8 Unique Grass-type Starter Packs

When choosing a starter, it seems like grass-types are often overlooked.

Most of the time, people only notice the Fire or Water types.

There have been some pretty good Grass starters over the years, but they often get overshadowed by their counterparts.

Some trainers find it easier to choose a starter from the Water or Fire types.

Most trainers seem to forget about grass-type starters all the time.

Grass starter Pokemon aren’t as popular as Fire and Water starter Pokemon, but there are some of the most interesting and useful additions to a party.

Trainers have their favorite Grass-type starters, just like they do with every other type.

When you look at the list of all Grass-type starters in the franchise so far, it’s easy to see that each one has something unique to offer.

Like any other thing, some are better than others.

With Grookey joining the other Galar starters, the question of how these Pokemon rank has come up again.

8. Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium

08 chikorita pokemon anime screenshot 8 Unique Grass-type Starter Packs

Chikorita and Bayleef have some of the cutest looks of any Pokémon, but they aren’t that good.

The Chikorita line is terrible when it comes to gyms and Elite 4.

Only Chuck’s Poliwrath, Will’s Slowbro, Bruno’s Onyx, and Pryce’s team are weak to it.

There are 6 Pokémon in total.

But Pryce’s team is full of Ice-type Pokemon, so they all hit Meganium very hard.

Not to mention that every other person in the gym or in the Elite 4 is also very good at dealing damage or resisting grass moves.

Meganium is just as bad when it comes to competing.

You might be able to do something with screens and leech seed, but Meganium can’t really take advantage of it.

Let’s be honest: the Chikorita line isn’t good.

If not for Sunkern and Sunflora, this Pokémon might be the worst grass Pokémon ever.

7. Rowlet/Dartrix/Decidueye

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If you want to make an interesting pair, Rowlet, a grass-type starter, might be the one for you. Rowlet is a rare starter because it starts out as a Grass/Flying type.

But when it changes into Decidueye at level 34, it changes from Grass/Ghost to Ghost/Grass.

The way Decidueye is made makes it look like it would be fast, but it is actually pretty slow. Except for Defense, all of its stats are pretty high.

Decidueye might not always hit first, but it does a lot of damage when it does.

Depending on what move is used against it, it can also take a fair amount of damage.

6. Treeko/Grovyle/Sceptile

top 10 strongest starter pokemon 8 Unique Grass-type Starter Packs

There were some really good starters in Gen III.

If you looked at each one and compared it to its Grass/Water/Fire counterpart, they would all be pretty high on the list.

Treecko may not look like much, but when it changes into Sceptile, trainers see what it’s really worth.

The thing that hurts Sceptile the most is that it has a low defense, but its HP isn’t too far behind.

It’s a pretty good glass cannon based on its Speed and Offense stats.

Even though Mega Evolution raises its base stats by a lot, it doesn’t do much to make up for its weaknesses.

Still, it’s one of the best ways to get started with Grass.

5. Snivy/Servine/Serperior

pokemon top 6 grass starters 8 Unique Grass-type Starter Packs

Snivy will start things off.

This snake-like Pokémon looks like it has a lot to smile about, but it is the worst of the Grass starters.

When it evolves into Serperior at level 36, its stats are a little strange.

It has great Speed, but its offensive stats aren’t very good, and its defenses are the best of the bunch.

With only average HP, it seems like a strange choice.

It will hit first, but it won’t do much harm.

It’s not a tank either, so it seems like a bad thing all around.

There is always something else that can do what it does better.

4. Chespin/Quilladin/Chesnaught

pokemon x and y in depth analysis chespin quilladin and chesnaught 8 Unique Grass-type Starter Packs

Now that the rankings are over, only the very best are left.

Chespin is one of them.

Even though it and the rest of its evolution line look strange, that doesn’t say much about what Chespin can do.

Chespin proves that it is one of the best Grass-type starters in the game when it evolves into Chesnaught at level 36.

Chesnaught is a type that is Grass/Fighting.

This gives not only six different weaknesses but also six different strengths.

Flying-type moves hurt it four times as much as any other type.

But Chesnaught is very powerful.

With its low Speed, it will probably attack last, but it won’t go down easily and can usually return the favor.

You don’t see it in battle very often, but if you give it a try, it can be a very good physical tank.

3. Turtwig/Grotle/Torterra

img 61b1e99f1739a 8 Unique Grass-type Starter Packs

In the Detective Pikachu movie, Torterra looks like the whole earth.

This is my favorite memory of Torterra.

That was out of this world.

The Turtwig line is just as amazing in game, which is great news.

Most of the gyms in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum can’t stand up to the Turtwig line.

This is because it has a great Grass/Ground type and can easily beat about half of the Gym Leaders and the Elite 4.

But this means you have to watch out for the Ice gym and Flint, a member of the Fire E4.

And, sadly, this brilliance doesn’t really help them win games.

Torterra has great attack and defense stats, but it can only really do one thing with them: set up Stealth Rocks and try to hit everything that comes in.

2. Grookey/Thwackey/Rillaboom

Grookey Thwackey Rillaboom 8 Unique Grass-type Starter Packs

An ape that can play the drums?

Where have we already seen that?

Looks at Donkey Kong

In all seriousness, the Grookey line is great.

Part of the reason for this is its hidden ability, Grassy Surge, which lets it call out Grassy Terrain, which heals all Pokémon every turn and makes Grass-type attacks stronger.

This would be great for a new move called “Grassy Glide” in Sword and Shield.

This attack gives your Pokémon a good priority, which is made even better by Grassy Terrain.

When you add this to Rillaboom’s amazing attack, you have nothing to worry about!

The Grookey line is also pretty good in the game.

They do really well with about half of the Gym Leaders, but have trouble with the other half.

But the Grookey line is still able to get through with some great coverage moves, even with these problems.

Grookey and its different forms are a great choice for your journey through the game.

And in the current competitive environment, Rillaboom is an important Pokémon to keep track of.

But even with all of this, there is one more grass starter line that is even better at both.

1. Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur

pokemon top 6 grass starters 8 Unique Grass-type Starter Packs

You have to go back to the beginning to find the best of all time.

The line about Bulbasaur is just amazing.

Almost all of the Kanto gym leaders and the Elite 4 are no match for it.

It has an advantage against 3 of them and can hold its own against the other 3.

Plus, it has a secondary type of poison, so Koga’s Toxic can’t poison it.

Bulbasaur is by far the best of all the Kanto starter Pokémon.

And Venusaur is just as scary when it comes to competition.

With the ability Chlorophyll, Venusaur can use moves like Solar Beam, Sludge Bomb, and Weather Ball to clean up in the Sun.

Venusaur is one of the best sun-sweeping Pokémon in the game.

All of this isn’t even taking into account Venusaur’s mega evolution, which gives it the ability “Thick Fat,” which makes attacks of the Fire and Ice types do half as much damage.

That takes care of two of its four flaws.

This lets it use moves like Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, Toxic, and Synthesis that help it defend itself.

Bulbasaur is not only number one in the Pokédex, but also the number one grass starter.

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