35 Ultimate Cat Pokemon For Cat Lovers

Cat Pokemon

Cats are been with humans since the beginning of storing grains became a thing just like Cat Pokemon in the series and they were very helpful to humans by taking care of rats and snakes like pets.

And yes once these cats were worshiped like Gods and Pokemon universe has a similar history if cats.

There are a lots of cat-like creatures in the Pokemon universe and yes there are also Dog Pokemon that we have covered in the past.

So, today we are going to create a list of these Cat Pokemon so lets begin the list without wasting any more time here are 31 cat Pokemon you love.



Dusk Mane Necrozma has armor around its paws, head, and sides. Necrozma’s tail splits into two and attaches to the sides of Solgaleo’s torso and its large claws extend from Solgaleo’s back. The front feet have five black claws attached to it with two V-shaped crystals on top of it while the back foot has only three claws.

It has a triangular helmet with a long, thin antenna on each side and Necrozma’s brain prism prominently displayed. Solgaleo’s own eyes and nose are visible as bright, blue lights. The host’s tail gains three black spikes attached to each other, as well as three spikes under the chin.

A structure similar to one of Necrozma’s legs extends from its back. Using the armor on its chest, it is able to propel itself by shooting black light.



Pyroar is a quadruped, leonine Cat Pokémon. It is mostly dark brown with light brown legs, tail tip, chest, and face. It has a rounded muzzle with a dark brown nose, round ears with dark brown interiors, bright blue eyes, and a dark brown stripe behind each eye.

The fur around its thighs is longer and each paw has three toes. There is a tuft of longer fur on the tip of its tail. A male Pyroar has a large, predominantly red mane with gold streaks forming pattern resembling the Daimonji symbol (大) and the symbol for fire (火).

In contrast, a female has a long, gold and red crest-like mane extending from its forehead. 



Litleo is a quadruped, leonine Cat Pokémon. It is mostly dark brown with pale brown paws, ears, tail tip, and face. It has a short, rounded muzzle with a reddish orange nose, round ears with darker interiors, and circular, black eyes with white pupils.

There is a reddish orange tuft of fur between its ears. Each of its paws has three toes and dark brown paw pads. The tail ends in a pointed, teardrop shape.

Litleo is a hot-blooded Cat Pokémon that is curious by nature and is quick to start fights. In battle, its short mane radiates heat. 



Luxray is a quadrupedal Cat Pokémon resembling a fully-grown lion. While its face, hind legs, torso, and the back of its front legs are blue, much of its body is covered with shaggy, black fur.

The fur is longer around the shoulders and the base of the tail, and forms a mane on its head. The mane is larger on the male than on the female. It has yellow eyes with red sclerae, a blunt muzzle, and rounded ears with yellow insides.

There are three yellow, half rings on the back of each foreleg. Its long, thin tail is tipped with a yellow four-pointed star.

31. Flareon


Flareon is a mammalian, quadruped Cat Pokémon covered in short, reddish-orange fur. It has long ears with black interiors, dark eyes, and a small black nose.

There are three small toes and a yellow paw pad on each foot. Fluffy yellow fur forms a small tuft on its head, as well as its bushy tail and a mane around its chest and neck. It will fluff out its collar to cool down its high body temperature. This high temperature is caused by its internal flame sac.

Flareon stores and heats inhaled air in this sac and then exhales it as fire. It is an omnivore that roasts either Berries or prey before consumption. Flareon is mostly found in populated areas and is rarely seen in the wilderness.

30. Skitty


Skitty is a pink, feline Cat Pokémon with a stumpy body and four short legs. On its face is a cream-colored, crescent-shaped marking. It has slit-like eyes and tufted ears with purple interiors.

Its slender tail has a bulky pink section at the end, terminated by three pin-like structures with yellow ball-like tips. In battle, its tail puffs out, and threatens opponents with a sharp growl.

It is fascinated by moving objects, and chases them. It is known to chase its own tail and become dizzy from it. Although it can be difficult to earn its trust, it is very popular due to its adorable looks and behavior.

29. Delcatty


Delcatty is a quadruped, feline Cat Pokémon with a mostly tan body. It has a pointed, whisker-like protrusion on each cheek. Its purple ears have three tufts of fur at the tips, and there is a purple ruff-like collar with pin-like extensions around its neck. It has slim legs with tiny, digitless paws.

