Water Type Pokemon

35 Best Water Type Pokemon Ever All Gens

Ah, water type Pokemon. I have seen many cute Pokemon in this category and who doesn’t want to keep some cute magical animals around them while they are on a beach or surfing across an ocean.

Now for those of you who feel a connection to water type Pokemon and want an awesome Pokemon on your water team, or want a fully aquatic team like Misty from Cerulean City.

I have picked 35 of the best water type Pokémon of all Region … and ranked them!

Lets begin the list of 35 Best Water Type Pokemon Ever All Gens without wasting any more time.

35. Inteleon

Inteleon water pokemon

Inteleon is a bipedal, reptilian water type Pokémon that resembles a chameleon. Its head, slender arms, and tail are light blue in coloration, with the tail having a thin dark blue streak following the ridge of the tail.

The tail contains a sharp knife hidden within. This dark blue coloration is also seen at the tip of his head crest and on its slender torso, which continues down the backside of its legs until the bottom of the feet.

The front side of its legs and feet are black, ending in three pointed toes. Its hands are also black and have five fingers.

This crest is thin and wavy, similar to a fin. It has a white diamond-shaped patch of skin on its stomach.

34. Chewtle


Chewtle is a turtle-like water type Pokémon with a large teal head bigger than its body. The top of its shell is a darker shade of blue with a brown trim, with a light brown underbelly, similar to Squirtle and its evolved forms.

It has what appears to be a single toe or claw at the ends of each foot. Chewtle has an orange bulb on each of its cheeks, a darker tongue, and a short horn on the top of the head, which it uses to stun its opponents and open them for attack.

It has a single large tooth in its mouth, which it can use to bite down hard on targets. It has a pair of nostrils directly above the mouth, and a pair of small eyes with a black rim directly above that, with a single large brow, giving it an almost angry look.

33. Dracovish


Dracovish is a hybrid fossil water type Pokémon. It consists of the head of the fish fossil and the back legs and tail of the dino fossil. The tail region ends abruptly at a circular cutoff.

The legs are mostly green with two pink stripes. The feet have three red claws. The neck is also mostly green but has a red stripe going up the middle.

The stripe is lined with three curved spikes on both sides. Dracovish’s head is roughly circular with a rounded triangular plate on the top. On the plate is a red and white region that extends between the eyes.

32. Arctovish


Arctovish is a fish-plesiosaur hybrid fossil water type Pokémon. The plesiosaur half is colored blue and white.

It has a blue tail with a fin on top. The flippers are colored blue with white patches on the end and with white spots.

The fish half is applied upside down. It has a round blue head with black rectangle pupils, and the mouth is located on top of its head. It has white fins connected to its fish head.

31. Urshifu


Urshifu is a large bipedal water type Pokémon resembling a humanoid black bear-like Pokémon with a wushu motif. It has a muscular build with long legs and long arms with large paws and claws for striking.

Its body and head are covered in gray, black, and white fur, minus the yellow muzzle.

The front of Urshifu’s pelt slightly resembles a traditional frog buttoned/braid buttoned hanging off ends on both front and back.

30. Cramorant


Cramorant is a blue bird Pokémon resembling a cormorant. It has bright green, large, circular eyes with small pupils and a large, thin yellow beak.

It has a ruff of light gray feathers that goes around its torso and sticks out at the back, making them resemble a bib. Its tail feathers have a small dot-shaped marking of this same shade of gray.

It has a ruff of feathers on its head, with the largest clump pointing backwards and being surrounded by small singular feathers. Its feet are black, webbed, and have three toes. Its wings seem to be perpetually extended.

29. Psyduck


Psyduck is a yellow water type Pokémon resembling a duck or a bipedal platypus. On top of its head are three thick strands of black hair and it has a wide, flat cream-colored beak.

Its eyes seem vacant and have tiny pupils. Its legs and tail are stubby, and it has cream-colored webbed feet. There are three claws on each of its hands.

Psyduck is constantly stunned by its headache and is unable to think very clearly. It usually stands immobile, trying to calm its headache.

28. Drednaw


Drednaw is a large water type Pokémon resembling a turtle. Its carapace (upper shell) is brown and is divided into three segments, and has a yellow section around it.

