60 Cutest Pokemon of All Time

Pokemon are arguably one of the cutest creatures in anime world when I was a child I always wanted to own a cutest Pokemon at some point.

Whether you are a fan of the anime series or the game franchise chances are you have seen Pokemon once in your life time.

We all know there are hundreds of cute Pokemon in the Pokemon universe its really hard to list them all and cuteness is a subjective matter as well maybe what I find cute you will find it weird.

But all these things aside lets start today’s list of cutest Pokemon.

Lets Begin the list of top 60 cutest Pokemon of all Time.

60. Psyduck

Psyduck cutest pokemon

Psyduck is a cute yellow Pokemon that looks like a duck or a platypus that can walk on two legs. It has three thick black hairs on top of its head and a wide, flat, cream-colored beak.

Its eyes look empty, and the pupils are very small. It has short legs and a short tail. Its webbed feet are cream-colored. Each of its three hands has three claws.

Psyduck has a headache that keeps it from being able to think clearly. Usually, it just stands still, trying to get rid of its headache.

But when its headache gets too bad, it uses strong psychic powers to get rid of the stress.

59. Slowpoke


Slowpoke is the cutest pink Pokemon. It looks like a salamander crossed with a hippopotamus.

It has rounded, tan ears and eyes that never seem to be looking at anything. Each of its four legs ends in a single white claw. The tip of its long, thin tail is white.

This tail drips a sweet, sticky substance that many kinds of fish like to eat. Slowpoke uses its tail as a lure to catch fish.

Its tail breaks off often, but it grows back. In Alola, its dried tail is often used to make stews at home.

58. Clefairy


Clefairy is a cute pink Pokemon that walks on two legs and has a body that looks like a star. From the top left corner of its mouth sticks out a small, sharp tooth.

It has wrinkles next to its black, oval eyes, a single dark pink oval mark on each cheek, and large, pointed ears with brown tips. It has a curl of fur on its forehead, just like its long tail curls up.

Each thick arm has two small claws and a thumb, and each foot has one toenail. On its back are two tiny wings that look like butterfly wings.

Even though Clefairy can’t fly, its wings can store moonlight and make it float.

57. Growlithe


Growlithe is a cute four-legged dog Pokemon. Its back and legs are covered in black stripes, and its fur is orange.

It has beige fur on its face, chest, belly, and tail, as well as a beige tuft on top of its head. Growlithe’s chest and tail have longer hair than the rest of its body.

It has grey eyes, a black nose, and big, round, beige-colored ears. It has two claws on each front paw, and each back paw has three toes. A brown pad is on each paw.

56. Lillipup


Lillipup is a light brown Pokemon that looks like a dog. It has round brown eyes, a red nose, and a lot of cream fur all over its face.

This fur on Lillipup’s face can be used as a radar and tells it about its surroundings.

It has big, pointed ears with a tuft of fur at the base of each. Its fur stands up above its paws, and on its back is a dark blue blaze with sharp points.

Pokédex 3D Pro shows that each paw has three toes and a blue pad. It has a short tail with tufts.

55. Mareep


Mareep looks like a sheep. It is covered in soft, cream-colored wool, and in the middle of its head, there is a curly tuft of wool. It has blue eyes and a blue head.

It has four blue feet, each with two toes, and it always looks like it is standing on its tips. Its cone-shaped ears and tail have yellow and black stripes.

The end of Mareep’s tail is a small orange sphere that lights up. The brighter this sphere shines, the more electricity it has.

54. Dratini


Dratini is a cute Pokemon that looks like a snake. It has a blue body and a white bottom.

It has a white bump on its forehead and white fins with three points on each side of its head. It has purple oval eyes above its round, white nose.

Dratini’s life energy is always getting stronger, so it is always growing and can get to be more than six feet long.

As it grows, it constantly sheds its skin and hides behind a fast-moving waterfall while it does so.

At first, this Pokémon was thought to be a myth, but a small group of them has been found living underwater.

53. Teddiursa


Teddiursa is an ursine Pokemon that can walk on two legs and has short, orange-brown fur. It has black eyes and a small black nose on a light tan head.

Its face has a tan crescent that is a bit lighter, and its ears are round.

Its front paws have three claws, and its back paws have two claws and yellow pads. It has a short, round, puffy tail.

