Eevee Evolutions in Pokemon Go

All Best Eevee Evolutions in Pokemon Go

Eevee is one of the most varied Pokemon that you can find throughout the entire franchise. 

The only Pokemon that evolves into a variety of kinds and forms, making Eevee a truly unique character within the realm of Pokemon

The legacy of Eevee within the franchise is huge and as of recently (with the launch of two Let’s Go! Switch games), Eevee has been the main character in the franchise along with Pikachu.

In this article we’re obviously going to concentrate specifically on Eevee as well as his transformations often referred to as “Eeveelutions”, but from the viewpoint of one specific game called Pokemon Game of the Day

We’ll give you an overview of the top “eeveelutions” in the game in order of the worst to the best so that you can prepare your team to fight.

Which Eevee Variation is the Strongest in Pokemon Go?

This is an overview of the top Eevee Evolutions in Pokemon Go which are ranked from the worst to the best



Flareon is a type of fire Pokemon and has been around since the beginning of games. It’s one of the final phases of evolution for Eevee.

Flareon is able to withstand temperatures as high as 1300 deg C is greater than normal flames, which range between 1200 and 1000 deg C.

This extreme temperature is caused by the inside flame pocket. This is evident in Flareon’s Flash Fire ability.

The list starts with Flareon. Although it could appear to be a poor Pokemon to play on the field, it’s all that bad. Flareon is an excellent attacker and Defense and Stamina aren’t the worst.

(okay it’s true that the Stamina is the joint lowest however Flareon isn’t just one of them)

The main problem is that the Fire-type Pokemon does not offer much in battle, and can be easily defeated.

This is the reason it’s recommended for you to save Flareon as one of the Pokemon you must take home, rather than trying to force his battles or PvP contests.



Espeon is a psychic-type Pokemon that has been around since it’s a second-generation game. Espeon is among the final phases of the evolution of Eevee as well as the cousin of Umbreon.

Espeon is extremely faithful to his trainer when it has to be. This loyalty extends to the point that it Pokemon has developed the capability of prophecy, which helps safeguard its trainers from danger.

It’s interesting that Espeon is the most effective attacker in this group, but the reality is that its attack lineup isn’t very useful and that’s why Espeon ranks not on the list. 

Espeon is more refined than the rest and as an attacking Pokemon, it is unlikely to get many uses for Espeon, though he could be a formidable opponent to Pokemon which are vulnerable to attacks of the Psychic-type.

Espeon is also a Pokemon that you should keep in your collection, and not utilize for direct combat.



Jolteon is an electric-type Pokemon and has been in existence since the beginning of games. It’s one of the potential final stages that could be the final stages of evolution for Eevee.

Jolteon’s scratchy fur is the basis for many capabilities. Apart from being able of obtaining sharper than needles, its fur increases the electrical charge produced from its cells.

These needles can be used as projectiles when fighting as evident from the rocket-like needle attack. They can also create negative ions that are stored within its fur.

Jolteon is a strong attacker and quick as well this is the reason it’s a good choice in case you’re fighting Pokemon which he’s formidable against. 

As for Stamina and Defense, Jolteon is among the less powerful “eeveelutions” and it makes him susceptible to powerful charged attacks, even when they’re not strong against him.

If your strategy is a fast strong fight, Jolteon should be a great addition to your team. However, you’ll still need to strengthen your team to ensure that you balance it out.



Leafeon is a grass-type Pokemon and has been in existence from the 4th generation in the games. It’s one of the potential final stages that could be the final stages of Eevee.

Leafeon lives in a forest of solitary, thick forests, which are surrounded by clear, flowing streams. As it grows its cells, the embryonic Pokemon transforms into a plant-like cell form.

When there is no cloud the body’s cells are able to photosynthesize and this implies that Leafeon is always in a clean environment. This is evident through one of their possible capacities the chlorophyll.

