27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Like most bugs in the real world, Bug-type Pokemon are stereotyped as being weak, frail, and little (unless you live in Australia).

Weedle, Caterpie, and other Bug-type Pokémon have earned the label of “Route 1 trash,” and they’re definitely the ones responsible for maintaining it.

Despite this, it’s important to remember that the Bugs are often misunderstood and that there are some truly incredible Bug-types that many will be unprepared to face in combat.

The most effective Bug types have strong attacks, a wide array of powerful actions at their disposal, and, in many cases, exceptional typings and abilities that guarantee a swift win.

There aren’t many Bug-types that can take out Psychic and Dark-types with ease, but they’re also weak to Stealth Rock and Fire techniques.

If you want to learn more about the Bug-type, here are some of the best Pokemon to add to your squad.

27. Masquerain

masquerain bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

In South Province Areas 4 and 5, you can find both Surskit and Masquerain.

Masquerain can also be found in Area Zero, but by that point in the game, you should have much better options.

Masquerain is at 454. That is a little lower than Vespiquen, which has the same Types, but Masquerain is more useful because it can use many Water-Type attacks.

26. Lokix

0920Lokix bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Lokix has high base stats and a unique Bug and Dark dual type. Lokix is faster and stronger than most two-stage Pokemon with 102 Attack and 92 Speed.

Throat Chop, Sucker Punch, and First Impression are its formidable level-up STAB moves.

Lokix also has good covering moves like Bounce and Axe Kick to surprise Fighting or Rock-types.

Lokix has a glossy color switch that makes most of its body green with brilliant white and orange highlights for aesthetics.

25. Scolipede

Scolipede BW009 bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Generation Five’s deadly Scolipede has a good type combination. This Bug and Poison-type has 112 Speed and can quickly sweep slower Pokémon.

Its Attack stat was boosted in Generation Six, increasing its usefulness.

Swords Dancing with its 100 basic Attack and Speed make it powerful. It has competitive staples Venoshock, Infestation, and Speed Boost Hidden Ability.

It has only 60 base HP, so attack before your opponent uses a Special Attack.

24. Frosmoth

873 Frosmoth bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

The Hidden Ability Frost Scales make Frosmoth one of the most intriguing Bug-type Pokémon.

Its ability halves Special Attack damage, making it tanky against Special Attackers.

This snow-themed moth’s 90 Special Defense stat and its ability offer it surprising durability.

Its high Special Defenses and basic 125 Special Attack let it to exploit enemy weaknesses with Ice Beam, Bug Buzz, or Hurricane, providing superb coverage.

It’s good against Special Attacker teams but not physical attackers.

23. Galvantula

ujfjkxhw9slz9ycx 1616414622 bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Galvantula’s Electric/Bug dual type makes it powerful and flexible.

The unique dual typing eliminates Electric’s only vulnerability (Ground) and Bug’s weakness to Flying-types. Galvantula has 108 Speed, 97 Special Attack, and typing.

Galvantula’s speed allows it to outrun most opponents and often start the fight. Bug Buzz, Thunderbolt, and Electroweb hit severely and can paralyze or slow enemies due to their strong Special Attack stat.

Thunder becomes deadly and accurate with its Compound Eyes Ability.

22. Beedrill

bug type Pokemon Beedrill 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Beedrill, the Poison Bee Pokemon, is the first one up. Many Pokemon fans will remember it from the days of Pokemon Red and Blue.

Beedrill may not be very interesting on its own, but when it can Mega Evolve, things start to get really interesting.

Mega Beedrill’s Attack stat goes up to 150, and its Speed stat goes from 75 to 145, so it will almost always go first and do a lot of damage when it does.

Also, it gets the trait “Adaptability,” which makes STAB moves like “Poison Jab” even stronger.

21. Araquanid

Araquanid 2 1024x678 bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Araquanid is one of the two Bug/Water Pokémon that were introduced in Generation VII. Dewpider evolves into Araquanid at level 22.

