24 Truly Beautiful Flower Pokemon (Updated in 2024)

These really pretty Flower Pokemon don’t get enough credit for making the Pokemon Universe a fun and beautiful place to live.

Pokemon can be put into groups based on their Type, Egg Group, Generation, Abilities, and so on.

But people often don’t pay attention to the Flower Pokemon category,

even though it gets updated every time a new generation of Pokemon comes out.

Flowers can kill too, they’re not just pretty, like a blossom or a cute cotton head.

So today, we decided to make a list of all the flower Pokemon that we could find.

Let’s start counting down to these really pretty flower Pokemon.

25 Best Plant-Based Pokémon From Flowers To Trees – FandomSpot

Updated May, 2024 by Swati : We can reminisce about the Pokemon we have yet to train while we eagerly await the next part of the incredibly successful and popular Pokemon Legends series.

Pokemon ranging from tiny-eyed items to terrifying human-like ones have been seen.

Due to their long history, grass-type Pokemon include vegetation in their designs.

These Pokemon are the strongest.

24. Roselia

Pokemon Go: Everything You Need To Prepare For Roselia Community Day

Fans think that the name comes from a combination of the names of three different flowers: Rose, Azalea, and Camellia.

I can’t think of anything flowerier than that.

The fact that Roselia has a poison in her head is hidden by the fact that she is small.

So it makes sense that the other is poison.

Drew, who later became May’s rival, used it as his main Pokémon in that one episode of the anime.

Drew made the right choice, since Roselia is only known for being beautiful (fans from the competitive play know what I am talking about).

23. Jumpluff

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The last change Hoppip went through.

Jumpluff is the lightest of all the Pokémon that reach their final form. It doesn’t weigh more than 3 kg.

Since it was made from a dandelion, this makes sense.

With that much weight, Jumpluff can easily move from one place to another by floating through the air.

And since they aren’t as popular as other flower Pokémon,

it’s hard to talk about Jumpluff and other windflowers.

Jumpluff doesn’t do very well on its own in the game.

Still, Jumpluff doesn’t look bad at all, and I don’t think fans will disagree with me on that point.

22. Skiploom


Some newer fans might not know what this Pokémon is,

but any OG fan from the second generation will be happy to tell you everything you need to know about Skiploom.

The Pokémon that Jumpluff changes into before it evolves is called Cottonweed.

It floats in the air so it can get as much sun as possible (which is why one of its abilities is chlorophyll).

He can also tell when the temperature of the air changes. Some trainers use this as a thermometer.

21. Ivysaur

Junkcrab on X: "Ivysaur #PokemonGO #pokemon #fanart #Nintendo #nature # ivysaur https://t.co/L9M83WmIR0" / X

Ivysaur is not the Pokémon that looks most like a flower,

but it does look more like a flower than the last one.

Its back looks a lot like the Rafflesia flower,

which is a parasitic flowering plant that grows in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other places.

Ivysaur shows up quite often in the anime.

People like May and Shauna have it.

And studio OLM does a good job of showing that Ivysaur is both strong and cute at the same time.

Ivysaur is one of Red’s most important Pokémon in the manga.

It has even changed into Venusaur, which gives it a bigger role.

He did a good job of training his Pokémon,

which is different from the other main character,

who didn’t train any of his Pokémon and just let them be.

20. Bellsprout

How To Get (& Evolve) Bellsprout in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Teal Mask


Well, “Flower Pokémon” says it all, doesn’t it? (I would love to have a conversation with those who decided to call it that).

Even though it’s a pretty ugly Pokémon, the rules are the rules.

So, I put it down here so we could have a nice one up there.

But Bellsprout is one of the strongest Pokémon in the series,

even though it looks bad.

Do you remember that one Bellsprout that beat up Pikachu and Bulbasaur?

Yes, that Bellsprout is a monster; there is no doubt about it.

Still, it doesn’t look very good as a flower.

Then let’s go to the next one.

19. Comfey

Comfey - Pokémon - Image by Naoki Eguchi #4016997 - Zerochan Anime Image  Board

This Flower Pokémon’s head is full of sticky vines.

It uses these vines to pick flowers for a ring it will give to people it likes.

You can also throw the flowers at the enemy Pokémon to give your Pokémon a chance to run away or attack.

But without flowers, it doesn’t feel right. Comfrey spreads oil all around its ring of flowers from its body.

The oil changes the flowers so that they give off a calming scent that both Comfey and its allies can smell.

This smell can also help hospitals take better care of people and Pokémon.

18. Floette

Floette | Pokemon pictures, Cute pokemon wallpaper, Pokemon

Floette also holds a flower with five round petals that can be red, yellow, orange, blue, or white.

The flower has three yellow stamens and one single leaf on a long, green stem.

Floette has more power when she has a more beautiful flower.

It flits around and helps flowers grow by giving them its own power.

Floette dances a beautiful dance to celebrate when flowers bloom in a well-kept flower bed.

But no one will ever forgive someone who steps on a flowerbed.

17. Flabébé

Download Glowing Flabébé Wallpaper | Wallpapers.com

Flabébé is a small Pokémon that is a Flower.

