35 Best Water Type Pokemon Ever All Gens (Updated in 2024)

Oh, Pokemon that live in water! I have seen many cute Pokemon in this category, and who wouldn’t want to keep some cute magical animals with them while they are on a beach or surfing across an ocean?

Now, for those of you who feel a connection to Water Type Pokemon and want an awesome water Pokemon on your team or want a fully aquatic team like Misty from Cerulean City.

I chose 35 of the best water-type Pokémon from all regions and put them in order.

Let’s get right to the list of the 35 best water-type Pokemon from all generations.

Pokémon: 10 Harsh Realities Of Being A Water-Type

Updated June, 2024, by Swati: The 177 water-type Pokemon in the games are among the most popular.

As gamers know, Pokemon have two types,

each with different STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) techniques and ways to be hit for damage.

Water-type Pokemon can severely hurt Rock, Ground, and Fire-type Pokemon,

therefore having one on the team is usually useful. Fire, water, steel, and ice prevent movement.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduced numerous popular Water-types.

Pokemon has several Water-types, thus this page now features more of the best.

40. Tatsugiri

How Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Tatsugiri Turns Double Battles on Their  Head

A water Pokemon that shouts out “Sushi” and looks like a little pink fish is very hard to dislike.

Tatsugiri is a quick, high-special attack and high-special defence Water/Dragon type Pokemon that first appeared in Scarlet and Violet.

Amazing sort is dragon/water.

Just the two weaknesses are Fairy and Dragon.

Three resistances are presented to steel, water, and fire.

Furthermore impacted are the sorts of Fire, Ground, Dragon, and Rock.

It is able to use Commander and Storm Drain, two very powerful skills.

Commander pushes Tatsugiri into a Dondozo if one exists in a Double Battle.

It is impossible to switch, but it obtains double stats as a trade-off.

Storm Drains shield users from Water-type attacks and,

should one be launched upon them, boost their Special Attack.

39. Veluza

Does Veluza evolve in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Generation 9 has already received a few Water-Type Pokemon and combinations of Water type Pokemon.

Introduced in Scarlet and Violet, Veluza is a water/psychic-type Pokemon with mediocre stats other than its high attack and HP.

~This type combination does have five weaknesses to Bug, Dark, Ghost, Grass, and Electric in exchange for its six resistances to Fighting, Steel, Fire, Ice, Water, and Psychic.

Since no one type can endure two STABs at once, its attack hits five distinct types,

which is a significant advantage.
Of Veluza’s two skills, Mould Breaker is without a doubt the more noteworthy one.

It increases the strength of Slicing Moves by 50%, hence some of Veluza’s blows are rather strong.

38. Palafin

Palafin PH042 35 Best Water Type Pokemon Ever All Gens (Updated in 2024)

A dolphin Pokemon has long been sought for,

and in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet one did ultimately show up in Palafin and its pre-evolved form, Finizen.

The Zero to Hero specialisation belongs to Palafin.

When it is replaced during combat, it takes on its Hero form,

which has increased stats and a whole new appearance.

One is strongly reminded of superheroes.
However, utilising a nuzlocke during fighting might make this dangerous and exhausting.

In its Hero form, Palafin boasts astounding stats—at 650 base points,

it is practically Legendary Pokemon.

What impedes it is that it lacks this form from the start of the battle.

37. Carracosta

Carracosta/Haxorus fusion I made. : r/pokemon

Friend of Ferris in the Pokemon anime, Carracosta has never been as popular as a certain first-generation turtle.

But in 2019 major awards in Pokemon TCG tournaments began to go to a deck with a Carracosta theme.

A Carracosta-GX deck also became somewhat well-known in 2020; several Poketubers made films about it.

Though there is proof that it can survive hits, Pokemon fans might not give this water/rock fossil enough credit.

Being a dual-type Pokemon with both Water and Rock,

Carracosta picks up a range of offensive techniques that, when used skillfully, may be rather lethal.

The greatest move of the Water-type for Carracosta is Hydro Pump,

while Aqua Tail and Brine are also excellent options.

Rain Dance and Shell Smash should also be taught by trainers.

36. Tapu Fini

Pokemon Go: Best Counters for Tapu Fini | The Nerd Stash

Tapu Fini, a brick house, is not likely to fall down soon.

