30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Game Freak has always been meticulous in providing players with a wide range of diverse information about Pokémon, some of which may seem unimportant, while keeping other details hidden.

One of those seemingly insignificant details is the weight of each Pokémon.

Weight is actually quite important, you see.

It not only determines the effects of various moves like Low Kick or Body Slam, but also provides us with a glimpse into the lives of these Pokémon.

Snorlax is well-known for its impressive size and laid-back nature, for instance. However, does it really have a chance when considering the bigger picture?

Can you please tell me who the top contenders are in the Pokémon world?

I’ve compiled a list that showcases the Heaviest Pokemon as mentioned in the Pokédex.

It includes their weights in both metric and imperial units.

It’s time to recognize and appreciate those who are well-nourished, strongly protected, and burdened with the weight of the world.

Here are Some Of The Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

30. Mega Rayquaza

30 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 392.0 kg / 864.2 lbs.

In the Pokémon universe, there appears to be a correlation between power and mass.

The beloved Rayquaza from Generation III unfortunately doesn’t meet the requirements.

However, once it executes the Dragon Ascent move and transforms into its Dragon/Flying form, the additional blades and sparkling gems significantly increase its weight by nearly 200 kg.

The new version is larger, more impressive, and boasts enhanced capabilities, all while maintaining its crucial role of safeguarding the world from the destructive forces of Kyogre and Groudon.

29. Mega Aggron

29 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 395.0 kg / 870.8 lbs.

I’ll be straightforward with you.

I have a deep affection for Aggron, so you can imagine my disappointment when I discovered that it didn’t make the cut as one of the heaviest Pokémon, ranking at number 31. It wasn’t until I laid eyes on Mega Aggron that I realized something.

This impressive Steel-type Pokémon is truly a force to be reckoned with, boasting a formidable exoskeleton that resembles a full suit of armor.

Aggron are known for their territorial nature and often engage in battles with Tyranitar over living space. However, my boy surpasses Tyranitar in terms of weight.

28. Wailord

28 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 398.0 kg / 877.4 lbs

It’s no surprise that a Pokémon inspired by the largest and heaviest animal on Earth would easily secure a spot in the top 30.

Wailord, the majestic Float Whale Pokémon, gracefully navigates the vast seas of the Hoenn region, satisfying its hunger with an impressive appetite for smaller Pokémon, such as Wishiwashi.

This has enabled it to develop its distinctive Zeppelin-like physique, which packs of Wailord utilize to create enormous splashes that assist them in guiding their prey.

Apparently, witnessing the majestic sight of leaping Wailord in the wild is truly awe-inspiring.

27. Steelix

27 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 400.0 kg / 881.8 lbs

Surprisingly, no one here anticipated that a metal snake made up of multiple steel blocks would be lightweight.

I believe that’s steel, even though it’s commonly referred to as the Iron Snake Pokémon.

Iron appears different from what you’re describing! And, seriously, it’s named “Steelix” for a reason.

The weight of this Steel/Ground-type Pokémon is a result of its remarkably dense molecular structure, formed from living deep underground and being compressed by tons of rock and soil.

After a certain period, the Pokédex states that its body takes on a diamond-like appearance.

It’s incredible to witness the determination of an Onix as it relentlessly pursues its dreams and digs to unimaginable depths, driven by its unwavering commitment to its ideals.

26. Alolan Exeggutor

26 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 415.6 kg / 916.2 lbs

Next up, we have a timeless creature from the era of Pokémon Red & Blue, which received some delightful updates with Generation VII’s Alolan variations.

As per the Alolan people’s perspective, this is the correct appearance of Exeggutor.

Anything else is lacking in nourishment and should be regarded with sympathy.

Based on their size and weight, it appears to be true.

This Grass/Dragon-type has embraced a more majestic and impressive form, shedding its bulky physique for a more practical design.

25. Regigigas

25 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 420.0 kg / 925.9 lbs

Regigigas is a Pokémon that was introduced in Generation IV. It is a Normal-type Pokémon and is known for its immense strength and power.

Regigigas has a unique ability called Slow Start, which causes its Attack and Speed stats to be halved for the first five turns

According to numerous ancient tales, Regigigas is believed to have single-handedly shifted the continents and molded the landscape with its incredible natural abilities.

It’s quite common for a creature with such strength to have a slightly larger build.

It was introduced in Generation IV and is known for creating Hoenn’s Regis, although they are not exactly friendly. However, this Pokémon still remains surrounded by an air of mystery.

Even with all the uncertainty, the region’s top Pokémon researchers don’t seem to have any trouble determining the exact weight of the Colossal Pokémon.

