Pokemon Sun & Moon Characters

15 Best Pokemon Sun & Moon Characters

Pokemon Sun & Moon has a pretty good cast of characters and some of these characters are pretty memorable too.

Pokemon Sun & Moon will be known for its amazing stories and maybe in future we will get to see more from this amazing series, presenting a story through its best Sun & Moon characters, and the world of Alola is invaluable to any Pokemon Fan.

So, today we have prepared a list of the best Pokemon Sun & Moon characters’ list for you. Let’s take a look!

15. Lillie 


Lillie at first is revealed as a mysterious girl who is central to the plot of Pokémon Sun and Moon. You will watch her assist and live with Professor Kukui, for personal reasons.

Pokémon getting hurt makes her unhappy and as obvious, she dislikes Pokémon battles. Reading is what makes her happy.

She is seen attempting to flee Aether Paradise, three months prior to the beginning of the player’s adventure, during the opening cut scene.

Just at the moment she is surrounded, a mysterious force teleport her. Don’t think too much, this mysterious force is nothing but Co smog, a Pokémon hiding in her bag, or Nebby as she calls it.

14. Professor Kukui

Professor Kukui

Often seen observing Hala’s battles to witness attacking moves, Kukui has been a fan of Pokémon moves. He follows the matches with his Move Index guidebook.

Kukui befriended and later obtained a Litten, which originally belonged to his parents. The pair would often be seen spending time in the forests of Melemele Island playing with wild Pokémon.

Kukui also helped a Totem Trevenant living in the forests by receiving a Firium Z which helped it in reliving its sneezing. His friendship tale further stretches to Molavne and DJ Leo, his childhood friends.

13. Olivia 

Olivia pokemon

Olivia owns a jewelry and accessory store in her hometown of Konikoni City and is also Akala’s Kahuna.Olivia believes herself to be an average girl, despite being chosen Kahuna at a young age.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, after Necrozma unleashes several Ultra Beasts around Alola, she is briefly seen facing a BuzzwoleUS/PheromosaUM at the Ruins of Life.

Later, Olivia is revealed to be one of the Trainers Professor Kukui invited to act as the Elite Four of the Pokémon League of Alola.

12. Plumeria 


Talking about Plumeria, she can be seen as the sole admin of Team Skull in Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon.

She is first encountered and battled at the Akala Outskirts before Olivia’s grand trial, where she expresses her anger at the player for them having defeated many Team Skull Grunts.

Her next appearance is in front of the Aether House on Route 15, where she will also battle the player for the second time. While the player is taking down Team Skull at Po Town, Plumeria returns to the Aether House, taking Lillie and Nebby to Aether Paradise.

Her final main game appearance is at the Ancient Poni Path, first observing the player battling multiple Team Skull Grunts, after which she asks the player to bring Guzma back after he disappeared into an Ultra Wormhole with Lusamine. She also gives them a Poisonium Z as a sign of apology.

11. Ilima 


Ilima is a graduate of the Trainers’ School on Route 1 and is admired as a hero by the students there. Some call him the “Prince of the Trainers’ School”. While he typically acts polite and dignified, he becomes a very different person in the midst of Pokémon battles.

The player first meets Ilima alongside Professor Kukui in the Trainers’ School after defeating the Teacher there. He later appears at the Marina when two Team Skull Grunts disrupt his conversation with the player.

After defeating the Grunts, he challenges the player to a battle. Ilima later appears as the player’s guide to their first trial in Verdant Cavern.

10. Hau

hau pokemon

Hau can be described as a big-hearted boy who quickly becomes friendly with the player once they move to the Alola region.

He is the grandson of Hala, who is the Kahuna of Melemele Island; and his favorite food is malasada, a famous treat in Alola.

One of the villagers in Iki Town, where they live, comments that as a boy, Hau had once witnessed Hala in a rage, which frightened him to the point of tears.

9. Guzma


First appearance of Guzma is in Malie Garden, taunting Professor Kukui and calling both the professor and himself “fellow rejects who never could become captains”.

Furthermore he criticizes Kukui’s idea of building a Pokémon League for Alola; while he agrees that some parts of the island challenge are antiquated, he claims there is no need for a League, as he believes he is the strongest Trainer in the region.

To solidify his position, his Grunts have been stealing every piece of Buginium Z across Alola simply to deny its use to other Trainers.

When Kukui asks the player to battle Guzma, the boss takes notice of their Z-Ring, and asks why they’re taking on the island challenge before immediately dismissing it and accepting Kukui’s terms.

