15 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4

If you’re gaming Minecraft using PS4 knowing a few seeds that could help you prepare for the remainder of the game could prove to be of immense aid. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re mining, an adventurer, builder, or just a survivalist you’ll require the finest of materials to be able to play the game. 

What better way to ensure you’ll be spawned at the right spot than to be in the right place?

There are many Minecraft seeds that gamers keep discovering and then posting on forums to let other players know. 

We’ve compiled our top 5 choices for the top Minecraft seeds on PS4 and are here to assist you to start an exciting new experience. 

Here are the most recent Minecraft seeds available for PS4.

1. Mesa Biome and Village at Spawn

Seed Code: 2109369554

mesa biome 15 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4

This extremely useful seed can help you to spawn close to a town in which you can make yourself comfortable with Iron armor, swords, and even the swords from the blacksmith. 

If you leave the village, you’ll be able to observe a variety of different biomes like mesa and forest.

If you look into the 114,12, and 463 levels, then you’ll find an array of 8 diamonds, ready to be plucked. Learn more about it on this short video about the seeds. 

Minecraft players can play with the seed with their PS4 quickly.

2. Survival Island

Seed Code: 2109231493

survival island mc 15 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4

Everyone enjoys a good old survival island spawn, to play out the Castaway fantasies, though without the dependable ball of Wilson. 

If you’re looking for an adventure that requires you to survive, this tiny island seed is the right option for you.

The island you start on is a smaller island, with only a handful of trees to aid you in getting the equipment you require. 

If you shift to the other part of the island amid the sugar canes there is a monument that will provide you with plenty of items to help enhance your game.

3. The Rare Stronghold

Seed Code: 284175251

stronghold mc 15 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4

This is an excellent seed for those who enjoy speedrunning in Minecraft. 

If you are spawned in the world of Minecraft it is easy to find the cave entrance, which leads to the strongholds at 149, 70, and 1499.

The stronghold itself is filled with useful things including two libraries where you will find six books that are enchanted. 

There are also the eyes of five Ender waiting to ensure that your search for Endermen can be a little more relaxed.

4. Temple and Ravine at spawn

Seed Code: 194699705

ravine mc 15 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4

Temple as well as Ravineis another useful seed that puts you in the vicinity of an ancient temple, packed with useful treasures. 

If you leave the temple, you’ll encounter a ravine that is located within the biome of the desert.

The ravine can be treacherous, however, if you keep exploring, you’ll find some valuable ore inside. 

There’s also an area of settlement right near the ravine in the desert biome. There are some additional tools to aid you in playing your Minecraft game.

5. Shipwreck, Witch Hut as well as Swamp Biome Seed Code: 2379729

swamp biome mc 15 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4

This Minecraft seed allows you to get spawned in a rich in resources, including the wreck of a ship and a witch’s hut and two villages that each have three blacksmiths in each located just a couple of hundred yards of the seed’s spawn.

It is also possible to spot the remains of a portal that was destroyed and another shipwreck on the site. 

If you go on a bit of exploration and you’ll find two villages with three blacksmiths, each with a wealth of gold and other resources.

6. Island Ahoy!

Seed Code: 2109231493

island ahoy 15 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4

Version: 1.26

This seed can require some time to integrate correctly in your game however, the rewards are worth it, we guarantee it! The player begins their journey on a tiny island. 

By walking around the edges, you will allow the chunks to fully load.

When you do this, a statue will be visible on the other side of the area where sugar cane grows in the islands. Use this monument!

7. Join Together!

Seed Code: 126880078651571709

weird seed mc 15 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4

Version: 1.26

It’s an odd plant since it contains many different biomes that are grouped. 

A snow biome is located around an ecosystem of jungles as an example. 

To make it even more bizarre the hole that appears to be a crater from a meteor near the point of spawning. 

Villagers dwell in the caves inside this hole and there are many random animal spawns scattered around.

8. Village Cluster

Seed Code: 1207312994794689339

village cluster mc 15 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4

Version: 1.26

This is a fairly basic start to play the PS4 version and can be extremely useful for novice gamers new to the game. 

The area of the game’s beginning will comprise an entire village, with a dependable blacksmith in the vicinity. 

In all, there are four villages within the immediate vicinity. You can loot things until you’re satisfied!

9. Templed!

Seed Code: 5666551529492867

temple mc 15 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4

Version: 1.26

This is a fantastic plant since it comes with an entire village as well as a water temple that is very close to your spawning location. 

It is possible to explore the two and take all you find to help you get through your journey.

X:325 Y:70 Z:374
Temple of water
X:39 Y:63 Z:-296

10. Blacksmiths Bogged Down

Seed Code: 2065

blacksmith mc 15 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4

Version: 1.26

One person came across the seed by accident when searching for a fantastic life-span. 

What makes it unique is the three villages, two of which are fully equipped blacksmiths and an ocean-themed monument. 

The four landmarks are within a short distance of the spawning area.

11. Getting Creative

Seed Code: 2066

mc seed 2066 15 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4

Version: 1.26

The same user who was mentioned above found this particular seed even though he couldn’t locate any locations to explore or loot. 

While the scenery may appear somewhat barren but they make perfect sense in a gaming world. 

The absence of resources doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad issue, after all.

12. Village Ruins

Seed Villageruin Code: 198441644

village mc 15 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4

Version: 1.23

This seed places the player in one village, which does have a blacksmith right in the middle of town. 

The whole area is surrounded by vast forest biomes comprising Taiga mega, roofed, and the birch. 

If you’re planning to build near the village’s spawning site it is possible to build on an area near the location of the blacksmith which could be used as an excellent, tall base.

13. Watered Down

Seed Code: 1408425816

watered down mc 15 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4

Version: 1.23

If you’re trying to recreate the look and feel of Waterworld which starred Kevin Costner, this in-game seed could be your most effective option. 

The entire universe seems to be centered around a group of islands, and there is more ocean than any other. 

The spawn offers several ocean landmarks that may prove useful when fully explored. 

Underwater constructions would work great in this area. 

Be careful!

14. Jungle Trek

Seed Code: 7891805400352639544

jungle trek mc 15 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4

Version: 1.23

Those who want to experience an easy walk through the forest will discover this to be an ideal base for their adventure. 

The spawn has diverse biomes, including a biome that is a mix of plains and jungle by two towns. 

The villages are home to the church, a blacksmith, and libraries within each.

15. Mooshroomin’

Seed Code: 1665740673014927767

mushroom forest mc 15 Best Minecraft Seeds for PS4

Version 1.23This will be yet another aquatic world for players to explore and swim around in. The spawn has two islands that you can explore. 

The eastern one has the mesa and mooshroom biome, whereas the other is awash with taiga mega cold plains and mega. 

It is possible to build upon either of them or embark on an adventure in the water.

These seeds are only the beginning of the iceberg in Minecraft PlayStation 4 There are hundreds of others waiting to explore fully.

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