Teddiursa makes its own honey from Beedrill pollen and fruit. When it finds honey that has already been made, the mark on its face lights up. Teddiursa’s front paws often have honey on them, and it is often seen licking them.

It will hide food stores all over its territory before winter, when food will be scarce.

52. Cubchoo


Cubchoo is a cute Pokemon that walks on two legs and has a light blue head and neck. It has a slightly pointed head with big round ears, shiny dark oval eyes, and a darker blue muzzle.

Cubchoo has a dark, shiny nose from which a lot of light blue nasal mucus drips. This is what it uses to attack. The part of its body below its head is white.

It has round front paws, digitless feet with black paw pads, and a small, round tail.

51. Charmander


Charmander is a cute Pokemon that walks on two legs and has a mostly orange body and blue eyes.

The bottom of its feet and the area below its chest are cream-colored. It can be seen to have two small teeth in its upper jaw and two even smaller teeth in its lower jaw.

A fire has been burning at the end of this Pokémon’s thin tail since it was born. The flame can be used to tell how Charmander is feeling and how healthy it is.

The flame burns brightly when Charmander is healthy, weakly when it is tired, wavy when it is happy, and blazing when it is angry.

People say Charmander will die if its flame goes out. But if the Pokémon is healthy, the flame will keep burning even if it gets a little wet. This is called “steaming in the rain.”

50. Bulbasaur


Bulbasaur is a cute Pokemon that is small and has four legs. Its skin is blue-green with darker spots.

It has red eyes with white pupils, structures on top of its head that look like ears, and a short, blunt nose with a wide mouth. When its mouth is open, you can see two small, pointy teeth in the upper jaw.

It has three sharp claws at the end of each of its thick legs. On its back is a green bulb that grew from a seed that was planted there when it was born.

The bulb gives it energy through photosynthesis and the seeds inside, which are full of nutrients.

49. Totodile


Totodile is a cute crocodile-like Pokemon that can walk on two legs and has strong jaws. It has red eyes with ridges above them, black marks around its eyes, and several sharp teeth.

It has a yellow V-shaped mark on its chest that goes to its arms. A thin line goes through the middle of the mark. Totodile has three feet and five hands.

On its back, there is a row of three red spines, and on either side of that row is a small red ridge. It also has a single red spine at the end of its tail. Totodile is usually playful and likes to bite whatever it sees, including its Trainer.

But its jaws can crush anything, so it can sometimes hurt people very badly. Totodiles are hard to find in the wild, but you can find them near rivers, ponds, and lakes.

48. Cyndaquil


Cyndaquil is a small, two-legged Pokemon that has bluish-colored fur on top and cream-colored fur on the bottom. Its eyes are usually shut, and its nose is long and thin.

It has short arms, but its legs are a bit longer than its arms, and each foot has a single nail. It has four red circles on its back that can burst into flames.

When the fire is going, its back looks like it has spines all over it. Cyndaquil can use these flames to defend itself, and the fire gets stronger when it gets angry or defensive.

But if it is worn out, the flames can’t burn as well.

It is usually shy, and when scared, it often curls up into a ball. Even though it is rare in the wild, it lives on grasslands.

47. Mudkip


Mudkip is a small, cute Pokemon that can swim and walk on all fours. It is blue on top and light blue on the bottom.

It has a bluefin on top of its big head and a light-blue tail fin. It has black eyes that look like needles and orange gills that look like stars on its cheeks.

Mudkip can sense changes in air and water currents and bodies of water with the help of the fin on its head.

As seen in the anime, its fin can also point in a certain direction. Mudkip can move or crush boulders that are bigger than it is. It moves through the water with the help of a strong acceleration from its large tail fin.

46. Torchic


Torchic is a small, cute Pokemon with yellow wings that are short and fluffy. It has orange feathers all over its body. On its head is an orange and yellow crest that looks like a flame.

It has two thin legs, a short beak, and feet with three toes in front and one in back. The legs and beak are a light brownish yellow colour. On the back of a male Torchic, there is a small black spot that isn’t there on a female.

This Pokémon has a place in its body where it keeps a flame going. When Torchic is hugged, this flame makes him feel warm.

When it is attacked, it will shoot 1,000°C (1,800°F) fireballs at its enemies, burning them black.

45. Treecko


Treecko is a cute little green reptile that can walk on two legs. Its eyes are yellow, and the pupils are long and narrow. The three fingers and toes of a treecko are all covered with tiny spikes.