The Legendary Pokemon is quite good in both Defence and Special Defence, with base ratings of 115 and 130, respectively.

Not a slouch in any of the other categories either, save HP, with a strong 95 Special Attack and a respectable 85 Speed.

Though not the club’s most beloved Legendary, Tapu Fini should be a useful addition to most teams.

The Pokemon’s Water/Fairy type distinguishes it even more from the others because such a combination is unusual.

Apart from the highly useful Misty Surge ability, Tapu Fini picks up all the major hitters anticipated from its dual type.

Although Soak and Misty Terrain may, when used well, change the direction of a battle,

Hydro Pump and Moonblast are great uses of the Pokemon’s Special Attack.

35. Inteleon

Inteleon water pokemon

Inteleon is a water-type Pokémon with two legs that looks like a chameleon. Its head, thin arms, and tail are all light blue, and the tail has a thin dark blue stripe that runs along the ridge.

A sharp knife is hidden inside the tail. This dark blue color can also be seen at the top of his head, on his thin torso, and on the back of his legs, all the way down to the bottom of his feet.

It has black legs and feet with three pointed toes on the front. It has five black fingers on each hand.

This crest is long and thin, like a fin. On its stomach, there is a white diamond-shaped patch of skin.

34. Chewtle


Chewtle is a water-type Pokémon that looks like a turtle and has a big teal head that is bigger than its body. Its top is a darker shade of blue with brown edges, and its bottom is light brown, just like Squirtle and its evolved forms.

At the end of each foot, it looks like there is one toe or claw. Chewtle has an orange bulb on each cheek, a darker tongue, and a short horn on the top of its head that it uses to stun its opponents and make them easier to attack.

It has one big tooth in its mouth, which it can use to bite down hard on targets. It has two nostrils right above its mouth, two small eyes with black rims right above those, and one large brow that makes it look almost angry.

33. Dracovish


Dracovish is a hybrid Pokémon that is a fossil water type. It is made up of the fish fossil’s head and the dinosaur fossil’s back legs and tail. The cutoff at the end of the tail is a circle.

Most of the legs are green, but there are two pink stripes. There are three red claws on each foot. The neck is also mostly green, but there is a red stripe going up the middle.

On both sides of the stripe, there are three curved spikes. The top of Dracovish’s head is a triangular plate with a rounded corner. There is a red and white area between the eyes on the plate.

32. Arctovish


Arctovish is a fossil water-type Pokémon that is a mix of a fish and a plesiosaur. Half of the plesiosaur is blue and white.

It has a blue fin on top of its tail. The flippers are blue with white spots and white patches at the ends.

The fish half is put on backwards. Its head is round and blue, and its mouth is on top of its head. Its eyes are black rectangles. Its fish head is connected to white fins.

31. Urshifu


Urshifu is a big, two-legged, water-type Pokémon that looks like a humanoid black bear with a wushu theme.

It is big and strong, with long arms and legs and big paws and claws for fighting.

It has gray, black, and white fur on its body and head, except for its yellow muzzle.

Urshifu’s fur looks a little bit like a traditional frog buttoned/braid buttoned with loose ends on the front and back.

30. Cramorant


Cramorant is a Pokémon that looks like a blue cormorant. It has bright green, round eyes with small pupils and a long, thin beak that is yellow.

It has a bib-like ruff of light gray feathers that go around its chest and stick out at the back. It has a small dot-shaped mark in the same shade of gray on each tail feather.

It has a ruff of feathers around its head, with the biggest group of feathers pointing backwards and smaller feathers surrounding it.

It has three black, webbed toes on each foot. It looks like its wings are always spread out.

29. Psyduck


Psyduck is a yellow Pokémon that is a water type. It looks like a duck or a platypus with two legs. It has three thick black hairs on top of its head and a wide, flat, cream-colored beak.

Its eyes look empty, and the pupils are very small. It has short legs and a short tail. Its webbed feet are cream-colored. Each of its three hands has three claws.

Psyduck has a headache that keeps it from being able to think clearly. Usually, it just stands still, trying to get rid of its headache.

28. Drednaw


Drednaw is a big Pokémon that lives in water and looks like a turtle. Its upper shell, called a carapace, is brown and split into three parts. A yellow band goes around it.

Its lower shell, or plastron, and lower jaw are both flat and pale yellow. Its head has a yellow horn and two big pieces that stick out from it.

