Pokemon: 12 Most Valuable Pikachu Cards

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has experienced fluctuations in popularity over the years, but it has consistently remained one of the top five or six card games worldwide.

And when it’s hot, it’s hot — the Sword & Shield era has experienced a significant resurgence, and Scarlet & Violet shows no signs of slowing things down.

This iconic electric rodent is recognized by more people than even Mickey Mouse himself, showcasing its luxurious stature. We’re discussing Pachirisu, a truly remarkable little mouse.

Yes, absolutely we mean Pikachu. Stay with us for a little while, and we’ll demonstrate the price of these exquisite pieces of cardboard if you still adhere to the belief of collecting them all.

Here Are Some Of The Most Valuable Pikachu Cards

12. Pikachu Birthday

12 Pokemon: 12 Most Valuable Pikachu Cards

There are a few different variations of Pikachu Birthday. Collectors will surely be interested in having both of them. What’s the catch? They might need to pay around $212 to do that.

It’s quite amusing to reflect on the Pikachu Birthday card, considering the passage of time.

The power was significant enough in the past that official Pokemon Leagues swiftly prohibited it due to concerns of unfair tactics. Many young children seem to mature quickly when left without proper identification.

Although this may still raise some questions in 2022, it is unlikely to be of significant concern to anyone. The attack boost has become quite underwhelming, going from 30 to 80, and it only requires two Electric Energy.

It’s safe to say that it’s lost its charm.

11. Shiny Pikachu Holon Phantoms

Shiny Pikachu Holon Phantoms 11 Pokemon: 12 Most Valuable Pikachu Cards

The Shiny Pikachu Holon Phantoms card can fetch a staggering price of $5,700. It’s quite remarkable that the only explanation for this is its rarity. “Well, isn’t that what it all comes down to?” It’s a bit of a mixed answer.

Typically, the most expensive Pokemon cards are incredibly rare due to their limited availability. This can be intentional, such as one-time promotional cards, or accidental, like misprints.

The Holon Phantoms expansion, released towards the end of the Pokemon TCG’s EX era, includes a special shiny version of the Pikachu card.

And it happens to be well-liked by many. Therefore, it happens to be quite costly.

10. Pikachu Wizards Promo #1 Ivy Misprint

Pikachu Card 10 Pokemon: 12 Most Valuable Pikachu Cards

Curious to know what occurs if Jungle Pikachu, the original Pikachu card, is mistakenly placed in a patch of ivy instead of its usual grassy surroundings?

You receive a rather expensive Pikachu, that’s what occurs. Well, that’s the typical narrative. Actually, there is an additional step you need to take before your “Ivy Misprint” Pikachu becomes valuable.

This short story about how effortlessly a fortunate few can become significantly wealthier overnight appears to be a suitable way to begin the list.

An example from Grade 9 has been sold for $787!

9. Pretend Magikarp And Gyarados

9 1 Pokemon: 12 Most Valuable Pikachu Cards

Did you happen to be in Hiroshima when its local Pokemon Center had its grand opening? That’s fantastic! We hope you were able to get your hands on the special limited edition Pretend Magikarp and Pretend Gyarados Pikachu cards!

Best of luck trying to acquire them unless you have around $2,000 on hand and are comfortable with the possibility of losing it all in one go.

Just to clarify, you will receive both cards for that approximate price. Two absolutely charming cards, I must say. Is it possible to quantify the sheer adorableness? It’s completely your call.

8. 1999 PokeTour Promo

Pikachu Card 8 Pokemon: 12 Most Valuable Pikachu Cards

The 1999 PokeTour Promo Pikachu may not be the most eye-catching or artistically impressive piece. It has a charming gold imprint that indicates its exclusivity to this event.

That’s everything you need to know about it. Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that a PSA 10 mint-condition copy fetched an impressive $1,545 in sales last year. That’s also important.

7. 1999 1st Edition Pikachu Red Cheeks

Pikachu Card 7 Pokemon: 12 Most Valuable Pikachu Cards

Wouldn’t an additional $170 be great at this moment? Seemingly kind, even if you have a comfortable lifestyle. If you happen to have a First Edition Jungle Pikachu, it would be worth checking if it’s still in great condition.