These spikes make it easy for it to climb up walls. It has a red stomach and throat. It also has a line that looks like a pouch across its stomach.

Treecko has a long, dark green tail with two separate lobes that it uses to sense humidity. This lets it know what the weather will be like the next day.

Treecko are rarely seen in the wild, but they are more common in zoos. Treecko lives in dense forests when it’s in the wild, though. It lives in tall trees and attacks anyone who gets too close to its nest.

44. Turtwig


Turtwig is a cute Pokemon that looks like a turtle or tortoise. It is small, light green, and has four legs.

It has yellow eyes, feet, and a yellow jaw. It has a brown shell made of earth that goes all the way around its body. The edge and stripe of the shell are both black.

The shell of a healthy Turtwig should feel damp. On the brown spot on its head, a small seedling is growing. If the Pokémon gets thirsty, this seedling will die.

As a Pokémon made of plants, Turtwig usually gets its food from photosynthesis.

It also drinks water, which makes its shell, which is made of soil, harder. Turtwig is a starter Pokémon, so it is hard to find it in the wild. Most of the time, Trainers own Turtwig.

43. Chimchar


Chimchar is a two-legged Pokemon that looks like a chimpanzee. Its fur is mostly orange, but its face, outer ears, underbelly, hands, and feet are light yellow.

It has a small, round, red patch on the back of its body that is usually hidden by flames made by gas burning in its stomach.

When it goes to sleep, these flames go out, and when it’s sick, they burn weakly. Its ears are big for the size of its head and red on the inside.

It has two sharp teeth on the top of its mouth. Chimchar has red markings around its eyes and a symbol that looks like a swirl on its chest. It has five fingers on its hands and three toes on its feet.

It has a curling crest of hair on the top of its head. It is very agile and can climb up the rocky ledges of high mountains, which is where it lives.

42. Snivy


Snivy is a reptile-like Pokemon that walks on two legs and has a slim body. Its top half is green, and its bottom half is cream. It has a yellow stripe along its back and tail, and yellow markings around its big eyes.

Two yellow structures that stick out from their shoulders and curve backward. They look like leaves or small wings. It has three fingers on each of its skinny arms, but none on its tiny feet.

On the end of its tail is a big, palm-shaped leaf with three points. This tail can do photosynthesis, which lets Snivy move faster.

But when Snivy gets tired, the tail will start to droop. This Pokémon is always cool and collected.

41. Tepig


Tepig looks like a pig and has four legs. It is mostly orange. It has round eyes, a pink nose, and a thick yellow stripe on its snout.

Its head is mostly dark brown on top, and its long, pointed ears are close to each other.

Tepig has short legs and dark brown front feet. Its lower back and rear are covered by a dark brown band. A pink sphere is at the end of its curly tail.

Tepig is a quick Pokémon that can blow fire out of its nose. It will wrap itself in these flames to use Heat Crash, which used to be its best move.

But when it gets sick, it will blow out thick, black smoke. Tepig roasts berries to eat them, but sometimes he gets too excited and burns them.

40. Oshawott


Oshawott is a cute Pokemon that walks on two legs like a sea otter. Its head is round and white, and its ears are small and triangular and dark blue. Oshawott has dark eyes, and its nose is shaped like an oval and is dark orange.

It has a few freckles on its cheeks, which may be early whiskers, and when it opens its mouth, you can see two sharp teeth. Around its neck, the light blue fur on its body looks like bubbles.

It has white, round arms, and dark blue feet with three toes on each one. It also has a dark blue tail that looks like a rudder. It has a “scalchop,” which is a pale yellow sea shell, on its belly.

This shell is made of the same material as its claws, and it is used both in battle and to break open hard berries.

If an Oshawott’s wings are badly hurt or lost, it can grow new ones from its own body, but it can take weeks.

39. Fennekin


Fennekin looks like a small fox and has four legs. It has pale yellow fur that is longer where it sits. It has a white face with longer fur on its cheeks. Its eyes are dark orange, and its nose is black and pointed.

When it opens its mouth, you can see that its upper jaw has two sharp teeth. Its big ears are lined with dark orange fur in tufts.

Fennekin has thin legs and small paws with no toes that can be seen. The end of its fluffy tail is dark orange.

Fennekin’s ears let out hot air that can reach more than 390 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius).

It uses this skill to scare off enemies. Fennekin gets its energy from the twigs it chews on.

