27 Heaviest Pokémon of All Time

Over the years, between Pokémon series, we’ve seen Pokémon in many different shapes and sizes, some much bigger than others.

But height and weight don’t always go together. Some tall animals weigh less than half of the lightest unit we have today.

What can be interesting about the world of Pokémon… I really don’t get it. Bigger or heavier doesn’t mean that a Pokemon is stronger, but it could mean that it has special skills.

There are a lot of Heaviest Pokémon in the Pokémon series, so I’ve made a list of 27 of them here.

27. Steelix


In fact, this snake is made of a few squares of steel to keep it light. The Pokédex says that after a long time, its body turns into a precious stone-like shape.

Even though it’s called the Iron Snake Pokémon, I’m willing to accept that it’s steel. That doesn’t look like iron! Also, it’s called “Steelix,” which is how it should be.

This Steel/Ground-type Pokémon is very heavy because it has a very thick atomic structure. This is because it lives deep underground and is packed with a lot of rocks and soil.

26. Alolan Exeggutor

Alolan Exeggutor

Here’s a good Pokémon from the days of Red and Blue that got some love with the Alolan collections of Generation VII. This is how the people of Alolan think Exeggutor should look.

Everything else is a weed that isn’t getting enough food and should make you feel bad. Taking a look at how big and heavy they are, that seems to be the case for sure.

This Grass/Dragon-type Pokemon has swapped the practicality of a thick body for the beauty and weight of a self-important structure.

25. Regigigas


Many oral traditions say that Regigigas moved the landmasses to where they are now and shaped the land like a golem made of natural forces.

It’s normal for a being with that much power to be at least a little bit on the heavy side. It was shown in Generation IV to be the source of Hoenn’s Regis (not the lights themselves), but it is still a secret.

Even with all the danger, the best Pokémon experts in the area don’t seem to have any trouble figuring out the Colossal Pokémon’s careful weight.

23. Heatran


You don’t have to be a Legendary Pokémon to join the big dogs in the Pokémon world.

Even though Heatran is a bit strange and hard to find, it is a normal Pokémon animal like many others.

This Fire/Steel-type Pokemon has a fiery heart and a body made of liquid steel. It’s as tough as it is big.

A lot of strength is used to hold up this weight.

22. Snorlax


Since it was introduced as one of the first 151 Pokémon, Snorlax has been known for being so big and heavy that if it falls asleep in the middle of the street, the best way to wake it up is to find and play a Pokéflute.

Even though it spends most of its energy eating, sleeping, or processing, the Sleeping Pokémon is a long way from being the heaviest around.

It might have the Thick Fat and Gluttony skills, but there’s a limit to how much you can do with substance alone.

There are Pokémon in the race made of rock and steel, and Snorlax’s carbon-based middle just can’t keep up.

21. Necrozma (Dusk Mane)

Necrozma (Dusk Mane)

Necrozma, a Pokémon that has grown and shrunk and is made of parts we don’t fully understand, is the opposite of this contrast between materials.

The most important part of its structure is its Dusk Mane, which it got by eating Solgaleo’s light.

Any way you look at it, this cruel animal is way too cool to leave out. With a weight of 460 kg (1014.1 lb.

20. Hoopa Unbound

Hoopa Unbound

Hoopa, the Mischief Pokémon from Generation VI, has a new version that is much cooler and heavier than Necrozma.

The plan for this strange, time-limited Pokémon is heavily influenced by Hindu gods and middle eastern stories about the Djinn.

Which are ghosts and evil spirits that are said to have huge powers that they use to help and hurt people?

So that’s a good thing. It’s not clear why this Psychic/Dark type was changed, but there are stories about it taking whole mansions to get their money, which most people don’t like.

19. Avalugg


Avalugg is called the Iceberg Pokémon because it is made of something that looks like ice but is as hard as steel. To carry such a huge weight, it should be thick.

This Ice-type monster is known to carry a lot of Bergmite on its back, which helps other people from its lineage.

If you use the Pokédex’s weight, you can’t have any of these. At that point, a wild Avalugg should be much heavier than what the Pokédex says.

The more I think about it, the more I wonder if the Titanic hit an Avalugg. At least that would explain why nobody saw it coming. It went.

18. Stonjourner


It makes sense that a Pokémon whose design was inspired by one of the biggest rocks ever moved and shaped by humans made it into the positioning.

The Big Rock Pokémon Stonjourner is a stone monument that can move around. It’s like Stonehenge on wheels.

