15 Best Fossil Pokémon of All Time (Updated In 2024)

Pokémon is my favourite anime from when I was a kid, because I think every kid at the time must have liked it.

They must have seen his cartoon, anime, play their cards, and a lot of other things.

Every time I looked for something about the Pokémon world on the Internet, I found more.

Today, we’ll talk about everything there is to know about the subject.

We all know that a lot of the same things happen in this anime, like Pokémon battles, Gym Leaders, and Badges.

So, let’s talk about the list I made of the best fossil Pokémon of all time.

The Pokémon that came from fossils are one of the most interesting groups.

We all know that you can find and catch Pokémon by going to different places, but for some, their existence was only proven when fossils were found.

You can take these Fossil Pokémon to the research centre, where they will be turned back into their prehistoric forms.

Best Fossil Pokémon of All Time Ranked

Updated in June, 2024, by Swati: Pokemon’s vast and complex legend grows with each new game or anime.

This produced Violet & Scarlett, a fascinating film.

Now that there are over 1,000 Pokemon, most have distinct traits and backstories.

17. Arctovish

Arctovish - Pokémon Sword & Shield - Zerochan Anime Image Board

Arctovish, the new, massive ice fish monster from the Galar Region,

is a mix of a fossilised dinosaur and fish, produced scientifically!

Arctovish is a respectably decent but not very remarkable Pokemon overall.

When Galar Fossils lose their rock type, Arctovish is left with a less-than-ideal combination of water and ice.

Even if its stats are merely passable, it may boast about its highly powerful Fishious Rend attack.

Even though this large fish sadly lost, the Galar Fossils’ combo strategy is incredibly intriguing.

16. Genesect

Genesect | Pokémon Amino

Even though the large robotic insect appears to be somewhat frightening,

many other members of its own fossil group are actually much stronger than it.

Its starting HP is low and it has few strong, specialised moves.

Still, among insect species, Genesect may be fairly offensively strong;

it resembles a more robust Scizor in many aspects.

More elements can affect a genesect, yet it is also more resistant to some types than the average fossil.

15. Dracovish


Dracovish is a Fossil Pokémon that is both a Water and a Dragon type.

It was introduced in Generation VIII.

Dracovish is a Pokémon that is a half breed of fossils. It is made up of the fish fossil’s head and the dinosaur fossil’s back legs and tail.

People say that the Dracovish was the best hunter of all time because it had great legs and jaws and could run faster than 40 mph (60 km/h).

Even so, it couldn’t breathe unless it was underwater.

People say that Dracovish died out because it hunted its prey too much,

but this is probably not true because it was made from two different Pokémon that each had their own specialties before they died.

14. Arctozolt


Arctozolt is a Fossil Pokémon that has both Electric and Ice types. It was introduced in Generation VIII.

Arctozolt is a yellow and blue Pokémon with a pointy top and a runny nose, like Cubchoo.

Its head is yellow and has five spikes. Its eyes are always closed, and its cheeks and mouth are blue.

Its hands are hanging from a piece of snow on its head.

Arctozolt has a head like a raptor’s, but its eyes are closed and each cheek has a blue spot. It makes fluid come out of its nose.

Arctozolt clearly gets its power from the way it shakes, and it died because it moved so slowly.

But these are probably fake, since it is a Pokémon made from two different fossils.

13. Dracozolt

19 Facts About Dracozolt - Facts.net

Dracozolt is a Pokémon fossil that is both electric and a dragon. It was introduced in Generation VIII.

It is brought back to life by combining a Fossilized Bird and a Fossilized Dragon. No one knows if it can evolve into or out of another Pokémon.

It has a small yellow chest with two long wings that look like lightning bolts. It has a dandelion face, a “delegated” head, a long nose, a thin dandelion neck, and slim arms.

The base half comes from a big Pokémon with four legs, green skin with red stripes, red paws, and spikes on its back.

It has great muscles in its tail that give it power. It was said that it ate too much of its plant-based food sources, which killed it in the end.

However, this is probably not true because Dracozolt was made from two different Pokémon that each had their own specialties before they died.

12. Relicanth


Even though Relicanth is on this list, it is not a Fossil Pokémon.

You only have a 5% chance of actually running into one, and even though the programme is thought to be over, this little bugger is still out there, just waiting to be caught.

Also, it will be hard to find because you have to dive down to get a Relicanth from among the kelp on the sea floor.

This fish-type Pokémon with a stone face is strong at… well, being old.

It is officially called a “Life-Span Pokémon,” and it’s crazy that this is a thing. Relicanth hasn’t changed in more than 100 million years, which is pretty amazing for a living thing.

Definitely important enough to stand out in this list, right?

11. Tirtouga


Right now, this is where the Pokémon that come back to life after being in a fossil start.

Tirtouga was brought back to life from the Cover Fossil, and it made its first appearance in gen 5 games.

At level 37, it changes into Carracosta, which has a hard shell, a chest that can’t be shaken, and a thick overall design.

When you look at the details, though, Carracosta is just a moderately famous turtle that moves at a maximum of 32 times turtle speed.

10. Amaura

Pokemon Go: How to Evolve Amaura Into Aurorus | The Nerd Stash

In Kalos’s X and Y, the Sail Fossil was used to bring back Amaura, a Rock/Ice Pokémon.

Its most distinctive feature must be the long, flowing sails on its head, which are right over its eyes.

If women wanted to make sure their eyebrows were on fleek,

they would look at Amaura with envy, since its sails are almost as fancy as the best eyebrows ever.

The bright light coming from the sails of Aurorus is a reference to the aurora borealis, a beautiful light show near the north pole.

It can move like ice, but that’s about it. Aurorus isn’t the best in battle, and my appreciation for it is mostly based on how it makes me feel.

