Pokemon: 10 Great Gengar Movesets

Gengar is widely regarded as a formidable Ghost-type Pokemon in the franchise, and it holds the distinction of being one of the earliest Ghost-type Pokemon to make its debut in Generation 1.

Gengar Moveset has gained a massive following due to its captivating design and formidable strength in battles. With a wide array of attacks at its disposal, this Pokemon never fails to impress its fans.

Players seeking top-notch move sets should give these a try as they’ll bring a fresh twist to the formidable and beloved Ghost type.

Gengar is bursting with potential, and these move sets will definitely put it in the spotlight!

Here Are Some Of The Great Gengar Movesets

10. Shadow Ball, Dazzling Gleam, Sucker Punch, Hyper Beam

Gengar Moveset shadow ball Pokemon: 10 Great Gengar Movesets

This Gengar Moveset is a solid, dependable move set for Gengar. Shadow Ball and Sucker Punch are moves that pack quite a punch.

Shadow Ball has a slight chance of reducing the target’s Special Defense by one stage. Sucker Punch is a move that is crucial for Gengar’s strategy, preventing the opponent from landing a final blow before fainting.

Dazzling Gleam is a fantastic move for double and triple matches as it not only hits the target but also affects all Pokemon adjacent to it.

This Gengar Moveset attack has the unique ability to act as multiple attacks when used in double or triple matches.

Hyper Beam is widely regarded as one of the most powerful moves in the entire series, capable of dealing massive damage in a variety of situations.

This Gengar Moveset is designed to be highly effective against even the most formidable opponents.

9. Curse, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Giga Drain

Gengar Moveset curse Pokemon: 10 Great Gengar Movesets

Here’s another Gengar Moveset that utilizes the Curse move. One issue with Curse is that it causes Gengar to lose 50% of its hit points.

This Gengar Moveset aims to reduce this negative aspect as much as possible. Giga Drain is a clear choice for Gengar, as it deals significant damage while also providing a substantial healing effect.

Dream Eater not only heals the user for 50% of the damage dealt, but it also packs a much stronger punch compared to Giga Drain, resulting in a more substantial healing boost.

Just keep in mind that Dream Eater can only be used on a target that is asleep. One way to achieve this is by using the final move in this set, Hypnosis.

8. Giga Drain, Thunder, Hypnosis, Hex

Gengar Moveset giga Pokemon: 10 Great Gengar Movesets

This Gengar Moveset focuses on the Hex move, which is typically considered average. When the target is afflicted with a significant status ailment, Hex’s power increases to 130.

Thunder is an excellent Electric-type move that has a 30% chance of inflicting Paralyze, a major status ailment, on the target.

Hypnosis also causes a significant status ailment on the target, in this instance, Sleep. Gengar is able to unleash devastating attacks on a helpless adversary.

Giga Drain is a great addition to help Gengar recover its health. An effective strategy involves putting the opponent to sleep, using Giga Drain, and then repeatedly using Hex until the Pokemon wakes up.

7. Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Curse

Gengar Moveset fire punch Pokemon: 10 Great Gengar Movesets

This Gengar Moveset provides Gengar with a more strategic approach to attacking, rather than relying solely on raw power.

Additionally, it enables Gengar to utilize three different punching attacks against its opponents.

Combining moves like Fire Punch, Ice Punch, and Thunder Punch can create a potent combination that unleashes a variety of attacks with a captivating impact.

Curse will also come in handy when facing opponents who are vulnerable to these punch attacks.

6. Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Gunk Shot, Venoshock

Gengar Moveset sludge Pokemon: 10 Great Gengar Movesets

Poison moves are not as widely favored as other move types, mainly because they tend to be weaker. There is a potential downside to this, as it is possible for the target to be afflicted with the Poison status ailment.

A poisoned Pokemon will suffer a minor amount of damage with each passing turn. It’s usually more advantageous to opt for moves with a higher overall power score.