It usually stays in the fields, where it can enjoy the breeze and watch the sun move across the sky.

But when a year goes by and a lot of Stonjourner have gathered, the structure is thought to have been very important before the Pokémon world changed.

17. Metagross


Metagross, a Steel/Psychic type that became famous in Generation III for being good at serious play, might be the most famous and loved Pokémon in the area.

It is the combined knowledge of four separate Beldum working as one that makes a supercomputer mind more important than the number of its parts.

The same can be said about the weight of this animal, which is a lot more than that of four Beldum.

16. Zygarde (Complete Forme)

Zygarde (Complete Forme)

Eternatus is introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield. It has an effect on the stories of both games. It is the tallest Pokemon we’ve seen so far because of how big it is.

As an Eternatus, it weighs 2094.44 pounds (950.0 kg), but when it changes forms, it could become the heaviest Pokemon ever.

We don’t know for sure because it’s rare for us to see Eternatus’s replacement structure. As an Eternamax Eternatus, its weight hasn’t been estimated, so its elective weight is a question mark.

15. Copperajah


The Pokédex calls this metal-covered elephant the Copperderm Pokémon, and it is a straight-up unit of pure strength.

This Steel-type evolves from the cuter and less powerful Cufant into an unstoppable power with a crazy amount of Attack and HP.

There’s nothing strange about the fact that this Pokemon weighs 1433.0 lbs (650.0 kg).

Copperajah also has a Gigantamax structure, which makes it much bigger. However, its weight when Gigantamaxed is not known, and neither is the weight of any other Gigantamax Pokemon.

14. Dialga


It was introduced as the main Legendary Pokémon for Pokémon Diamond. Its body seems to be made of some kind of metal and other hard materials that make it heavier.

Anyone who has been on Earth for a while knows that time is one of the few things that weighs more than other things.

Dialga weighs 683 kg (1505.8 lb), which is a lot more than its Pearl partner Palkia, which only weighs 740.8 lb (336.0 kg).

It’s likely that Dialga’s weight is more impressive because it’s a Steel-type Pokemon, but it’s not the only Steel-type Pokemon that’s heavy.

13. Mega Steelix

Mega Steelix

Steelix is a Steel/Ground Pokémon that grows from Onix when it is traded while it is holding the Metal Coat growth item.

Steelix’s normal form isn’t very heavy compared to other Pokemon. It only tips the scales at 881.8 lbs (400.0 kg).

When Mega Evolutions became a part of Generation VI, Steelix got a new structure that made it weigh 1,631.4 lbs (740.0 kg). With the Steelixite thing, players can turn their Steelix into Mega Steelix.

12. Giratina (Altered Forme)

Giratina (Altered Forme)

Giratina, the Pokemon Platinum “crate unbelievable,” comes in two flavors. Origin Forme, where Giratina loses its legs and more than 200 pounds, has a unique taste (90.7 kg).

The Altered Forme can be found in both Platinum and the first Diamond and Pearl. It checks in just enough to push its way onto the rundown.

Even though the Altered Forme Giratina weighs more, the Origin Forme is taller.

Also, anyone who has seen some of the released beta plans for Gen IV Pokemon will know that Giratina looks… amazing.

It’s hard to tell if it would have had the same weight if they had stuck to the original plan.

11. Zamazenta


Zamazenta, the variant of Pokemon Shield that comes from a crate, isn’t as big as a wolf. Its cousin, Zacian, is also about half the base weight of Zamazenta.

Even so, it didn’t matter who Zamazenta was before it wore the veil (and shield).

With this strong steel shield, Zamazenta can lift almost 1300 pounds (589.67 kg). Its shield is heavier than those of many other amazing Pokemon.

Crowned Sword Zacian weighs more than the shield by itself, which is crazy.

Zamazenta’s ability to carry a piece of metal that thick is a miracle, but maybe it’s just an even shield. That leaves the question of how strong Hop/the player is to carry its rusted frame.

10. Melmetal


If you are one of the many people who are still watching the Pokemon anime, you may know this legendary Steel-type Pokemon.

We are referring to Melmetal, one of the Pokemon with the most mass. During the Manalo Conference finals, Meltan joined with another member of Ash’s group to form a Melmetal!

Melmetal’s body is mostly made of liquid metal and weighs a huge 800.0 kg/1763.7 lbs. It can’t destroy itself because of the hexagonal nuts on it. Melmetal kills itself at the end of its life and goes back to Meltan.

