38 Best Cat Pokemon For Cat Lovers (Updated In 2024)

Cats have been around since people started storing grains, just like the Cat Pokemon in the show.

They were very helpful to people because they took care of rats and snakes like pets.

Yes, these cats were once worshipped like gods, and the history of cats in the Pokemon universe is very similar.

There are a lot of creatures in the Pokemon world that look like cats, and yes, we have talked about Dog Pokemon before.

So, today we’re going to make a list of these Cat Pokemon.

Without further ado, here are 35 of your favorite Cat Pokemon.

Updated on June, 2024, by Swati: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have introduced fans to a new kitten or two to admire,

and nearly every iteration of Pokemon introduces a new cat to swoon over.

We believed that this was the perfect occasion to include even more of our favourite cat Pokemon from the series in this list,

given that the National Pokedex now contains over 1,000 Pokemon.

38. Sprigatito

Pokémon Scarlet And Violet's Sprigatito Makes Its Debut In The Anime |  Nintendo Life

Although Litten was the first cat-like starter Pokemon to capture people’s hearts,

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s grass-type starter is just as cute and far friendlier to be around.

Its openness makes Sprigatito a somewhat better buddy Pokemon than Litten.

Sprigatito is not just brightly luminous but also well-known for its exquisite aroma and cleanliness.

One of the prettiest Pokemon we’ve ever seen,

Sprigatito loses charm as it transforms into Floragato and begins to wander about with a little attitude.

37. MEW

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: How To Get Mew For Free

Mew is a pink, bipedal Pokémon having wide blue eyes, triangular ears,

and a rounded snout—all of which are typical of mammals.

With three-fingered paws, short arms, and a long, thin tail.

With great intelligence, curiosity, shyness, and selflessness, Mew has a lighthearted attitude.

Given its DNA, scientists think Mew is the ancestor of all Pokémon.

Mew is mutable; it can teleport, levitate, and change.

It can form an energy ball in shades of pink, yellow,

and green for defence and can at will become invisible.

36. Zangoose

How to Catch Zangoose in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet - Twinfinite

Zangoose: Bipedal Pokémon Overview

• Represents a cross between a cat and a mongoose.

• Walks on all fours, with white fur with deep red markings.

• Detects Seviper’s presence with fur stand on end.

• Has pink paw pads on hind feet.

• Features a small red nose, long ears, and pink irises.

• Has a large, fluffy tail with small patches of white fur on the shoulders.

• Has been at odds with Seviper for generations.

• Evades threats and uses razor-sharp talons.

• Despite its fierce nature, enjoy tranquil pursuits.

• It has a robust immune system and thrives in savannas and grasslands.

• Only one Pokémon has the Toxic Boost Ability.



Dusk Mane Necrozma’s head, paws, and sides are all covered with armor.

Necrozma’s tail is split in half and joins back together on the sides of Solgaleo’s body. It also has big claws that stick out from Solgaleo’s back.

The front feet have five black claws that are connected by two crystals in a V shape.

The back foot, on the other hand, only has three claws.

It is shaped like a triangle and has thin, long antennas on each side. Necrozma’s brain prism is shown in a big way on it.

Both of Solgaleo’s eyes and nose look like bright blue lights.

The host’s tail has three black spikes that are connected to each other, and the cheeks also have three spikes.

From the back of its, a structure that looks like Necrozma’s legs sticks out.

By using the armor that covers its chest, it can move by putting out dark light.



Pyroar is a quadruped leonine cat Pokemon.

It is mostly dark brown, but its legs, chest, tail tip, and face are lighter brown.

It has a round head with dark brown eyes, round ears, darker brown insides, blue eyes, and a dark brown stripe that runs behind each eye.

Around the thighs, the fur is longer, and each paw has three toes.

On the tip of the tail, there is a small tuft of longer fur.

Male Pyroars have a huge, mostly red mane with gold streaks that form patterns that look like the Daimonji symbol (Da) and the flame symbol (Huo).

