Pokemon TCG: VSTAR Cards

Mega Evolutions were not available during the X&Y era of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. In addition, the popular tabletop wing of the franchise released new sets alongside Sun & Moon, which did not include Z-Moves.

The Pokemon TCG has always had a unique take on the world of the video games, offering its own interpretation.

As we come to the end of the Sword & Shield era, we can’t help but look back on what could be considered the most clear-cut example of this.

That’s because Pokemon Sword & Shield, with their exciting gameplay mechanics of Dynamax and Gigantamax, provided the TCG’s creators with an opportunity to introduce V, VMAX, and (to a lesser extent) V-UNION.

Although these terms don’t align exactly, the concept remains intact. Pokemon V represent enhanced versions of their regular counterparts, capable of evolving into even more formidable VMAX forms to dominate the competition.

How about VSTAR, then? In the last few sets of the Sword & Shield era, a new V-themed contender has emerged, capturing the spotlight and stealing everyone’s attention. What’s going on? Let’s discover together.

Powerful and Agile

VSTAR agile Pokemon TCG: VSTAR Cards

Allow me to borrow a term from Pokemon Legends: Arceus for a moment. If you’ve played that game, then you’ll recall how attacks can be shifted into either Strong or Agile styles.

The Strong style delivers more powerful hits, while the Agile style may not deal as much damage but can greatly impact the turn order.

Just to clarify, this isn’t an exact comparison, but it’s pretty close. In January 2023, there are a total of 88 Pokemon cards that have an HP value of 300 or higher.

Out of those 88 cards, most of them happen to be Pokemon VMAX. In the modern era, there has been a surge in the popularity of games with high hit points. Many of these games prominently feature the word “MAX” in their titles.

Unfortunately, none of these 88 cards are VSTAR. They’re all quite lightweight. But just how light is light, really? Pokemon in the VSTAR range from 250 to 280.

These individuals would have been considered the giants in any time period before now. This was the epitome of strength, the pinnacle of endurance, the realm where the most powerful GX species reigned supreme.

But now, it’s just more compact. Imposing, yet still overshadowed.

So, our Legends: Arceus comparison is, indeed, a bit varied. In Legends, Agile attacks are not particularly strong.

When comparing Agile attacks to Pokemon VSTAR, it’s important to note that the decrease in endurance for VSTAR Pokemon is quite minimal.

Yet it’s unmistakable, evident for all to see, distinguishing the immense beings from those who are just slightly smaller.

It’s clear that VSTAR Pokemon have an impressive amount of HP. Pokemon with VMAX have even greater power.

Why Introduce a Less Powerful VMAX?

VSTAR why intro weak Pokemon TCG: VSTAR Cards

It would be a reasonable question, if things were not so clear-cut. It’s no surprise that VSTAR Pokemon have a slightly lower HP compared to their massive counterparts.

However, they more than make up for it with their special move called VSTAR Power. Remember, the VSTAR Power can only be used once per game, regardless of how many VSTAR Pokemon you have in your deck.

Here’s a quick example: imagine you have a deck containing two Charizard VSTAR cards and a Hisuian Typhlosion VSTAR card.

During your game, when you have your Charizard VSTAR as your active Pokemon, you decide to utilize its VSTAR Power, Star Blaze.

Using this attack requires three Fire Energy and one Colorless Energy, and you’ll need to discard two Energy afterwards. However, it’s worth noting that this attack deals a staggering 320 damage.

I hope you made good use of that attack. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use Star Blaze again for the rest of the match, whether it’s on Charizard VSTAR or any other Pokemon card.

Additionally, you’ve forfeited your opportunity to utilize Hisuian Typhlosion’s VSTAR Power, Shimmering Star.

Well, it seems that introducing a weaker variety of VMAX is not the issue here. VSTAR Pokemon are powerful yet delicate, like glass cannons crafted from the strongest glass available.

Their HP may pose a challenge for many opponents, but they will easily be defeated in a direct battle against their VMAX counterparts.

VSTAR Pokemon trade a few dozen hit points for access to attacks that can either pack a serious punch or outsmart opponents with clever strategies. These moves have the potential to completely disrupt the game if used more than once.

Let’s take a moment to explore a few examples of VSTAR Powers that can be strategically devastating, considering the impressive damage output of Charizard VSTAR’s Star Blaze.

Introducing Mewtwo VSTAR’s Star Raid, a powerful move that inflicts 120 damage to all of your opponent’s Pokemon V. Using this strategically can be a game-changer, but having the ability to use it repeatedly would disrupt the balance of the game.

The Hisuian Lilligant V STAR utilizes the power of Star Perfume. You can easily search your deck for a maximum of five Grass Pokemon and/or Grass Energy cards, in any combination you prefer.

There is absolutely no damage involved in this situation, but just think about how convenient it would be to easily search for five cards every turn! It would remain in a non-functional state.

Are VSTAR Pokemon Better Than VMAX Pokemon?

VSTAR vs Pokemon TCG: VSTAR Cards

They can definitely be quite amiable. That’s the type of response we’re looking for from the Pokemon TCG — one that can go in either direction, showcasing the importance of both deck-building expertise and strategic deployment in battle.

