Legendaries have been a favorite of Trainers since the first Pokemon games released on Game Boy in the 1990s. Legendaries are powerful, rare, and cool – everyone wants them.

You’ll find most Legendaries in Pokemon Go, although there are some exceptions.

Some Legendary Pokemon fly high, while others languish in despair. 

Some Legendary Pokemon aren’t worthy of their “Legendary”, either because they have poor stats or lackluster designs.

21. Latias


Latias, just missing the top 21, is a brilliant Pokemon that Ruby & Sapphire will likely have fond memories of. 

It’s amazing how fast it can run across Hoenn, and it flies off if it isn’t followed on foot. It wasn’t the most memorable Pokemon experience.

Latias is a powerful pick for today because of its great stats and impressive aesthetic. It’s an impressively respectable Pokemon.

20. Latios


Latios is not higher than Latias because it is more offensive in terms of stats and move pool.

We are very aggressive players so we prefer the Eon dragon that hits harder.

However, all other metrics show that both of these pokemon can be considered equal.

19. Moltres


It shouldn’t surprise that all three Kantonian Legendary Birds are in the top 20.

Moltres is the first to emerge, and he is one of the most remarkable Legendaries of all. 

This is an example of how to design a Pokemon that revels in its Legendary status, from the way it was kept in Victory Road in Gen 1 to its continued relevance today.

It might not be the most prominent of the three Legendary Birds, but it doesn’t diminish its incredibleness. 

Every Pokemon, from now until the end, is amazing. If Pokemon were real, I would trade 50 Master Balls for this little guy to join our team.

18. Solgaleo


You can imagine a lion but it’s actually a space lion. 

Solgaleo, in other words, is the manifestation of the best Cowboy Bebop song.

What’s that? Do you want more? We’re sorry, but this is the best. Spike can handle any issues.

17. Articuno


Articuno, the second Legendary Bird of Gen 1, is one of very few Pokemon that can prevent Ice from becoming an irredeemably horrible type.

Articuno is a mysterious island in the Seafoam Islands. It has an outstanding Special Defense stat. It could have easily placed higher on a good day.

16. Zamazenta

Although we didn’t initially love Sword & Shield’s eponymous Shield, our view changed drastically last year when Game Freak gave away a shiny version for free.

Zamazenta’s shiny sprite is pink! It is so easy to see it improve every aspect of the Pokemon. 

We’ve been Behemoth Bailing our way through Raid Dens, and walking through the Wild Area together as our magenta best friend for the past few months. The Shield of Galar scores a solid 9/10.

15. Terrakion


We are here, people. Terrakion is the final and most powerful Sword of Justice.

Look at how happy this guy looks, gliding slowly through the air before it crashes into the ground with a force similar to a supernova. 

Terrakion is a great Pokemon for competitive play. It has a cool typing style and is a very interesting concept. This Legendary is one of the rare few that is not well-respected.

14. Tapu Koko

14. Tapu Koko

This lad is downright cool. Its mohawk is amazing! Its beak hands are amazing! Its twin shoulder shields are Xatu-esque!

Tapu Koko, a versatile sweeper with one of the most exciting Speed stats in the game is Tapu Koko. He can be a great addition to any team. The Tapus are all great, but Koko is second.

13. Mewtwo

Mewtwo was the boss man at Cerulean Cave and it was impossible for him to not make the top 13.

He might have tried to kill everybody in the first Pokémon movie. 

He might not be the nicest guy in Detective Pikachu. Mewtwo’s misunderstanding is the problem. 

We’re certain that if humans gave Mewtwo a reason to believe that we aren’t rubbish, he would be much friendlier. Capisce, it’s all our fault Mewtwo is mean.

12. Regieleki


Gen 8 was blessed with stellar Legendaries. It’s not surprising that one of the Crown Tundra Regis’ new Regis appears so close to the top 12.

Regieleki is the fastest Pokemon ever created and it hits like a lightning bolt from Zeus. Although its move pool is small, it’s still very powerful. 

The lad is a walking transistor, with voltage incarnate to biceps. Regieleki was created by a genius.