In contrast, a female has a long mane that looks like a crest and is red and gold. It grows from the forehead.



Litleo is a lion-like cat Pokemon with four legs.

It is mostly dark brown, but its paws, ears, tail tip, and face are lighter brown.

It has a small, round face with a reddish orange nose. Its ears are round and dark on the inside, and its eyelids are round and black. Its eyes are white.

Behind its ears, there is a patch of fur that is orange-red.

It has three toes on each paw, and the pads of its paws are black.

The tail looks like a teardrop with a sharp point.

Litleo is a Cat Pokemon that is naturally very hot and very curious. It also starts fights quickly.

Its short mane is very hot in battle.



Luxray is a Cat Pokémon that walks on all fours and looks like an adult lion.

Even though its face, torso, and back legs, as well as the backs of its hind legs, have blue stripes, the rest of its body is covered in shaggy black fur.

It has longer fur on its shoulders and at the base of its tail, which forms a mane around its head.

Males have longer manes than females.

It has yellow eyes with red irises, a wide muzzle, and round ears with yellow insides.

On the back of the foreleg, there are three yellow half-rings.

It has a thin, long tail with a yellow star with four points at the end.

31. Flareon


Flareon is a Quadruped Cat Pokemon that looks like a mammal. It has short, orange-red fur.

It has long black ears, dark eyes with black insides, a small black nose, and a black nose.

There are three small toes, and each one has a yellow pad.

It has tiny tufts of yellow fur on its head, on its bushy tail, and on its mane, which wraps around its neck and chest.

People know that it fluffs up its collar to cool down.

The high temperature is caused by the chamber where the fuel is burned.

Flareon takes in air, warms it up, and stores it in this sac. When it breathes out, the air comes out as flames.

The animal eats both meat and plants, and it cooks its food before eating it.

Flareon is rarely seen in the wild and most often seen in cities.

30. Skitty


Skitty is a pink cat-like Pokemon with a long, skinny body and four legs.

The Skitty’s face is a creamy mark in the shape of a crescent.

It has eyes that look like slits, and its ears are tufted and purple inside.

The tail is thin, and at the end, there are big pink parts.

It has three structures on top that look like pins and end in yellow balls.

When fighting, the tail puffs up and roars to scare off enemies.

It is known to chase moving things because it is attracted to them.

People have seen it chase its tail and then get lost because of it.

Even though it isn’t easy to get people to trust it, it is well-known for its cute looks and way of life.

29. Delcatty


Delcatty is a Cat Pokémon with a mostly tan body. It has four legs and is a cat. Each cheek has a sharp point that looks like whiskers.

At the tips of its purple ears are three tufts of fur, and around its neck is a purple collar with pin-like extensions. It has thin legs with tiny paws that don’t have any toes.

It also has a purple tuft of hair on the end of its thin tail that looks like a flower. Most of the time, Delcatty is happy and rarely gets into fights. It doesn’t fight when it’s bothered. Instead, it just moves to a different spot.

It likes to go at its own pace and do what it wants, so its daily schedule is random. It’s a favorite among female Trainers and is used in competitions because of how stylish it is and how soft its fur is.

28. Umbreon


Umbreon’s body is smooth and black, and it has four thin legs and red eyes. It has two sets of sharp teeth, one set in the upper jaw and one set in the lower jaw. When its mouth is open, you can see both sets of teeth.

It has long ears with points and a bushy tail. Each of its ears and tail has a yellow band around it. It has yellow rings on its head and legs.

Its yellow markings light up at night or when it gets excited, making anyone nearby feel scared. It hides in the dark while it waits for a fight, and when it jumps to attack, its yellow rings light up.

27. Jolteon


Jolteon is a quadruped, mammalian Cat Pokémon. It has yellow fur and a white ruff around its neck. Its tail has a spiky fringe and its neck has a white ruff.

It has big, pointed ears that are black on the inside. Its eyes and small nose are also black. It has long, skinny legs and small, three-toed paws with pink pads.