Comparing different types of Charizard cards is like bringing two Tyrannosaurus action figures together for an epic clash, which is undeniably the most exciting activity on the playground.

So, let’s focus on Charizard VMAX versus Charizard VSTAR. What would be the outcome if they were to compete against each other in a one-on-one match?

Charizard VSTAR possesses a move called Star Blaze, which can deal a significant 320 damage to Charizard VMAX.

Additionally, there is a regular attack called Explosive Fire that deals 130 damage. An interesting perk of this attack is that if Charizard VSTAR has any damage counters on it, the damage is increased to 230 instead. Pretty good.

Wow, just take a look at Charizard VMAX! With 330 HP, it manages to survive Star Blaze, assuming all other factors remain the same.

The primary attack of this Pokemon, worth mentioning, is G-Max Wildfire, which can be used multiple times in a match. The G-Max Wildfire attack deals a whopping 300 points of damage! Charizard VSTAR boasts an impressive 270 HP.

In a fair matchup without any external factors like Tools, interference Abilities, or Stadium effects, a VMAX Pokemon typically has a slight advantage over a VSTAR Pokemon in terms of endurance.

However, the results, as observed above, are frequently very similar. This is incredibly important, because…

Misplace a VSTAR Rather Than A VMAX

VSTAR lose Pokemon TCG: VSTAR Cards

One major drawback of VMAX Pokemon is their high cost when they are defeated. Players of the Sword & Shield era of Pokemon TCG are well aware that when they defeat a VMAX, they receive three Prize Cards.

Each of them is valued at half of the total Prize Card pool per game. If you manage to take down two of them, you’re already in a winning position.

Certainly, accomplishing that is quite challenging. It’s interesting to note that The Pokemon Company acknowledged the power of these cards and took measures to address their widespread use.

Much of that is connected to their exceptional HP, which is something that VSTAR Pokemon tend to have less of.

Similarly to the traditional Pokemon V that can evolve into either VMAX or VSTAR, when you defeat a VSTAR, you will receive two Prize Cards instead of three.

Let’s revisit our example of the playground-tumbling Charizard deathmatch. When the player uses Blaze Star for 300 damage before Charizard VMAX can counter with G-Max Wildfire, and if the VMAX isn’t healed between turns, it’s left with a mere 30 HP.

Absolutely, their player has taken down a VSTAR. Indeed, they were eligible for two Prize Cards.

However, it is worth noting that the TCG has a higher number of attacks that deal 30 or more damage compared to those with lower damage. There are numerous methods to effectively take down that VMAX.

Imagine if your Charizard VSTAR was equipped with Power Gloves. How awesome would that be?

In this hypothetical encounter, a minor adjustment can completely shift the outcome, resulting in a significant blow of 330 damage that can take down a Charizard VMAX even when it’s at full health.

In the end, that’s the gist of it. VSTAR Pokemon offer a lower level of risk overall, and the disparity in core power doesn’t necessarily equate to the additional Prize Card that comes with knocking out VMAX Pokemon.

Charizard-versus-Charizard is just one of the many exciting match-ups you can have in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Both VMAX and VSTAR Pokemon are incredibly versatile and can bring a lot of value to your deck.

Although the production of Pokemon V will cease after the Crown Zenith expansion, it is expected that certain aspects of VSTAR will continue to be present.

For example, there are several Pokemon in the first group of Scarlet & Violet representatives that have impressively high HP totals.

They’ll be ‘Pokemon ex’, making a triumphant comeback to reclaim their position as the most formidable Pokemon in the game.

Bright Spotlight On The Last VSTARs

VSTAR last Pokemon TCG: VSTAR Cards

Before we go, let’s give a shout-out to some of the latest VSTARs in this amazing Pokemon TCG sub-class. We appreciate the positive impact that Silver Tempest has made, offering a diverse selection of VSTAR representatives.

Introducing the adorable Alolan Vulpix VSTAR, the beloved icy-blue fox that captures everyone’s hearts. Its Snow Mirage attack packs a punch, dealing a solid 160 damage.

What makes it even more impressive is its ability to defend against any form of damage from enemy Pokemon with abilities.

Even more impressive is Lugia VSTAR, a card that, despite its seemingly average appearance, is causing a major stir in competitive play thanks to its remarkable compatibility with none other than Archeops.

This VSTAR pal allows you to effortlessly create a chain of Lugia VSTAR’s stadium-demolishing, 220-damage Tempest Dive like a pro.

With Crown Zenith as the grand finale, we can’t help but be thrilled about Zeraora VSTAR, a formidable contender capable of obliterating entire stadiums.

One of the standout features of Zeraora is its impressive ability to deal targeted damage. With the VSTAR Power Lightning Storm Star, you can unleash a barrage of attacks, hitting your opponent’s active and/or benched Pokemon four times, each dealing 60 damage.

You have the option to concentrate all 280 on a single target, distribute 60 each among four foes, or allocate the damage as you see fit between these two extremes.

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