38. Froakie


Froakie is a four-legged Pokemon that looks like a frog. Its skin is light blue, its hands are white, and a dark blue stripe goes from the middle of its round head to its nose.

It has big yellow eyes with black irises and white pupils that stick out vertically from the top of its head. Froakie has two small bubbles on its nose and a large mane of bubbles coming out of its chest and back.

The soft bubbles, which are called Frubbles (in Japanese: Keromousse), reduce the damage that attacks do to Froakie. It has three fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot.

Even though it seems carefree, it is aware of its surroundings. Froakie is both small and strong, which means it can jump very high.

37. Chespin


Chespin is a cute Pokémon that is a mammal with two legs. It is mostly a light brown colour, but its arms are darker, and there are three triangular marks on its face.

It has brown, oval eyes, a red, triangular nose, and teeth that look like those of a rodent. It has two long claws on each foot and three fingers on each arm.

Its back is covered with a hard, green shell that goes from its head to about halfway down its tail. At the end of its tail is a thin orange tip.

Chespin’s shell has a small, off-center hole on the back of its head, and it has four spikes that look like leaves around its face.

It has a three-part spike on the back of its head.

Chespin’s shell can protect it from very strong attacks. The quills on its head are soft most of the time, but they can be made stiff to attack.

Chespin is very curious, which often gets it into trouble, but it always looks on the bright side and doesn’t worry about small things.

36. Litten


Litten is a four-legged, cat-like Pokemon that has mostly black fur.

It has a short face with a small black nose, red eyes with yellow sclerae, and short, pointed ears with pale grey insides.

Each of its legs has two red stripes, and its forehead has two horizontal stripes with a vertical stripe in the middle.

The bottom of Litten’s face is also red, and each cheek has a big tuft of fur. At the end of its long tail is a tuft of fur. When it arches its back, red-tipped, three-pointed fur tufts show up along its spine.

35. Rowlet


Rowlet is a small, bird-like Pokemon with a round body and short legs. It looks like a young owl. Its feathers are mostly beige, but the underside and disc on its face are white.

The face disc itself is made up of two circles that overlap. It has black eyes that are big and a short beak. Its beak is white at the top and orange-brown at the bottom.

It has two toes that face forward and one that faces backward. Its feet are the same colour as the bottom half of its beak.

It has two leaves that look like a bow tie coming out of its chest. Its tail is made of more leaves, and the undersides of its wings are lined with leaves.

34. Popplio


Popplio is a cute Pokemon with a pinniped body type that is mostly blue. It has big eyes, a long white nose with black whiskers, and a pink nose that is round.

On each side of its head, there is a small, round earflap. It has a light blue ruff around its neck that goes past its shoulders. It has four wings.

The front flippers are bigger than the back ones, and there are white lines between the toes of the front flippers.

33. Sobble


Sobble is a small, cute Pokemon. Its skin is light blue with dark teal spots, and its face and belly are also light blue. It has the same teal eyes with white pupils and sclerae.

It also has a yellow fin-like thing sticking out of the top of its head, which is outlined in dark blue, and a blue tail that is curled and ends in the same dark blue.

It has thin legs with two thin appendages at the end of each one. It can use these to stick to walls and climb them easily.

32. Grookey


Grookey looks like a small monkey. It has a green body, a brown tail, brown ears with a wedge shape, orange hands and feet, and an orange nose.

It has five fingers on each hand and three toes on each foot. It has two big black eyes with white pupils and white sclerae.

It has a lime green mask that covers its eyes and goes up to its forehead in a small bump above its nose.

Grookey has two hair tufts that look like leaves and hold a stick on top of its head. Grookey uses this stick to attack, but he also uses it to beat rhythmically against all kinds of things.

Grass grows where Grookey drums, and flowers and leaves that look like they are dying seem to get their colour back.

31. Espurr


Espurr is a cute Pokemon that looks like a two-legged cat. Its fur is a light grey colour, and its ears and paws are white.

It has tufts of fur on its head, cheeks, shoulders, chest, and hips that are all messed up. It has wide, pale purple eyes with darker purple pupils, a small nose, and a small mouth.

When its mouth is open, you can see that its upper jaw has two sharp teeth. Its tail is soft and has a slight curl to it.

Espurr’s ears are a lot bigger than the rest of its body, and they fold in. Under its ears are two yellow organs that look like rings. Espurr’s strong psychic powers come from these organs.