Jolteon’s hair is made of needles that are electrically charged. When it moves, these needles release negatively charged ions, which make a sparking sound. It also has an organ in its lungs that makes electricity.

26. Glameow


Glameow is a Cat Pokémon that looks like a gray cat and has a skinny body. Its head is shaped like a crescent, and its two ears have white tips.

It also has a white muzzle, a small black nose, pink eyelids, yellow eyes with blue iris, and two rows of thin whiskers.

It has fringes on its neck and legs that look like ruffs. Its toes are white, and the pads on the bottom of its feet are pink.

It has a spring-shaped, curled tail with a white fluff at the end. Its claws are sharp, and its tail is strong. It can also use hypnotic powers with its eyes.

Glameow is often mean and moody, and if it isn’t fed, it will often hook its claws into the nose of its trainer.

25. Purugly


Purugly is a Cat Pokémon with a round, gray and white body and a crescent-shaped head. It has pointy ears with purple tips. It has whiskers that end in a shape that looks like a zigzag.

It has a forked part at the end of its spiraling tail, but it usually wraps it around its waist, making it look less fat. Even though Purugly seems slow, it won’t hesitate to attack if it’s mad and can move very quickly.

Purugly tries to make itself look bigger and scarier by pulling its forked tail tight around its waist.

24. Espeon


Espeon is a Cat Pokémon that walks on all fours and is a mammal. It has thin legs and small paws. It has soft, lilac fur all over.

This velvety fur is so sensitive that Espeon can feel tiny changes in the air. This lets it know what the weather will be like.

It has big ears, and its eyes are purple, but the pupils are white. It has fur tufts around its eyes and a small red gem in its forehead. The gem makes its psychic abilities stronger so it can protect its Trainer from harm.

It also has a thin, forked tail that trembles when it figures out what its opponent is going to do.

23. Purrloin


Purrloin is a purple Cat Pokémon that looks like a cat. Its ears and cheeks have tufts of fur on its head. Above its green eyes are long, tapered spots of violet color.

On its creamy face, it has a small black nose and a small, oval, cream-colored mark above each eye.

It also has cream-colored neck, shoulders, back, and back paws. The end of its tail is curved and looks a bit like a scythe. Purrloin is a Pokémon that walks on all fours, but it can also stand and walk on its back legs.

Purrloin is a sneaky Pokémon who likes to take things from people. Purrlion finds it funny to see how angry the people it steals from get. It will act cute to get its victims to relax and let their guard down.

22. Liepard


Liepard is a Cat Pokémon that looks like a skinny purple cat with yellow rosettes all over its body. A lot of Trainers like the way its fur is patterned.

It has a pink “mask” over its eyes, a pink nose, and small yellow markings over its green eyes.

It has two long, yellow whiskers on each side and a yellow underside with tufts. Its lower legs are yellow, and Pokédex 3D Pro shows that each small paw has a pale pink pad. It has a long, curved tail that ends in a sickle-like shape.

Liepard has strong muscles that let it run quietly and sneak up on its enemies from behind. It has also been known to disappear and come back out of nowhere.

21. Leafeon


Leafeon is a Cat Pokémon that is an animal and has four legs. Its body is tan, and its paws are dark brown. It has many small green sprouts growing on its legs, chest, and back.

The longest one is on its head, in front of four tufts of tan fur. The ears and tail of Leafeon are made to look like torn leaves. It has brown eyes and a brown nose that is small.

This Pokémon’s cells are made up like plants’, which lets it do photosynthesis and clean the air around it while it sleeps in the sun. It doesn’t eat, but gets its energy this way.

It is a peaceful, quiet Cat Pokémon that doesn’t like to fight. When it has to, it sharpens its leafy tail.

20. Glaceon


Glaceon is a four-legged mammal with light-blue fur that can freeze into sharp needles. It has dark eyes and a small nose, and its ears are long and pointy.

On its head is a teal crest with two flaps that hang down like hair or headwear.

