21 Deadly Ghost Pokemon of All Time

Ghost Pokemon are the strongest you can get in the whole franchise, so they can be hard to control.

Ghost Pokemon are very interesting creatures. They come from the time of Generation I, which is a long time ago.

In the whole Pokemon game, there were only three ghost Pokemon: Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar. All of them were part of the Poison group.

But as time went on and more games came out, Ghost Pokemon became the main type used to beat the notoriously strong Psychic Pokemon. Even the anime series Ash has a Haunter just to beat Sabrina.

But now, Ghost Pokémon are the strongest monsters in the Pokemon World, and we’re going to list the 21 strongest Ghost Pokemon of All Time.

21. Shedinja

Shedinja Ghost Pokemon

Shedinja is a Ghost Pokémon that looks like the shell that a cicada sheds when it dies. It is mostly light brown, but its belly is gray.

It doesn’t have legs, but instead has four protrusions on its bottom. The two on top are brown, and the two on the bottom are gray.

It has round bumps on the side of its head where its eyes should be. Two lines go all the way around its stomach, and a white halo floats above its head. It has a pair of torn wings on its back, each with three tips.

It has a hole between its wings that shows that its body is completely hollow and dark because it has no organs inside.

20. Spiritomb


Spiritomb is a Ghost Pokémon, so it doesn’t have a body. Instead, it projects its image from a small rock called the Odd Keystone.

The rock looks like a trapezoid and has two small dots on it. There is a split in the middle that splits in half near the bottom.

When you look at the crack and the two dots together, it looks like a frowning face. Spiritomb’s projected image is a swirling mass of purple fog that looks ethereal.

Its face is in the middle of the fog, and its jagged mouth is connected to its green, crescent-shaped eyes.

It has spiral-shaped pupils, and sometimes only one can be seen. Green balls with yellow centers move around its face.

19. Dusknoir


Dusknoir is a Ghost Pokémon that is mostly black and looks a bit like a cyclops. It has a light gray, cylinder-shaped head with a single eye that is yellow in the iris and red in the pupil. Its eyelid looks like a smile, and its red eye looks like a tongue.

Near the top of its head, there is a yellow band, and a short yellow antenna with a disc-shaped tip sticks out of the top. Its head is surrounded by six flat projections that come from the base of its neck and look like an upturned collar.

Dusknoir has big gray hands and strong arms with two yellow bands near the wrists. On its front torso, there are two marks in the shape of almonds, and on its back, there are two marks in the shape of circles. Both groups of marks look like eyes.

18. Golurk


Golurk is a Ghost Pokémon that walks on two legs and looks like a suit of armor. It is said that ancient people came up with it so it could work. It is mostly teal, but its shoulders and hands have yellow swirls.

It has a small head compared to the rest of its body. One of its pale yellow eyes turns to the left at the bottom, while Golett’s eye turns to the right. The armor has a crack across the chest that is patched with a brown seal that looks like a belt.

On each shoulder, there is a shape that looks like a crystal, and on its wrists and ankles, there are big bracelets. It has a “skirt” that looks like Roman armor and flat feet underneath.

17. Dhelmise


The anchor and ship’s wheel that make up Dhelmise are held together by a mass of green seaweed. The anchor is a rusty brown with black spots all over it.

The seaweed, which is really Dhelmise’s body, wraps around the thick, curved bottom of the anchor in a zigzag pattern, leaving spaces that look like sharp teeth.

The seaweed keeps growing up until it covers the thin shank of the anchor and the wheel’s spindle.

This small center has five separate strands of seaweed that spread out in the shape of a star.

16. Sableye


Sableye is a Ghost Pokémon that walks on two legs. Its body is dark purple, and it has sharp teeth and claws that it uses to dig through the ground.

It has pale blue eyes that look like gemstones and help it see in dim light and shine in the dark.

It also has a red gemstone on its chest, and a blue, a green, and another red gemstone on its back. Its diet of rocks and raw gemstones gives it these gem-like eyes and decorations on its body.

It also tries to catch Carbink, but Gabite usually gets to them before Sableye does. People are afraid of it because they have heard that if you look into its eyes, it will steal your soul.

It only comes out at night and is rarely seen. It is found in caves.

15. Mimikyu


Mimikyu is a small Ghost Pokémon with almost all of its body covered by an old rag. It is the shortest Ghost-type because it is so small.

Its black, beady eyes can be seen through holes in the body of its disguise, and under the hem, the fringe of a foot or lower body can be seen.