It is white at the top and green at the bottom.

It has small, pointed eyes, a pink mark on each cheek, long ears with notches, and a small nose.

A crown of pollen balls sits on top of its head.

It has short, stumpy arms and a tail, but you can’t see any legs on it.

Flabébé is a species that has only females—no males.

One of the Flower Pokémon, it is one of the smallest.

16. Gossifleur

Gossifleur - Pokémon Sword & Shield - Image by makotonoaraki #3674229 -  Zerochan Anime Image Board

Gossifleur likes living in places with clean air and water.

People in the Galar Region used to make a tea out of the pollen and give it to sick children.

This Flower Pokemon can ride the wind to get to faraway places.

It can change direction by twisting its body and petals.

People say that when it moves,

it starts to sing a happy song that makes many people want to lift it.

Glossifleur can stick to the ground so it can lie there and soak up the sun.

When it gets enough light, the petals spread out and it blooms in a bright way.

15. Bounsweet

How To Get Bounsweet Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Location Video

This Flower Pokémon gives off a sweet smell all over its body,

which has made it popular in the Alola region.

People feel calmer when they smell this scent,

so they are often used as living air fresheners.

But other Pokémon, especially Toucannon, have eaten it whole because of its sweet smell.

It is too sweet for people to eat, but juice can be made from its sweat.

Bounsweet skips along in a way that doesn’t show how desperate it is to get away from danger.

Because of this, no one comes to help it.

14. Cherrim

Cherrim - Pokémon - Image by Delano-laramie #2467343 - Zerochan Anime Image  Board

Cherrim is a small Flower Pokémon that can change into two different forms depending on the weather.

When the weather is normal, Cherrim looks like its Overcast Form.

Its body is deep pink, and two purple petals wrap around it.

A short purple stem and a green leafy sepal grow from the top of the petals.

In this shape, its eyes look like they are close to its short legs.

When there is a lot of sunlight, Cherrim changes into its Sunshine Form.

It looks like a cherry blossom because it has pink petals on its head and chest.

A few of the petals circle a yellow sphere on the back of its head.

It has a small green patch in the shape of a triangle on its neck.

It also has two round, cherry-shaped things that look like berries on its head.

Its arms and legs are short and pink at the top and yellow at the bottom.

13. Vileplume

This is How VILEPLUME Destroyed ROARING MOON : Pokemon Indigo Disk

Vileplume is a two-legged, blue Flower Pokémon. Its hands and feet are rough.

Its eyes are bright red, and its mouth is small.

On the top of its head is a big red flower with an orange-brown center.

People say that Vileplume’s flower has the biggest petals in the world and is so heavy that the Pokémon almost can’t carry it.

The flower has round, red petals with white spots on them.

The spots on the petals of a female Vileplume are bigger and fewer in number.

When a vileplume shakes, flaps, or bangs its petals open,

it can send out clouds of pollen.

The Vileplume’s poison gets stronger as the petals get bigger.

12. Sunflora

Sunflora by Pokemonsketchartist on DeviantArt

Sunflora is a Pokémon that looks like a real sunflower and walks around like one.

There are memes that show Sunflora with scary legs and say things like,

“This Pokémon might kill you because of how it looks.” Sunflora, however, won’t do that. Perhaps.

Most people remember Sunflora from the games Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness.

It’s kind of like the oldest sister on the exploration team because it says “Oh my gosh” almost all the time.

It’s funny for no reason, so that makes it even funnier.

She also shows that she is a trustworthy adventurer, which will make other Sunflora jealous.

11. Bellossom

Bellossom (Bella) POKEMON AND DIGIMON Wiki Fandom, 42% OFF

The Flower Pokémon Bellossom is mostly green.

It has blue eyes that are round and red spots on its cheeks.

It looks like a hula dancer because it has two bright red flowers on its head and a skirt-like band of green and yellow leaves around its waist.

People say that the more beautiful Bellossom’s petals are, the stinkier the Gloom it came from.

When it rubs the petals on its head together, it makes a nice sound.

Bellossom doesn’t have feet, but in the anime,

its middle leaves bent as it was getting ready to spring,

which suggests that it uses its leaves as legs or feet.

But the Pokédex says it has two legs and walks on them.

10. Meganium

Is Meganium a good Pokemon? - Quora

Meganium is a flower Pokémon with four legs and a pale green color.

It looks like a sauropod dinosaur.

It has a long neck, yellow eyes, a short, flat nose, and two antennae that look like stamens on top of its nose.

Meganium’s petals give off a smell that calms angry feelings,

and its breath can bring dead grass and plants back to life.

Its powers to calm and heal can even affect people who are close by.

Meganium is usually very calm, and in the anime, it has been shown as a peacemaker.

Meganium doesn’t usually live in grasslands.

9. Roserade

Gengar vs Roserade (SUB) - Ash vs Cynthia - Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Roserade is a Flower Pokémon with only two legs.

It looks like a cross between a rose and a mask.

Its hair is made of white rose petals,

and it wears a green cape with leaves and a yellow bangle that looks like a collar around its neck.