Glaceon has two dark blue rhombus-shaped marks on its back. The tips of its tail, feet, and flaps are all the same shade of blue.

By controlling its body temperature, it freezes the water in the air around it, making ice crystals.

It can freeze its fur into needle-like icicles that it can use to catch its prey. Its body temperature can drop to less than -75 degrees Fahrenheit.

19. Zeraora


Zeraora is a Cat Pokémon that walks on two legs and has mostly yellow and black fur. Its lower legs, lower body, upper arms, and face have thin, black fur, while the rest of its body has thick, yellow fur.

Each thigh has a black stripe that goes in a zigzag pattern, and each arm has two more stripes.

On its chest, there are small tufts of light blue fur, and on its forehead, there is a longer tuft. It also has a single blue whisker in the shape of a lightning bolt on each cheek. Between its shoulders is a long clump of fur that looks like a ponytail or a tail.

Zeraora has blue eyes and big ears with black spots on the inside. It has four clawed fingers and light blue pads on its front paws, but only three clawed toes on its back paws.

18. Alolan Meowth

Alolan Meowth

Alolan Meowth will go crazy if its coin or its pride are messed up. When the monarchy fell, the rare Alolan Meowth went wild and became as common in Alola as anywhere else. The color of Alolan Meowth’s fur is light blue-gray.

The tip of its tail, its whiskers, its fingers, and the insides of its ears are all a whitish-gray color instead of brown.

Alolan Meowth’s whiskers are slightly curved, while regular Meowth’s whiskers are straight, and its eyes are silver.

Galarian Meowth has a shaggy, greyish-brown coat that looks like a beard. He also has yellow eyes and a toothy grin.

Its coin is now black and very hard. The coins that are the hardest are the most valuable. The more respect a coin gets from its peers, the darker it is.

Because Galarian Meowth has lived with a race of wild sailors for a long time, parts of its body have turned to iron.

17. Alolan Persian

Alolan Persian

The body of an Alolan Persian is the same as that of a regular Persian, but its fur is blue-gray instead of brown.

Its face is bigger and more round, and it has jowls that are easy to see. The people of Alola like its unique face and its high-class fur coat that is softer than velvet.

It usually has half-closed eyes and a blue jewel on its forehead instead of a red one. Even though it looks different, the jewel is mostly made of the same stuff as the one on a regular Persian.

Behavior-wise, this Cat Pokemon is said to be very smart and think even more highly of itself. It likes to use sneaky moves in battle, but its pride makes it think its opponents are weaker than they are.

16. Persian


Persian is a large, quadruped, feline Cat Pokémon. Its fur is pale tan, except around its ears, which are black.

It has a short muzzle with a small, black nose, red eyes with slit pupils, round ears, a pair of pointed teeth in its upper jaw, and three whiskers on each side of its face.

Its thick whiskers are very sensitive to changes in how the air moves, so it can find its prey just by watching how it moves. It has a red gem in the middle of its forehead. It has a long tail with a curl at the end.

Persian uses body language to talk, and when it wants to attack, it stands on its tail. It has long legs and paws with three toes and claws that can be pulled back. It can also walk silently because its muscles are so flexible.

15. Espurr


Espurr is a bipedal, feline Cat Pokémon. Its fur is a light gray color, and its ears and paws are white. It has tufts of fur on its head, cheeks, shoulders, chest, and hips that are all messed up.

This Cat Pokemon has wide, pale purple eyes with darker purple pupils, a small nose, and a small mouth.

When its mouth is open, you can see that its upper jaw has two sharp teeth. Its tail is soft and has a slight curl to it.

Espurr’s ears are a lot bigger than the rest of its body, and they fold in. Under its ears are two yellow organs that look like rings. Espurr’s strong psychic powers come from these organs.

14. Meowstic


Meowstic is a bipedal Cat Pokémon that looks very different between males and females. Both males and females have two tails, ears that fold in, a small collar of fur around the neck, and a tuft of fur on top of the head.

