectiveness with every stat bonus you possess.

With Corviknight, you may stall PP with Pressure or penalize your opponents for trying to lower your stats with Mirror Armor, two of his fantastic abilities.

I think Corviknight is cool.

One of the coolest new Pokémon in Sword and Shield.

6. Landorus (Ground/Flying)

1200px 645Landorus 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

The ground/flying dichotomy is an intriguing dichotomy of types.

Covering Flying’s electric weakness with Ground makes Ice-type attacks four times as powerful.

Invulnerability to ground-type attacks occurs upon learning to fly, but the Rock-type becomes neutral once more upon learning to fly.

There are just three resistances, but its attacking potential is limitless.

Nearly half of all Pokemon are vulnerable to the very damaging Ground/Flying combination.

Landorus is the only Pokémon capable of fully capitalizing on this.

Your enemies will be no match for Landorus’s devastating combination of strong attack numbers and lightning-fast speed.

However, the ability Sheer Force means that it doesn’t require any Flying-type techniques at all.

If a strike has a secondary effect, using Sheer Force will make the primary impact stronger, at the risk of the secondary effect not happening.

With a life orb, this Pokémon can easily decimate other teams using only Earth Power and Sludge Wave.

Teams should constantly be ready for Landorus since he is a dangerous monster.

5. Scizor (Bug/Steel)

00 featured scizor agility anime move screenshot 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

Among the available character classes, Bug is one of the poorest options.

When combined with Steel, though, it quickly rises to prominence.

As for weaknesses, Bug/Steel is vulnerable to Fire but otherwise has 8 resistances and 1 immunity.

And while a few Pokémon make good use of this type, one stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Despite its defensive type, Scizor is a powerful attacking monster.

Technician’s ability and basic 130 attacks are far more useful than its 100 defense.

Technician increases the damage of attacks with less than 60 base power by 50%.

This raises the base damage of a STAB Bullet Punch from 40 to 80.

Scizor may use this ability in conjunction with a variety of lesser attacks, like Dual Wing Beat, Bug Bite, and even Swords Dance, to great effect.

Given his newfound attacking prowess, Scizor is now among the most threatening Pokemon in the series.

Keep it away from open flames.

4. Gastrodon (Water/Ground)

04 gastrodon water ground pokemon anime 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

I find the Water/Ground dichotomy fascinating.

Only vulnerable to Grass kinds, it resists four others and is immune to a fifth.

In addition, it does extra-high damage of 32% to Pokémon.

The only real decision to be made is between water and ground.

Swampert is one of my favorite Pokémon of all time, and Seismitoad is excellent in defense.

In contrast, Gastrodon is the clear winner when considering how practical a Pokémon is.

As a result of its high basic HP of 111, Gastrodon excels as a defensive Pokémon.

It possesses the self-healing ability of Recover, the pressure-inflicting abilities of Toxic and Scald, and the additional immunity of Storm Drain.

With this ability, Water-type attacks are useless not only against Gastrodon but also against your allies.

My preference for Water/Ground Pokémon is on the fence. However, Gastrodon is the most practical.

3. Ferrothorn (Grass/Steel)

2598 Shiny Ferrothorn 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

If you thought Bug was feeble, just wait until you see what I can do.

You haven’t seen anything yet, but there are many different kinds of grass.

A greater amount of resistance is present, that much is certain.

However, it contains five vulnerabilities, one of which is Bug!

However, it is at this point that the value of teamwork becomes evident.

The combination of Grass and Steel is formidable, having just two vulnerabilities while having nine resistances and an immunity.

We agree that its attacking capabilities are lacking.

The good news is that this is not mandatory.

You won’t find a better defensive typing anywhere else in the game than this.

However, there is one Pokémon, Ferrothorn, that truly shines with this type.

If the defense is your priority, you can’t do better than Ferrothorn.

Its defenses are really ridiculous, and it can soak up punishment like a champ.

Spikes, Stealth Rock, Leech Seed, Thunder Wave, and Knock Off are just a few of the many defensive techniques it knows.

With the addition of Iron Barbs, this Pokémon is one you probably don’t want to encounter, even if you could.

Kartana, being of the same kind, is also a very swift and lethal attacking Pokémon.

Only upon facing Ferrothorn do opponents moan in defeat and give up the match.

2. Zacian-Crowned Sword (Fairy/Steel)

02 zacian crowned sword fairy steel pokemon anime 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

One of the most powerful synergies in the game is formed by combining two of the newest typings.

It’s true that you can’t deal massive damage by hitting a wide variety of kinds at once.

Of course, defensively speaking, Steel/Fairy can’t be disregarded.

Fairy/Steel has resistance to nine kinds and immunity to two.

Steel counters both of Fairy’s vulnerabilities, while Fairy is immune to attacks of any sort.

This means you simply have to watch out for attacks of the Fire and Ground types.

In this case, a Pokémon with a strong defense would be ideal, correct?


Certainly not by any means.

It’s possible that Zacian-Crowned Sword is the most damaged offensive Pokémon ever.

148 is its top speed.

It has 170 attack power.

To put it simply, its ability makes it more likely that it will attack.

To put it simply, it is capable of wiping out every Pokémon in existence with a single blow.

Despite my earlier claim, even the most defensive Pokémon of all time, Ferrothorn, may be knocked out with a single well-placed blow.

The legendary Pokémon Zacian-Crowned Sword is the epitome of the term.

And a large part of that success may be attributed to its superb defensive typing.

In any case, there is another Pokémon that I like far better than this one, so it’s not all bad.

1. Primal Groudon (Ground/Fire)

01 primal groudon ground fire pokemon generations 18 Great Dual-Type Pokémon to Have

At first glance, Fire/Ground doesn’t appear to be very spectacular.

A total of 5 resistances and 1 immunity are all it possesses.

It has two very frequent vulnerabilities, the most notable of which is a fourfold susceptibility to Water-type attacks.

Sure, it deals very effective damage against Pokémon with no resistance and hits 47% of them.

Is it really worth the huge holes in defense?

As for Camerupt? No.

To get a Primal Groudon? Yes.

In a nutshell, Primal Groudon is a formidable Pokémon.

Those huge starting stats include 180 attack, 160 defense, and 150 special attack.

It may use these numbers to its advantage by fielding a balanced attack and a strong defense.

Is there any explanation for the 4x Water weakness?

As a result of his special talent, Primal Gorudon Desolate Land’s harsh sunshine enhances Fire-type techniques and entirely nullifies Water-type strikes.

Even Primal Kyogre, the Pokémon designed to fight it, is no match for this.

To say that Primal Groudon is the best of both types would be an understatement.

It has the potential to be the best Pokémon ever.

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