30 Best Ice type Pokémon (Updated In 2024)

In the past, we’ve talked about fairy type Pokemon and normal type Pokemon. Today, we’ll talk about the best ice type Pokemon.

Some players want to catch and train the strongest Pokemon so they can beat everyone else in the game.

I just want to go on this Pokemon Journey and make some great friends, overcome some challenges, and train some Pokemon.

Some players only want to collect the coolest Pokemon, which are always Ice Type.

So, let’s get right to the list of the coolest ice type Pokemon ever.

The Top Ten Cutest Ice-Type Pokémon

Updated in June, 2024, by Swati: As early as 1996, the Pokémon Red & Green version introduced a small number of ice type Pokémon.

Until that time, the existence of frost Pokemon was restricted to specific regions and was limited to a few varieties.

Currently, a minimum of 67 ice types share 32 distinct ice-type manoeuvres.

In order to create a formidable team of Pocket Monsters with these ice types,

it is important to remain vigilant and refer to our compilation of the most exceptional ice-type Pokemon.


17 Facts About Calyrex - Facts.net

Calyrex has the ability to condense the cold emitted by Glastrier into enormous icicles by utilising its psychic energy.

It is capable of firing these icicles at opponents in the manner of projectiles or wielding them as lances to perpetrate charging attacks.

According to reports, these icicle lances, which have been psychically augmented, are capable of piercing through rocky mountains and blasting openings.

In the Pokemon Sword and Shield game, Ice Rider Calyrex is a formidable High King Pokemon.

It is capable of inflicting substantial damage by employing a distinctive attack called Glacial Lance.

This Pokemon’s Glacial Lance attack is particularly potent in double confrontations,

inflicting substantial damage on both opponents.

As a result, it is considered one of the most formidable Pokemon.

32. Glastrier

12 Facts About Glastrier - Facts.net

The muzzle and hooves of this Pokémon emit a piercingly cold air.

The unyielding ice that envelops Glastrier’s visage and legs renders its assaults exceptionally destructive.

Glastrier is not particularly proficient in the execution of agile movements.

However, it can swiftly slide across the ice to close distances during conflict by utilising the cold that emanates from its hooves to freeze the ground.

On its thick, burly legs, Glastrier surged through the snowiest of lands and the worst of roadways,

showcasing its strength and endurance.

It is also prideful and belligerent, and it obtains anything it desires through force.

It seems to be impelled to challenge any formidable opponent it encounters to a duel.



Baxcalibur is a monstrous draconian Pokémon that resembles a bipedal dinosaur.

Its body is predominantly dark grey, while its abdomen and knee pads are covered in light grey hexagon-shaped patterns.

Red quills conceal its three razor-sharp talons, while a white mask obscures its face.

A black diamond is embedded in a huge dorsal plate that is situated on its back.

Are you confronted with a Pokemon of the dragon type?

We suggest that Baxcalibur be implemented.

Despite having only 86 special defence characteristics, this dragon is particularly adept at resisting fire.

The Thermal Exchange skill has the potential to enhance its attack attribute and repel burn status.

Furthermore, it utilises its Ice Body capabilities to replenish a portion of its HP.

30. Delibird

Delibird  ice type pokemon

Delibird is an ice type Pokémon that looks like a red penguin.

It has a white hollow tail.

It has white feathers on its face and chest,

and two crests with three points each sit above its eyes.

It has black marks around its round eyes, and its beak and feet are a light yellow color.

On its stomach, there is a single white spot.

It has two toes on each foot.

29. Crabominable


Crabominable is an ice type crustacean Pokémon that looks like a crab with white fur all over it.

Around its mouth, shoulders, and claws, its fur is fluffier.

It doesn’t have fur on its face, the tips of its legs and arms,

and parts of its chest, abdomen, back, and arms.

It has a patch of yellow fur on top of its head with two tufts that stick up.

It has light blue skin, black eyes that look like needles, and a big mouth with two blunt teeth that can be seen.

It has a dark blue mark in the shape of a dumbbell just below its mouth.

Its abdomen is also dark blue, with lighter blue stripes.

These two parts make it look like you have chest and stomach muscles.

28. Jynx


Jynx is an ice type Pokémon that walks on two legs and looks like a woman.