Most of the male Meowstic’s body is dark blue. It has green eyes with light blue spots in the middle. It has a white tuft of fur between its ears that curves slightly to the side, and a white collar with a few stray tufts of fur around its neck.

It has pointed ears with white at the fold and on the tips. There is also a white ring near the tips of its ears.

The tips of its tails are white, and there is a white ring near the end. It has a white tuft of fur on each hip, and its paws are also white.

13. Litten


Litten is a Cat Pokémon that is a four-legged cat with mostly black fur. It has a short face with a small black nose, red eyes with yellow sclerae, and short, pointed ears with pale gray insides.

Each of its legs has two red stripes, and its forehead has two horizontal stripes with a vertical stripe in the middle.

The bottom of Litten’s face is also red, and each cheek has a big tuft of fur. At the end of its long tail is a tuft of fur. When it arches its back, three red-tipped, pointy fur tufts show up along its spine.

Litten is a Cat Pokémon that lives alone and doesn’t usually show how it feels, so you shouldn’t show it too much love.

12. Torracat


Torracat is a Cat Pokémon that walks on all fours and has black and orange-red markings. Most of the top half is black, and most of the bottom half is red-orange.

There are several red-orange stripes on the black part of its body. One stripe runs up the middle of its head, making a short cowlick. Another stripe runs through the middle of its head, making a V-shape.

It has one stripe down its back, two across it, and two rings around its tail. It has two black rings around each leg on the bottom half of its body.

11. Incineroar


Incineroar is a Cat Pokémon that walks on two legs and has a muscular build. It has a short face with a small red nose, bright green eyes with yellow sclerae, and tiny, pointed ears. Its cheeks have big red fur tufts, and most of its face is also red.

The top and back of its head, as well as the top half of its muzzle, are black. It has a thin red stripe that goes from the top of its head to the tip of its nose. Over its eyes, the stripe splits into a V shape.

Its gray torso has a few black stripes that make it look like a wrestler’s tank top. Both the front and the back have a single vertical stripe in the middle that is crossed by two horizontal lines.

10. Solgaleo


Solgaleo is a Cat Pokémon that is big and white and looks like a lion. It has a blunt nose and pale blue eyes. The nose is blue-gray.

The top half of its face is a deep blue area with a starscape that is always changing. Solgaleo’s head is surrounded by four yellow spikes that look like a crown, and two more sets of spikes are on either side of its lower jaw.

Large tufts of Solgaleo’s mane are split up by each spike. Solid red and yellow ridges stick out of the middle of each tuft, except for the ones on Solgaleo’s cheeks and chin, where the top part wraps around the tip of the tuft. Overall, the shape of its mane makes it look like a stylized sun.

A dark orange band goes around each leg, and each foot has a black spot. It has three long yellow claws on each of its three black toes. It has a large black spot with a thin yellow edge at the end of its tail.

9. Shinx


Shinx is a Cat Pokémon that walks on all fours and looks like a lion cub or lynx kitten. It is light blue in the front and black in the back.

On its head is a short tuft of fur, and each cheek has a smaller tuft. The female Shinx’s top tuft is smaller.

It has big, oval ears with yellow, star-shaped markings on the inside, yellow eyes, and a small, red nose. When it opens its mouth, you can see small fangs in its upper jaw.

It has a black mark around its neck that looks like a collar, and yellow bands above its front paws.

The male Shinx’s back paws are black, while the female’s are blue. It has a long tail with a yellow star at the end. The base of its tail is covered with spikes. When electricity is used, the fur can light up.

8. Luxio


Luxio is a cat Pokémon with four legs. It looks like a young lynx or lion. Most of its body is covered with blue and black fur.

Its ears, face, back feet, and the front half of its body are all blue, but its back half is black.

Luxio also has a black mane with tufts around its face. The male Luxio has a longer mane, and the female’s back paw fur goes down to her ankles. Its eyes and the inside of its round ears are both yellow.

It has two yellow rings around each of its front legs and a yellow star with four points at the end of its tail.

