9 Best Pseudo Legendary Pokemons Ranked!

Pseudo Legendary Pokemons are very strong and have stats that are similar to those of legendaries.They are not only the strongest non-legendary Pokemon, but also some of the most interesting.

Even though some aren’t quite right for a pseudo-legendary, most of them are, and their followers love them for their strength and skill in battle.

Pseudos are the best Pokemon on the team of the Pokemon League Champion.Lance, Steven, Cynthia, Iris, Diantha, and Leon are all “almost legendary.” They’re the best of the best. But they are definitely more impressive than some.

But, not all legends are equal. Many are left behind, even though they were liked and stayed on the list of favorite characters for a long time.

Some legendary powerhouses don’t live up to their name, either because they have an unusual mix of types or a disappointing set of moves.In the end, there is only one pseudo-legendary Pokemon that can be called the most well-known.

This article talks about the most well-known “Pseudo-Legendary” Pokemon in the series.


Pseudo Legendary Pokemons

Goodra isn’t the worst Pokemon out there. But it’s not interesting.A lot of people think that Noivern is the Pseudo-Legend of Kalos.

Goodra’s problem is that it doesn’t look very interesting.The gooey slug-like beast is the least interesting of all the fake legends, at least at first glance.

The idea behind Goodra is actually pretty cool.It is thought to come from the French folklore creature Lou Carcolh, which is a slimy, long snake.

Goodra has the same number of statistics as all other Pseudos: 600. Even though it’s a big, reliable Pokémon, Special Defense is the best thing about it.It is a pure dragon-type Pokémon.



Even though Dragapult is a fairly new Pokemon, it has shown that it deserves to be on this list.

The Dragapult is one of the fastest Pokemon in the series.

Dragapult keeps taking first place in VGC tournaments, and it’s a great TCG deck.

Dragault is one of the best Pokemon that the champion has.It is also the only Pokémon that Giratina has with the Ghost/Dragon type.



This strange-looking dragon/fighting-type was first seen in Pokemon Sun & Moon. Unfortunately, its slow speed and weakness to fairy-type attacks hurt it.

Even though it started out with a very powerful Z-Move that was found in the Clanglorous Soulblaze, it was later replaced with the Clanglorous Soul, which was much weaker.

The original move was a dragon type that spread out and gave all of its stats a boost.The new version still gives the same boost, but it does so at the cost of some Pokemon’s health. It doesn’t hurt their opponent, though.

When you think about how Falinks was able to get a much better model of it in the No Retreat, it confirms that Kommo-o is the worst of the pseudo-legendaries that have been released so far.



Think back to Cynthia.Pepperidge Farm?

Even though it also has a Mega form, the legendary Garchomp is a force to be reckoned with. Mega forms are another type of Pokemon.

Mega Garchomp has crazy stats and is a very strong Pokemon.It can move like an airplane and destroy your team in a few moves.Garchomp even won the 2014 VGC World Championship.



Tyranitar could be a Pokemon version of Godzilla in many ways. With just one look, you can see it. Tyranitar is a kaiju, and it is very angry, like a god.

It is very mean, proud, rude, territorial, and violent.It may even challenge its trainer once in a while, as it is always looking for a fight.

Tyranitar is a physical monster with good special stats, but it has the slowest speed of any Pokémon.

Mega Tyranitar has physical traits that go above and beyond the norm, and its special defense also goes up a lot.Still, its speed is terrible.

The thing that kills this scary beast is a bad combination of things. Rock and Dark give you a total of seven weaknesses, including the fact that you are weak to fighting four times.



Once upon a time, the fuel that caused the nightmares was a god to Pokemon.

During its time in Pokémon Black and White, Hydreigon had a lot to offer. It was fast and could attack quickly. It also had a unique typing style and a wide range of moves.

All of this changed, though, when Fairy-type Pokemon showed up in the 6th series of Pokemon games.

As a dark/dragon type, Hydreigon has the same four-time weakness to fairy-types as KommO-O.

However, unlike the pseudo-legendary of generation seven, this didn’t immediately take it out of the picture when it came to its viability.

Dragapult Duraludon, Dragapult, and Dracovish are all used much more often than Hydeigeon since Sword & Shield.



Metagross also has a form called “Mega Form.” When it came out, it was one of the most powerful Pokemon in the competitive VGC.

But even when it isn’t in Mega Form, Metagross can still do a lot of damage while taking only a little. This is because it is so big.

Again, it’s the Ace Pokemon of a champion.This game is the third in a series.

This is one of the coolest Pokemon, but it doesn’t look like much because you can’t get it until you beat Steven, who is the Champion of both Ruby and Sapphire.



Salamence fits well in the middle of any Pseudo-Legendary rank.It is one of the simplest designs, but it takes itself a little too seriously with its European dragon design.

Because it is a dragon and can fly, it is weak to four things, including ice, which it is weak to four times.But with one immune system and five resistances, it can make up for its flaws.

In terms of stats, Salamence is a monster that is good at attacking.It moves quickly, hits hard, and can defend itself well against HP.

When you level up Salamence to Mega, its physical defense goes to the highest level, making it a more dangerous opponent.

In the process of Mega Salamence becoming like fighter jets, the shape of the plane also changes.



After Ash finally found the dragon-type Pokemon from The Pokemon Anime, Dragonite became a lot more popular with Pokemon players, even though players couldn’t use Dragonite until the Crown Tundra DLC, which came out after Sword & Shield.

Being one of the Pokemon with the most balanced stats means that it can be used in more ways than other pseudo-legendary Pokemon. This is both a blessing and a curse.

Dragonite has access to Thunder Wave, Roost, and Swagger as well as substitutes. Its Multiscale ability, which reduces damage when its health is at its maximum, makes it a frustrating staller.

However, it can also be a terrifying sweeper with Dragon Dance, Agility, and access to Max Airstream.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes weaker than the other dragon types because it doesn’t have a clear strength in a certain area.


What are Pseudo Legendary Pokemon?

Pseudo Legendary Pokemon are a group of powerful and rare Pokemon that share similar characteristics. They have a base stat total of 600, and they evolve twice, with their final form typically being a Dragon-type. Some examples of Pseudo Legendary Pokemon include Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross, Garchomp, Hydreigon, Goodra, Kommo-o, and Dragapult.

How are Pseudo Legendary Pokemon different from other legendary Pokemon?

Pseudo Legendary Pokemon are not considered to be legendary Pokemon, as they can be obtained through normal gameplay and are not part of any mythological or legendary storylines. However, they are often just as rare and powerful as legendary Pokemon.

How do you obtain Pseudo Legendary Pokemon in the Pokemon games?

Pseudo Legendary Pokemon are often difficult to obtain in the Pokemon games, as they are usually found in late-game areas or require specific conditions to evolve. Some Pseudo Legendary Pokemon can only be obtained by trading with other players or through special events.

What are some strategies for battling with Pseudo Legendary Pokemon?

Pseudo Legendary Pokemon are known for their high stats and versatility in battle. They are often used as sweeper or tank Pokemon, and can be effective in both offensive and defensive roles. Their Dragon-type final evolutions also give them a resistance to many types of attacks.

Are there any new Pseudo Legendary Pokemon in the latest generation of Pokemon games?

Yes, in the latest generation of Pokemon games, Sword and Shield, a new Pseudo Legendary Pokemon was introduced: Dragapult. Dragapult is a Ghost/Dragon-type Pokemon that has the unique ability to launch its offspring, Dreepy, at high speeds as a form of attack.

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