It also possesses a purple, flower-like tuft of hair on the end of its thin tail. Delcatty is happy most of the time and rarely gets involved in conflicts. When it is disturbed, it just moves to another area instead of fighting.

It prefers to do as it pleases at its own pace, so its daily routine is random. It is popular among female Trainers, and used in competitions for its style and sublime fur.

28. Umbreon


Umbreon has a sleek, black body with four slender legs and crimson eyes. It has two pairs of pointed teeth (one in the upper jaw and one in the lower jaw) which are visible when its mouth is open.

It has long, pointed ears and a bushy tail, each with a yellow band around them. Its forehead and legs have yellow rings on them.

Its yellow markings glow at night or when it is excited, and strike fear into anyone nearby. It hides in the darkness while waiting for its opponents, and its yellow rings glow when it leaps to attack.

27. Jolteon


Jolteon is a quadruped, mammalian Cat Pokémon. It is covered in yellow fur with a spiky fringe around its tail and a white ruff around its neck.

Its ears are large and pointed with black interiors, and its eyes and small nose are black. It has slender legs and small paws, each with three toes and a pink paw pad.

Jolteon’s prickly fur is made of electrically charged needles and generates negatively charged ions, which create a sparking noise as it moves. It also has an electricity-generating organ in its lungs.

26. Glameow


Glameow is a gray feline Cat Pokémon with a slender physique. It has a crescent shaped head with two white-tipped ears. It also has a white muzzle, a small black nose, pink eyelids, yellow eyes with blue irises, and two rows of thin whiskers.

Its neck has a ruff-like fringe, and its legs have similar fringes. Its feet are tipped with white, and have pink paw pads on the underside. It has a curled, spring-shaped tail and a white fluff at the tip of it. It has sharp claws and a powerful tail. Its eyes are also capable of using hypnotic powers.

Glameow tends to be spiteful and fickle, having a tendency to hook its claws into the nose of its trainer if it’s not fed.

25. Purugly


Purugly is a rotund gray and white feline Cat Pokémon with a crescent-shaped head. Its ears are pointed and tipped purple. It has whiskers with a zigzag-like pattern at the end of them.

The frilly portion of its spiraling tail is forked, but it usually keeps it clasped around its waist, which makes it appear less fat. Despite appearing very sluggish, Purugly will not be reluctant to attack if angered and can be quite fast.

Purugly attempts to make itself look larger and more intimidating by cinching its waist with its forked tail.

24. Espeon


Espeon is a quadruped, mammalian Cat Pokémon with slender legs and dainty paws. It is covered in fine, lilac fur. This velvety fur is sensitive for Espeon to sense minute shifts in the air, thus allowing it to predict the weather.

Its ears are large, and it has purple eyes with white pupils. There are tufts of fur near its eyes, and a small, red gem embedded in its forehead. The gem boosts the psychic powers that it gained to protect its Trainer from harm.

It also has a thin, forked tail that quivers when it predicts its opponent’s moves.

23. Purrloin


Purrloin is a primarily purple, feline Cat Pokémon. Its head has tufted fur on its ears and cheeks. There are long, tapered violet markings above its green, eyes. It has a diminutive black nose on its creamy muzzle, and a small, oval, cream-colored marking above each eye.

Its neck, shoulders, back, and hind paws are also cream-colored. The tip of its tail has a curved, vaguely scythe-like extension. Purrloin is a quadruped Pokémon, but it can stand and walk on its hind legs as well.

Purrloin is a mischievous Pokémon that likes to steal from people. Purrlion feels amusement from the frustration of those it steals from. It will put on a cute act in order to get its victims to let their guard down.

22. Liepard


Liepard is a slender, purple feline Cat Pokémon speckled with yellow rosettes. Its fur patterning is considered attractive to many Trainers. It has a pink “mask” marking over its eyes, a pink nose, and small yellow markings over its green eyes.

It has two pairs of long yellow whiskers, and a tufted yellow underside. Its lower legs are yellow, and each small paw has a pale pink pad that can be seen in Pokédex 3D Pro. It has a long, curving tail with a sickle-like shape toward the tip.