It has a base stat of 452, good Special Defense, high Defense, average HP and Attack, and bad Special Attack and Speed, making it a great tank for many teams.

Araquanid has five resistances and only three weaknesses because it has two types.

Its move set is nothing special, but two of its best moves, Water-type Liquidation and Bug-type Lunge, can’t be used until level 50 and level 44, respectively.

20. Rabsca

pokemon scarlet and violet how to get rabsca 3 bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Rabsca, one of two Scarlet and Violet Pokemon with Revival Blessing, was immediately competitive. Revival Blessing is one of the best new moves, restoring a fainted ally to 50% Health.

Rabsca is more than a one-trick Bug-type, since its 100 Special Defense, 85 Defense, and 75 HP allow it to take a few hits.

Rabsca has a 115 Special Attack stat, making it one of the best Bug-type attackers. It uses its dual type to use Bug Buzz or Psychic for a strong STAB benefit.

19. Orbeetle

bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Orbeetle is the last evolution of Blupbug and the newest member of the Bug family. It evolves from the incredibly cute Dottler at level 30.

Orbeetle is easy to get early on, and it also has a Gigamax form that is very hard to get.

Orbeetle has a high base stat total of 505, with good Defense and Special Defense, above-average Special Attack and Speed, and bad HP and Attack.

It is a unique choice because it is a Bug/Psychic type. It also has a whopping six weaknesses and only four resistances, making it a risky but interesting choice.

18. Accelgor

Juniper Accelgor bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

In addition to its already gigantic base 145 speed, Accelgor also has a top speed of 450 miles per hour. Unburden, one of its abilities can effectively increase speed by a factor of two.

Even if an opponent is faster than Accelgor, consuming a consumable held item will activate Unburden, making it clear who the faster Pokémon is.

Its Special Attack is acceptable but hardly outstanding, so you’ll need to pick your battle strategies carefully.

Its best moves are Sludge Bomb, Energy Ball, Water Shuriken, and Giga Drain, and equipping Accelgor with a powerful item like Choice Specs could provide it the final boost in power it needs to defeat your opponent.

17. Ribombee

ribombee bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Ribombee, a Bug/Fairy Pokémon, is surprisingly strong. Even with ordinary numbers, it can win thanks to its strong Speed and Special Attack. Ribombee may OHKO multiple opponents due to its speed and power.

Ribombee has five weaknesses but five resistances and immunity against Dragon-types.

It learns Bug Buzz and Dazzling Gleam at 56 and 48, respectively, which limits its move pool.

After evolving, it learns Pollen Puff, a devastating weapon.

16. Yanmega

yanmega pokemon 1160x653 bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Yanmega has no Mega Evolution, which would have made it a strong contender for the title of best Bug-type ever.

Whatever the case may be, this Bug and Flying-type Pokémon, modeled after a dragonfly, is a fantastic addition to your squad.

Yanmega is one of the most powerful and fastest Bug-types thanks to its 116 Special Attack and 95 Speed.

Yanmega’s top-tier attributes and versatile movepool make up for its double weakness to Rock-types (including Stealth Rock). Like Scolipede, Yanmega is deadly fast thanks to its Speed Boost Ability.

It also has access to Tinted Lens, which makes “not very effective” moves do regular damage to the opponent and can be used to catch them off guard.

15. Ninjask

0291Ninjask bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Ninjask is the franchise’s quickest non-legendary Pokémon. Ninjask will always move first due to his 160-speed stat, which is unheard of.

Speed Boost increases its Speed every turn, although Infiltrator may be a better alternative.

If you choose Speed Boost, Ninjask can utilize Baton Pass to act as a supporter Pokemon and give its speed enhancements to a stronger party member.

Ninjask’s 90 Attack stat and X-Scissor make it a powerful attacker.