If you’re unsure, it’s probably not in the best condition, but you might still be able to get around a hundred dollars for it, even if it has some visible blemishes.

There isn’t a great deal of precise science involved in this particular matter. The First Edition Jungle Pikachu is a widely available Pikachu card that was released as part of the TCG’s first expansion.

Pikachu from the First Edition is the one that holds the key to all the others.

6. Pikachu VMAX Rainbow

Pikachu Card 6 Pokemon: 12 Most Valuable Pikachu Cards

Pikachu VMAX Rainbow is likely to experience fluctuations in the future, but it remains on our list even after a comprehensive update.

This card is from one of the latest sets in the series, and it’s not only highly playable, but the rare rainbow printing is absolutely stunning.

What do you think of a price of three hundred dollars for a Pokemon TCG card that was only imagined a year ago? For collectors, it can be quite disheartening to log into Pokemon TCG Online and come across Pikachu VMAX Rainbow being used in numerous competitive decks.

It’s hard not to feel a pang of longing, wishing they could have one in real life. Speaking from my personal experience, there.

5. The First Pokemon Movie Misprint

Pikachu Card 5 Pokemon: 12 Most Valuable Pikachu Cards

The initial Pokemon film, Mewtwo Strikes Back, offered players a variety of promotional cards, including The First Movie Pikachu.

That one still holds a decent value even today, but the true treasure lies in the rare misprints from the early days when the company accidentally stamped their name upside-down.

We refer to these types of cards as misprints, or if we’re feeling less kind, misfires. What happened to the stamp location? Mistakes happen, after all.

That’s perfectly okay. It’s worth noting that if you’re interested in this card, it comes with a price tag of approximately $250.

4. Pikachu 2005 San Diego Comic Con

Pikachu Card 4 Pokemon: 12 Most Valuable Pikachu Cards

San Diego Comic Con is truly a remarkable experience. Exciting shows are revealed, highly anticipated movies release trailers, and even video games can be unveiled. Not to mention the comics, of course.

Or, as it turns out, the Pikachu 2005 San Diego Comic Con card.

Let me tell you about this one. It’s practically impossible to tell the difference between this card and the regular Emerald-era card. However, it was distributed at a special occasion and bears a subtle modification to indicate its uniqueness.

Surprisingly, this has been sufficient to captivate collectors, who have been known to spend up to $30,000 in previous auctions, with a more typical amount of $7,000 in the bag.

3. No. 2 Trainer Promo Pikachu Cards

Pikachu Card 33 Pokemon: 12 Most Valuable Pikachu Cards

This is where the excitement soars. There are three different variations of No. Trainer Promo Pikachu cards. Acquiring just one of these could easily cost you $50,000 or even more.

The No. 2 Trainer Promos in the Pokemon Trading Card Game are the ultimate version of the “legendary trio” archetype, distinguished by the unique expressions on their faces.

It’s quite a challenge to catch all three, even more difficult than summoning Exodia to save the world in the Yu-Gi-Oh animated series.

2. Pikachu On The Ball

Pikachu Card 2 Pokemon: 12 Most Valuable Pikachu Cards

The Pikachu on the Ball card, similar to Pretend Magikarp and Gyarados, had certain conditions that needed to be met.

In order to participate in the FA Pokémon Youth Futsal Program, you simply needed to send a request email to them. It was a great opportunity to get involved!

Thanks to this process, it’s highly probable that the price of this card will continue to rise.

The current value of the card is approximately $80. Pretty impressive for a Pikachu on a ball.

1. Pikachu Illustrator

Pikachu Card 1 Pokemon: 12 Most Valuable Pikachu Cards

It is believed that only a limited number of Pikachu Illustrator cards were ever printed, estimated to be between 20 and 40.

It’s difficult to determine the exact number, but according to hardcore collectors, there are currently only nine remaining. Can you believe it? I used to have one of these until my dog decided to have a little chew fest a few years ago.

The sting would definitely be felt. Pikachu Illustrator has fetched an impressive $900,000 in a relatively recent auction.

When a casual Pokemon fan stops by and asks about the price of a First Edition Charizard these days, just humorously redirect their attention to Pikachu Illustrator instead. They will likely trust your words.

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