It has white eyes that are sort of square and have small pupils. Two yellow circles go from the top of its head to the bottom of its jaw.

It has a big yellow bump on each of its front legs, and each of its feet has three white toes. It has a long tail with two spikes at the end.

27. Ludicolo


Ludicolo is a water-type Pokémon that looks like a mix between a pineapple and a duck. It can walk on two legs.

It has a green lily pad-like growth on its head that looks like a sombrero. It has a short brown stem with yellow spikes coming out of the top of its head.

It has black eyes with a green circle around them and an orange bill. It has shaggy yellow fur all over its body, and brown stripes that go in and out of each other. The male’s stripes are wider than the female’s.

26. Sobble

Sobble 1 35 Best Water Type Pokemon Ever All Gens (Updated in 2024)

Sobble is a small Pokémon that is made of water. Its skin is light blue with dark teal spots, and its face and belly are also light blue. It has the same teal eyes with white pupils and sclerae.

It also has a yellow fin-like thing sticking out of the top of its head, which is outlined in dark blue, and a blue tail that is curled and ends in the same dark blue.

It has thin legs with two thin appendages at the end of each one. It can use these to stick to walls and climb them easily.

25. Crawdaunt


Crawdaunt is a water-type crustacean Pokémon with a tan underside. Its main color is red.

It has round eyes with deep sockets and a large star-shaped growth on its forehead. It has a pattern of red triangles on the bottom of its body that separates the top and bottom halves. It also has two blue stripes on its throat.

It has two large pincers with sharp edges and tan bottom halves on its forelimbs. The back legs come in two sets.

24. Cloyster


Cloyster is a black water type Pokémon that looks like a pearl. It is protected by a light-gray shell and a second, jagged, blue-violet shell on the outside.

It has a barb-like spike sticking out from the top of its head and several cone-shaped horns on its shell.

Its shell is harder than a diamond, and its spikes are even harder. Strong tides will change the size and sharpness of these spikes.

23. Sharpedo


Sharpedo is a shark Pokémon that looks like a torpedo and is made of water. It has tiny, sharp teeth all over its body.

It has a big mouth that is full of sharp, triangular teeth. It has deep red eyes that light up in the dark. It has two holes for breathing that are right behind each eye.

It is mostly dark blue, but the bottom is white. It has a yellow star on the tip of its nose and another star on its back.

22. Starmie


Starmie is a Pokémon that lives in water. It looks like two violet starfish with five arms each. In the middle of the front starfish is a golden shape.

The red jewel core is in the middle of the golden shell. It can glow in seven colors and has grown to look like a cut precious stone.

The second starfish is kind of stuck to the back of the first one and can spin around in a full circle. Starmie moves through the ocean by swimming in this way.

21. Wishiwashi


Wishiwashi is a water type Pokémon that looks like a fish. Even though a single Wishiwashi is small and weak, the people of Alola still fear it and call it the “demon of the sea.”

This is because Wishiwashi have a powerful School Form. This form is made when a Wishiwashi is in danger and calls for help by shining its eyes, which can be seen from almost 25 miles (40 kilometers) away as an SOS signal.

Wishawashi is preyed on by many animals in the wild, such as Dewgong, Wailmer, Wailord, Wingull, and Pelipper.

20. Wailord


Wailord is a big water Pokémon that looks like a blue whale. It has small, sharp eyes, a big mouth, and grooves on the inside of its throat.

Its back is blue with four white spots, and its bottom is tan and has grooves. It has two sets of fins on each side and a tail that is flat on the back.

Because it is so big, when it jumps out of the water, it makes a huge splash.

19. Manaphy


Manaphy is a small blue Pokémon that lives in water. It has short feet and arms that are longer than its body and look like clubs. It has a yellow dot below the red gem on its chest.

Its head is shaped like an onion, and it has two long blue antennae with small spheres at the ends. Its irises are dark blue, and the whites of its eyes are yellow. It also has two yellow dots that look like eyelashes.

Manaphy is mostly water. Water makes up 80% of his body. It is very sensitive to its environment and swims a long way to get back to where it was born.

18. Omastar


Omastar is a Pokémon that is a type of water. It looks like an ammonite. It has many tentacles on its sky blue body. The tentacles in front are shorter and thicker than the ones in the back.