Its face is purple, its lips are pink, its eyes look like saucers, and it has long blonde hair.

It has two gold circlets on the chest of its red dress.

In the anime, it has feet, but in the 3D games, all you see under the dress is black, and there is no footprint.

It has white arms and purple hands with five fingers.

Jynx is a species that only has females; there are no males.

27. Arctozolt


Arctozolt is a fossil Pokémon that is also an ice type.

Its body is light blue, and the top has a white patch that looks like snow.

Its body is blue and has spots and fins with white patches at the ends.

It has a tail that looks like a mosasaur’s and a fin on top. The hands are yellow.

Arctozolt’s head looks like that of a raptor.

Its eyes are closed, and there is a blue spot on each cheek.

Mucus comes out of its nose.

26. Arctovish


Arctovish is a fossil ice type Pokémon that is a mix of fish and plesiosaurs.

Half of the plesiosaur is blue and white.

It has a blue fin on top of its tail.

The flippers are blue with white spots and white patches at the ends.

The fish half is put on backwards.

Its head is round and blue, and its mouth is on top of its head.

Its eyes are black rectangles. Its fish head is connected to white fins.

25. Walrein


Walrein is a big, ice type Pokémon that looks like a walrus and has blubber under its skin.

It is mostly blue, but there are thin white rings around its neck and lines on its tail-fin, which looks like a fan.

It has two long tusks made of ivory in its upper jaw.

It has a round nose and yellow eyes, and its face and neck are covered with big tufts of white fur.

It has long flippers instead of feet on its four short legs.

24. Dewgong


Dewgong is a pinniped Pokémon that is an Ice type. Its body is snowy white and furry.

Its fur makes it almost invisible when it’s snowing.

It has two black eyes, a black nose, and two tusks that stick out from the top of its upper jaw.

It has two front flippers and a long tail that flows out behind it.

Even in water that is very cold and full of ice, its tail lets it swim quickly and easily at 8 knots.

It has a sharp horn on top of its head that lets it cut through the thickest ice floes.

23. Frosmoth


Frosmoth is an ice type Pokémon that looks like a white moth.

It has a round body, with a thicker top half that makes it look like it has a ruff.

Its eyes are deep blue, and its eyelashes are long.

It has a blue gem between its eyes and two long antennae with trapezoid-shaped grey tips.

Frosmoth has two big grey wings with white edges.

The patterns on its wings are the same as the ones on the tips of its antennae.

22. Eiscue


Eiscue is a small ice type Pokémon that looks like a penguin.

It has a big ice cube on top of its head.

This ice cube is light blue, and you can see little white dots on its surface.

On the front, there are two oval eyes and a beak,

and a long hair that looks like antennae sticks out of the cube.

Eiscue’s body has two flippers and three toes on each of its yellow feet.

Inside the ice, its real face is light blue and has two white eyes.

It has a white beak and two black eyebrows.

21. Vanilluxe


Vanilluxe is made when two Vanillish stick together after melting during the day and freezing at night.

It has two heads and is covered in a white, swirled substance that looks like ice cream.

Each head has a mouth and two light purple eyes.

There are two light blue ice crystals under each mouth and one on each side of the eyes.

It has two short arms and three spikes that look like icicles under its body.

The middle spike under its body is the biggest, and on top of the left head is a hollow structure that looks like a straw. Vanilluxe is an ice type pokemon

20. Cryogonal


Cryogonal looks like a blue hexagonal snowflake that is shiny. An ice type pokemon

Its face is frozen, so it looks angry.

It has two cracks in its face.

The one on top is where its eyes are, and the one on the bottom is where it eats.

It has two glowing eyes, and in its big mouth is a chain of ice that can be stretched out and used to hunt.

When its body temperature goes up, it will turn into steam and disappear.

When its body temperature goes down, it will turn back into ice. Snow clouds are where cryogonal is made.

19. Galarian Darmanitan

Galarian Darmanitan

In its normal form, Darmanitan looks like a short, mostly red ape. An ice type pokemon

It has round eyes with black rings around them and long, bushy flame eyebrows that curl at the base.

It has a tan face with a diagonal red stripe that divides the top half from the bottom half.

Its large mouth has sharp teeth.