30. Minccino


Minccino is a grey, fluffy Pokemon that looks like a chinchilla. It has tufts of fur on its head and neck.

It has big ears on the sides of its head. The insides of its ears are red, and tufts of fur cover some of them. It has big brown eyes and a small nose that looks like a dot.

It has small, round limbs, and the tips of its ears and tail are white.

Also, the tail is long and has a lot of fur. Minccino cleans its den with this tail, which works like a broom. It also rubs its tail against another Minccino to say hello to it.

It likes clean places to live and can’t stop cleaning dirty things. It can also use its tail to do Tail Slap, a move that it and its evolved form used to be known for.

29. Cutiefly


Cutiefly is a small, cute Pokemon with wings that are bigger than most. Its body is pale yellow, and its face and tail are white.

It has big eyes with spots that look like pixels, a long brown proboscis, and two tiny transparent hairs that look like antennae on its head.

It has white wings that are wide and flat, with a brown loop near the bottom. It has a white tuft of fur between its wings. It stands on four thin legs that end in round feet.

Cutiefly can see the auras of things that are alive, like plants, people, and Pokémon. It uses this skill to guess how its opponents will move.

It gets nectar and pollen from flowers, which it finds by looking at their auras to see what colour and how bright they are. When a living thing is excited, though, its aura looks like a flower in full bloom.

Cutiefly tends to gather around beings who are feeling strong emotions because of this.

28. Phanpy


Phanpy is a small, cute Pokemon that looks like a blue elephant. It has big, loose ears that it uses like fans to keep cool.

It has two red pads on each ear and one on the short trunk’s bridge. This small trunk is soft and strong at the same time.

With a friendly, playful bump of its nose, it can send a person flying. This little Pokémon can also carry an adult human on its back with no problem.

Each of Phanpy’s four feet has one nail, and its tail is short.

27. Mew


Mew is a cute, pink, two-legged Pokemon that looks like a mammal. It has a round, wide nose, ears in the shape of triangles, and big blue eyes. It has short arms with three-fingered paws. Its back paws are big and have oval shapes on the bottoms.

It has a long, thin tail with a round tip. Its fur is so fine and thin that you need a microscope to see it. People say that Mew has the DNA of every Pokémon in its body, which means it can learn and use any attack.

Its actions in the first and eighth Pokémon movies show that it is smart, curious, shy, playful, and even willing to put others before itself.

Mew is very flexible and can move freely both in the air and underwater.

As seen in Pokémon Snap and the Super Smash Bros. games, it can protect itself by making a green, yellow, or pink orb of energy around itself. However, in the Super Smash Bros. games, only the pink orb is seen.

26. Celebi


Celebi is a green being that looks like a fairy. It has clear wings on its back, round feet with no toes, and three-fingered hands. Its head is round and tapers to a point.

It has big baby-blue eyes with thick black rings around them and two green antennae with blue tips.

Celebi is a mythical Pokémon that lives in forests and is known in legend as the “Voice of the Forest.” It can travel through time and be in different places at the same time, and wherever it has been, plants grow well.

As seen in the anime, it can bring back to life Celebi that have died and make plants healthy again. Celebi can also heal cuts and scrapes.

In Pokémon Colosseum, it was shown that Celebi can instantly purify any Shadow Pokémon and can be called to Relic Forest with the tune of a Time Flute.

25. Manaphy


Manaphy is a small, blue, aquatic Pokemon with short feet and arms that are longer than its body and look like clubs. It has a yellow dot below the red gem on its chest.

Its head is shaped like an onion, and it has two long blue antennae with small spheres at the ends. Its irises are dark blue, and the whites of its eyes are yellow. It also has two yellow dots that look like eyelashes.

Manaphy is mostly water. Water makes up 80% of his body. It is very sensitive to its environment and swims a long way to get back to where it was born.

It has a special power from birth that lets it form a bond with any Pokémon.

24. Snorlax


Snorlax is a big, two-legged, dark blue-green Pokemon with a white face, belly, and feet.

Its arms and legs aren’t very big, so its belly makes up most of its body. It has a big head with small, pointed ears. Its lower jaw has two sharp teeth that stick out.

It has round feet with three claws and a round brown pad on each one. Each of its short arms has five claws. Snorlax is the heaviest Normal type because of how big it is.