Like Glaceon, Leafeon is a strong defender and attacker, however, its Stamina is rather low. The Pokemon is able to create powerful attacks quickly and can master an array of charge attacks.

However, it does not have the same power as other grass-type Pokemon like Sceptile or the Venusaur. Furthermore, his weaknesses are prominent.

It’s time to get it out of the way. Leafeon is an excellent Pokemon to take on combat, particularly if you are aware of the opponent’s Pokemon before, but when it comes to PvP battles, you must be sure to balance it with other Pokemon in your team.



Glaceon can be described as an Ice Pokemon that has been around from the 4th generation in the games. It’s one of the final phases in the development of Eevee.

Glaceon that are wild specimens is very scarce. They are found in cold areas because they’re perfectly adapted to cold environments. 

Glaceon is able to lower its body temperature to as lower as -60 deg C which lets it stop the air around it from freezing.

Glaceon is a great Pokemon to own. It is a powerful attack and is a good choice to fight Dragon as well as Flying(or flying) grass-type Pokemon that are often seen in battles. 

Also, Pokemon has a strong defense, despite its weaknesses. However, its Stamina is not as great. It’s also capable of making powerful quick attacks and learning powerful, explosive attacks.

In the end, Glaceon is a must-have Pokemon for anyone looking to build an effective team that can be used against tough Pokemon and Dragon-type Pokemon that often show up as legendary Pokemon.



Vaporeon is a type of Pokemon that has water and has been in existence since the very first generation of games. It’s one of the potential final stages that could be the final stages of Eevee.

Its cell structure is similar to water molecules. This allows him to “blend” with water as it pleases. The ability to blend with water gives him camouflage within the water.

Its water Absorber capability ensures it is not affected by water-based attacks. If it’s hit by a water-based attack it will replenish its HP by 1/4 of its total HP.

Vaporeon is the most stamina-based Pokemon in its “eeveelutions” in the game and is a formidable attacker too. 

It also learns a few quick moves, which give you an edge against Fire or Rock as well as Ground-type Pokemon. 

Its biggest drawback is that it could be easily defeated by a powerful Grass or Electric-type move because of its weak points.

Vaporeon is an excellent Pokemon to own, but it’s important to balance your other team members in order to utilize Vaporeon Pokemon effectively you can.



Sylveon is a type of Fairy Pokemon and has been in existence from the 6th generation in the games. It’s one of the potential final stages of the development of Eevee.

While it is aware of several attacks, it’s actually one of the most tranquil Pokemon that indicates its bonding with the category.

With its antennae that resemble ribbons in its airspace, the animal is able to calm its adversaries and cause them to stop fighting early. If these feelers are wrapped around the body of the coach, Sylveon would like to take a stroll.

The most recent update to the game, Sylveon is balanced (all of these statistics are in excess of 200) and is a fantastic Pokemon to have.

In addition, it’s among the most gorgeous Pokemon on the market. Slyveon is excellent because it’s a strong opponent and can do well against Dragon-type Pokemon that are among the strongest of the Pokemon.

If you’re a big fan of Fairy-type Pokemon, Sylveon is your perfect choice. However, even If you’re not this is an excellent Pokemon to have by your side.



Umbreon is a Pokemon that belongs to the Dark-type that has existed in the games since its first generation. It’s one of the final phases of the evolution of Eevee and is the equivalent of Espeon.

Umbreon rarely occurs in the wild and is usually located in urban areas where humans are in charge. The Pokemon is typically nocturnal.

In the eyes of most players, Umbreon is the best “eeveelution” in the game. Although its basic stats aren’t particularly impressive.

Umbreon has the highest Defense among all “eeveelutions” and is great in PvP fights, in part because of its weak points that aren’t commonly encountered in battle however it also is quick to attack.

Yes, Umbreon has its downsides however, on a broad scale, it’s the most effective “eeveelution” you can use.

How Can You Evolve Eevee in Pokemon Go?

Evolving Eevee will always be a continuous process regardless of the game you play. 