All of these features give the impression that the person is crazy or angry.

Its head doesn’t have a neck that can be seen to separate it from the rest of its body and its round back,

which ends in a short tail.

18. Glalie


Glalie is an ice type Pokémon that looks like a ball. It has a black rock core that is covered with ice.

This Pokémon’s icy shell has several holes and gaps all over its body.

Through three of these holes, you can see blue eyes and a mouth with flat teeth.

Glalie has two big, black, cone-shaped horns on each side of her head.

17. Beartic


Beartic is an ice type Pokémon that looks like a bear and has four legs.

It can stand on its back legs.

It has bluish-white fur, and at the back, there is a shaggy tuft.

It has a beard made of three ice spikes that hang from the bottom of its jaw.

It has a long nose, black eyes with white pupils, and round ears.

It has black claws and pads on its large forepaws.

16. Abomasnow


Abomasnow is a big, two-legged animal with white, shaggy fur. An ice type pokemon.

It has pale purple eyes with bushy eyebrows and long fur strands that cover its mouth.

It has two tufts of longer fur on its back and chest.

The chest fur on the female is longer.

Its hands, feet, and tail are all dark green and spikey, like the leaves of an evergreen tree.

Four green spikes that look like pinecones are on its back.

15. Alolan Sandslash

Alolan Sandslash

Sandslash is an ice type pholidote that walks on two legs and lives on the ground.

Sandslash is usually able to walk on two legs, but it can also run on all fours.

Its underside is mostly light yellow, with a white patch in the middle.

It has a thin nose, blue eyes in the shape of almonds, and a thick tail.

Its tough, dry skin forms sharp, brown quills that cover most of its back.

It has two big claws on each of its feet and paws.

14. Avalugg


Avalugg is a big ice type Pokémon that is almost entirely covered in ice that is almost clear.

It has yellow eyes with purple centers that can be seen through the ice on its head.

Its head is shaped like a wedge, and instead of ears,

it has a white diamond-shaped piece of ice on each side, a dark crack in the ice over each eye,

a crack just before the tip of its snout, and a beard made of short icicles.

The top of Avalugg’s body is flat, and there are three horizontal cracks along its surface.

Along its belly, there is a group of icicles.

Its legs are round and have cracks just before the foot and between the toes.

There is a sharp claw under each toe.

13. Frost Rotom

Frost Rotom

Rotom is shaped like a lightning rod and is made of plasma. An ice type pokemon

It has a whitish-blue aura of electricity that comes out in the shape of lightning bolts.

It has teeth, and the blue eyes that make it unique are split down the middle.

As seen in the anime, Rotom likes to play jokes on people who don’t expect them.

Rotom can also go back in time, as seen in the anime.

12. Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales

Ninetales is an ice type Pokémon that looks like a fox and has thick, golden-white fur.

It has a small mane of thicker fur around its neck and a long, fluffy crest on top of its head.

It has thin legs with three-toed paws and nine long tails with pale orange tips.

It has red eyes, pointy ears, and a black nose in the shape of a triangle.

11. Aurorus


Aurorus is an ice type dinosaur Pokémon with four legs. It looks like a sauropod.

It is mostly blue, but the bottom is a lighter shade of blue.

It has bright blue eyes, a long neck, and a long, tapering tail that ends in a teardrop shape.

It has a white V-shaped mark on its head, with a single light blue crystal in the middle.

It has two big sails that go from the top of its head all the way down its neck.

The base of the sails is a pale whitish-yellow, and the edges are a pale bluish-purple.

But, as seen in Pokémon-Amie, its sails can change color based on how it feels.

10. Cloyster


Cloyster is an ice type Pokémon that looks like a black pearl.

It is protected by a light-gray shell and a second, jagged, blue-violet shell on the outside.

It has a barb-like spike sticking out from the top of its head and several cone-shaped horns on its shell.

Its shell is harder than a diamond, and its spikes are even harder.

Strong tides will change the size and sharpness of these spikes.

It has two white eyes and a mouth on its pearl-like face.

No one has ever seen anything about its body except for its face and head.

Once it has closed its shell, it can’t be opened from the outside.

9. Mamoswine


Mamoswine is a large, four-legged, ice type Pokémon that looks like a wooly mammoth and a boar got together.