Liepard has well-developed muscles that allows it to run silently and strike opponents from behind. It has also been known to vanish and reappear without warning

21. Leafeon


Leafeon is a mammalian, quadruped Cat Pokémon. Its body is tan with dark brown paws. It has a multitude of small green sprouts growing all over its legs, chest and back, with the longest one on its head, in front of four tan tufts of fur. Leafeon’s ears and tail are stylized to resemble tattered leaves. It has brown eyes and a small, brown nose.

This Pokémon’s cellular structure is similar to plants, which allows it to perform photosynthesis and purify the air around it by sleeping under the sunlight; it gets its energy in this way instead of eating.

It is a pacifistic, quiet Cat Pokémon, preferring not to fight, though sharpens its leafy tail for the occasions it needs to. 

20. Glaceon


Glaceon is a quadruped, mammalian creature covered in light-blue fur that can be frozen into sharp quills. It has long, pointed ears, dark eyes, and a small nose. A teal crest with two dangling flaps adorn its head, resembling hair or headgear.

Glaceon has two dark blue, rhombus-shaped markings on its back; the tip of its tail, feet, and flaps are the same shade of blue. By controlling its body temperature, the moisture in the air freezes, producing ice crystals surrounding it.

It is capable of freezing its fur into sharp needle-like icicles, used to tackle its prey. It can drop its body temperature below -75 degrees Fahrenheit.

19. Zeraora


Zeraora is a bipedal, feline Cat Pokémon with primarily yellow and black fur. The fur is thinner and black on its lower legs, lower body, upper arms, and face, and is thicker and yellow everywhere else. There is also a zigzagging black stripe on each thigh and two more stripes on each forearm.

There are small tufts of light blue fur on its chest and a longer tuft on its forehead. It also has a single, lightning bolt-shaped blue whisker on each cheek. A long, ponytail-like or tail-like bunch of fur extends from between its shoulders.

Zeraora has large ears with black insides and blue eyes. Its forepaws have four clawed fingers and light blue pads, while its hindpaws have only three clawed toes.

18. Alolan Meowth

Alolan Meowth

Alolan Meowth will turn hysterical if its coin or pride are besmirched. When the monarchy fell, the rare Alolan Meowth went feral and eventually grew as common in Alola as anywhere else. Alolan Meowth’s fur is a light blue-gray color.

Instead of brown markings, the tip of its tail, whiskers, digits, and the insides of its ears a whitish-gray. Alolan Meowth’s whiskers have a slight curve compared to regular Meowth’s straighter whiskers, and it has silvery eyes. Galarian Meowth has a shaggy, greyish-brown coat resembling a beard, as well as yellow eyes and a toothy grin.

Its coin is now black and extremely hard, with the hardest coins being especially valued. The darker the coin is, the more respect it gets from its peers. Galarian Meowth’s body has partially turned to iron as a result of many years of living with a race of savage seafarers.

17. Alolan Persian

Alolan Persian

Alolan Persian has a body that is similar to its regular counterpart, but it has blue-gray fur. Its face has a different shape, being larger and more rounded with noticeable jowls. This distinctive face, along with its high-class softer-than-velvet fur coat, is admired by the people of Alola.

Its eyes are usually in a half-closed state, and instead of a red forehead jewel, it has a blue jewel. The jewel, though different in appearance, is made of mostly the same material the one on a regular Persian.

In behavior, this Cat Pokemon is described as highly intelligent and having an even higher opinion of itself. It prefers to use underhanded tactics in battle, but its haughty personality causes it to underestimate opponents.

16. Persian


Persian is a large, quadruped, feline Cat Pokémon. Its fur is pale tan with the exception of its black-rimmed ears. It has a short muzzle with a small, black nose, red eyes with slit pupils, rounded ears, a pair of pointed teeth in its upper jaw, and three whiskers on either side of its face.

Its thick whiskers are very sensitive to changes in air movements, enabling it to detect its prey by movement alone. In the center of its forehead is a red jewel. Its long tail has a distinctive curl at the end.

Persian communicates with body language and holds its tail upright to signal its intention to pounce. It has long legs and three-toed paws with retractable claws. Persian’s lithe muscles also enable it to walk without making a sound.

15. Espurr


Espurr is a bipedal, feline Cat Pokémon. Its fur is a pale gray with white tips on its ears and white paws. There are tousled tufts of fur on its head, cheeks, shoulders, chest, and hips.