Its plastron (lower shell) and its lower jaw is flat and are pale yellow. Its head has a yellow horn on it and has two large sections coming off of it.

Its eyes are white and somewhat rectangle shaped with small pupils. Connecting its head to its lower jaw are two yellow circles.

Its front legs have one large yellow protrusion each, and each of its feet have three white toes. Its tail is long and has two spikes coming off of it.

27. Ludicolo


Ludicolo is a bipedal water type Pokémon that appears to be a mixture of a pineapple and a duck.

There is a green, sombrero-like growth on its head that is similar to a lily pad. Growing out of the top of its head is a short brown stem with a yellow spiky upper portion.

It has black eyes surrounded by a patch of green and an orange bill. Its body is covered with shaggy yellow fur and has several zigzagging brown stripes. The female has thinner stripes than the male.

26. Sobble

Sobble 1

Sobble is a small water type Pokémon that has light-blue skin with darker teal patches and a lighter blue belly and face. It has similar teal eyes with white pupils and sclerae.

It also has a yellow fin-like protrusion from the top of its head bordered in dark blue, as well as a curled blue tail tipped in the same dark blue.

It has thin limbs, each of them ending in two thin appendages, it can use these to stick to walls and easily climb them.

25. Crawdaunt


Crawdaunt is a primarily red, crustacean water type Pokémon with a tan underside.

It has circular eyes set in deep sockets and a large, star-shaped growth on its forehead. The upper and lower halves of its underside are separated by a pattern of angular red shapes, and there are two blue stripes on its throat.

Its forelimbs have two large pincers with spiked edges and tan lower halves form. There are two sets of hind limbs.

24. Cloyster


Cloyster is a black, pearl-like water type Pokémon. It is encased inside a light-gray shell, which is surrounded by a second jagged, blue-violet outer shell casing.

It has one barb-like spike protruding from above its head, and multiple conical horns on its outer shell.

Its shell is harder than diamond with spikes that are even harder; harsh tidal currents will affect the size and sharpness of these spikes.

23. Sharpedo


Sharpedo is a torpedo-shaped shark water type Pokémon covered with tiny, sharp denticles.

It has a large mouth filled with triangular, sharp teeth. Its eyes are a deep red color and glow in the dark. It has two gill slits situated directly behind each eye.

It is mostly dark blue with a white underbelly. There is a yellow star-shaped marking on its snout, and another star marking on its rear.

22. Starmie


Starmie is a water type Pokémon that resembles two violet starfish with five appendages each. The front starfish has a golden formation in the center.

In the center of the golden casing is its red jewel core, which can glow in seven colors and has developed to resemble a cut precious stone.

The second starfish is semi-attached to the back of the first and can spin 360 degrees. This rotational action is how Starmie swims through the ocean.

21. Wishiwashi


Wishiwashi is a fish-like water type Pokémon. Even though an individual Wishiwashi is small and weak, the people of Alola still fear it and call it the “demon of the sea”.

This is because of Wishiwashi’s powerful School Form, formed when a Wishiwashi is in danger and calls on its friends by shining its eyes seen as an SOS signal almost 25 miles (40 kilometers) away.

Wishawashi has numerous natural predators, including Dewgong, Wailmer, Wailord, Wingull, and Pelipper.

20. Wailord


Wailord is a huge water type Pokémon based on the blue whale. It has small beady eyes, a huge mouth, and a throat that is lined with grooves.

It has a blue back with and four white spots, and a tan, grooved underbelly. It has two pairs of fins along its sides and a horizontal tail at the back.

When it is jumping out of the water, it makes a giant splash due to its large size.

19. Manaphy


Manaphy is a small, blue, aquatic water type Pokémon with stubby feet and club-like arms that are longer than its body. It has a red gem on its chest and a yellow dot below the gem.

Its onion-shaped head has a pair of long blue antennae, which have small spheres on the ends. Its irises are dark blue with yellow sclerae, and there are two yellow dots of “eyelash” markings extending from the eyes.

Eighty percent of Manaphy’s body is made of water. It is highly susceptible to its environment and swims long distances to return to its birthplace.

18. Omastar


Omastar is a water type Pokémon similar to an ammonite. Its sky blue body has several tentacles; the tentacles toward the front are shorter and thicker than those in the back.