8. Lusamine


Lusamine appears in Pokémon Sun and Moon and Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. She is first seen in a picture of a magazine that the player is reading during the intro sequence.

She is formally introduced after the Akala Grand Trial, when Hau and the player travel to Aether Paradise. As president of the Aether Foundation, Lusamine claims to love all Pokémon, be they native to the Alola region or not.

While the player and Hau are conversing with her in the conservation area, an Ultra Wormhole appears, in which Nihilego emerges.

7. Samson Oak

Samson Oak

First Samson Oak is seen in Malie City on Ula’ula Island in Sun and Mood, recognized by the player’s Rotom Pokedex.

He tells the player about his research on regional forms, and asks them to come to meet him in the city’s library, where he talks about regional forms again, before requesting that the player show him the local variant Persian.

Upon being shown an Alolan Persian, he explains why regional forms exist and explains his theory on why the Alolan Persian looks the way it does before giving the player a Love Ball.

Talking about his cousin in Kanto, who gave him a Kanto Pokédex, he blabs about how he uses it to compare the Alolan variants of Pokémon native to Kanto to their regular form counterparts.

Finally, he tells the player about how his cousin’s grandson might come to visit Alola someday because of the Z-Crystals Samson has sent him.

6. Nanu


Nanu is a police officer who first shows up to aid the player in getting into Po Town. After Team Skull is defeated by the player, he reveals that he is the Kahuna of Ula’ula Island and challenges the player in Malie City for their island challenge grand trial.

Upon defeat, he grants the player the Darkinium Z and wishes them well as they, along with Gladion and Hau, head to Aether Paradise to rescue Lillie. When Professor Kukui forms the Alola Pokémon League, he offers Nanu a position in the Alola Elite Four.

He turns down the offer, however, stating that he has no obligation to join, unlike when the guardian deity chose him to become the Kahuna. As such, Acerola joins the Elite Four in his place.

5. Mina

Mina pokemon

An aspiring artist who started painting at an early age, Mina’s habit came up after her family’s Snubbull accidentally destroyed a picture she made while trying to express its liking of the work, an action Mina interpreted as her art not being good enough and striving to become better.

She is acquainted with Ilima, and Mallow keeps one of her paintings in the foyer of her family’s restaurant. Mina is known among-st her friends and family for her eccentric attitude, which has been likened by her father as that of a fey vagabond.

4. Sophocles

Sophocles pokemon

In the Pokémon Sun and Moon story line, the player first meets Sophocles at the Hokulani Observatory on Ula’ula Island, where the Captain reveals he built a machine he calls the “Ping Totem Pokémon 2.0”. The invention broadcasts sounds audible only to Pokémon to lure the Totem Pokémon to him.

He then tells the player that their trial will serve as a test run of his invention. Sophocles activates the Ping Totem Pokémon 2.0, only to cause a fuse to blow, and the trial proper to begin.

During the post-game, Sophocles is one of the possible challengers the player may face at the Pokémon League while defending their Champion title.

3. Gladion


He was a member of the Aether Foundation together with his mother, Lusamine, and his sister, Lillie. However, over time, he noticed his mother’s obsession with the Ultra Beasts and realized that she would ruin Alola if she let Ultra Beasts into the region.

For this reason, he decided to leave the foundation, only telling Wicke of his departure. Before leaving, he stole one of the three Type: Null created to be a weapon to attack Ultra Beasts.

He had two goals after leaving Aether Foundation,: to stop his mother and to free Type: Null from the helmet that was meant to subdue it. He eventually worked as an enforcer for Team Skull but was never considered an actual member of the team.

2. Kahili

Kahili 1 1

Kahili was once Alola’s Island Challenge Champion, and was also one of the four Trainers Professor Kukui invited to act as the Elite Four of the Pokémon League of Alola.

In addition, Kahili is a professional golfer and the daughter of the Hano Grand Resort’s owner. During the post-game, the player can meet her at Hano Grand Resort, where she will give them TM92 (Trick Room).

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, she also briefly appears on Ten Carat Hill after the player picks up the Flyinium Z, demonstrating the pose needed to perform Supersonic Skystrike.

1. Ash Ketchum

 Ash Ketchum

Since entering the Alola region, Ash is shown to be far more enthusiastic than he did in the Kalos region while at the same time kept his determination and his love for Pokémon.

While Ash does retain his competence and experience, not getting upset over losing the Trial Challenges and defeating multiple Pokémon at the same time, he displays a considerably more childish and hyperactive demeanor.

Although, Ash has become less impatient, especially for Pokémon battles, as he mellowed it out and is willing to wait but he does show it a couple times due to being hyperactive.