Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon are extremely powerful and come with stats that are similar to those of legendaries. They’re not just the most powerful non-legendary Pokemon, they are among the most exciting Pokemon.

Although some aren’t quite the right fit for a pseudo-legendary, the majority are and are now loved by followers due to their power and skill in combat.

Pseudos are the top players in the Pokemon League Champion’s team. Lance, Steven, Cynthia, Iris, Diantha, and Leon are all pseudo-legendary. They make up the top of the crop. However, they are certainly more impressive than others.

But, not all legends are equal. Many are tossed to the wayside as loved companions that stay on the list of favourite characters for many years.

From the atypical combination of types to disappointing move pools, certain powerhouses do not meet their legendary status. In the end, there’s only one that can be named the most famous pseudo-legendary Pokemon.

This article outlines the most popular Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon in the franchise.



Goodra isn’t a horrible Pokemon. However, it’s uninteresting. Many people believe that Noivern is Kalos’s Pseudo-Legend. 

The problem is with the uninspiring design of Goodra. In the plethora of pseudo-legendaries, the gooey slug-like beast is the least appealing, at least at first glance.

The inspiration for Goodra is actually quite amazing. It is believed to be derived from the Lou Carcolh mythical creature that is a part of French folklore, described as a slimy, elongated snake. 

In terms of stats, Goodra, like all other Pseudos, has an overall count of 600. Special Defense is its most amazing feature, even though it’s a bulky as well as reliable Pokémon. It is a dragon-type that is pure. It is weak in three areas, along with four barriers.



Although Dragapult is the brand of fresh Pokemon, it has proven that it is worthy of being included on this list. The Dragapult is among the fastest Pokemon that the franchise has seen. 

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Dragapult continues to earn top spots in VGC tournaments and is an excellent deck for the TCG.

Dragault is actually among the champion’s top Pokemon. It also has a unique type, Ghost/Dragon, which is the only type that Giratina has with it.



First introduced in Pokemon Sun & Moon, this strange-looking dragon/fighting-type, unfortunately, falls victim to its mediocre speed and four-times weakness to fairy-type attacks. 

Although it was initially equipped with an extremely powerful characteristic Z-Move, which was present in the Clanglorous Soulblaze, it was later replaced with the far worse Clanglorous Soul.

The original was a spread dragon type move that also gave an increase to all of its stats. The new version of it still gives the same boost, but this is at the expense of some Pokemon’s health and does not cause any harm to their opponent. 

When you consider that Falinks was able to get a far superior model of it in the No Retreat, it’s cemented Kommo-o’s position as the most terrible of the pseudo-legendaries that have been released up to now.



Remember Cynthia? Pepperidge Farm? The legendary Garchomp is a powerhouse to be reckoned with, and it’s not just that it also has a Mega form. Pokemon also come in mega forms.

Mega Garchomp has ridiculous stats and is extremely powerful. It can fly like an aircraft and ruin your team in just a couple of moves. Garchomp even won the World Championship in VGC in 2014.



In many ways, Tyranitar could be one of the Pokemon models of Godzilla. Just one glance to realise it. Tyranitar is a kaiju and it’s got the rage of a god, too. 

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It is very aggressive, proud, insolent, territorial and brutal. It may even be a challenge to its trainer in a few instances and is always seeking an opponent. Also Read: 19 Truly Beautiful Flower Pokemons

Tyranitar is a physical beast and has good special stats, but, frankly, the most pathetic speed. 

In the case of Mega Tyranitar, its physical features are beyond the norm, and its special defence also increases significantly. Its speed remains abysmal, though. 

The thing that brings this terrifying beast down is an unfavourable combination. Rock and Dark result in a hefty total of seven weaknesses, which includes the four-time vulnerability to fighting.



The fuel that caused the nightmares was once a deity for Pokemon. With its speed and speed of attack, and its unique typing style and diverse moves, Hydreigon had a lot to offer during its Pokémon Black and White period. 

This all changed, however, when it was introduced by Fairy-types in the 6th series of Pokemon games.

As a type of dark/dragon, Hydreigon is afflicted by the same four-time weakness to fairy-types, as does KommO-O but unlike the generation seven’s pseudo-legendary which didn’t instantly remove it from the picture when it came to the viability. 

Since Sword & Shield though, Dragapult Duraludon, Dragapult, and Dracovish are all utilised significantly more frequently than Hydeigeon.



Metagross also comes with a Mega Form, which was one of the most powerful Pokemon in the competitive VGC when it was released. 

However, even with no Mega Form, Metagross can deal a lot of damage while taking only a small amount of damage since it’s extremely large.

It’s yet again a champion’s Ace Pokemon. The game is Generation III. This is one of the coolest Pokemon and is therefore unassuming since it’s only available after defeating Steven, who is Steven, the Champion of Ruby as well as Sapphire.

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Salamence is a good fit in the middle of any Pseudo-Legendary rank. It is one of the simplest designs, but it takes its European dragon-inspired design a bit too seriously. 

The dragon/flying combination means that it is vulnerable to four things, which includes the vulnerability of four times to ice. However, it can make up for its weaknesses with one immune system and five resistances.

In terms of stats, Salamence is an offensive monster. It is fast and hard-hitting and can defend well against HP. When you upgrade to Mega Salamence, its physical defence rises to the highest levels, making it a more risky threat. 

The design of the aircraft also changes in the process of Mega Salamence becoming similar to fighter jets.



Following the time that Ash finally discovered the dragon-type that was originally in The Pokemonanime, Dragonite saw a massive increase in popularity with Pokemon players even though players were permitted to use the Dragonite for the first time in Sword & Shield until the Crown Tundra DLC. 

Being one of the most well-balanced Pokemon in terms of stat spread, its use is more diverse than other pseudo-legendary Pokemon and is a blessing and curse.

With access to Thunder Wave, Roost, and Swagger as well as substitutes, Dragonite can be an irritating staller due to its Multiscale ability, which reduces any damage once its health is at its maximum, and also a terrifying sweeper, equipped with Dragon Dance, Agility, and access to Max Airstream. 

Unfortunately, as it has no strength that is clearly defined in a specific area, it is at times a bit weaker than the other dragon types.