This Cat Pokemon has wide, pale purple eyes with darker purple pupils, a tiny nose, and a small mouth. When its mouth is open, two pointed teeth can be seen on its upper jaw. Its tail is fluffy and slightly curled.

Espurr’s ears are quite large in proportion to its body and folded. Beneath its ears are two ring-shaped yellow organs. These organs emit Espurr’s intense psychic powers. 

14. Meowstic


Meowstic is a bipedal, feline Cat Pokémon whose appearance differs drastically between genders. Both genders have two tails, folded ears, a small collar of fur around the neck, and a tuft of fur on top of the head.

The male Meowstic is predominantly dark blue. Its eyes are green with light blue sclerae. The tuft of fur between its ears is white and curves slightly to the side and the collar around its neck is white with several stray tufts of fur.

It has pointed ears with white at the fold and on the tips of its ears; there is also a white ring near the tips of its ears. Its tails are also pointed with white tips and a white ring near the end. There is a tuft of fur on each hip and it has white paws. 

13. Litten


Litten is a quadruped, feline Cat Pokémon covered with primarily black fur. It has a short muzzle with a tiny, black nose, red eyes with yellow sclerae, and short, pointed ears with pale gray insides. There are two red stripes around each of its legs and two horizontal stripes with a vertical stripe across them on its forehead.

The lower part of Litten’s face is also red, and there is a large tuft of fur on each cheek. A tuft of fur sits at the end of its long tail. When it arches its back, three pointed tufts of fur with red tips appear along its spine.

Litten is a solitary Cat Pokémon that does not typically display its emotions, and should not be given too much affection.

12. Torracat


Torracat is a quadruped, feline Cat Pokémon with black and reddish-orange markings. Its upper half is mostly black, while its lower half is mostly red-orange.

The black area has several red-orange stripes: one running up the center of its head forming a short cowlick with one horizontal stripe through the center and a slightly V-shaped stripe above its eyes.

One running down its spine with two more stripes going across it, and two rings around its tail. The lower half of its body simply has two black rings around each leg.

11. Incineroar


Incineroar is a bipedal, feline Cat Pokémon with a muscular build. It has a short snout with a small red nose, bright green eyes with yellow sclerae, and tiny, pointed ears. Large tufts of red fur extend from its cheeks, and much of its face is also red.

The upper half of its muzzle and the top and back of its head are black. A thin red stripe runs vertically along its head to its snout, where it splits into a V-shape over its eyes.

Its torso is gray with several black stripes and seems to resemble a wrestler tank-top; the front and back both have a single vertical stripe up the center, crossed by two horizontal lines.

10. Solgaleo


Solgaleo is a large, white Cat Pokémon resembling a lion. It has a blunt muzzle with a blue-gray nose and pale blue eyes. The top half of its face is a deep blue area that shows a constantly changing starscape. Four yellow spikes frame Solgaleo’s head like a crown and two more pairs of spikes adorn either side of its lower jaw.

Each spike separates large tufts of Solgaleo’s mane. Solid ridges—red nearest Solgaleo’s head and yellow farther away—poke out of each tuft along the middle, except on the tufts on its cheeks and chin, with the topmost part wrapping around the tip of the tuft. Overall, its mane creates the impression of a stylized sun.

Around each leg is a dark orange band, and there is a black spot on each foot. It has three black toes on each foot with long yellow claws. At the tip of its tail is a large black spot with a thin yellow rim.

9. Shinx


Shinx is a quadruped, feline Cat Pokémon resembling a lion cub or lynx kitten. Its front half is light blue, while the rear is black. There is a short tuft of fur on its head and smaller tufts on each cheek. The top tuft is smaller on the female Shinx.

It has large, oval ears with yellow, star-shaped markings on the insides, yellow eyes, and a tiny, red nose. Whenever its mouth is open, small fangs can be seen in its upper jaw. A black marking encircles its neck like a collar and there are yellow bands above its forepaws.

The hind paws are black on the male Shinx and blue on the female. Spiked fur surrounds the base of its long tail, which is tipped with a yellow star shape. The fur can glow when electricity is used.