On its back is a pale yellow shell with a helix shape. The shell’s middle, from the front to about halfway down its back, is covered with sharp spikes.

On the edge of the shell, there are two circles that look like eyes. It has yellow eyes with pupils that are split in half vertically. Its mouth is oval, and its beak looks like four fangs.

17. Tentacruel


Tentacruel is a big Pokémon that looks like a jellyfish. It is a water type. It has a clear, light blue body with two large red orbs on either side and a smaller red orb in the middle.

It has black legs that are round and show off its eyes. It has two blue appendages that look like beaks and a lot of grayish tentacles that stick out from its lower body.

Its red orbs light up when it is excited or angry, which lets it talk to others of its kind. It can also warn others of danger by flashing them quickly.

They can also bend the light of the sun, store energy, and send out ultrasonic waves.

16. Kingdra


Kingdra is a big Pokémon that looks like a seahorse and is made of water. Its tail is tightly curled. Except for the yellow, tight scales on its belly, it has blue scales all over.

It has thin, single-branched spines on top of its head and thin, white fins under each cheek. It has a powerful, thin snout that can shoot water jets with a lot of force.

It has two fins that reach just past its cheeks. It has a white fin on its back that is held up by thin blue spines that look like the ones on its head.

15. Primarina


Primarina is a Pokémon that is a marine water type. It looks like a mix between a sea lion and a mermaid. It is mostly white, but its tail is long and fish-like.

It has a long snout with a round, pink nose, bright blue eyes with long white eyelashes, and long, light blue hair that hangs off the back of its head.

On its forehead is a structure that looks like a tiara. It is made of a row of pearls with a pink sea star at one end and a thin, clear blue fin that goes back over its hair. Two strings of pearls hold its hair back in a ponytail.

14. Milotic


Milotic is an aquatic, serpent-like Pokémon that lives in water. Its body is mostly cream-colored. It has long, pink antennae that stick out from its red eyes.

Also, above its eyes, there are long fins that look like hair and get thicker towards the end.

The female’s eyebrows will be longer than the male’s because they cover almost half of Milotic’s body length.

It has a straight spike on top of its small head. On each side of its neck, there are three black dots that look like gills.

It has blue and pink diamond-shaped scales with black edges on its lower body. The tail has four big blue fins with pink ovals in the middle of each one.

13. Golisopod


Golisopod is a big Pokémon that looks like a hunched human. It is an arthropod and a water type. Its body is pale purple, and silver armor plates cover it.

It has a small head with bright purple antennae that come together with its jaws to make a mask around its eyes. The eyes are black and pointy, and the pupils are a light gray color.

Behind its head and down its back are several armor plates, each with a long protrusion coming up from each side.

12. Empoleon


Empoleon is a big, navy blue Pokémon that looks like a penguin and is a type of water. It has a wide, yellow beak that goes up into three pointed horns that form a trident-shaped crest between its blue eyes.

Empoleon thinks that big horns show that he is strong and a leader. Over its eyes is a blue mark that looks like a crown, and its chest has a white mark that looks like lace.

It has a blue fin-like protrusion that wraps around its neck and runs down its chest and belly. It has two raised, gold bumps on its back and a second, blue fin for a tail.

11. Samurott

Samurott 1 35 Best Water Type Pokemon Ever All Gens (Updated in 2024)

Samurott is a blue water-type Pokémon with four legs that looks like a sea lion. It has two sets of sharp teeth, one set in its upper jaw and one set in its lower jaw.

It has long white whiskers on its snout and head, and its nose and eyes are red.

On the back of its head is a big, round, beige shell that looks like a helmet and has spikes and a spear-like protrusion in front.

The bracers on the forelimbs are swords called seamitars.

10. Palkia


Palkia is a water-type Pokémon that looks like a theropod. It is light purple with dark stripes and spots, and its underarms and waist are gray.

It has round plates with purple stripes on its shoulders, where there are two pink pearls with a gray rim around them.

It also has fins on its back. Palkia’s arms look like gauntlets and have a purple band wrapped around each wrist.

Palkia has a long neck, a pointed white crest on top of its head that goes all the way to its wings, two strong horn-like tusks on the sides of its jaw, and a strong tail.