14. Escavalier

Bianca Escavalier bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Escavalier’s evolution is unique in the franchise. When traded for a Shelmet, Karrablast becomes Acelgor.

Escavalier has eight resistances and one immunity due to its powerful secondary Steel-type. Only the common Fire type weakens it four times.

Escavalier has insane Attack, Defense, and Special Defense, below-average HP, and Special Attack, and shockingly poor Speed.

It won’t move first, but it’s strong enough to finish off a non-Fire hit.

13. Scyther

scyther pokemon go bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Scyther, a Bug/Flying type Pokemon from generation one, looks like an armored praying mantis with a scythe in each hand, hence its name.

Scyther has a basic stat total of 500 and its strongest stats are 110 Attack and 105 Speed. Properly trained, few Pokemon can defeat it.

Scyther can evolve into Scizor, a generation two Bug/Steel Pokemon, or Kleavor, a generation eight Pokemon from Pokemon Legends: Arceus, depending on the item used.

Scyther has powerful moves like Fury Cutter, X-Scissor, and Air Slash even without evolving.

12. Pinsir

bug type Pokemon Pinsir 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Pinsir, a Kantonian classic, is a terrible bug. Pinsir possesses multiple Fighting-type attacks, making it a great attacker with great coverage.

It’s a surprising choice for Fighting-type teams because it’s a mono Bug-type.

Pinsir’s 85 Speed and 125 Attack make it a great sweeper, especially with Swords Dancing. Pinsir’s Mega Evolution skyrocketed its viability.

Mega Pinsir’s 155 Attack stat and lightning-fast speed allow it to KO foes before they can notice it.

11. Heracross

bug type Pokemon Heracross 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Due to their similarities, Heracross and Pinsir are hard to choose. They share moves, uses, and designs. The anime depicts their famous fights.

However, Heracross has a slight offensive edge that puts it on better footing than Pinsir.

Fighting-type moves STAB Heracross. This is great but makes it double-weak to Flying-types, unlike Pinsir, which is only semi-weak.

Heracross has Megahorn, a top Bug-type move. Its Mega Evolution is also slightly better than Mega Pinsir, with an unmatched 185 Attack stat that sets it apart.

10. Centiskorch

851GCentiskorch bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Centiskorch was added to the Pokedex late in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, part of the eighth generation of games.

Centiskorch is a Bug-Fire Pokémon with Flame Body. Its effective attacks have a 30% chance of Burning the attacker if they’re not immune!

To get a Centiskorch, evolve a Sizzlipede to level 28, which is easy.

Centiskorch’s base HP, Attack, and Sp. Atk/Def stats make it worth it.

It’s not the quickest or most defensive Pokémon. Its Flame Body and broad attacks make it a top Bug Type Pokémon!

9. Buzzwole

Buzzwole anime 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Buzzwole, a Bug/Fighting-type Ultra Beast, is the first of two. It emerged from an Ultra Wormhole in Alola as one of the greatest Bug-type Pokémon.

Buzzwole is a physical tank, having 139 Defense and 107 HP. With 139 Attack, it can endure and dish out physical pressure.

Buzzwole’s Special stats are weak, with 53 Special Attack and 53 Special Defense, however in a Physical-leaning environment, this boost glitch can be unstoppable.

8. Vespiquen

vespiquen pokemon scarlet violet 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Vespiquen is a Bug/Flying type who looks like a queen bee with red eyes and white wings and is going to a grand ball in a black and yellow striped outfit.

An Angry Combeenation introduced Vespiquen! Combee colony leader.

Vespiquen evolves from a level-21 female Combee. A female Combee evolves into a Vespiqen, however, its male counterpart may not evolve into any Pokémon.

Vespiqen has many moves, including Bug Bite, Fall Stinger, and Attack Order.

7. Forretress

pokemon forretress weakness image bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Forretress Evolves from Pineco at level 31. It is a Bug/Steel-Type Pokémon that can be found on the Socarrat Trail in the far northwest corner of Paldea.

