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21 Strongest non-legendary Pokémon

Let’s start by establishing some ground rules. I could simply copy and paste Smogon’s top 21 Pokémon, but it would be a very tedious process.

Instead, this list will be a mixture of subjective and objective factors.

In addition to numbers, I’ll be looking into how powerful the Pokémon was when it was first released, its move pool (including STAB attacks), and the abilities it has access to.

Don’t be upset if your favorite character doesn’t make the cut. There are a lot of powerful non-legendary characters out there.

Oh, and there are a lot of dragons on this list, so don’t be surprised.

21. Goodra

Goodra.full .3594581

Generation 6 featured a number of great dragon types, and Goodra is no exception. Goodra is a pure Dragon-type with a basic stat total of 600.

Both physical and special attacks are almost equal for Goodra, but he has a far higher special defense rating than Hydreigion in addition to that.

I love all of Goodra’s abilities. You are protected from grass-type attacks with Sap Sipper. Hydration is the only remedy in the event of rain.

If your opponent hits you with a contact move when you’re Gooey, their speed will be reduced. Most likely, Goodra’s most notable attribute is its ability to learn powerful attacks from a wide range of various species.

Sliggoo, the level 40 evolution, is the pre-evolution of Goomy, the level 30 evolution. When it rains or there is fog in the overworld, Sliggoo must be upgraded to level 50. Route 14 in X/Y has Wild Goomy.

20. Chandelure


That Chandelure is my favorite sparkly sprite of all time is irrelevant to the subject at hand.

Chandelure’s special attack is tremendously powerful. With its STAB attacks, it is among the most powerful ghost attackers in the series.

For many competitive teams, the use of Calm Mind makes it an excellent stall buster.

As a result, it’s a little risky.

Non-competitive play may make a Chandelure an excellent sweeper if it’s constructed correctly.

19. Conkeldurr

Pokemon Go Conkeldurr

There is no doubt in my opinion that this game deserves a place on this list, even though I am not a fan of it.

While it lacks the offensive prowess of many hard-hitting fighting kinds, it makes up for it with a strong combination of defense and assault.

One of the reasons it doesn’t get a lot of competitive play is because of its typing.

However, if you’re looking for a fighter for a casual Unova game, there aren’t any better options. Since Gen V brought so many fantastic combat styles, that’s saying something.

18. Gyarados


Every trainer has had Gyarados on their squad at some point, even if they don’t understand exactly how powerful this particular Pokemon is.

Despite its lack of offense, it may be enjoyed on its own because of its fast typing and high offensive potential. Dragon Dance, though, allows it to become one of the strongest sweepers in the whole game.

A Gyarados with Dragon Dance is often enough in casual play to fully annihilate many of the game’s battles, even in the later stages of its tale.

In addition, there is a great deal of technical jargon in it. If you wish to take Gyarados to the global arena, you have a wide variety of items and setups to choose from.

17. Breloom

Breloom XY104

It’s a shame that Breloom doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Considering how long Breloom takes to catch and evolve, it’s certainly a good indicator of my character.

Breloom is typically utilized as a delaying Pokémon, despite its offensive powers. Throw a poison orb at it because of its leech seed, substitute, and sleep spore abilities.

The combination of Breloom’s high attack stat and a move like Focus Punch creates a Pokémon designed to inflict pain.

16. Slaking


Some of the best numbers in the game can be found on Slaking’s profile.

The Pokémon is a creature that should be used on every team… in every way. The main problem is that it can only attack once every two turns.

It’s fortunate for the ecosystem that slaking is an exception, but it’s harmful to its long-term health.

You won’t really want to run one of these games. However, given how impressive those starting figures are, I’d be negligent if I didn’t add them. I think this person should be on the ORAS squad because he has a lot of potential.

15. Blissey

pokemon unite blissey header 1

As a collector of Dark Explorers back in the day, Blissey has a particular place in my heart because I pulled hundreds of them.

Blisseys were the only thing I could acquire; it was ridiculous.

