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Ghost Pokemon can be very tough to handle because these are the strongest you can get in the all franchise.

Ghost Pokemon are very interesting creatures they come from way back in the days of Generation I. There were only 3 Ghost Pokemon in the entire Pokemon Game and these were Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar and all these were part of Poison.

But Later as the games came Ghost Pokemon became the primary type used for taking down the notoriously powerful Psychic type pokemons and even the anime series Ash have a Haunter for the express purpose of taking down Sabrina.

21 Deadly Ghost Pokemon of All Time

But in nowadays Ghost Pokémon are the most powerful monsters in the Pokemon World, and we’re counting down the 21 strongest Ghost Pokemon of All Time.

21. Shedinja

Shedinja is a Ghost Pokémon based on a cicada’s shed exoskeleton. Most of its body is light brown, but the abdomen is gray. It has four protrusions on its underside instead of legs; the top pair is brown, while the lower is gray.

There are round protrusions on the side of its head with narrow slits for eyes. Two lines encircle its abdomen and a white halo floats above its head. On its back is a pair of tattered wings divided into three wingtips.

Shedinja Ghost Pokemon

A hole between its wings reveals that its body is completely hollow and dark, as it possesses no internal organs.

20. Spiritomb

Although lacking a physical body as Ghost Pokémon, Spiritomb projects its appearance out of a small rock called the Odd Keystone. The rock is trapezoidal in shape and has two small dots. There is a crack running down the middle, splitting in two near the bottom.

The crack in combination with the two dots appears to form a frowning face. Spiritomb’s projected appearance is an ethereal composition of swirling purple fog. Its face is set in the middle of the fog and contains green, crescent eyes that are connected to its jagged mouth.


Its pupils are composed of a spiral and it is sometimes only seen with one. Swirling around its face are green orbs with yellow centers.

19. Dusknoir

Dusknoir is a primarily black Ghost Pokémon that somewhat resembles a cyclops. Its cylindrical head is light gray with a single eye that has a yellow iris and a red pupil. Its eyelid resembles a smiling mouth, with its red eye being a tongue.

There is a yellow band near the top of its head, and a short, yellow antenna with a disc-shaped tip extends from on top. Six flat projections extend from the base of its neck and surround its head, resembling an upturned collar.


Dusknoir has well-developed arms with two yellow bands near its wrists and large, gray hands. On the front of its torso are two almond-shaped marking, and on its back are two circular markings. Both sets of markings resemble eyes.

18. Golurk

Golurk is a bipedal automaton Ghost Pokémon resembling a suit of armor. It said to have been invented by ancient people to serve as a laborer. It is mainly teal in color with yellow swirls on its shoulders and hands.

It has a small head compared to its body, and pale yellow eyes, one of which turns to its left at the bottom, unlike Golett’s eye, which turns right. There is a crack across the chest of the armor, which is patched diagonally with a brown seal resembling a belt.


It has a crystal-like formation on each shoulder, and there are large bangles on its wrists and ankles. It has a Roman armor-like “skirt” and flat feet beneath.

17. Dhelmise

Dhelmise is a Ghost Pokémon made up of an anchor and ship’s wheel, held together by a mass of green seaweed. The anchor is a rusty brown mottled with blackish spots.

The seaweed, which is Dhelmise’s true body, partially envelops the thick, curved bottom of the anchor in a zigzag fashion, leaving empty spaces that look like sharp teeth. The seaweed continues upward to cover the anchor’s thin shank and the spindle of the wheel.


Five individual strands of seaweed trail off this small hub is a star-shape.

16. Sableye

Sableye is a bipedal Ghost Pokémon with a dark purple body, armed with sharp teeth and claws, which it uses to dig through soil. It has pale blue, gemstone-like eyes, which allow it to see in low light and sparkle in the dark.

It also has a red gemstone on its chest, and its back has a blue and green gemstone as well as another red one. These gem-like eyes and adornments on its body are caused by its diet, which consists of rocks and raw gemstones.


It also targets Carbink as prey, though they are usually taken by Gabite before Sableye can reach them. It is feared by people, since it is said to steal a person’s soul if they look into its eyes. It is nocturnal and is rarely seen. It lives in caves.

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