Forretress has a Base Defense Stat of 140 and a pretty good Attack Stat of 90, but its other stats aren’t very good.

The Steel-Type gives Forretress a lot of new defenses and makes it immune to attacks that use poison.

It also works very well against Ice, Rock, and Fairy, which Bug doesn’t. Because of these things, Bug/Steel is a good pair.

6. Genesect

pokemon go genesect event 2 bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Genesect, the lone Mythical Bug-type Pokemon, is a powerful Bug attacker that can change move kinds with certain items.

Genesect has 120 Attack, 120 Special Attack, 95 Defense, and 95 Special Defense.

Genesect’s Techno Blast change types depending on which “Drive” item it is holding, which has many applications and benefits.

Genesect, a Bug and Steel-type, has only one weakness, Fire, which limits its best match-ups. Genesect, based on a 300-million-year-old Pokémon called Kabutops, has a beautiful design.

5. Pheromosa

pheromosa turning down meowth in the pokemon anime 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

Pheromosa looks like a supermodel and a cockroach. Despite its odd form, this Ultra Beast is devastating with 137 Attack, 137 Special Attack, and 151 Speed, thus it usually attacks first and hard.

It includes great STAB moves like Bug Buzz and High Jump Kick and lots of coverage. Its 37 Defense and 37 Special Defense make it a glass cannon, but it can be a great teammate if you know that.

4. Golisopod

E2qHvYBVIAMBJL8 bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

This fearsome Pokemon, which seems like something from antiquity, isn’t only scary to look at; it also has the destructive power to back up its appearance.

It’s very sturdy offense belies its lowly Basic Stat Total (BST) of 530 thanks to its 125 Attack, 140 Defense, and 90 Special Defense.

Its Speed is only 40, therefore you’ll need to strategically deploy it on the battlefield.

Golisopod’s arsenal of moves includes First Impression, Waterfall, Sucker Punch, and Close Combat, which can one-hit-KO a large number of foes.

When its health drops below half, it will use its ability, Emergency Exit, to flee the battlefield.

3. Scizor

maxresdefault 2020 01 05T001250 bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

The fact that Scyther, Scizor’s evolutionary predecessor, was widely regarded as a top Pokemon in its own right should give you some idea of just how excellent a Pokemon Scizor is.

While Scizor’s base stats of 130 Attack, 100 Defense, and 80 Special Defense are already very high, the Pokémon can undergo a Mega Evolution that raises those stats to 150, 140, and 100, respectively.

Scizor has outstanding numbers, and its Technician ability further increases the power of its moves like Metal Claw, X-Scissor, Bullet Punch, Bug Bite, and more.

There is no denying that Scizor is one of the best Bug-type Pokémon and that just facing it is enough to make many Pokemon quake in their Poké Balls.

2. Volcarona

ayc6xjqd6rrqpbbz 1623674358 bug 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

As it reaches Level 59, Larvesta will evolve into a Volcarona. Volcarona’s 135 Special Attack, 105 Special Defense, and 100 Speed make the grind worthwhile.

Volcarona can outspeed slow Rock-types, while Fire and Bug are vulnerable to Rock.

Fiery Dance and Quiver Dance boost Volcarona’s stats because Fiery Dance damages and has a 50% chance to boost Special Attack. Several enemies will battle against this moth’s enormous might.

1. Iron Moth

Iron Moth Encounter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 27 Best Bug Type Pokémon

The strong Paradox Pokemon push the limits for Bug-types, and they are great choices for competitive play. To hunt Paradox Pokemon on your own, you will need to have both Scarlet and Violet.

Because of the 570 BSTs, it makes sense to keep them unique to each title. Iron Moth has better Special Attacking power than other moths.

As long as your Special Defense is just above 100, you should be able to take on a lot of Special Attacks.

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