Snorlax lives in places like forests and mountains. It only wakes up to eat, which takes 900 lbs. (400 kg) of food per day, and then it goes back to sleep.

It doesn’t care what it eats because its stomach is so strong that it can handle even mouldy food without getting sick. It can even deal with plants with thorns or Muk’s poison.

It can also eat while it’s taking a break. Snorlax is so calm that kids and other small Pokémon can bounce on its big stomach.

23. Togedemaru


Togedemaru is a cute Pokemon that looks like a round rodent. Its front is mostly white, and its back is mostly grey. It has black eyes, a short, sharp nose that is also black, round ears, and a yellow circle on each cheek.

On its back, there are 14 spikes of fur that look like yellow and brown triangles. When the creature is attacked, surprised, or upset, these spikes will stand up straight. On the back of its head is a needle that looks like a tail.

The needle is shaped like a lightning bolt and is grey with a yellow tip. Also, its arms and legs are short and stumpy.

Togedemaru draws and gathers electricity with the needle on top of its head. On stormy days, people can be seen gathering with their needles standing straight up, hoping to get struck by lightning to make up for the fact that it doesn’t have a lot of power.

Some Trainers use the fact that it can take in electricity as a battle strategy.

22. Cubone


Cubone is a small, two-legged Pokemon that looks like a dinosaur. It has a light brown hide, except for its cream-colored belly.

Its thumbs are two small claws, one on each hand. Its toes are one big claw on each foot. It has a short tail and two small spikes on its back.

Cubone wears the skull of its mother, who died, as a helmet on its head. Because of this, we haven’t seen much of its face, except for its black, triangular eyes and a small area around them.

The top of the skull has two round horns, and each side has a point that looks like a tooth.

Cubone has a brown snout under its head. The only reason the small Cubone is still alive is because it is so good at using the bone it carries as a weapon.

21. Shinx


Shinx is a four-legged, cat-like Pokemon that looks like a lion cub or a lynx kitten. It is light blue in the front and black in the back. On its head is a short tuft of fur, and each cheek has a smaller tuft.

The female Shinx’s top tuft is smaller. It has big, oval ears with yellow, star-shaped markings on the inside, yellow eyes, and a small, red nose. When it opens its mouth, you can see small fangs in its upper jaw.

It has a black mark around its neck that looks like a collar, and yellow bands above its front paws. The male Shinx’s back paws are black, while the female’s are blue.

It has a long tail with a yellow star at the end. The base of its tail is covered with spikes. When electricity is used, the fur can light up.

20.  Pumpkaboo


Pumpkaboo is a ghostly cute Pokemon that comes in four sizes: Small, Average, Large, and Super Size. Its lower body is covered by a pink pumpkin with two bumpy legs.

Two round holes that glow yellow-orange are cut into the pumpkin. The dark black body of Pumpkaboo sticks out of the top of the pumpkin.

It has yellow eyes that shine brightly, a pair of fangs in the top of its jaw, and pointed ears that curve slightly.

It has a long tuft of fur on top of its head that curls tightly at the end. A collar of tufts that look like fur hangs over the pumpkin’s edge.

After dark, Pumpkaboo starts to move around. The holes in its body can glow in the dark to help people find their way.

It is also said that it stores wandering spirits in its body and takes them to the afterlife. But the creature’s own spirit is stuck in this world.

19. Meloetta


Meloetta looks like a female humanoid with musical bar-like streaks in its hair, quarter notes (crotchets) for its arms and hands, and whole-note-looking eyes with no pupils (semibreves).

It has a jewel on its forehead and a black headpiece that looks like a treble clef and has a microphone attached to it, like the kind singers often use.

Its egg-shaped head seems to be one-third as tall as the rest of its body and about half as wide. In its Aria Forme, it has light blue eyes and flowing, wavy hair with light blue ovals that look like whole notes.

In its Pirouette Forme, it has red eyes and auburn hair that looks like it is styled into a high bun. In both Formes, its midsection and eyes are the same colour as its hair. It doesn’t matter which sexe it is.

18. Komala


Komala is a grey cutest Pokemon similar to a koala. It has big, round ears with fur that is light orange inside.

It has a big, round black nose that goes up between its fluffy white eyebrows. Each cheek also has a white puff of fur.

Around its neck is a small ruff of longer grey fur. Each black hand has five short black fingers, and each black foot has three black claws and a black paw pad.