11. Regidrago

Regidrago is a spherical, golem-like Pokémon with characteristics of a dragon’s mouth as arms. It has a darkish purple frame with a blue dot sample on its face.

It has purple legs with black feet which are formed like teeth. Enough already.

10. Zacian


The only thing that can beat Sword & Shield shield’s sword is its sword. You can say it ten times and not get lost.

It’s not serious. It is a dog that has a sword in its mouth. It’s a Legendary Pokemon that ranks among the top ten.

Zacian’s shiny sprite, like Zamazenta’s, is also excellent. Apart from taking 10,000 pictures of them sitting next to each other in camp, Pokemon Sword is not something we do.

9. Spectrier


Another Gen 8 Legendary, Spectrier is a stunning design and unrivaled competitive viability due to its signature ability Grim Neigh.

It tries to destroy Freezington in the Crown Tundra story. It can be easily countered even by someone with relatively competent competitive literacy. 

Does any of that detract from the awful idea of a ghost horse? It’s not, especially when it is paired with the objectively terrible ice horse.

8. Tapu Fini

Tapu Fini

It’s here: The best Tapu in Alola.

Tapu Fini is home to one of the most beautiful type combinations.

Tapu Fini also has access to many excellent builds. 

Tapu Fini is also a mermaid wearing swordfish armor which adds style points.

7. Ho-oh


Trainers around the world have been fascinated with Ho-oh since the very first episode of the Pokemon anime

You can see it in the photo above, gracefully and sparklingly (not a word but shhh), gliding through space as if it doesn’t care about anything.

However, the plot twist is that it has many worries in the world. 

The Tin Tower has been destroyed! Only the Rainbow Pokemon can make Johto as bizarre as it was before. Don’t worry, Ho-oh. We believe in your potential.

6. Kyogre


Kyogre, a huge, massive whale-like creature that lurks deep in the ocean’s depths, is the type of Pokemon that makes it seem like they have some creative designs.

Kyogre is a phenomenon. It is very popular in the meta, plays an exciting and pivotal role in the Gen 3 storyline, and looks amazing. 

It is actually quite disconcerting to consider how difficult it can be to criticize a Pokemon so incredibly.

5. Groudon


Unfortunately, Kyogre doesn’t perform as well as Groudon, its super-ancient cousin.

This dinosaur is made from rocks and sleeps for thousands upon thousands of years in magma. 

It has its own version of Earthquake, 20% stronger than the others. 

4. Zapdos


It is quite nice to see Gen 1 Pokemon maintain a comfortable place in the top five of a possible total of 62.

There are many reasons why Zapdos is so extraordinary. Its location in an arbitrary area of Kanto, like Articuno and Moltres, adds to its intrinsic mystique.

However, the Seafoam Islands and Victory Road are both on the map. The Power Plant is hidden in plain sight and can be easily overlooked. 

Our fondest memories of playing Pokémon as a child include meeting Zapdos for the first time.

It looks amazing and can switch between Drill Peck and Thunderbolt to bully most of the other Pokemon in PvE. Legendary in every sense.

3. Rayquaza


Three times! This is not controversial, Rayquaza is a beloved Pokemon and is ranked number three.

Look at it. It is a deity of the Ozone layer that looks like a dragon with different types of torpedo. 

It is one of the most artistically-inspiring Pokemon ever — its Mega version is equal to Mewtwo in terms of most powerful obtainable pokemon in any Pokemon game is just the icing on the Alcremie.

2. Suicune


Our silver medal goes out to Suicune. She is the elegant leader of the Legendary Dogs and has been an unstoppable force for over twenty years.

Suicune is almost impossible to critique. It is seamlessly integrated into Gen 2’s story. It has incredible stats and is a true powerhouse in battle. 

Sui-cune is a Sui-goon. That one came from Eusine.

1. Lugia

We shouldn’t have to explain anything. 

Only one Pokemon is worthy of the title of “Best Legendary Pokemon”, and it’s you.

No, seriously. 

This is the objective truth. 

Lugia is the greatest Legendary Pokemon ever created and there’s no doubt about that. 

Thank you for reading.

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