9 Best Mushroom Pokemon

Mushroom Pokemon are the part of Plant Pokemon many fans search about these mushroom Pokemon. So today we are going to create a list about these mushroom-like Pokemon.

In the past we have talk about Flower Pokemon, Bat Pokemon, Fish Pokemon etc but today we are going to talk about mushroom Pokemon in this list.

So, Here are top 9 best mushroom Pokemon of all times.

9. Amoonguss

Amoonguss mushroom Pokemon

Amoonguss looks like a mushroom and has a big, light-colored Poké Ball-shaped cap with warts on it.

It also has a huge gray body that looks like a stem, fierce eyes, and a big pink mouth. Amoonguss uses two shields that look like Poké Balls.

It tries to catch prey with the patterns on its arms that look like Poké Balls, but it doesn’t work very well most of the time. It also blows spores that are poisonous at its enemies.

8. Ladylichen

Ladylichen is a combination of ladylike and lichen, a type of mold.

Ladylichen is a Pokemon that looks like a person. Its long hair is made of mold fuzz, and its dress is made of mold slime. This Pokemon is made up by a fan.

Everything around ladylichen goes bad. They live in big, fancy mansions, which quickly fall into disrepair and are shut down by the government.

It often acts as if it were a rich person and is building a house for itself. Ladylichen comes from the words “ladylike” and “lichen,” which is a kind of mold.

7. Breloom

Breloom 1 1 9 Best Mushroom Pokemon

Breloom is a bipedal Pokémon that looks like a mushroom and has some kangaroo-like traits. It’s green for most of its body, but its head, neck, and tail are beige.

On top of its head is a green cap that looks like a mushroom. Below it are beige gills, and on either side is a round, red growth that looks like a berry but has a hole in the middle.

It has black, oval eyes, a mouth that looks like a beak, and frilled parts at the base of its neck. Each of its hands and feet has two red claws.

6. Paras


Paras is an orange insect-like creature that looks a lot like a cicada nymph. It has three pairs of legs and a body in the shape of an ovoid.

The front pair of legs are the biggest and end in sharp claws. It has five spots on its head, and each side of its mouth has three teeth. It has round eyes with big “false pupils.”

Tochukaso, which are red and yellow mushrooms, grow on the back of this Pokémon.

The mushrooms grow from spores that are spread on this Pokémon’s back when it is born by the mushroom on its mother’s back. The mushrooms can be taken off at any time.

5. Parasect


Parasect is an orange Pokémon that looks like an insect, but its back has been completely taken over by a parasitic mushroom.

It has a small head with two pure white eyes and a segmented body that is mostly hidden by the mushroom.

It has three sets of legs, and the two in front look like big pincers. On its back is a fungus with a big red cap and yellow spots all over.

4. Foongus


Foongus looks like a white mushroom and has a cap that looks a lot like a Poké Ball. It has short arms with no fingers, a big pink mouth, and dark eyes that look like pinpricks.

It uses the pattern on its head that looks like a Poké Ball to catch people and Pokémon in grassy areas. When it needs to defend itself, it lets out a cloud of poisonous spores.

If the spores are dried well, they can also be used as a stomach medicine. It moves by either hopping or turning on its side and rolling on its head.

3. Queenlichen


This is also one of the fan-written stories. Pokemon Mushroom Ladylichen looks like a person. It has long mold fuzz hair in a beehive style and a slime mold dress with a lot of volume.

Queenlichen are elderly Ladylichen. They have full control over rotting and can make anything rot or even stop the process of rotting all together.

Its mold has the same level of control over it.

Queenlichen comes from the words “queenlike” and “lichen,” which is a kind of mold.

2. Vileplume


Vileplume is a blue Pokémon that walks on two legs and has rough hands and feet. It has bright red eyes and a small mouth.

It has a big red flower with an orange-brown center on its head. People say that Vileplume’s flower has the world’s biggest petals and is almost too heavy for the Pokémon to carry.

The flower has red petals that are round and have white spots on them. The spots on a female Vileplume’s petals are bigger and there are fewer of them.

1. Shroomish


The Pokémon Shroomish is small and looks like a mushroom. It has black eyes and a mouth that looks like a half triangle.

Its top part is beige and has segments with frills along the bottom and a small opening at the top.

It has green spots on its upper body, and its lower body is green all the way through. It has small, round feet, but no arms or hands that can be seen.

When it feels threatened, it shakes its body and shoots poisonous spores out of the top of its head.

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