24. Primal Kyogre

24 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 430.0 kg / 948.0 lbs

Kyogre, the mighty Pokémon of the sea, was initially overlooked. However, after undergoing Primal Reversion and some intense training, it has reclaimed its former glory and is finally receiving the recognition it truly deserves for its impressive strength.

This Water-type Legendary from Generation III was absolutely fantastic in its prime, but I’m truly grateful for the refreshed appearance it received in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

It brings back memories of when I was a child, drawing the Sea Basin Pokémon and adding my own creative touches to make it even more awesome.

I would have offered a more affordable price for my design, rest assured.

23. Heatran

23 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 430.0 kg / 948.0 lbs

Any Pokémon, regardless of their legendary status, can join the esteemed ranks of the Pokémon universe’s heavyweights.

Although Heatran may be a bit rare and elusive, it is just as much a regular Pokémon species as any other.

This Fire/Steel-type exudes a spirited nature and possesses a body forged from molten steel, showcasing both its strength and impressive nature.

This weight is supported by a great deal of strength.

It’s impressive how this creature’s cross-shaped feet can dig into the rock of the underground magma tunnels it calls home, allowing it to effortlessly maneuver its massive body.

22. Snorlax

22 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 460.0 kg / 1014.1 lbs

Snorlax is widely recognized as a Pokémon of considerable size and weight, a characteristic that has been associated with it since its debut in the original 151.

In fact, if Snorlax happens to doze off on a road, the only way to safely move it is by locating and using a Pokéflute.

However, the Sleeping Pokémon is not particularly heavy, even though it spends most of its time eating, resting, or digesting.

While having the Thick Fat and Gluttony abilities can be helpful, relying solely on physical attributes can only take you so far.

Some Pokémon in the race are made of rock and steel, which makes Snorlax’s soft carbon-based belly a bit of a disadvantage.

The Gigantamax form of this Pokémon even has a tiny ecosystem on its belly, although there is still no conclusive data on its weight.

21. Necrozma (Dusk Mane)

21 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 460.0 kg / 1014.1 lbs

Necrozma, a fascinating Pokémon, has traversed various dimensions and is composed of enigmatic elements that continue to elude our understanding.

In its Dusk Mane form, it carries the heaviest weight, obtained by consuming the light of Solgaleo.

This Psychic/Steel-type Pokémon is like a majestic lion radiating with a dazzling aura. Its exoskeleton is sleek and sharp, giving it a stylish appearance. With the combined power of Solgaleo and Necrozma, it possesses an incredible mass.

It’s quite interesting to think about a fusion being ranked as the 21st heaviest Pokémon. But this awesome creature is too cool to leave out.

20. Hoopa Unbound

20 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 490.0 kg / 1080.3 lbs

The unleashed version of Hoopa, the Mischief Pokémon from Generation VI, is even cooler and heavier than Necrozma.

The design for this enigmatic event-exclusive Pokémon draws inspiration from Hindu deities and the captivating tales of the Djinn from the Middle East.

These beings are believed to possess extraordinary abilities that they employ to both assist and obstruct humans.

Well, that’s quite enjoyable.

It remains a mystery as to why this particular Psychic/Dark-type creature was sealed away. However, there exist tales of it pilfering entire castles in its quest for wealth, a behavior that generally doesn’t sit well with people.

19. Avalugg

19 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 505.0 kg / 1113.3 lbs

Avalugg is a Pokemon known for its sheer size and strength.

Avalugg, the Iceberg Pokémon, is composed of a substance that bears a striking resemblance to ice, yet possesses the strength and durability of steel.

Considering its relatively small size, it must possess an impressive density to attain such a substantial weight.

This Ice-type creature is famous for carrying numerous Bergmite on its back, providing assistance to fellow members of its evolutionary line.

If the weight listed in the Pokédex doesn’t account for these factors, then it’s safe to say that a wild Avalugg would be even more massive.

I’m curious if the Titanic collided with an Avalugg… It’s surprising how nobody saw it coming, isn’t it? Wow, it moved!

18. Stonjourner

18 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 520.0 kg / 1146.4 lbs

Stonjourner, Pokémon in the Galar region, is a fascinating creature.

Quite impressive, isn’t it?

It’s no surprise that a Pokémon inspired by the immense stones manipulated by ancient humans has earned a place in the ranking.

Stonjourner, the Big Rock Pokémon, is like a majestic, wandering monument – a living embodiment of Stonehenge, if you will.

It loves to be in the grasslands, taking in the gentle breeze and observing the sun’s journey across the sky.

Once a year, numerous Stonjourner come together and create circles that are believed to hold religious significance for ancient civilizations in the Pokémon world.

17. Metagross

17 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 550.0 kg / 1212.5 lbs

Metagross is widely recognized and adored in the Pokémon community. This Steel/Psychic-type Pokémon gained a reputation for its exceptional performance in competitive play during Generation III.

