15 Best Pokemon that Can Learn False Swipe

Every move in the Pokemon games has a reason for being there.

Some are meant to do a lot of harm, some are meant to give an opponent a status effect, and some are meant to help the person who uses them.

False Swipe is a pretty strong move that always leaves an opponent with at least one hit point.

The weaker a wild Pokemon is, the more likely it is to be caught. A Pokemon with only one hit point is as weak as it gets.

Because of this, False Swipe is a must-have. This list shows which Pokemon will learn False Swipe when they level up.

Some Pokemon in each new generation have the move False Swipe in their list of moves. Sometimes it seems like this is chosen at chance.

But there are also Pokemon, like Weavile, that have access to this move and can use it to its best potential.

This update will add five more Pokemon to the list that can learn False Swipe. These are Pokemon that stand out from the other Pokemon that can learn it.

This isn’t the full list of Pokemon that can learn False Swipe, but any Pokemon that aren’t on it are probably ones that will never leave storage once they’re caught.

15. Tapu Bulu

False Swipe

Tapu Bulu is a Pokemon with an odd appearance. It definitely doesn’t look like a Grass-type Pokemon, and it looks even less like a Fairy-type Pokemon than most people would think it should.

Any way you look at it, this Pokemon is great for hunting and catching wild Pokemon.

Tapu Bulu’s ability, “Grassy Surge,” lets Pokemon who are on the ground heal a little bit each turn.

Wild Pokemon can be hard to catch, and weakening a wild Pokemon so that a Poke Ball has a better chance of catching it will always hurt your Pokemon.

With Grassy Surge, Tapu Bulu’s hit points won’t drop too low while hunting.

14. Drednaw

pokemon drednaw 15 Best Pokemon that Can Learn False Swipe

Some of the Pokemon on this list are here because when they grow up, they learn False Swipe.

Some of them are here just to show how well False Swipe works with its other moves and powers.

Jaw Lock is a move that Drednaw learns at level 39. It makes it impossible for the owner of a rival Pokemon to switch it out.

False Swipe and Jaw Lock will keep the opponent in the fight with only one hit point if they are used together.

There are a few ways this could be useful, such as if you want to steal something the other player is holding.

13. Weavile

weavile pokemon that leran false swipe 15 Best Pokemon that Can Learn False Swipe

Weavile is a Pokemon with the Dark/Ice type, which is one of the less common types.

This Pokemon has moves that make it one of the best at taking an item from an opponent.

This is helped by the fact that one of its skills is “Pick Pocket.”

With this ability, the user can quickly take the opponent’s held item if the opponent hits them with an attack.

By using False Swipe, you can keep your opponent from dying long enough to make sure an attack hits, while also weakening it so you can finish it off with an attack after you steal the item.

12. Zeraora

Zeraora 15 Best Pokemon that Can Learn False Swipe

If Zeraora is fighting an Electric-type Pokemon, False Swipe can help it get some hit points back.

This is because Volt Absorb heals the person when an Electric attack hits them.

With False Swipe, you can keep an opponent’s Pokemon at one health point for as long as you need them to keep healing Zeraora with Electric weapons.

Then, when your health is back to normal, you can simply kill the enemy Pokemon.

11. Mew

Mew 15 Best Pokemon that Can Learn False Swipe

Mew is a Psychic-type Pokemon that was debuted in Gen One. Along with Mewtwo, it was the first Legendary Pokemon.

Mew has great stats and can learn the move Life Dew, which heals the user. This makes it a great choice for the lead Pokemon when going on a Pokemon hunt.

This gives you more time to try to catch new Pokemon in the Wild Zones.

When Mew gains a level, it doesn’t learn a lot of new moves.

Trainers won’t be missing out on anything if they use one of Mew’s move choices for False Swipe instead of Psychic or Metronome.

10. Zacian

Zacian Every Pokemon That Learns False Swipe 15 Best Pokemon that Can Learn False Swipe

Zacian is a Gen Eight Legendary Pokémon. This Fairy/Steel-type Pokemon that looks like a wolf has one of the highest Attack scores in the series.

Because of this, it’s probably the most powerful Pokemon that can learn False Swipe.

If you want to catch a legendary Pokemon, it’s a good idea to make Zacian the leader of your party.

Its Stamina is high enough that it won’t faint easily, and its Speed means that it will probably go first in battle, even against other Legendary Pokemon.

9. Virizion

Virizion 15 Best Pokemon that Can Learn False Swipe

Virizion is a Grass/Fighting-type Pokemon that looks like a deer. This is one of the rarest type combinations in the series.

Only Virizion and Breloom have it, and Virizion is far and away the better of the two in a fight. It has good stats and a variety of great moves that can be used to make a moveset.

Giga Drain is one of these moves. This move both strikes and heals. Like Mew, Virizion should use this move with False Swipe because healing makes it easier to catch Pokemon.

8. Urshifu

Urshifu 15 Best Pokemon that Can Learn False Swipe

Urshifu is a Fighting/Dark-type Pokemon. This Legendary Pokemon was added to the Pokemon Sword & Shield game with the Isle of Armor update.