There is a pale yellow, helix spiraled shell on its back. Several sharp spikes line the shell’s midsection from the front to about halfway down its back.

The shell’s rim has two circular indents where Omastar’s eyes are visible. Its eyes have yellow sclerae and vertically-slit pupils. It has an oval mouth with a four-sectioned, fang-like beak.

17. Tentacruel


Tentacruel is a large, jellyfish-like water type Pokémon. It has a clear, light blue body that has two large, red orbs on either side and smaller orb in the center.

Its eyes are visible in its round lower body, which is black. Extending from its lower body are two blue, beak-like appendages and numerous grayish tentacles.

Its red orbs glow whenever it is excited or agitated, communicating with its own kind, and it may alert others to danger by stridently flashing them. They are also capable of refracting sunlight, storing energy, and firing ultrasonic waves.

16. Kingdra


Kingdra is a large, seahorse-like water type Pokémon with a tightly curled tail. It is covered in blue scales except for its yellow, compact belly scales.

There are thin spines with a single branch atop its head and thin, white fins under its cheeks. Its thin snout is powerful, allowing squirts of water jets with devastating power to be fired.

Two-pronged fins extend slightly past its cheeks. On its back is a white fin supported by thin, blue spines similar to the ones on its head.

15. Primarina


Primarina is a marine water type Pokémon that resembles a cross between a sea lion and a mermaid. Most of its body is white, but it has a long, fish-like tail.

It has a long snout with a round, pink nose, bright blue eyes with long white eyelashes, and long light blue hair trailing off the back of its head.

A tiara-like structure rests on its forehead, consisting of a line of pearls with a pink sea star at one corner and a thin, transparent blue fin extending back over its hair. Its hair is contained to a ponytail by two strings of pearls.

14. Milotic


Milotic is an aquatic, serpentine water type Pokémon with a primarily cream-colored body. It has red eyes with long, pinkish antennae above them. Additionally, there are long, hair-like fins above its eyes, which begin thin and thicken towards the tips.

These eyebrows extend to almost half of Milotic’s body length and will be longer on the female than the male. On top of its relatively small head is a straight spike. Running down either side of its neck are three black dots, similar to gills.

Its lower body is a patterning of blue and pink, diamond-shaped scales outlined with black. The tail consists of four large, blue fins with pink ovals in their centers.

13. Golisopod


Golisopod is a large, arthropod water type Pokémon with a hunched, humanoid posture. It has a pale purple body covered with silver armor plating.

It has relatively small head with bright purple antennae that converge with its mandibles to form a mask around its eyes. The eyes themselves are black and angular with light gray pupils.

Behind its head and curving down its back are several armor plates, each with a long protrusion curving up from each side.

12. Empoleon


Empoleon is a large, navy blue, penguin-like water type Pokémon. It has a wide, yellow beak that extends upward into three pointed horns that form a trident-shaped crest bracketing blue eyes.

Large horns are a symbol of leadership and strength for Empoleon. There is a blue marking resembling a crown over its eyes and a white, lacy marking running down its chest.

A blue, fin-like projection forms a collar around its throat and runs down the length of its chest and belly. On its back are two raised, gold bumps and a second blue fin that forms its tail.

11. Samurott

Samurott 1

Samurott is a quadruped, blue, sea lion-like water type Pokémon. It has two pairs of pointed teeth, one in the upper jaw and one in the lower.

Long, white whiskers extend from its snout and head, and it has a red nose and eyes.

On the back of its head is a large, rounded beige helmet-like shell with spikes and a spear-like, pointed protrusion in the front.

The forelimbs’ bracers are actually swords called seamitars.

10. Palkia


Palkia is a light-purple, theropod-like water type Pokémon with stripes and markings of a darker shade and gray underarms and waist.

It has round purple-striped plates on its shoulder area, where two pink pearls lie encrusted with a gray rim encircling them and fins in their back. Palkia’s arms have extended formations resembling gauntlets and a purple band around each wrist.

Palkia has a long neck, a pointed white crest on the top of its head that extends to its wings, two strong horn-like tusks on the sides of its jaw, and a powerful tail.

9. Lapras


Lapras is a large sea water type Pokémon that resembles a plesiosaur. It has a blue hide with darker blue spots and a cream-colored underside.