Blissey is the pinnacle of a Pokémon’s defensive arsenal. Thankfully, it didn’t change into a fairy and go back to being normal. This implies that the tank has just one weakness, which is ideal for a tank. ”

In terms of HP, it’s out of this world, and in terms of SP. Defense, it’s even more impressive. Having access to skills like Wish and Heal Bell, as well as other healing options, makes it a popular choice for both competitive and recreational teams.

It’s one of the most difficult Pokémon to KO in the game, making it a great pick for casual combat to annoy your buddies. Alternatively, you might use it in your upcoming E4 challenge.

14. Blaziken


Blaziken’s massive evolution didn’t make it any less strong.

Having taken on its giant form, it is a formidable opponent.

OHKO sweeps a lot of teams are possible because of its high physical attack stat. Even if you don’t have a Speed Boost, you can easily outrun the rest of the field with only a single shot.

If it is struck, it won’t be able to withstand long enough for your opponent’s Pokémon to stand.

13. Infernape

Ash Infernape

If you compare Infernape to Blaziken, you’ll see that it falls into the UU metagame bracket and so fails in nearly every aspect.

However, the fact that it can be used in story mode elevates it to a higher ranking on my list.

For Sinnoh, Infernape stands out as one of the most powerful starters yet seen in a Pokémon game.

With the same STAB moves as Blaziken but a larger stat pool, it can be built in many different ways. In addition, it has a greater top speed.

Infernape allows you to sweep anything in story mode, regardless of what move set you to employ with Infernape.

12. Magnezone

Magnezone DP158

Magnezone is a unique Pokémon in OU, but it has excellent SP. Its attack and defensive stats make it a fantastic choice for casual play.

In order to keep steel types from swapping out, it has access to the Magnet Pull ability.

This has the potential to obliterate whole competitive teams if used appropriately.

When it comes to war, it might be the difference between winning or losing.

11. Volcarona


Volcarona is a powerful Sp. Attack sweeper that has never been seen before in the history of Pokémon.

In addition to its strong special attack and speed ratings, it has access to the Quiver Dance, which is extremely effective.

Discovering one in Unova is a lot like finding a legendary Pokémon because of the way it’s set up there. As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is a formidable creature

It has a wide range of moves that may be used in both competitive and non-competitive situations, making it an essential part of many teams.

10. Gengar

Ash Gengar

Since its inception, Gengar has become one of the most powerful Pokémon in the game.

Speed and SP. Attack numbers in its initial form are ridiculously high, and that gets even better when it is super evolved.

Even without developing into Mega Gengar, this creature is more than capable of destroying whole teams.

It has access to the Shadow Tag ability, which allows you to target a specific Pokémon and deal instant death damage to it.

Gengar’s amazing move set and STAB attacks make it a popular choice for players of all skill levels, from casual runs in your favorite gen to super competitive competition.

Gen I Pokémon can’t be beaten when it comes to taking down a squad of trainers.

9. Metagross


Metagross isn’t really useful at the top level of play.

Every step below that, on the other hand, is a terrifying nightmare.

Its attack and defensive stats are out of this world, and because of its ability to mega develop, those numbers are just going to get better.

It also has a respectable rate of acceleration. It also has a wide range of movements at its disposal, despite the fact that the number of effective STAB alternatives is restricted.

There was a time when Metagross was far more dominant than it is today. It’s still a highly powerful Pokémon for all teams, not just casual ones, however.

Beldum, on the other hand, is incredibly evasive. In most generations, the encounter rate is about 4% or less.

To make up for the two hours you’ll need to spend attempting to capture one, Metagross should be powerful.

8. Tyranitar

Team Rocket Tyranitar

There are now some very formidable Pokémon in our midst.

Any of you who are reading this list should have heard about Tyranitar.

While it lacks in HP and defense, it boasts a very high basic attack stat.

Great typing and STAB techniques that include Pursuit make it a huge danger in competitive play.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it looks a lot like Reptar from Rugrats. And, frankly, what more could you want from a Pokémon?