8. Luxio


Luxio is a feline, quadruped Cat Pokémon resembling a young lynx or lion. Blue and black fur covers most of its body. Its ears, face, hind paws, and front half of its body are blue, while its hindquarters are black.

Additionally, Luxio has a tufty black mane surrounding its face. The mane is longer on the male Luxio, while the fur on the hind paws extends to ankles on the female. The insides of its rounded ears are yellow, as are its eyes.

There are two yellow rings around each front leg and a yellow, four-point star on the tip of its tail.

7. Raikou


Raikou is a quadruped, yellow, tiger-like Cat Pokémon with black stripes and a white underside. It has a thin, light blue tail with sharp angles and a spark-shaped formation at the end. Most of its face consists of thick, white fur and shorter yellow fur around its red eyes.

Raikou’s muzzle is a light blue “X” and it has a black faceplate with two bumps that covers its forehead, nose, and ears. Raikou has two long fangs that make its appearance similar to the saber-toothed cat. Its large claws each converge to form a single point and never retract.

Extra fur hangs off its body in front of its thighs. Raikou has a mane across its back that resembles dull purple rain clouds and allows it to shoot bolts of lighting.

6. Sylveon


Sylveon is a quadruped, mammalian Cat Pokémon covered with pale cream-colored fur with pink feet, ears, and tail. It has light blue eyes, long ears with blue interiors and thicker fur, a tiny nose, and two stray tufts of fur on top of its head.

There are two bows on its body: one at the base of its left ear and one on its neck. Each bow is pale cream with a pink center and trails a pair of ribbon-like feelers.

The feelers are pale cream with light blue tips. Before the tip of each feeler is a pink and then a dark blue stripe. It has slender legs with small, three-toed paws and a fluffy, slightly curved tail.

5. Vaporeon

Vaporeon is a Cat Pokémon that shares physical traits with both aquatic and land animals. Vaporeon’s body is light blue with a dark blue marking around its head and a spiky ridge down its spine.

It has black eyes and a tiny black nose. There a white fin encircling its neck and three fins with cream-colored webbing on its head. One of these fins is on each side of its head similar to ears and one is directly on top of its head similar in appearance to a dorsal fin.

Vaporeon is a quadruped with three small toes on each foot and dark blue paw pads on the hind feet. 

4. Eevee


Eevee is a mammalian, quadruped Cat Pokémon with primarily brown fur. The tip of its bushy tail and its large furry collar are cream-colored. It has short, slender legs with three small toes and a pink paw pad on each foot.

Eevee has brown eyes, long pointed ears with dark brown interiors, and a small black nose. Eevee is rarely found in the wild and is mostly only found in cities and towns. However, Eevee is said to have an irregularly shaped genetic structure that is easily influenced by its environment.

This allows it to adapt to a variety of habitats by evolving. Eevee is the only known Cat Pokémon capable of using the exclusive Z-Move Extreme Evoboost.

3. Galarian Meowth

Galarian Meowth

Galarian Meowth has a shaggy, greyish-brown coat resembling a beard, as well as yellow eyes and a toothy grin. Its coin is now black and extremely hard, with the hardest coins being especially valued. The darker the coin is, the more respect it gets from its peers.

Galarian Meowth’s body has partially turned to iron as a result of many years of living with a race of savage seafarers.

2. Perrserker


Unlike Persian, Perrserker remains bipedal and has a body shape similar to what it had as a Meowth. The hair on its head and parts of its limbs has hardened into natural armor.

The former takes the shape of a stereotypical horned Viking helmet that covers its ears and part of its eyes while also incorporating its coin.

Perrserker’s claws have grown longer and harder as well, and can come together to form daggers that it can use to fight its foes more effectively.

1. Meowth


Meowth is a small, feline Cat Pokémon with cream-colored fur that turns brown at the tips of its hind paws and tail. Its ovoid head features four prominent whiskers, wide eyes with slit pupils, two pointed teeth in the upper jaw, and a gold koban coin embedded in its forehead.

Its ears are black with brown interiors and are flanked with an additional pair of long whiskers. Meowth is a quadruped with the ability to walk on its hind legs; while the games always depict Meowth on two legs, the anime states that Meowth normally walks on all fours.

It can freely manipulate its claws, retracting them when it wants to move silently. The tip of its tail curls tightly.

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