7. Raikou


Raikou is a Cat Pokémon that looks like a tiger. It has four legs, is yellow, has black stripes, and a white underside.

It has a thin, light blue tail with sharp angles and a spark-shaped shape at the end. It has thick white fur on most of its face, and yellow fur around its red eyes.

Raikou’s nose is shaped like a “X” and is light blue. Its forehead, nose, and ears are covered by a black plate with two bumps.

Raikou looks a lot like the saber-toothed cat because it has two long teeth. It has big claws that always come together to make a single point.

Its body has extra fur that hangs down in front of its thighs. Raikou has a mane that looks like dark purple rain clouds and lets it shoot lightning bolts.

6. Sylveon


Sylveon is a four-legged Cat Pokémon that is a mammal. It has pale cream-colored fur on its body, with pink feet, ears, and a pink tail.

It has light blue eyes, long ears with blue insides and thicker fur, a small nose, and two stray tufts of fur on top of its head.

One bow is at the base of its left ear, and the other is on its neck. Each bow is light cream with a pink center, and it has two ribbon-like feelers hanging from it.

The tips of the feelers are light blue. Each feeler has a pink stripe and then a dark blue stripe before the tip. It has thin legs, small paws with three toes each, and a fluffy tail that is slightly curved.

5. Vaporeon

Vaporeon 1 1 38 Best Cat Pokemon For Cat Lovers (Updated In 2024)

Vaporeon is a Cat Pokémon that looks like both animals that live in water and animals that live on land. Vaporeon has a light blue body with a dark blue mark around its head and a sharp ridge running down its back.

It has black eyes and a black nose that is very small. It has a white fin around its neck and three cream-colored fins with webbed edges on its head.

One of these fins is on each side of its head, where it looks like ears, and the other is on top of its head, where it looks like a dorsal fin.

Vaporeon has three small toes on each foot, and the pads on its back feet are dark blue.

4. Eevee


Eevee is a Cat Pokémon that is a mammal, has four legs, and has mostly brown fur. It has a cream-colored tip to its bushy tail and a large, fluffy collar. It has three small toes and a pink pad on each foot. Its legs are thin and short.

Eevee has brown eyes, long pointed ears with dark brown insides, and a small black nose. Most of the time, you can only find Eevee in cities and towns, not in the wild.

But Eevee’s genes are said to have an irregular shape that makes them easy to change by their environment.

This lets it change over time to fit into different environments. The exclusive Z-Move Extreme Evoboost can only be used by Eevee, which is the only Cat Pokémon known to be able to use it.

3. Galarian Meowth

Galarian Meowth

Galarian Meowth has a shaggy, greyish-brown coat that looks like a beard. He also has yellow eyes and a toothy grin.

Its coin is now black and very hard. The coins that are the hardest are the most valuable. The more respect a coin gets from its peers, the darker it is.

Because Galarian Meowth has lived with a race of wild sailors for a long time, parts of its body have turned to iron.

2. Perrserker


Perrserker, unlike Persian, still walks on two legs and has a body shape like it did when it was a Meowth. Some of the hair on its head and limbs has turned into natural armor.

The first one is in the shape of a stereotypical Viking helmet with horns that cover the ears and part of the eyes and hold the coin.

Perrserker’s claws have also grown longer and harder, and they can now be joined together to make daggers it can use to fight better.

1. Meowth


Meowth is a small Cat Pokémon that looks like a cat. Its fur is cream-colored, but the tips of its tail and back paws are brown.

Its round head has four long whiskers, wide eyes with slit pupils, two pointed teeth in the upper jaw, and a gold koban coin stuck in its forehead.

It has long whiskers on either side of its black ears, which are brown on the inside. Meowth is a four-legged animal that can also walk on its hind legs.

In the games, Meowth is always shown walking on two legs, but in the anime, it says that Meowth usually walks on all fours.

It is free to move its claws and can pull them back when it wants to move quietly. Its tail ends in a tight curl.

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