7. Alakazam


To put it another way, Alakazam is Gengar’s yin.

Because both of those men are older than me, it’s incredible to see how powerful they’ve stayed.

Alakazam, like Gengar, is a one-trick pony with a lot of special power. Attack and speed numbers, but a lackluster defense. As long as you use it correctly, your Alakazam should remain unharmed.

Especially if you’re playing through a tale.

Specifically, I’m referring to the standard Alakazam here. We’re not even going to mention it because we don’t want to seem like a broken record by mentioning it.

6. Salamence

pokemon salamence evolution line bagon shelgon perfect trans allegory transgender individuals struggles pokemon wish to fly change body dysphoria gender identity gender euphoria

The order of the following six Pokémon is completely up to you. In addition, five of them are dragons, which is a clear indication of exactly how powerful that kind is. Fairy types are a relatively new phenomenon, to say the least.

Salamence’s stats are impressive in their own right. However, its tremendous attack and speed numbers are what allow it to witness all of the action.

It’s SP. If you’d like to develop a particular Salamence, the attack stat is rather high, therefore you may do it.

Salamence is a total powerhouse at all levels of play, thanks to its availability to Dragon Dance and a variety of STAB attacks.

5. Haxorus

Drayden Haxorus

Despite my preference for Gen V’s second well-known dragon type, Haxorus’s basic 147 attack stat is simply unjustifiable.

When evaluating a Pokémon’s power, having access to the dragon type’s move set is invaluable. I know I keep saying it, but

Haxorus is one of Pokémon’s most dangerous dragon sweepers thanks to STAB Outrage’s unheard-of damage output and decent speed stat.

4. Hydreigon

Cameron Hydreigon

Hydreigon is without a doubt one of the most visually appealing Pokémon I’ve ever seen.

It was chosen for my Unova party based on its appearance. It wasn’t until then that I realized just how formidable this foe truly is.

Hydreigon is better at using Sp. Attacks than Haxorus was at sweeping physical attacks.

In addition to its STAB ability, the Draco Meteor possesses a Nasty Plot and 98 base speed. Here are my final thoughts on the subject.

3. Dragonite

Ash Dragonite

Hydreigon and Haxorus both have a case to be made that Dragonite is superior to either of them.

According to existing conditions, that’s a perfectly plausible assertion. Compared to the other two, Dragonite is the clear winner when it comes to first impressions.

Only Dragonite was a non-legendary powerhouse in Gen I, and that is reflected in the game’s performance and balance. This obese behemoth ruled the Kanto Pokédex despite its lack of fairy weakness and the availability of useful ice types.

The Elite Four’s Lance used it all the time. One of the most recognized teams in Pokémon history is Dragonite/Lance, and it should be acknowledged.

2. Aegislash

Pokemon Unite Aegislash

One of the most useful Pokémon in the game is Aegislash, the only non-dragon type to break into the top six.

Aegislash’s power is based on a variety of theories. Its capacity to alter shape is the only one that should be mentioned.

Aegislash’s base Sp. Attack and Attack stats are 150 in its blade state.

Defense and special defense take up all 150 of its stats while it’s a shield form. When you use an offensive move, it only goes into blade mode, making it one of the finest barriers in the game that can also become one of its best attackers.

As long as you use Aegislash correctly, you get at least one free KO on your opponent—and maybe several more.

1. Garchomp

21 Strongest non legendary Pokemon

It’s hard to think of anything else that might take first place here.

For Sinnoh Champion Cynthia, Garchomp is as important as Lance and Dragonite.

This creature possesses a 130 attack and 102 speed, without mentioning its mega evolution. When contrasted to Haxorus, the increased speed points are definitely worth the attack points it sacrifices.

Swords Dance is also available to it.

A single Garchomp can carry the squad through any region you’re playing in story mode. It’s employed at the highest level in competitive play, which proves exactly how strong this last dragon is.