The pattern on its cape goes all the way to the back of its head,

where it forms spikes that look like petals.

The cape of a male will be shorter than the cape of a female.

Pokémon, pokemon, Roserade / ダイマックス ロズちゃん - pixiv

It has red eyes with yellow lids and a dark green mask on its face.

The bottom half of its face is light green, and each hand is holding a bouquet.

It has a red in its right hand and a blue in its left.

It has light green legs and a bottom that is also light green.

Its feet are yellow at the tips.

8. Lilligant


Lilligant wears a red flower Pokemon with white spots on the petals and golden filaments with red anthers that look like a crown on its head.

Under the flower, there are dark green, linear leaves, and under those, there are light green, linear leaves.

One of the light green leaves on the back of its head looks like hair and is about as long as its body.

It has two light green leaves that hang down from the top of its head.

Its head and abdomen are white, and its eyes, which look like seeds, are a light shade of red.

It has long, dark green leaves for arms, and a golden sepal under its neck.

It has a large, dress-like group of light green tulip-shaped leaves on its back.

Two long, dark green, linear leaves go from its back to the bottom of its “dress.”

Under its “dress,” there is a golden part that looks like feet and is shaped like a sepal.

7. Lurantis

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Best Lurantis Tera Raid Build

Lurantis looks and smells like a flower, which it uses to trick enemies into coming close so it can attack them by surprise.

It is known as the most beautiful Grass-type Pokémon because of its bright colors and graceful moves.

It can change into a Bug Pokémon, though, to protect itself.

It needs to be cared for carefully if it is to look good.

If a Trainer takes good care of it,

Lurantis will trust them more than a lazy Trainer,

and it will have beautiful, bright colors.

6. Eldegoss


Eldegoss has a light green head and amber-brown eyes.

On top of each eye are two dark green triangles.

It has black eyes and a mouth that is the same color as the rest of its face.

Eldegoss’s lower body is yellow, and the top part looks like a cloak.

The darker green part at the bottom looks like a dress.

It has a green crest on top of its head that fills a notch and connects the cotton on top of Eldegoss to the top of its head.

On top of the plant, there are brown seeds all over the cotton.

5. Tsareena

Cómo Conseguir A Tsareena En Pokémon Go: El Mejor Conjunto De Movimientos  Para PvP Y PvE, ¿puede Brillar?

Tsareena is a Pokémon that looks like a human but walks on two legs like a plant.

It has a dark purple torso, arms, and legs, but its hips and head are white.

It has dark purple eyes with purple eyelids and long purple eyelashes.

Its mouth and nose aren’t visible.

It has a short ruff that goes up from its body and covers the lower part of its face.

It has thin arms with round, fingerless hands, but its legs are long and strong.

Just above the hips, the tops of its legs have three sharp points that give the impression of long boots.

It has small, pointed feet at the end of its skinny legs.

It has six parts to its hips that look like the flesh of a mangosteen.

4. Venusaur

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Venusaur is a Pokémon with four legs and a short body.

Its skin is bumpy and blue-green.

It has small, round, red eyes, a short, blunt nose, and a wide mouth with two sharp teeth in the upper jaw and four in the lower jaw.

It has small, pointed ears on the top of its head,

and the insides of those ears are pinkish red.

Each foot has three toes with sharp claws.

The bud on its back has opened into a big pink flower with white spots.

The flower is held up by a thick, brown stem that is surrounded by green fronds.

A seed will be in the middle of the flower of a female Venusaur.

3. Shaymin (Land Forme)

Shaymin Gif

Shaymin is a Flower Pokémon. It is small, white, and looks like a hedgehog.

In Land Forme, it has green fur that looks like grass on its back,

and on each side of its head is a pink flower with two leaves, just like the Gracidea flower.

It also has flowers that look like Gracidea on its back.

When it feels safe, the flowers come out, but when it feels unsafe, they run away quickly.

The legs are short, and the bottom is round.

Shaymin is the smallest legendary Pokémon ever found.

2. Florges

florges and florges (pokemon and 1 more) drawn by komayama_akira | Danbooru

Florges is a Flower Pokémon that has a thin body with a green bottom and a white top.

It has a round head with a sharp, upturned nose, long teardrop-shaped ears, and dark eyes with long, green, plant-like lashes.

Its head is decorated with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

There are red, yellow, orange, blue, and white flowers.

It has skinny arms with three small fingers, and on its chest are two black diamond shapes.

Its bottom part looks like a mermaid’s tail, and there are two big leaves above the tailfin.

There are only females in this species; there are no males.

1. Shaymin (Sky Forme)

How To Get the Gracidea in Pokémon ORAS - Guide Strats

In Sky Forme, it looks like a small reindeer with thin, canine ears.

It has a red flower petal on the left side of its neck that looks like a scarf or cape.

The fur on its back looks like a mohawk.

It has flat, white ears that look like wings, a small tuft of fur on the front of its neck, and a short tail.

If Shaymin touches a Gracidea, it will change into Sky Forme and back again.

It changes back to Land Forme at night or when it freezes.

Shaymin can instantly clean the air in a dirty place and turn it into a beautiful field of flowers.

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