It has thick brown fur that keeps it warm and protects it from snow and ice.

It has pure, solid ice tusks, which are shorter on a female Mamoswine than on a male.

Mamoswine has a pattern on its face that looks like a blue mask and a white rim around its eyes and face that looks like ski goggles.

It has tan, shaggy fur on its face, and its nose looks like a pig’s.

Mamoswine has three thick black toes on each foot, and its tail is short.

8. Mr. Rime

Mr. Rime

Mr. Rime is an ice type Pokémon with two legs and a humanoid shape.

It has growths that look like clown hair, like its pre-evolved form, Mr. Mime,

but they are now black instead of blue and cover the top of its head like a bowler hat.

It has a moustache covering its mouth, and its eyes are yellow.

Their black and white torsos are made to look like a coat or tuxedo.

A red bump, yellow shirt studs, and a white cummerbund make a face when put together.

Even though its face doesn’t move, the features on its torso will change to show how it feels.

Its legs and feet are blue, and they look like big shoes with black soles.

7. Froslass


Froslass is an ice type Pokémon that looks like a person and has a hollow torso like a kimono.

It has a red band around its middle that looks like an Obi.

It doesn’t have any feet, and like Glalie, it floats in the air.

Its arms are attached to the sides of its head, and the tips of its wrists are rounded.

The part that flares out has light blue spots on it.

It has three small fingers on each hand.

The top of Froslass’s head has two ice crystals that look like horns.

Its head is shaped like a water droplet turned on its side.

6. Regice


Regice is made of ice from Antarctica that looks a lot like a crystal.

Its face has a strange pattern of seven yellow dots in the shape of a “+.” Its back has four spikes.

It has cone-shaped legs, and its whole body is balanced on those two points.

Each of its arms, which are round, has three fingers. An ice type pokemon.

5. Glaceon


Glaceon is a four-legged mammal with light-blue fur that can freeze into sharp needles. An ice type Pokemon.

It has dark eyes and a small nose, and its ears are long and pointy.

On its head is a teal crest with two flaps that hang down like hair or headwear.

Glaceon has two dark blue rhombus-shaped marks on its back.

The tips of its tail, feet, and flaps are all the same shade of blue.

4. Lapras


Lapras is a big Pokémon that is a sea ice type and looks like a plesiosaur.

Its skin is blue with darker blue spots, and the bottom is cream-colored.

It has big brown eyes, a small horn on the top of its head, and ears that are tightly curled.

It has four flippers and a long neck.

The flippers in front are bigger than the ones in back.

It has a heavy, gray shell with sharp knobs on its back.

3. Articuno


Articuno is a big ice type bird Pokémon.

Its feathers are mostly blue, and its wings are said to be made of ice.

It has three dark blue feathers in the shape of a rhombus on its forehead.

It has round red eyes, a short gray beak, and long, thin gray legs.

Each foot has three toes that point forward and one toe that points back.

It has a bunch of soft, pale blue feathers on its chest.

It has a long tail that looks like a streamer and is the same shade of blue as its crest.

2. Kyurem


Kyurem is a gray and blue, two-legged, ice type Pokémon that seems to be based on dragons but is hard to describe.

Kyurem’s head and nose are blue, and its yellow eyes don’t have pupils.

It also has a pair of sharp, light-blue horns on its head and a yellow crest on its skull.

It has three sharp teeth at the bottom of each jaw,

which is frozen shut because of the ice on its head.

It has lines that go all the way around its long, gray neck, legs, arms, and tail.

It has two arms, each with its own claw. Its oddly shaped blue wings,

which are thought to be used for flying and storing cold air, connect each arm to the other.

There are two ice spikes on each wing.

Kyurem’s back has gray limbs that look like tendrils when the ice covering its wings breaks.

1. Weavile


Weavile is an ice type Pokémon that looks like a two-legged weasel. Its body is pale gray.

It has a bright red crown and a wide collar made of feathers.

On each ear, it has a single thin feather. A female Weavile’s ear feathers are smaller than those of a male.

Weavile has three claws on each paw and two tail feathers.

In the middle of its forehead, there is a yellow oval mark. Its eyes are red and have three eyelashes.

Its upper jaw has four fangs that stick out.

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