Metagross is formed by the fusion of two Metang, which are themselves formed by the fusion of two Beldum.

The combined minds of four Beldum come together to form a powerful supercomputer brain that surpasses the abilities of each individual.

This creature’s weight is significantly higher than that of four Beldum combined.

16. Zygarde (Complete Forme)

16 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 610.0 kg / 1344.8 lbs

Zygarde (Complete Forme) is a powerful Pokémon that is sure to impress trainers with its strength and abilities.

When it comes to Pokémon that truly stand out, Zygarde, the Order Pokémon, is definitely worth mentioning.

Even though it’s a Legendary Pokémon from Generation VI, you can still obtain it in Pokémon Sun & Moon.

It was discovered that Zygarde is made up of numerous “Zygarde Cells” that can be gathered across Alola.

As you collect them, you’ll have the opportunity to witness the various stages of Zygarde’s evolution.

Collect all of them and you’ll unlock the incredibly powerful Complete Forme, which can be compared to a Megazord from Power Rangers.

15. Copperajah

15 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 650.0 kg / 1433.0 lbs.

If you find the task of collecting 100 tiny cells all around Alola a bit overwhelming, but you’re still in need of your next Poké-Sumo champion, why not consider traveling to Galar to acquire a Copperajah?

This Pokémon, known as the Copperderm, is a sturdy and robust creature with a metal-plated exterior. It possesses an impressive level of chunkiness that cannot be denied.

This Steel-type undergoes a transformation from its adorable and diminutive form, Cufant, into a formidable powerhouse with impressive Attack and extraordinary HP.

One fascinating aspect of Copperajah in this ranking is its Heavy Metal ability, which effectively doubles its weight during battles.

Assuming we consider that as its official weight, it would easily claim the title of the heaviest Pokémon.

14. Dialga

14 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 683.0 kg / 1505.8 lbs

Dialga, the Temporal Pokémon, was created by Arceus to carry the burden of time and the vastness of history.

Introduced as the main Legendary for Pokémon Diamond, this Pokémon boasts a body that appears to be constructed from sturdy materials, giving it a substantial weight.

Those with more life experience understand that few things carry more weight than the passing of time.

13. Mega Steelix

13 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 740.0 kg / 1631.4 lbs

Even though it’s already ranked 27th in our heavy Pokémon list, Steelix gets another chance to shine thanks to the amazing power of Mega Evolution.

And shine it will, as the Mega Evolution process has caused Mega Steelix to develop a stunning array of glimmering diamond spikes along its body.

As anticipated, this transformation results in a significant increase in mass.

This Steel/Ground-type Pokémon has certainly come a long way, boasting a sleek design, formidable Defense stat, and sharp edges.

12. Giratina (Altered Forme)

12 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 750.0 kg / 1653.5 lbs

Even though Giratina’s Altered Forme may appear more intimidating, it is important to note that it is still significantly heavier, making it more of a threat.

With its immense power, Giratina wields every gram as a formidable weapon, ready to crush any foe in its path.

Famous for its rebellious nature, this Pokémon of the Ghost/Dragon type bears the burden of its past transgressions.

I, for one, believe it’s best to keep this dangerous creature sealed in the Distortion World where it rightfully belongs.

11. Zamazenta

11 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 785.0 kg / 1730.6 lbs.

Zamazenta, a legendary hero, is known for its valiant efforts in defending the Galar region alongside a king against an ancient invasion.

This Legendary doggo carries their weight with pride and grace, reflecting the high expectations that come with such recognition.

It’s no surprise that it’s quite heavy, considering its role as the unwavering shield that protects both people and Pokémon from any attack.

10. Melmetal

10 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 800.0 kg / 1763.7 lbs

Just as powerful and considerably heavier than Zamazenta is Melmetal, the Hex Nut Pokémon.

It’s not surprising that this Pokémon’s weight is quite high, given that its body is mostly made up of mercury. Anyone familiar with the periodic table would understand this.

Actually, given that a liter of mercury weighs approximately 1400 kg, it seems like this large individual should weigh significantly more.

Maybe it lacks substance internally?

9. Stakataka

9 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 820.0 kg / 1807.8 lbs

Generation VII introduced a unique type of creature known as Ultra Beasts. These fascinating beings hail from another world and found their way into the Alola region by chance.

Out of all the Pokémon, Stakataka stands out as one of the least organic in appearance.

This enigmatic creature, referred to as the Rampart Pokémon, is composed of numerous smaller life-forms working together, resulting in a friendly stack of blocks with distinctive shiny “eyes”.

This Rock/Steel-type is incredibly durable and formidable in battle. Which is perfectly fitting for what’s quite literally a “brick house”.