When executed properly, Poison-type moves can prove to be highly effective. Toxic inflicts a severe poisoning status on the target.

Pokemon that are poisoned will gradually take more damage with each passing turn. Both Sludge Bomb and Gunk Shot are powerful moves that can deal significant damage to the target.

Additionally, there is a possibility that the target may be poisoned. Venoshock deals double damage (125 Power) when used against a Pokemon that is poisoned.

5. Rest, Destiny Bond, Curse, Shadow Ball

Gengar Moveset rest 1 Pokemon: 10 Great Gengar Movesets

Gengar has a wide range of attacks at its disposal in this move set, but Rest and Shadow Ball stand out as particularly effective choices.

Shadow Ball is a powerful move that can inflict significant damage, while Rest is a reliable move that can restore a Pokemon’s health to its maximum.

Additionally, Curse and Destiny Bond can be intriguing options for taking on formidable foes, as they have the potential to inflict significant damage in specific circumstances.

If players are seeking a move set that offers a wide range of attacks with versatile capabilities, then opting for an arsenal like this would be a great choice.

4. Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Curse, Destiny Bond

Gengar Moveset hypno 2 Pokemon: 10 Great Gengar Movesets

Ensuring that your opponent falls into a deep slumber practically guarantees a triumph. Your Pokemon can enjoy a few turns of uninterrupted attacks against the opponent.

Hypnosis has the ability to induce sleep in the opponent, but its success rate can be unpredictable. With an accuracy of 60, the chances of this happening are higher than usual.

Dream Eater is there to teach sleeping Pokemon a lesson. Curse is quite an intriguing move. When Ghost-types utilize this move, they willingly give up half of their total hit points to cast a curse upon their opponent.

This curse inflicts damage equal to 25% of the target’s maximum hit points every turn. Included as a precaution, Destiny Bond can be used if the situation becomes more unfavorable for Gengar than for the opponent.

3. Giga Drain, Phantom Force, Brick Break, Hypnosis

Gengar Moveset Giga Drain Phantom Force Brick Break Hypnosis 2 Pokemon: 10 Great Gengar Movesets

This Gengar moveset offers a wide range of attacks that go beyond the usual Ghost-type moves, allowing you to deal damage to enemies in various ways.

It’s always a surprise to see which Pokemon a trainer will choose for battle. Gengar moveset is versatile and well-rounded, making it a formidable opponent against a wide range of Pokemon.

Giga Drain and Brick Break are moves that bring a fresh twist to the usual flow of Gengar’s battles.

Players can also utilize Hypnosis to peacefully lull Pokemon into slumber and unleash the powerful Phantom Force to deliver a devastating blow of Ghost-type damage in one fell swoop.

2. Dark Pulse, Payback, Sucker Punch, Self-Destruct

Gengar Moveset dark pulse Pokemon: 10 Great Gengar Movesets

This gengar moveset is a versatile Dark-type arsenal for Gengar, including a Self Destruct attack as a backup option in case Dark-type attacks aren’t enough to defeat the enemy.

Self Destruct inflicts significant damage, but it can be problematic if Gengar is the last Pokemon in the trainer’s party as it will faint.

Dark-type attacks like Dark Pulse can deal significant damage and prove highly effective against opponents vulnerable to Dark-type moves.

1. Shadow Ball, Curse, Phantom Force, Toxic

Gengar Moveset 1 Pokemon: 10 Great Gengar Movesets

Gengar has a wide range of Ghost-type attacks that can be used to defeat Pokemon that are vulnerable to this type. It’s worth noting that Gengar is a Poison-type Pokemon, something that players often overlook.

As a result, Toxic can be a highly effective attack that inflicts significant damage throughout a battle.

This Gengar Moveset is incredibly potent, and trainers would benefit greatly from teaching their Gengar Curse.

When used strategically, it has the potential to inflict substantial damage in a single blow. Phantom Force is known for its high damage output, while Shadow Ball stands out as a powerful Ghost-type move in the franchise.

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