9. Lapras


Lapras is a big Pokémon that lives in the sea. It looks like a plesiosaur. Its skin is blue with darker blue spots, and the bottom is cream-colored.

It has big brown eyes, a small horn on the top of its head, and ears that are tightly curled. It has four flippers and a long neck. The flippers in front are bigger than the ones in back.

Lapras is a friendly Pokémon that likes to help people get across water. It used to be nearly extinct because it was so easy for hunters to catch because it was so calm.

It is a smart Pokémon that can understand what people say.

8. Feraligatr


Feraligatr is a crocodile-like Pokémon that walks on two legs and is made of water. It has blue scales. It has big, strong jaws with a lot of sharp teeth.

When its jaws are closed, you can see three teeth: two in the lower jaw and one in the upper.

It has red eyes with black spots and ridges around them. Its lower jaw is yellow. It has three red spines, each with three points.

One is on top of its head, one is between its shoulders, and one is near the end of its tail.

It also has large scales in groups on its arms, knees, tail, and waist. Its back is a little arched, and behind the shoulders and hips, there are bumps.

7. Kyogre


Kyogre is a huge water-type Pokémon that looks like a whale. Each of its two big pectoral fins has four white square-shaped nails. It has a deep blue body with two small spikes sticking out from under its white chin.

There are two white, oval-shaped spots above each eye. It has red stripes around its mouth, eyes, fins on its back, and body. When Kyogre is at the top of its game, these stripes light up.

The tail is torn and has four parts that hang behind it. The inner parts are smaller than the outer ones. It has small, yellow eyes with black lines around them.

6. Suicune


Suicune is a thin, blue, mammalian, water-type Pokémon with white, diamond-shaped markings. It has four legs and a slim body. Its face and bottom are also white.

Suicune has a thick, purple mane that looks like the Northern Lights. It also has two white tails that look like streamers and wave forward. Its nose is long and white.

Suicune can walk on water and can clean dirty water with just one touch. It goes through grasslands to find water to clean.

5. Greninja

Greninja 1 35 Best Water Type Pokemon Ever All Gens (Updated in 2024)

Greninja is a bipedal, frog-like water type Pokémon. It is mostly dark blue, but its chest is yellow, it has a white triangle over each eye, a light blue four-pointed star on each thigh, and the bottom half of its face is yellow.

It has red eyes with white pupils and a large pink tongue that wraps around its neck and sticks out behind its head to hide its mouth.

A fin-like extension runs down the middle of its head, and each side of its head has a similar extension. Its head fins are connected by a light blue web.

4. Vaporeon


Vaporeon is a water-type Pokémon that looks like both sea animals and animals that live on land.

Vaporeon has a light blue body with a dark blue mark around its head and a sharp ridge running down its back. It has black eyes and a black nose that is very small.

It has a white fin around its neck and three cream-colored fins with webbed edges on its head. One of these fins is on each side of its head, where it looks like ears, and the other is on top of its head, where it looks like a dorsal fin.

Vaporeon has three small toes on each foot, and the pads on its back feet are dark blue.

3. Swampert


In Abandon Ship!, it was shown that Tommy’s Marshtomp had changed into a Swampert while living on an abandoned ship after getting separated from him.

Since then, it thought Tommy had given up on it.

When Ash and his friends went to the abandoned ship and found Tommy there, Swampert took them all away one by one and put them in the web of its partner Spinarak until only Ash, Brock, Tommy, and Pikachu were left.

After Swampert’s memory was fixed, the two were able to get back together.

2. Blastoise


Blastoise is a large, bipedal turtle-like Pokémon. Its tough, brown shell covers most of its blue body.

This shell has a cream-colored bottom and a white ridge that goes around its arms and divides the top half from the bottom half.

At the top of its shell, over its shoulders, are two powerful water cannons.

The length of these cannons can be changed. Blastoise’s head has small brown eyes, a cream-colored lower jaw, and triangular ears with black insides.

1. Gyarados


Gyarados is a Pokémon that looks like a snake. It has a long body with scales that overlap slightly. It is mostly blue, but its underside is yellow, and it has a row of yellow spots on each side.

It has a very big, gaping mouth with four sharp teeth and yellow lips. On each side of its face, it has a small white fin and a barbel.

The barbels on a female are white, but on a male they are tan. It has small red eyes, a dark blue crest with three points on its head, and four sharp white fins on its back.

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