It will also sometimes stick out a black limb from under its rag. The shape of the veil looks like a Pikachu. The fabric is yellow and has black tips on the ears.

The face of Pikachu looks like it was drawn with crayons. It has black eyes, red cheeks, and a black mouth with squiggly lines.

The head is hollow, so you can put things in it. Mimikyu also has a small stick that looks like a lightning bolt and is used to make a tail for its costume.

When its disguise is broken, the head of the costume falls backwards, giving away Mimikyu’s trick.

14. Cofagrigus


Cofagrigus looks like a blue and yellow sarcophagus. It has red eyes that look scary and four black hands that look like shadows.

The mask Yamask wears has a simple face that stands out on the “forehead” of the Pokémon.

Parts that slide open when it’s working hide its real face. The white, sharp teeth make a taunting smile, and the bright patterns on the coffin hide the face. People say that the coffin is made of solid gold.

Ancient stories said that Cofagrigus could put a seal on nearby people and turn them into mummies. This is what happens to grave robbers who mistake his coffins for normal ones.

13. Chandelure


The Ghost Pokémon Chandelure looks like a living chandelier. It has a round head with stripes and yellow eyes that are round but don’t have pupils.

On top of its head is a circle of small black spikes with a tall purple flame in the middle. Black arms curl up from a black spike below its head. The tips of these arms are purple fire.

The fires of Chandelure don’t hurt people physically; instead, they hurt their spirits. After making its opponent sleepy by waving these flames, it takes on the spirit of the victim.

12. Galarian Corsola

Galarian Corsola

Corsola is a small, round, pink Ghost Pokémon with growths on its back that look like coral branches. It has black, oval eyes and a small, blunt horn on the top of its head.

It has a white bottom that has spots along the sides. It has four blunt legs and two short arms.

Corsola lives in the warm, shallow waters of the southern seas. To stay alive, it needs clean water. If its home is dirty, the bumps on its back will change color and get worse.

But when it is healthy, its new growths fall off and new ones grow back. It can grow them back in one night. It lives in large groups.

In Pacifidlog Town, these groups sometimes get so big that people live on top of them.

11. Gengar


Gengar is a Ghost Pokémon that is dark purple and walks on two legs. It has a round body. It has red eyes, a wide mouth that is usually curled into a scary grin, and pointed ears.

It has many spikes on its back, and smaller spikes on top of its head that look like tufts of fur. It has short arms and legs, and both its hands and feet have three toes. It has a short tail, too.

Gengar can hide perfectly in the shadow of any object, which gives it a high level of stealth. Gengar’s body, on the other hand, is a heat sink.

Because it soaks up heat, its presence brings the temperature down by about 10°F (5°C) in the area around it.

Gengar can fly, and the anime has shown that it can take over people and other Pokémon. Night Shade was its best move in the past.

10. Dragapult


As a Ghost Pokémon, Dragapult looks like an ancient lepospondyl like Diplocaulus or a modern stealth bomber.

It has a triangular, wing-shaped head, a short body, and a long, flattened tail that looks like that of a newt.

Dragapult’s flattened head and the front half of its body are a dark navy color. Its back end and tail are a lighter teal color.

It has pink crests on the sides of its head that look like wings. Its head and body are light yellow-tan in the back, and its belly has three pink chevrons that point toward its head.

It has narrow yellow eyes and four hollow, triangular horns. Its legs are thin and short, and they have claws. It has pink claws on its front legs. Near the end, Dragapult’s tail turns clear and ethereal.

9. Aegislash


The body of the Ghost Pokémon Aegislash looks like a golden sword. Near the tip, the steel blade’s edge is white and a little bit serrated.

At the point where the blade meets the handle, there is a single purple eye with a white pupil and black space around it.

The handle is a thick spike with ridges. Two arms made of cloth come out of the sides of the hilt. Each arm is mostly black, but it fades into a light purple with a swirly pattern at the end. At the ends of the sash-like arms are four tassels.

At least one of its arms always has a fancy shield in it. The shield is gold, and in the middle, there are three brown rings surrounded by black. It also has a brown edge with three lines that come together in the middle.

8. Phantump


Phantump is a Ghost Pokémon that has a stump for a body. Its body is black and wispy, and its arms are pointy. A small brown tree stump with a wavy branch on each side covers its head.

Its red eyes can be seen through two holes in the stump, and its mouth can be seen right on the stump. Each branch has two small, green leaves near the end. By brewing these leaves, a healing liquid can be made.