The bottom of its body and its short, fluffy tail are both white. Komala is often seen holding a short piece of wood that it was given when it was born.

Most of the time, the log is a light brown colour with dark oval marks all over it. The ends of the log are tan, and you can see the growth rings.

17. Jigglypuff


Jigglypuff is a cute pink Pokemon whose body is round. It has large blue eyes and pointed ears with black spots inside.

It has short, short arms and feet that are just a little bit longer. It has a curl of fur on top of its head.

Jigglypuff’s body is full of air, and as seen in Pokémon Stadium, it can let the air out of its body until it is flat.

Super Smash Bros. shows that it can float by drawing more air into its body.

16. Shaymin


Shaymin is a small, cute Pokemon that looks like a white hedgehog.

In Land Forme, it has green fur that looks like grass on its back, and on each side of its head is a pink flower with two leaves, like the Gracidea flower.

It also has flowers on its back that look like Gracidea. When it feels safe, the flowers show up, but when it senses danger, the flowers quickly hide.

It has short legs, and its bottom is round. Shaymin is the smallest Mythical Pokémon that has ever been found.

15. Squirtle

Squirtle 1 1 60 Cutest Pokemon of All Time

The small, cute Pokemon Squirtle looks like a light blue turtle. It usually walks on its two short legs, but in Super Smash Bros. it was shown running on all fours.

Brawl. It has big eyes that are purple or red, and its upper lip is slightly hooked. It has three sharp points on each hand and foot. Its long tail curls in at the end.

It is born with a hard shell that grows and gets stronger as it grows. This shell is brown on top and pale yellow on the bottom. It is split in half by a thick white ridge.

14. Togepi


Togepi is a small, cute Pokemon that is light yellow and round. It is still in its eggshell. Togepi doesn’t change its skin. The Egg is covered with red and blue shapes.

Togepi’s hands are short and round, and each of his feet has two toes.

Togepi has black eyes and five spikes that look like a crown on its head. It also has brown pads on the bottom of its feet that look like half-ovals.

Togepi has spikes on its head that can shoot poison.

It can go back into its shell, which is what it usually does to sleep, as shown in the anime.

It is able to syphon the positive energy of others, and then release it to those in need of it.

13. Scorbunny


Scorbunny looks like a rabbit. Its body is mostly white, but it has orange and yellow spots on its ears, toes, and neck. Its neck has marks that look like a collar.

It has buckteeth, an orange nose and irises, black sclerae, and a yellow band that looks like a bandage across the bridge of its nose.

It has long legs and feet, and each paw pad has the same yellow band on its nose. It also has a short, white tail that looks like a poof.

12. Skitty


Skitty is a pink Pokémon that looks like a cat. It has a short body and four short legs.

It has a cream-colored mark in the shape of a crescent on its face. It has eyes that look like slits and tufts of ears that are purple inside.

It has a long, thin tail with a pink section at the end that is thick and has three pin-like structures that end in yellow balls.

When it fights, its tail puffs out, and it gives a sharp growl to warn its opponents.

11. Alolan Vulpix

Alolan Vulpix

Vulpix is a small, quadruped, fox-like Pokémon. It has a reddish-brown coat and a white belly. It has brown eyes, big pointed ears with dark brown insides, and a dark brown nose in the shape of a triangle.

It has light brown pads on its paws, which are a little darker than the rest of its fur. It has three curls of orange fur with bangs on top of its head, and its orange tails end in curls. Most of the time, it has six tails.

Vulpix, on the other hand, is born with only one white tail that splits as it grows. As it gets close to evolution, the tails heat up.

10. Litwick


Litwick is a small Pokémon that looks like a candle. It has a purple flame on top of its head that gets power from the life energy it takes in. Its short body and two short arms are mostly made of white wax.

Its right eye is covered by the folded, melted wax, so only the bright yellow left eye can be seen. It has a small smile and an upper lip that sticks out.

Litwick pretends to help people and Pokémon find their way by turning on lights in dark places. But in reality, it takes their life energy and sends them to the Ghost World.

In the anime, the flame keeps getting bigger as it keeps taking in life energy.

9. Chikorita


Chikorita is a small Pokémon that is light green and has dark green buds on its neck. It has a big head compared to the rest of its body, and its eyes are big and red.

It has four short legs, each with one toe that is nailed, and a short tail. It has a big green leaf on top of its head that is usually longer than its body. The leaf gives off a pleasant smell that can calm Pokémon that are fighting.