It has large brown eyes, a short horn on its forehead, and tightly curled ears. It has a long neck and four flippers. The foremost flippers are larger than the hind.

Lapras is a gentle, helpful Pokémon that enjoys ferrying people across bodies of water. In the past, its docility made it an easy target for hunters, and it was driven to near-extinction.

An intelligent Pokémon, it is able to understand human speech

8. Feraligatr


Feraligatr is a bulky, bipedal, crocodilian water type Pokémon with blue scales. It has large, powerful jaws lined with several sharp fangs. Three teeth are visible when its jaws are closed: two in its lower jaw and one in its upper.

Its eyes are red with black markings around them and ridges above them and its lower jaw is yellow. There are three red spines on its body, each with three points: one on top of its head, one between its shoulders, and one near the tip of its tail.

There are also several groups of large scales on its arms, knees, tail, and waist. Its back is slightly hunched with ridges behind the shoulders and hips.

7. Kyogre


Kyogre is a massive, whale-like water type Pokémon with two big pectoral fins, each with four white square-shaped nails. It has a deep blue body and a white chin area with two small spikes protruding under it.

Above each eye are two white, oval-shaped spots. It has red stripes around its chin, eyes, dorsal fins, and torso. These stripes glow when Kyogre is brimming with power.

The tail is tattered with four trailing parts, the inner ones being smaller than the outer. Its eyes are small, yellow, and shadowed with black.

6. Suicune


Suicune is a slim, quadruped, blue, mammalian water type Pokémon with white, diamond-shaped markings. Its face and underside are white as well.

Suicune has a thick, purple mane that resembles the aurora borealis and two white, streamer-like tails that wave forward. It has a long, white snout.

Suicune has the power to walk across water and purify dirty water with one touch. It travels across grasslands in search of water to purify.

5. Greninja

Greninja 1

Greninja is a bipedal, frog-like water type Pokémon. It is mostly dark blue with a yellow chest, a white triangular marking over each eye, a light blue four-pointed star on each thigh, and yellow on the lower half of its face.

It has red eyes with white pupils and its mouth is hidden behind a large, pink tongue that wraps around its neck and extends outward behind its head.

Running down the middle of its head is a fin-like extension, and there is a similar fin on each side of its head. Light blue webbing connects its head fins.

4. Vaporeon


Vaporeon is a water type Pokémon that shares physical traits with both aquatic and land animals. Vaporeon’s body is light blue with a dark blue marking around its head and a spiky ridge down its spine. It has black eyes and a tiny black nose.

There a white fin encircling its neck and three fins with cream-colored webbing on its head. One of these fins is on each side of its head similar to ears and one is directly on top of its head similar in appearance to a dorsal fin.

Vaporeon is a quadruped with three small toes on each foot and dark blue paw pads on the hind feet.

3. Swampert


In Abandon Ship!, Tommy’s Marshtomp was revealed to have evolved into a Swampert while living in an abandoned ship ever since it was accidentally separated from Tommy.

Since then, it believed that Tommy had abandoned it. When Ash and his friends arrived on the abandoned ship and ran into Tommy, Swampert abducted them one by one and trapped them in the webbing of its Spinarak partner until only Ash, Brock, Tommy, and Pikachu were left.

After Swampert’s memory was rehabilitated, the two officially reunited.

2. Blastoise


Blastoise is a large, bipedal turtle-like Pokémon. Its body is blue and is mostly hidden by its tough, brown shell. This shell has a cream-colored underside and a white ridge encircling its arms and separating the upper and lower halves.

Two powerful water cannons reside at the top of its shell over its shoulders.

These cannons can be extended or withdrawn. Blastoise’s head has triangular ears that are black on the inside, small brown eyes, and a cream-colored lower jaw.

1. Gyarados


Gyarados is a serpentine Pokémon with a long body covered in slightly overlapping scales. It is mostly blue with a yellow underbelly and a row of yellow spots down each side.

Its mouth is very large and gaping, bearing four pointed teeth and yellow lips. It has one barbel and a small white fin on each side of its face.

The barbels are white on a female and tan on a male. It has small, red eyes, a three-pointed, dark blue crest on its head, and four white, spiky dorsal fins.