Minecraft Horses

What do Horses Eat in Minecraft?

Animals are fed in Minecraft, which is a crucial element. It allows animals to breed and be raised, as well as allowing your pet to be managed and recover their health. 

The animal that is affected the most by eating more is the horse. Horses


What Do Horses Consume in Minecraft?

Horses are able to eat a range of different foods that all help them recuperate health and even increase their growth rate. However, only certain foods aid in inbreeding. Food items that can be consumed and the effects they have to include:

  • Sugar can heal half of an artery, accelerate the growth of a child for 30 minutes, as well as make untamable horses more manageable by a tiny amount.
  • Wheat can heal one’s heart, speed up a child’s growth by 20 seconds, and also make a wild horse more manageable by a tiny amount.
wheat minecraft
  • Apples can heal one and a half hearts, accelerate the growth of babies by a minute, and make an untamed horse easier to control by a tiny amount.
apples minecraft
  • A few golden carrots can cure two hearts, speed up the growth of babies by a minute, and make an untamed horse more manageable to control by a small amount. They also trigger adult horses that have been tamed to breed.
  • Golden Apples and Enchanted Golden Apples can help to heal five hearts, increase the growth of babies by 4 minutes, and will make an untamed horse more manageable to control by a substantial amount. Also, it can cause adult horses to reproduce.
  • Hay bales will heal ten hearts and increase the growth of a newborn by 3 minutes. However, it is not able to be fed to adult horses with no tame and, therefore, does not aid in the taming of horses that are not controlled.
minecraft haybales 1

How to feed a horse in Minecraft

For feeding a horse, you must hold an appropriate food item and then press it on the horse. 

In the event of feeding a food item that isn’t valid, it can cause the horse to be ridden by the player.

Horses can only be fed when the feeding has an impact. For instance, in the case of a horse fully healthy, it would not be fed other than breeding food items, while a newborn horse is always given items that help to grow.


What are the most popular foods that Horses love to eat most?

Horses have different preferences for food based on the circumstances. If you wish to allow breeding, the best foods for them include golden apples and golden carrots. 

If you’re looking to cure their wounds, hay bales are the most effective option. If you’d like a new horse to develop faster, they will love Golden Apples.

What are Horses typically consume?

Because of this abundance of wheat, you are likely to feed the horses either wheat or hay.

Other products such as Golden Apples and Golden Carrots are difficult to find, and other items such as sugar and apples don’t have enough of an impact to warrant use constantly.

Do you have the ability to breed controlled Horses?

Yes! If you use a Golden Apple or Golden Carrot on two horses that are tamed, they can breed like any other animal. 

It must be those two items, but other things horses are able to eat won’t cause breeding. Horses are not able to eat, which will lead you to ride the horse.

Final Words

Making sure your horses are fed the correct diet for the appropriate conditions is essential, so ensure that you understand the results of the diet your horse is eating. 

If you are looking to get a combat horse, make sure you have plenty of hay bales on your Hotbar. 

If you’re looking for many horses for your baby, be sure to store some gold to use for carrots and apples.