The leaf can also tell what the temperature and humidity are like. Chikorita goes out of its way to find the sun and enjoys its warmth.

8. Plusle and Minun

Plusle and Minun

Plusle and Minun don’t play any part in the Pokemon GO meta, other than being caught to add them to your Pokédex and finish the challenge of catching all of the region-exclusive Pokemon.

It is said that both Plusle and Minun are available in Kuwait. Don’t forget that Plusle and Minun are each their own Pokémon. Plusle’s ATK is higher (167), but Minun’s DEF is higher (167).

Trainers in other Pokémon games would rather have Minun on their teams than Plusle because Minun can take a little more damage. Plusle is better in Pokémon Go just because it has a higher CP.

7. Pikachu


Pikachu is a Pokémon that looks like a short, fat rat. It has yellow fur with two brown stripes going across its back.

It has brown eyes and a small mouth. The tips of its long, pointed ears are black. Each cheek is a red circle with a pouch on it that stores electricity. It has short forearms and three toes on each foot. Each paw has five fingers.

A patch of brown fur is at the base of its lightning-bolt-shaped tail. At the end of a female’s tail, there is a V-shaped cut that looks like the top of a heart.

It is considered a four-legged animal, but it has been seen standing and walking on its back legs.

6. Dedenne


Dedenne looks like an orange mouse and walks on two legs. It has a round body.

It has black eyes, a small nose, and a large upper incisor with a slight point. Its ears are round and black on the outside and pale yellow on the inside.

There is a dark orange circle with two black whiskers on each cheek. The top whiskers have branches that look like antennae, but the bottom whiskers are just one long hair.

Its back has a thick black stripe, and its belly is pale yellow. It has short legs with three toes on each paw and a long, thin black tail with a tuft of fur at the end.

5. Piplup


Piplup is a light-blue Pokémon that looks like a penguin. It is covered in thick down to keep it warm in cold weather. Its head is dark blue, and most of its face is white. It has a short, yellow beak.

It looks like it has a cape on because the dark blue feathers on its head go down its back and around its neck.

It has two white ovals on its chest, and a small mark above its beak that looks like a crown. Its arms look like flippers, and each of its yellow feet has three toes.

4. Cinccino 


Cinccino is a furry, grey chinchilla-like Pokémon. It has large ears located to the sides of its head, with red insides partly covered by tufts of fur.

It has large, brown eyes and a small, round nose. Its arms and legs are small and rounded, and its tail is long, fluffy, and very white.

It also has two large long fluffs on its head that wrap around its back.

3. Jirachi


Jirachi is a small, white Pokémon that looks like a person. It has short, stumpy legs and arms that are longer than most other animals.

It has flaps on the inside of its arms that make it look like it has long sleeves. It has a curved seam on its belly that hides a third eye called its “true” eye.

It also has a normal pair of round eyes on its face, which are surrounded by small blue triangles. On its head is a big yellow structure with three points that stick out, one from the top and one on each side.

A “wish tag” made of teal is attached to each point. On each side of the yellow structure, there is a round extension that frames Jirachi’s face. This Pokémon’s back has two yellow strands that look like comet tails.

2. Eevee


Eevee is a mammalian Pokémon that walks on all fours and has mostly brown fur. It has a cream-colored tip to its bushy tail and a large, fluffy collar.

It has three small toes and a pink pad on each foot. Its legs are thin and short. Eevee has brown eyes, long pointed ears with dark brown insides, and a small black nose.

Most of the time, you can only find Eevee in cities and towns, not in the wild. But Eevee’s genes are said to have an irregular shape that makes them easy to change by their environment.

This lets it change over time to fit into different environments. The only Pokémon known to be able to use the exclusive Z-Move Extreme Evoboost is Eevee.

1. Emolga


Emolga is a white Pokémon that looks like a flying squirrel but is actually a rodent. It has black eyes, a small nose, and patches of yellow skin on its cheeks.

It can make electricity with the electric sacs on its cheeks and store electricity in the membranes of its body.

Its black ears are round and sit on top of its head. The insides of its ears are yellow and white.

It has a black pattern around its head that looks a bit like a hood, and the pattern goes up into spikes above its face. Its three-fingered arms are connected to yellow flaps that look like wings.

It has white feet that aren’t very big, and its black tail is jagged.

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