Urshifu’s Special Attack and Special Defense are both average, but its other numbers are much better than average.

When putting together a moveset, this Pokemon has a lot of high-damage physical attacks to choose from.

It can learn Dynamic Punch, Close Combat, and Focus Punch, all of which have an attack power of over 100.

False Swipe doesn’t stop Urishifu from dealing heavy damage when it’s needed. It just takes up a spot in the moveset.

7. Venusaur, Charizard, And Blastoise

Venusaur Charizard And Blastoise 15 Best Pokemon that Can Learn False Swipe

Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise are the final forms of the three Gen One starting Pokemon, and they are some of the most well-known and popular Pokemon in the whole series.

They are also some of the toughest fighters in the series. All three of them can beat even the strongest Legendary Pokemon, which makes them some of the best Pokemon who can learn False Swipe.

Because of how tough they are, these three are great choices for your lead Pokemon while you try to catch new ones.

When you teach them False Swipe, they can do this job even better. But they already have a lot of great moves to choose from, so adding False Swipe will be a bit of a loss.

6. Nincada

Nincada 15 Best Pokemon that Can Learn False Swipe

Nincada is a Pokemon that is both a bug and a ground type. It was first seen in Gen 3. It has very low stats, like most Bug-types, but its Defense is about normal.

The skills of this Pokemon aren’t very useful either. Compound Eyes makes the Nincada more accurate, and Run Away makes it better at… well, running away.

Ninjask, its evolved form, is a bit better because it moves very quickly. The Ninjask is a great Pokemon to use when catching wild Pokemon because of this.

Speed makes sure it will be the first to attack, and False Swipe will help the Nincada or Ninjask hurt the opponent so it can be captured.

5. Farfetch’d

Farfetchd 15 Best Pokemon that Can Learn False Swipe

Farfetch’d is a Pokemon that was debuted in Gen 1 and is a Flying/Normal type. This Pokemon bird is easy to spot because it carries a green onion plant to use as a sword.

Even though Farfetch’d has some useful skills and a pretty good set of moves, its low stats keep it from being in most main teams.

This Pokemon does evolve in Sword & Shield, but not in the normal way. Farfetch’d will change into Sirfetch’d if it gets three critical hits in a single battle.

This evolution doesn’t learn False Swipe, so if you want your Sirfetch’d to have this ability, you need to get your Farfetch’d to level 35 before letting it evolve.

4. Cubone And Marowak

Cubone Every Pokemon That Learns False Swipe 15 Best Pokemon that Can Learn False Swipe

Cubone and Marowak are both Ground-type Pokemon that were released in Gen 1, but they didn’t learn False Swipe until Gen 2.

They are both part of the same line of development, with Cubone being the first step and Marowak being the next step.

False Swipe is learned by Cubone at level 33 and by Marowak at level 39. There’s no real reason to stop Cubone from becoming a Marowak.

They both learn the same moves, but the higher numbers of the Marowak make it worth waiting a few more levels to get False Swipe.

3. Scyther, Scizor, And Kleavor

Scyther Scizor And Kleavor 15 Best Pokemon that Can Learn False Swipe

Scyther is a Pokemon that was released in Gen One. It is a Bug/Flying type. Scizor is a Bug/Steel-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation 2.

It evolves from Scyther when you trade it while it’s holding a Metal Coat. Kleavor is a different way for Scyther to evolve. To get Kleavor, you need to hold Black Augurite instead of a Metal Coat.

Scyther was one of the best Bug-types in Generation 1, and even though Scizor is its advanced form, its stats are not that much better.

But it has a much better set of moves. Scyther’s Speed is a lot better, which makes it a better Pokemon to hunt wild Pokemon with.

Scizor learns False Swipe at level 13, which is lower than Scyther’s level 18 — at least before Generation 8, after which it can start with False Swipe. At level 8, Kleavor learns False Swipe.

2. Zangoose

Zangoose 15 Best Pokemon that Can Learn False Swipe

This Pokemon is a mix of a cat and a ferret. It is a Normal type and was first seen in Gen 3. Zangoose is not part of a chain of development, and its stats are average.

Zangoose, on the other hand, has a good set of moves, including strong ones like Slash and Close Combat.

Zangoose is based on two animals that are known for being quick, so many of its moves, like Quick Attack and Pursuit, have a high priority (battle speed).

Most of the time, using Quick Attack once or twice and then False Swipe will be enough to get the other Pokemon down to one hit point, giving you the best chance of getting it.

1. Gallade

Gallade 15 Best Pokemon that Can Learn False Swipe

Gallade is a Pokemon that was released in Gen Four. It is a Psychic/Fighting type. These two types don’t usually go together because they are opposites, which makes them usually very good against each other.

Gallade is the third step in Ralts’s path to becoming a Pokémon. Kirlia comes in between Gallade and Ralts.

At level 32, Gallade learns False Swipe. This makes it hard for Kirlia to evolve, because after level 23, they get some very strong Psychic moves that Gallade can’t use.

Because of this, many Gallades don’t have False Swipe. Instead, they have moves like Psychic and Charm.

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