9. Anorith


Next is Anorith, an ancient shrimp-like creature that can be found in the Claw Fossil in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

Anorith used to do well in old oceans, but that is no longer the case.

This is because of the disturbing presence of ozone-depleting substances, CFCs, and maybe even some kind of Poké-free business, which have all changed the way the water is organized in modern seas.

So, I assume that Team Aqua is going up.

Armaldo is the Plate Pokémon, and he has a protection plan that looks pretty good.

It’s a good tank to have on your team, and it’s very strong when it comes to defense and basic attacks.

Armaldo also has a nice move called “Swords Dance” that can confuse his opponents.

The bad news is that it moves slowly and is easy to hit because it is a Bug-type Pokémon. So, it’s worth playing with, but maybe not an E4 choice.

8. Cranidos


Cranidos is the head-butting Pokémon you get when you bring back to life the Skull Fossil in Sinnoh.

If Cranidos could go back 100 million years, he would headbutt left, right, and focus all day long.

Cranidos are said to really need the knowledge office because they keep getting hit in the head, which may have drained their synapses.

Rampardos has powerful hits, but its slow speed and ridiculously weak defense make up for it. Its accuracy is also bad, so Rampardos relies a lot on its rough, careless force.

Also, sometimes that’s all you need to do to win a fight.

7. Omanyte

Pokemon Fan Makes LEGO Omanyte Figure

At number seven is blue Omanyte, who is very cute. If you’ve been playing since gen I, this is one of the first Fossil Pokémon you would have seen.

It is brought back to life by the Helix Fossil, which you can get at Mount Moon.

Omanyte, a spiral snail Pokémon that lives in water, looks like a prehistoric snail with tentacles.

There are even some that go past the sides of its face, making it look like Omanyte has a huge handlebar moustache.

Omanyte evolves into Omastar. After it evolves, it also gets a shell with spikes and fangs that are so sharp they can cut through almost anything.

Omastar is a slow Pokémon at first, but it has the strange ability to get faster the more it gets hit.

6. Archen


Archen is part bird and part reptile. In generation V, a Plume Fossil can be used to bring it back to life.

It’s a strange Pokémon with strange abilities and a crazy coloring scheme.

If it wants to eat berries, all it has to do is cry, and a special plant with berries will grow there. If that were the only case, it would be the same for people and frozen yogurt, right?

Now, that’s a Pokémon that can do a lot of different things. It has a lot of attack, speed, and utility moves, and it can also fly you anywhere on the field.

It looks good on paper, but here’s the catch. “Naysayer” is the most important ability of Archeops.

This means that Archeops’ attack, special attack, and speed are all cut in half when its HP falls below the halfway point.

5. Shieldon


We’re going to show you another interesting Rock/Steel Pokémon right away. You can get Shieldon from the Armor Fossil in the Oreburgh Mining Museum in Sinnoh and bring it back to life.

This Pokémon has a face that can’t be hurt, making it hard to hurt from the front.

Shieldon takes care of its face by rubbing it against tree trunks to keep its brilliant protective layer in place. This is why even its fossils don’t show any damage to the face.

It has a lot of protection weight and is ready to push away anything you throw at it. It’s a different story if you attack it from behind, because that’s where Bastiodon is most shaky.

4. Lileep


In the gen 3 games, you can get this ocean lily dinosaur animal by restoring it from the Root Fossil.

This tricky ocean animal has arms on top of its head and short roots that hold it to the sea floor. It can definitely look like kelp to lure and catch prey.

At first, when Lileep leveled up, Cradily was misjudged as a Pokémon because it didn’t look all that scary. Even so, kid, it can do some crazy things.

It can shoot acid, stick to any surface with its suction cups, and use Storm Drain. This means that when any water move hits Cradily, he just drinks it. Just like a real leader.

3. Kabuto


You can get this great shellfish Pokémon by bringing back to life the Dome Fossil, which you can also find in Mt. Moon.

It looks like a horseshoe crab in that it is flat, earthy-colored, and has a hard shell that holds its body together.

And if you guys are also kids of the 1990s, you should have picked a card with Kabuto playing through Red and Blue. You should have made this person shake.

But since you can’t get Kabuto until Cinnabar Island, it tends to level up quickly.

It looks very scary with its sharp sickles and body that looks like a skeleton. Even though it has low base HP, its good attributes like speed, attack, and defense more than make up for it.

Kabuto is very mean, and this is especially true now that the sprite in FireRed and LeafGreen looks better.

2. Tyrunt


This rare dinosaur fossil beast is brought back to life by the Jaw Fossil, which can be found in Kalos.

Its built-up body may have made it the King of the Prehistoric Pokémon era, but Tyrunt is very close with the second spot on this list.

Its personality is a little bit scary, since it is a young dinosaur with a temper and likes to throw fits and play in a bad way.

After it levels up, it can learn new attacks like Strong Jaw, Head Smash, and Dragon Dance, making it hard to get rid of in battle.

Tyrantrum is “a little bit vain,” and it shows in the way it looks.

It has a crown-shaped peak on top of its head, and the fluffy white growth at the back of its neck looks just like the swaggy hide lining on a ruler’s imperial mantle.

1. Aerodactyl


Last but not least, the best way to describe us is as a matter-of-fact Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl is the real boss.

It is a Rock/Flying Pokémon that, unlike the next Fossil Pokémon that was brought back to life from a rock, was brought back to life from Old Amber.

This fossilized thing is interesting, and you can get it at the Pewter City historical center.

You’d really have to work hard to get this person, but he’s worth it, even with all the trouble.

Aerodactyl has huge wings, a wrinkled nose, and a jaw full of sharp teeth, which gives it a very intimidating look.

Goodness, and did I already mention that the most impressive person. I don’t know how he got one, but I like how he thinks about animals.

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