8. Guzzlord

8 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 888.0 kg / 1957.7 lbs

Guzzlord, the Junkivore Pokémon, is another Ultra Beast that deserves a spot on the list.

Guzzlord, much like other Ultra Beasts, possesses a design that sets it apart from typical Pokémon in a significant manner.

The appearance of the item resembles something that could be discovered at the conclusion of a dungeon in a Final Fantasy game.

This Dark/Dragon-type has grown to an impressive size and weight due to its remarkable ability to consume a wide range of objects, ranging from old tools to dilapidated automobiles.

Scientists have speculated that Guzzlord’s insatiable hunger is a constant presence, as it devotes a significant amount of time to this activity every day.

7. Mudsdale

7 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 920.0 kg / 2028.3 lbs

Mudsdale is known for its robust physique and calm demeanor. This equine creature has the unique ability to coat its legs with a tough and weighty mixture of mud and saliva.

Its back legs are capable of inflicting devastating damage.

This Pokémon is quite hefty and has the potential to cause significant damage to any solid surface it traverses, such as asphalt. Due to this reason, Mudsdale are prohibited from using several public roads.

6. Mega Metagross

6 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 942.9 kg / 2078.7 lbs.

Metagross received the Mega Evolution treatment in Generation VI to maintain its competitiveness and show consideration for loyal fans of the Iron Leg Pokémon.

This enormous creature is the impressive outcome of the collaboration between a Metagross, a Metang, and two Beldum. It possesses the intelligence and strength equivalent to eight Beldum operating in flawless harmony.

This remarkable intelligence far exceeds that of a typical Metagross by a significant margin.

Surprisingly, Mega Metagross becomes significantly more aggressive during battles.

5. Groudon

5. heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 950.0 kg / 2094.4 kg

Now let’s talk about the next pocket monster in our ranking, which happens to be the main Legendary from Pokémon Ruby: Groudon.

It’s quite impressive how a Pokémon that played a crucial role in shaping the world weighs a cool 950.0 kg.

Well, you see, Groudon has been snoozing for quite a while.

And guess what you can’t do while sleeping?

Stay fit. Nourish your body. Work out.

Groudon has been taking it easy for quite a while.

4. Eternatus

4 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 950.0 kg / 2094.4 lbs

The Galar region brought along a plethora of secrets and mysteries, with one of the most intriguing being the phenomenon of Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing.

In the heart of everything, you’ll find Eternatus, the magnificent Gigantic Pokémon.

Arriving in the Galar region 20,000 years ago, this Poison/Dragon-type was mysteriously sealed within a meteorite.

However, the considerable weight of the object is probably due to its large size rather than its strength or makeup.

This thing is incredibly tall, standing at over 20 meters!

3. Primal Groudon

3 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 999.7 kg / 2204.0 lb

Restored to its previous magnificence through the incredible power of Primal Reversion, the Continent Pokémon has ascended a few positions in the rankings.

It’s larger, more intense, and has the ability to dramatically alter the landscape in an instant, raising and expanding entire continents.

This Pokémon is definitely one of the most impressive additions to the game in recent times.

They are on the same level when it comes to power and overall strength. It’s pretty obvious which one is the heavyweight between Groudon and Kyogre.

2. Cosmoem

2 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 999.9 kg / 2204.4 lbs.

Cosmoem, the Protostar Pokémon, contains the vastness of the universe within it.

This Psychic-type Pokémon is more than just adorable and quirky – it has hidden depths that are worth exploring.

This small celestial object has been steadily gaining energy and increasing in weight, preparing for its transformation into either Solgaleo or Lunala.

With that being said, Cosmoem secures second place on this list, even though it weighs the same as our top-ranked ‘mon. This is due to its unique temporal form.

It will significantly reduce its weight as it progresses to the next stage. I suppose that’s a valid enough reason, don’t you think?

1. Celesteela

1 heaviest pokemon 30 Heaviest Pokemon From All Generations

Weight: 999.9 kg/ 2204.4 lbs.

And that’s how, due to a minor detail, the Ultra Beast Celesteela claims the coveted title of “Heaviest Pokémon in the Franchise.”

This Steel/Flying-type Pokémon is a unique interpretation of the Japanese folk tale of Princess Kaguya, blending elements of a traditional kimono and a Space Shuttle.

It’s a fascinating design that captures the essence of the story. She is a girl who was born on the Moon and sent to Earth inside a bamboo shoot.

It’s not surprising that these games come from Japan, so they can be a bit unusual.

Given that the Tale of Princess Kaguya is regarded as the oldest Japanese story to be written in prose, one might argue that Celesteela bears the responsibility of upholding a rich literary heritage… if it possessed any.

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