9. Stakataka


Ultra Beasts were a different kind of animal introduced in Age VII. They were creatures from another universe that ended up in Alola by chance. Stakataka is one of the ones that looks the most fake.

The heaviest Rock-type Pokemon we’ve found so far is Stakataka. It can carry a huge weight of 820.0 kg/1807.8 lbs, which isn’t surprising given how big it is.

In battle, this Rock/Steel-type Pokémon is a tank. This is a horrible fit for something called a “blockhouse.”

8. Guzzlord


Guzzlord, the Pokémon that eats trash, is another Ultra Beast that made the list. Like most Ultra Beasts, Guzzlord has a plan that is different from that of a regular Pokémon in an important way.

Based on where it is, it looks like something you might find at the end of a prison in a Final Fantasy game. Guzzlord can be very shocking to look at.

As a Pokemon that weighs 888.0 kg/1957.7 lbs, it has a long tongue that moves in a waving motion to get food. Even though it has a huge appetite, no one has ever found a Guzzlord’s droppings.

7. Mudsdale


Mudsdale is one of the heaviest Pokemon. It weighs 920.0 kg/2028.3 lbs, which makes it one of the heaviest Pokemon.

The tail looks like dreadlocks, but there are no dark grooves in it. Even though it has a heated battle, this Pokemon has a lot of different ways to fight.

This Pokémon is so big that it will damage any hard surface, like blacktop, that it runs on. Because of this, Mudsdale can’t cross many public streets.

6. Mega Metagross

Mega Metagross

Surprisingly, it also makes Mega Metagross much more dangerous in battle. Mega Metagross looks like a crab but is as smart as a supercomputer.

It can do more complicated calculations because it has more than one mind.

Mega Meatagross’s Pokedex says, “When it realizes it can’t win, it burrows its hooks into its opponent and starts the battle with a big bang.”

When a Metagross super-evolves into a Mega Metagross, its weight nearly doubles. Mega Metagross weights 942.9 kg / 2078.7 lbs

5. Groudon


The next Pokémon in our order is Groudon, which is the main Legendary from Pokémon Ruby. Groudon has been sleeping for a long time, though.

Groudon is a Legendary Pokémon that is a Ground type. It was introduced in Generation III.

With a weight of 950.0 kg/2094.4 kg, it seems pretty chill for a Pokémon that should have brought the different landmasses of the world into existence when it fought Kyogre for control of nature’s powers.

4. Eternatus


Eternatus is introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield. It has an effect on the stories of both games.

It is the tallest Pokémon we have seen so far because of how big it is.

All things considered, Eternatus, the Giant Pokémon, stands – or coasts – in the middle of everything.

Its huge weight probably has more to do with how big it is than with how strong it is or how it is built.

As an Eternatus, it weighs 950.0 kg/2094.4 lbs, but when it changes forms, it might become the heaviest Pokémon in the world.

3. Primal Groudon

Primal Groudon

Primal Groudon is a huge Pokémon that weighs 999.7 kg/2204.0 lb. It is not known if it can change into anything else.

It is both of the types Fire and Ground. Primal Groudon has details in Defense, just like other Pokémon with high loads.

Primal Groudon, the mascot for Pokémon Omega Ruby, is bigger than its usual partner. Base Groudon is a Pokémon that lives on the “Mainland.”

Primal Groudon is not only one of the heaviest Pokémon, but it may also be the most powerful one so far. It can move and destroy land in an instant.

2. Cosmoem


Cosmoem starts out as a light Cosmog, but it evolves into one of the heaviest Pokémon. Cosmoem is one of the few Pokémon that gets fit as it grows up.

If you bought Pokémon Sun, Ultra Sun, Moon, or Ultra Moon, this Pokémon will evolve into Solgaelo or Lunala.

It looks like a blue circle with a picture of the universe in the middle and weighs 999.9 kg/2204.4 lbs. Given how small it is, it is definitely the most dense Pokémon.

Cosmoem is stuck and can’t move or eat. The people of Alolan praise this Pokémon for being a gift from above.

1. Celesteela


Celesteela is a Pokémon that is both made of Steel and can fly. Celesteela is one of the Ultra Beasts of Pokémon. It looks like a cross between a spaceship and a bamboo shoot.

Even though it doesn’t have s*x, it can hatch from an egg. Celesteela was first introduced in Generation VII of the main Pokémon series.

People think it is the most terrifying Pokémon because it looks like a spaceship and can fly into space. It is 999.9 kg (2204.4 lb) heavy.

I know it’s strange, but these games are from Japan, so it’s not that strange.

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