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Minecraft Guide: How to Make Circles & Spheres?

In the process of creating your world, there are times when you will face difficulty with the fact that Minecraft is a game that has pixel graphics.

There’s no way of creating a curve in Minecraft.

However, there are methods to make circles.

The items you need to create the Circle or Sphere

  1. Any block that you select

How to Make a Circle in Minecraft?

To create circles in Minecraft you need to draw a large “+” sign, then stretch the 4 corners to create edges.

The edges will join irregularly to create a shape that is not completely diagonal or square, to create the curved edge of a circle.

After the outline is completed, simply complete the shape using the block you want.

For the sphere, you’ll need to construct many circles over each other, begin by making smaller circles and then gradually expand towards the middle.

Step-by-Step Guide:

This is a step-by-step picture guide to follow to make Circles and Spheres in Minecraft:

Making a circle with Minecraft may seem difficult. However, with this easy chart, it’s simple.


This chart describes how circles are created in a pixelated universe.

The numbers on top of each circle define the circumference of the circle.

For example, if you are planning to construct an area that is 17 blocks in width, it will comprise 17 blocks going from one side to the other.

This is why we will take the 17-block wide circle in this case.

Step 1:

How to Make Circles and Spheres in Minecraft

The first thing you need to do is place 17 blocks.

Take these blocks and then place a second block perpendicularly on one side of this central block (in this case, it would be placed on the ninth block).

Step 2:

How to Make Circles and Spheres in Minecraft 1

After this, you’ll want to move 7 blocks from each direction.

Step 3:

How to Make Circles and Spheres in Minecraft 2

Now you have to start from every tip.

Each tip is the centre of your circle.

The outer edge of the circle should be at least 5 blocks in length.

Step 4:

How to Make Circles and Spheres in Minecraft 3

Now that you have completed this step, you must finish outside of your circle.

For this, you will need to lay around each corner using two blocks facing in the identical way that the initial edge was facing.

Step 5:

How to Make Circles and Spheres in Minecraft 4

After you complete these steps, you’ll want to draw the corners that make up the circles.

To do that, create an enlarged “L” with three blocks to fill in the space in the outline you’ve created.

Step 6:

How to Make Circles and Spheres in Minecraft6

Now you have completed the outline of your circle.

You can now do whatever you’d like with the circle.

You can either cut off the middle block, and leave the circle hollow, or you can fill it to create an elevated platform for standing on.

How do you make a Sphere in Minecraft?

Making a sphere in Minecraft is as simple as creating a circle however, it’s three-dimensional, not two-dimensional.

This is the chart we will follow.

How to Make Spheres in Minecraft

The chart may appear confusing, but it is simple.

The first thing you need to do is to create an arc that is taller than 16 blocks.

This is because the sphere is likely to fill up the space of 16 blocks along all four sides.

How to Make Spheres in Minecraft 1

Step 1:

How to Make Spheres in Minecraft 2

Now that you have constructed your 16-block tall column, begin with the leftmost point in the drawing.

The first section of the diagram explains that levels 1, 16, and 17 are identical and are a 7-block wide circle.

Step 2:

Circles and Spheres in Minecraft

Now that you have put the two 7-block large circles at the top and bottom of your column, all you have to do is start working your way through.

The next step is to complete Levels 2 and 15.

Levels 2 and 15 measure 11 blocks in width.

Step 3:

How to Make Circles and Spheres in Minecraft 5

Keep working towards the bottom.

Level 13 is 13 blocks wide.

Levels 4, 13, and 14 are each 15-blocks wide.

Levels 5, 12 and 13 are both 17 blocks in width, and it goes on.

You can see that every new level is a sphere, which is two blocks larger than the previous.

Continue the pattern until you reach the middle.

This will create your sphere.

Video Guide


Q1. How do you create hollow spheres in Minecraft?

Ans. Making hollow spheres is simple.

All you have to do is to get inside the globe and extract the inside.

Keep the outline and all of the edges on the outside.

Q2. How do I create a sphere with Minecraft WorldEdit?

Ans. Making a sphere is easy using WorldEdit.

All you have to do is type this command in the order:

//sphere [-r]

//hsphere [-r]

First, the command line is designed for filled spheres, while the second can be used for hollowed or disjointed spheres.

The [-r] is the offset for creating the sphere, from where you stand.

This is the kind of block you would like your sphere to be constructed from.

Then represent the type of block you want the sphere to be made of.

Final Words

The creation of a sphere will prove to be extremely helpful in Minecraft.

The sphere is a fantastic way to prove that you are aware of the rules of building within the Minecraft world.

It can also be helpful when you’re looking to build curvatures in your world, for instance, if you’re building the turn of the road.

It is important to practice creating spheres to master making things in Minecraft.