When a spirit takes over a tree stump, phantump is made. The spirit is said to be that of a child who got lost in the forest and died. The sounds this Pokémon makes sound like a child crying or scary screams.

7. Gastly


Gastly doesn’t really have a shape because 95% of its body is poisonous gas. But it always looks like a purple haze around a black, sphere-shaped Ghost Pokémon.

It has a pink mouth that is wide and shows two sharp teeth. Even though its eyes look like they go past its round body, you can see that they are surrounded by eyelids. It gives off a faint, sweet odor.

The toxic gas that surrounds the main body can make people pass out or suffocate them, and it can cover an enemy of any size.

It is tied with Haunter, Flabébé, Cosmog, and Kartana for being one of the lightest Pokémon because it can turn into gas.

6. Mega Banette

Mega Banette

Banette is a dark gray Ghost Pokémon that looks like a doll and is full of hate. It has three short spikes on its head and a long, zigzagging ribbon coming out of the back of its head.

Its mouth is a zipper, and its purple-pink eyes have slit pupils. It has long, flat arms with three-fingered hands and short, stumpy legs. Its tail is yellow and looks like a brush.

As Mega Banette, this Pokémon gets a zipper across its face, one on each hand, and one on its body. The first zipper goes from the left eye to the tip of the spike in the middle.

The zippers on the other three are all open, showing parts of Mega Banette’s purple body that are cursed.

It has three long purple fingers and a purple body with two sharp purple legs. Its zigzag ribbon stands up a bit and now has two zipper rings and a short zipper at the end.

5. Duskull


The Grim Reaper is represented by Duskull in a stylized way. Its body is a black robe, and on its back are two bones. Its face looks like a skull, and one eye floats between the two eye sockets.

Duskull can also go through walls and turn invisible so it can sneak up on its prey. Duskull is mostly active at night and has been seen living in dense forests.

It is said that this Ghost Pokémon will take away children who don’t listen, and it has been said that it likes to hear children cry.

4. Mismagius


Mismagius is a Ghost Pokémon and it is purple. It has a round head with fancy tufts on top that look like a witch’s hat. Most of the body is darker than the tips of the tufts. Its red mouth is thin and looks like the letter “W.”

Mismagius has a long neck with a round bump in the middle. This neck is below its head. Mismagius’s upper body is surrounded by three red spheres that are elliptical in shape.

It has extensions on the sides of its lower body, with the front ones being more worn than the ones in the back. This makes it look like Mismagius has some kind of cloak on.

If Mismagius is strong, it can use advanced spells to do many things, like make people unhappy or happy. People who hear its cries often get headaches and see things that aren’t there.

3. Giratina


Giratina is a large Ghost Pokémon that looks like a gray dragon. It has half-gold rings around the back of its neck. Its head has something that looks like a gold crown and two big horns that point in different directions.

Along its front, a thick black stripe goes up and down, and red stripes go across the top and bottom.

In its Altered Forme, it has two big black ghostly wings with red tips that can look like claws. The shape of these wings can change like a liquid or a gas. It has six thick, clawed legs.

In its Origin Forme, it looks like a snake. It has six black ghostly streamers with red spikes at the ends on its back. Its legs turn into spikes, and near the end of its tail, four more golden spikes appear.

2. Haunter


Haunter is a Ghost Pokémon that is purple and made of gas. It has a round head with three big spikes on each side.

It has three-sided eyes with small pupils and a long pink tongue that sticks out of its mouth. The gases that make up its head curve into its mouth, making a few sharp teeth.

Three-fingered hands that don’t belong to it float in front of its body. It has a long body that tapers to a sharp tail.

It is tied with Gastly, Flabébé, Cosmog, and Kartana for being one of the lightest Pokémon because it can turn into gas. Also, it can go through walls.

Haunter hides in places that are very dark, like caves, because it is afraid of light. If a person or a Pokémon comes close to Haunter, it will follow the person or Pokémon while floating and call it over.

1. Trevenant


The Ghost Pokémon Trevenant looks like a thin brown tree. Its black, shadowy body can be seen through holes in the tree, and one red eye can be seen through a hole near the top.

Each side of its head has a branch that looks like a horn and is covered with small green leaves. It also has a branch on its forehead. It has a bunch of green leaves on top of its head. It has two arms that end in twisted branches that look like its horns.

It has green leaf cuffs on its wrists, and each hand has three fingers that look like claws. Instead of legs, it has six roots that look like the legs of a spider.

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