However, while the mechanics of evolution of the games’ core mechanics are fairly straightforward the mechanism for evolution within the Pokemon GO game is more complicated. 

We’ll explain the process of obtaining every one game’s “eevelutions” in the game.

If you haven’t yet evolved your Eevee You can try the”name cheat” or “name cheat” that will assure you a certain level of evolution.

Be cautious it is important to note that it is a “cheat” that works only once per account. What you must change is the name on the Eevee into one of the names below and then evolve it as follows:

  • Vaporeon:Rainer
  • Jolteon: Sparky
  • Flareon: Pyro
  • Espeon: Sakura
  • Umbreon: Tamao
  • Leafeon:Linnea
  • Glaceon:Rea
  • Sylveon:Kira

As we said, this method guarantees an exact development, but it is only used one time per evolution. So you’ll have the chance to obtain only one Espeon for instance, with this method, or just one Glaceon, and so on.

For the normal method of evolution, every one among these “eeveelutions” requires 25 Eevee candy to evolve. However, certain types of evolution require other specifications.

For Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon, you’ll need only just 25 Eevee Candy (no stone is needed).

It’s great however the drawback to this is that these evolutions will be random and there is no way to tell the exact “eeveelution” you are going to receive. 

There’s a possibility of getting either of these, however, you may also get three Jolteon in the same row. Be sure to pile the candy to get the three.

Finding Espeon and Umbreon is a little more difficult however, you are able to control it. For instance, to acquire these, you must be able to have Eevee as your buddy and be able to walk 10 miles with it. 

After that when you upgrade Eevee as a Buddy in the daytime you’ll receive Espeon or Umbreon when you evolve it at night.

Leafeon, as well as Glaceon, require a certain item that is Mossy Lure or Glacial Lure, respectively for evolution. However, other than that, it’s quite simple. 

Simply use the Lure at the nearby PokeStop and be near and the game will allow you to transform your Eevee into Leafeon and Glaceon.

Then, Sylveon is the most difficult Pokemon to get It’s actually not difficult, but you have to be working on it. 

The first step is to be able to Eevee to be your Buddy Pokemon and then you can earn 70 Hearts using it. 

It’s not difficult however, it does take quite a long time take, so you should take your time if you’re looking to get an additional Sylveon in your team.

After we’ve discussed the way “eeveelutions” work in the game, let’s look at the top “eeveelutions” in Pokemon Go.


In closing, before wrapping this, here’s an overview of the three stats that make up every “eeveelution” in the Pokemon Go game.

So that you can easily see the numbers yourself:


and some responses to frequently asked questions. Of course:

What should I Transform into My Eevee to in Pokemon Go?

Eevee is a very popular creature that is found in Pokémon GO and you’ll be able to locate Eevee in nature. To “catch ’em all”, you’ll require eight Eevees and this is something you can achieve easily. 

Yes, you’ll require the Candy but believe us when we say that you’ll get it within a matter of minutes.

This means you must definitely evolve your Eevee to any of the eight possible variants. 

If it’s your first time, make use of to use the “name cheat”, especially for Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon. These are randomly obtained, and you shouldn’t spend your money on three Vaporeon.

What can I Transform My Ideal Eevee into Pokemon Go?

It’s an issue of statistics and based on the above table we suggest you develop your ideal Eevee into Sylveon. Sylveon or, if you are looking for a different alternative, Umbreon. 

Sylveon has the best balance of those “eeveelutions” and it would be sensible to transform your Eevee into one of Sylveon.

Umbreon is a good alternative. Umbreon can be a viable alternative If you don’t enjoy Sylveon too much, or have one, however, you’ll be getting more benefit from Sylveon in the end.

Which Eevee Variation is the Most Rare One in the Pokemon Go game?

Based on the fact that Sylveon has been the most recently added update to the roster and the fact that you have to be a bit of a jack-of-all-trades to acquire it, we’re assuming that Sylveon is currently the rarest “eeveelution” in Pokemon GO.